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									Industry Governance Group                                                       Meeting Minutes

 Date:               01.10.09

 Chair:               Karen Kavanagh, CER
 Attendees:          Energia – Edward Barr                CER – Maurice Stack, Paul Fuller

                     Gemserv – Niemesh Amin               RMDS – Conor Garrigan, Susan
                                                          Morrissey, Jessica Gregory, Mary
                     Airtricity – Rachel Elmes,           Baxter
                     Karen Cahill
                                                          Bord Gáis Energy – Deirdre Lee,
                     ESB     Customer      Supply   –     Fatima Ben-Ahmed
                     Gerry      McDonald,     Bridget
                     Finnegan, Tom Shiels                 Vayu – David Gascon

                     ESB Networks – Theresa               ESBIE – Bernadette Jennings
                     O’Neill,    Stephen    Conway,
                     Bob Turley, Walter Keady             MRSO – Jim Long

                     ESB ICT Group – Rory Bland           Eirgrid – Sonya Twohig
 Version Number       2.0
 Change Made          Incorrect Spelling of MPs name corrected

Slides of the meeting are issued separately


     1.     Minutes from Previous IGG Meeting                                 Conor Garrigan, RMDS

     2.     Review of Action Items                                            Conor Garrigan, RMDS

     3.     CER Update                                                          Maurice Stack, CER

     4.     Gemserv Update                                                   Niemesh Amin, Gemserv

     5.     ESB Networks Market Release Update                          Theresa O’Neill/Rory Bland, ESBN

     6.     Unmetered Public Lighting                                              Bob Turley, ESBN

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Industry Governance Group                                                  Meeting Minutes

    7.      Market Operations Update                                         Jim Long, MRSO

    8.      RMDS Update                                                    Conor Garrigan, RMDS

    9.     Next Steps                                                      Conor Garrigan, RMDS

 1. Minutes from Previous IGG Meeting

         The minutes for the previous IGG were approved by participants.

 2. Review of Action Items

         26 Outstanding Items – Conor Garrigan requested that Participants review Action Items
         and clear what they can.

 3. CER Update

         M Stack presented the CER Update.

         Retail Market Information Report
         From now on Quarterly reports will be produced going forward, in addition to the usual annual

         WPDRS (Winter Peak Demand Reduction Scheme)
         The Decision Paper is to be published next week, following Commission’s decision on the
         proposed changes to the WPDRS rules. There were no proposed changes to the Powersave

         Smart Metering
         Slides as presented.

         DSFA Electricity Allowance – Supplier’s workshop meeting proposed for 16th October.

         New Action Item:

         CER to circulate email asap after this IGG meeting, proposing date for meeting
         regarding DSFA Free Electricity Allowance

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Industry Governance Group                                                 Meeting Minutes

 3. CER Update

       Harmonisation – Programme Agreed by Retail Authorities.

       Aspiration Approach – Joint NIE/ESB Project.

       A joint regulatory Harmonisation Steering Group (HSG) has been set up to oversee the
       harmonisation project, members of this group are from both regulatory authorities, NIE and
       ESB. A working group has also been established to agree and make recommendations on the
       details of harmonisation, to this steering group. The working group is comprised of members
       from both regulators, DSOs and Suppliers. A small project team which includes both NIE and
       ESB staff, has been convened to carry out the detailed analysis work.

       Market Messaging and Processes
       The Project Group is carrying out a detailed analysis of the ROI and NI Schemas, with a view
       to harmonisation where possible and within the time constraints which exist. It is now focused
       mainly on alignment with ESB Networks.

       Global Aggregation
       There is a common policy being pursued. A modification to the SEM Trading & Settlement
       code dealing with proposals for global settlement solution was proposed at Modification
       Committee meeting on 30 September, and a working group will be established to progress
       this modification proposal. CER will communicate progress on this back to the IGG.

       K Kavanagh stated that the first meeting of the working group is planned for 6th October.

       W Keady gave the Enduring Solution Project Group’s presentation. If more detail is required
       by any party on this, Walter will provide.

       Procurement Process
       The outline timetable for initial delivery is end 2011.

       Best Practical Outcome – Real Benefits and Savings to Customers is the aspiration.

       Five Principal Options
       Full harmonisation with new schema, full harmonisation with adoption of ROI schema, full
       harmonisation with adoption of NI schema, partial harmonisation, and deferred harmonisation.

       Options - Costs lowest for adoption of ROI Model, mid-range for NI Model.

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Industry Governance Group                                                Meeting Minutes

 3. CER Update
       Governance – Aligned from End 2009

       Participant K Cahill asked whether the project was flexible enough to allow an ROI message to
       be changed if an NI message were better. W Keady replied that the ROI template is being
       used for comparison, but that changes will take place on both sides. The Participant then
       asked whether change requests should be submitted immediately in case the schema is
       frozen. W Keady replied that a lot of the MMs would have to change anyway, and that an
       answer was not available yet. K Cahill then enquired if Suppliers can be represented on the
       Steering Group. K Kavanagh replied that Suppliers would not be represented on the Steering
       group but would be represented at the Working Group, it is very much phase 1 of this process
       and the Steering Group will simply approve what emerges from the Working Group.

 4. Gemserv Update

       Niemesh Amin presented the Gemserv Update.

       One Requalification Completed, Two Small Supplier Applications Completed

       Documents for November Release for Approval at IGG meeting:

                   –     Nov 09 MDR Assurance Approach
                   –     Nov 09 MDU Market Participant Questionnaire
                   –     Nov 09 MDU IPT Scenarios

       These documents were approved by Participants.

       Participants will need to complete and submit the questionnaire by 19th October. ESBN and
       EirGrid will be visited in the coming weeks for their formal assessment. The IPT window will
       begin in the week commencing 27th October. The findings will be summarised in an outcome
       report for CER.

       Assurance Approach
       Presentation included an outline of the process assessment, type of Assurance and IPT
       scenarios applicable to Market Participants.

       To be submitted by Participants for review by Gemserv before IPT testing.

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Industry Governance Group                                               Meeting Minutes

 4. Gemserv Update

       MDU IPT Scenarios
       Format is consistent with format used for IPTs in Market Entry Process. All final conditions
       must be met.

       Broker Solution – Document is in preparation which will provide guidance on core design
       principles and stipulate fair use policy. This will be issued for review and approval in due
       Slides as presented.

 5. ESB Networks Market Release Update

       Theresa O’Neill presented the ESBN Market Release Update.

       May Release – Action from Previous IGG – Request for Extra Development Time
       There was an action to look at timelines for the May Schema release. As this release has to
       be considered alongside the technical upgrade of the Market Hub and MPCC, more time is
       required. There will be an update by ESBN at the next Conference Call on 22        October.

       November Release Updates – Friday 27th to Sunday 29th November
       Slides as presented.

       All market messages that issue following the schema changes will have the ver 7.0 formats,
       therefore, Market Participants are asked to clear, by Friday 20th November 2009, any backlog
       of requests for resends of messages under the current schema ver 6.1, and from then on, to
       reconcile messages on a daily basis until the cutover.

       A detailed hour by hour plan of the tasks over the cutover phase is being documented by
       RMDS, and is planned to issue before the next Conference Call of 22nd October.

       New Action Item:
       RMDS to circulate Cutover Plan with hour by hour task detail by next Conference Call on
       22     October.

       341/342 Cutover – New Schema to Contain Incremented Version Number
       D Gascon asked how often there could be a second 341 for the same day. J Long replied that

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Industry Governance Group                                                   Meeting Minutes

 5. ESB Networks Market Release Update

        if data is estimated and actual readings come back on the same day, it could be possible. D
        Gascon asked whether the highest version number was two. J Long replied that if data were
        flawed there could be a version three, but it was unlikely.

        R Bland presented a slide on the MPCC v 15.0 release.

        This will be issued to Market Participants between 16th and 23rd October. Market Participants
        will need to install CD and perform Connectivity Test between Friday 16th and Friday 23rd
        October 2009, in advance of IPT testing.

 6. Unmetered Public Lighting

       Bob Turley presented slides relating to the Introduction of Proposed DG4 DUoS Tariff for
       Local Authority Public Lighting.

       Background – Badly corroded Public Lighting equipment mounted on ESB Poles is hindering
       ESB Networks ability to carry out Network refurbishment programme and Local Authorities lack
       funding to address this issue.

       CER Proposed Decision (April 2008)

       Separation of PL Assets from DSO Networks to facilitate competition
       Transfer ‘PL Only ‘ networks to Local Authorities

       Progress on Implementation – Two ESB/ Local Authority Work Groups formed to develop
       Code of Practice for work on P/L on ESB Networks and to develop a plan for unbundling of the
       assets in conjunction with refurbishment programmes.

       Agreement between ESB Networks, CCMA and CER to allow ESB Networks recover costs
       through a premium on the DUoS tariff

       Proposal - Use redundant DG4 Duos Tariff which is a duplicate of DG3 DUoS tariff structure
       and add an agreed premium for cost recovery over a five year period, commencing in 2011.
       Transfer all Local Authority PL Technical MPRNs to new DG4.

       E Barr pointed out that this proposal would involve a schema change, and June 2011 would be
       the earliest possible date that this could happen. B Turley replied that it was hoped to include it
       in the November 2010 schema change. E Barr responded that a schema change in both
       jurisdictions at the same time would be unwelcome given that the Enduring Solutions would be

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Industry Governance Group                                               Meeting Minutes

 6. Unmetered Public Lighting

       underway. Also, there was the question of what Market Messages would issue at change of
       DuoS Group. C Garrigan stated that the impact had not yet been assessed from a systems
       perspective, but this would have to be done soon.

       New Action Item:
       Feedback required from Market Participants by next Conference Call on 22            October.

 7. Market Operations Update

        J Long presented the Market Operations Update.
       Erroneous Transfers – Proposal to Discontinue Email Follow-up from MRSO for Objection
       Suppliers are being requested to monitor Market Messages themselves so that Objection
       messages can be activated quickly in order to reduce the number of Erroneous transfers,
       which has been steadily increasing.

       A participant noted that this proposal was dependent on prompt response from Suppliers to the
       objection message, but that there was often no response at all. J Long replied that Market
       Participants were requested to act on the messages as quickly as possible. K Kavanagh
       asked if there is an underlying issue here or are the higher numbers simply related to the
       increased activity in the Domestic market. J Long replied that objections were relatively few
       compared to market churn. K Kavanagh stated that follow-up was necessary to discover why
       the numbers were increasing.

       New Action Item:
       CER and MRSO to follow-up on Reasons for Erroneous Transfers

       B Finnegan said that the underlying problems need to be looked at as the increase was adding
       a lot of additional work. D Gascon agreed that suppliers were responsible for monitoring
       cancellations. Tom Shiels stated that the emails from MRSO are necessary as there are billing
       issues for the Supplier who has lost the customer erroneously if the objection message is not
       responded to quickly. K Kavanagh proposed that the emailing be continued until the next
       conference call on 22 October, so that the underlying problems could be determined.

       New Action Item:
       MRSO to Update Market Participants on Erroneous Transfers at Conference Call on 22

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Industry Governance Group                                                  Meeting Minutes

 7. Market Operations Update

       Day + 4 Aggregation

       There has been a request from SEMO for MRSO to provide data for Settlement purposes early
       on a Thursday and in response to this, MRSO is proposing to change the Thursday schedule
       for Data Aggregation. The current practice is to run D+1 (Indicative) aggregation first and then
       D+4 (Initial) aggregation afterwards. MRSO now propose to run a Day+4 aggregation on
       Thursday morning, and a Day+1 afterwards.

       D Gascon supported the measure, as it facilitates his billing on D+4. The more quickly data is
       received the more possible it is to use it in week end and month end billing. B Jennings
       enquired if the change would result in a greater number of estimates and J Long replied that
       this would not be the case as aggregation would not start until all the QH data was in.
       Feedback on changes to the schedule of D+4 Aggregation as proposed by MRSO is required
       from Market Participants.
       New Action Item:
       Participants to provide feedback on changes to the schedule of D+4 Aggregation at
       Conference Call on 22        October.

 8. Market Design Update
       C Garrigan presented the Market Design Update.

       Outstanding DRs:
       DR0172 – Domestic Customer Extract on MP Extranet
       Feedback has been received from one Supplier, and more is requested by cut-off date 22nd
       October. E Barr asked whether the feedback had affected the DR. J Gregory replied that the
       fields in the latest version had been updated based on the feedback received, and that a new
       version of the DR would be circulated if further feedback resulted in any field changes.
       New Action Item: Feedback on DR 0172 Required by Conference Call on 22                 October.

       DR0173 – DuoS Tariff for Local Authority Public Lighting – Feedback Requested
       Slides as presented.

       MCR0171 – New 131 Message 2.0 – Approved by Participants
       New Action Item:
       RMDS to Send MCR 0171 to CER for their Approval by Conference Call on 22                    October

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Industry Governance Group                                                     Meeting Minutes

         M Stack had a number of queries from customers who had been unable to get offers from
         Suppliers for Unmetered sites. These customers were under the impression that Suppliers
         were unable to compete in the UMS market due to licensing restrictions. M Stack asked the
         group if they were aware of any obstacles that would stop Suppliers entering the UMS market.
         Suppliers attending did not raise any issues.         E Barr stated that there was an assurance
         process in place.

 9. Next Steps
         The next IGGs will take place on 12th November and 17th December 2009, and 28th January
         2010. The next two conference calls are scheduled for 22nd October and 3rd December 2009.

Action Items:

AI No.     Description                                          Assigned to    Due Date
           DR 112 New MPD 37 Market Process for New
  24       Transmission Connected site
           New Commercial Policy required to cover
           erroneous de-registrations                           ESBN
           Raise a Discussion Request to prevent the use
           of estimate reads for a Change of Supplier.          RMDS
           RMDS to demonstrate the new features of the
           ARIS Retail Market Design at a future IGG.           RMDS                10/01/2008
           RMDS to report back on the two cases of
           failure by ESBN to adhere to the Change
  224      Control Process and the measures put in place
           buy    the   Support   Centre    to   prevent   a
           reoccurrence of this problem.                        RMDS
           ESB Networks to send a proposal to CER
           regarding transfer of customers with annual
           consumption above 300,000 kWh from DG5 to
           DG6.                                                 ESBN                30/05/2008
           MRSO to circulate the New Meter Registration
           Agreement discussion document by July 18th.          MRSO                18/07/2008
           RMDS to propose to CER that the policy
  402      around the replacement of estimated Change
           of Supplier readings be placed on the agenda         RMDS

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Industry Governance Group                                                  Meeting Minutes

AI No.   Description                                         Assigned to   Due Date
         of the next IGG.
         CER to advise if they can give guidance on
         whether   confirmation     from   the   Planning
         Authority should be required in order to
         progress a request to change site address
         records on the CMS for MPRNs already
         connected and energised.                            CER
         RMDS to request an impact analysis on all the
         approved MCRs from ESBN.                            RMDS
         Participants and CER to discuss and propose
         the length of time following the SoLR event
         that a customer should be permitted to query
         the SoLR changeover reading.                        SUPPLIER
         Participants to review Working Practice 17 ‘the
         Supplier of Last Resort’ and give feedback.         SUPPLIER
         Market Participants to provide feedback or
         questions regarding the proposal for fire
         fighting metering                                                       th
                                                             SUPPLIER      20 August 2009
         Consider the three month lock-down period for
         SOLR as there is no lock-down period in the
  523                                                                       st
         Northern market                                     CER           1 October 2009

         Include a regular update on Harmonisation of
  524    the market as part of the CER Update
                                                             CER           1 October 2009
         Provide feedback on Extranet Brokerage
  525    Solution as discussed at the IGG                    SUPPLIER      10         September
         Review the May 2010 timelines to consider the
         impact of moving the Schema release to three
  527    months in advance of IPT testing instead of
         go-live                                             ESBN          1 October 2009

         Provide   feedback    on     MPCC       Technical
  529    Upgrade as presented today
                                                             SUPPLIER      1 October 2009
  533    Look for approval of MCR 0171 – Proposal to         RMDS          1 October 2009

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Industry Governance Group                                             Meeting Minutes

AI No.   Description                                    Assigned to   Due Date
         add new message 131 Works status to meter
         works design

         Circulate email proposing date for meeting
  534    regarding DFSA Electricity Allowance           CER           6 October 2009

         Cutover Plan with hour by hour task detail.    RMDS          22        October

         Follow-up     on   Reasons   for   Erroneous
  536    Transfers                                      MRSO/CER      22        October

         Update Market Participants on Erroneous
  538    Transfers                                      MRSO          22        October

         Feedback on DR 0172 - Domestic Customer
  539    Extract on Extranet V2.0                       SUPPLIER      22

         Feedback on DR 0173 - DG4 DUoS Tariff for
  540    Local Authority Public Lighting                SUPPLIER      22        October

         Send MCR 0171 - New 131 message V2.0 -
  541    to CER for their approval                      RMDS          22        October

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