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                                  Table Talk                                                       DEC
                                          Unit 176 Newsletter

 Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah from Your Board
                                                            From the Nov 29 Fall Nationals Bulletin
       Mini-Mac Leaders 08-09                    The headline read, “ Meckstroth ‘still learning’ after all these
4000      1 Hugh Hillaker         56.79          The Tampa FL resident is widely regarded as one of the best players
&                                                in the world, and he has admirers among many top competitors.
          2 Fran Beard            37.08
                                                 “There’s no question he’s one of the best,” says Zia Mahmood,
                                                 Meckstroth’s teammate in winning the Mitchell Open Board-a-Match
              James Bauer                        Teams earlier in this NABC. “In some aspects of the
2500                                             game,” Zia adds, “he is the best.” What distinguishes Meckstroth
          1                       28.71
              Jack Smith                         from many others, Zia says, is that “he has the qualities of a
          2 Norman Beck           26.38          winner that a lot of players don’t have.”

1000      1 Michael Hout          56.79          Far from being jaded by all the success, Meckstroth still approaches
 to       2 Kay Lewis             45.08          each game with a sense of wonder and excitement. “I absolutely love
2500                                             the game,” he says, “and I’m still getting better. I’m still learning
              Ann Berning                        things about the game.”
300       1 John Overstreet       50.46
                                                 Meckstroth knows bridge can be humbling, and he views ego as the
to            Dion Dubois
1000                                             downfall of many players with potential. “If you think you know it
          2 Edmund Seid           46.25          all,” he says, “you’re done getting better. No matter how good
200                                              you are, every time you sit down at the table you’re Joe Blow until
to        1 George Farrington     46.25          you prove otherwise.”
300       2 Judy Matlock          45.58
100                                              With the Reisinger Board-a-Match Teams still to go, Meckstroth
          1 Mary Norfleet         34.58          must stay focused on the game for the next two days (His team won).
200       2 Carol Casey           31.93          That’s not a problem for a person with Meckstroth’s outlook. “It’s a
                                                 game of mistakes,” he says. “How you deal with those mistakes
          1 Charlie Interdonato   60.25
                                                 will determine how you do.”
              Phyllis Blomstedt
                                                 Learning from your mistakes is probably the most important thing
100       2 Alma Johnson          40.04
                                                 you can do to improve your game. After a game, analyze the mistakes
              Ann Sims                           that happened. What caused you to make the mistake? Did you do
                                                 something that caused your partner to make a mistake? If you do this
                                                 religiously, you will start to get it right when the same or similar
                                                 situations occur. The Editor
        DEC Unit Game Winners
       Open Game
       A 1st Michael Hout-Hugh Hillaker A 2nd & B 1st Kay Lewis-Ann Berning B 2nd & C 1st Barbara
       Thomson-Mary Norfleet C2nd Kevin Pheiffer-M O Crawford
       A,B, & C 1st Alma Johnson-Ann Sims A-2nd John Jackson-Rolly Steen B1ST
       B 2nd C 2nd Dorothy Nance - Marlene Vance

Memoriam                                                                  Congratulations Fall National Winners
Lezlie Dreyfus Dallas TX—Gold Life Master                                 Reisinger BAM Teams—Bob Hamman

UP THE LADDER:                                                            KEOHANE NORTH AMERICAN SWISS
                                                                          TEAMS—Bart Bramley
Life Master : David Sterner Dallas TX,
Silver Life Master: Loretta Green Dodd City TX
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                                              Table Talk                                                                DEC
                                                         Unit 176 Newsletter

                                                   Dallas Nov Sectional Winners
Thurs Afternoon 299er        st
                            1 Joan Daniel - Jo England, Dallas TX, 2nd Sandra Fedro - Betty Wheeler, Richardson TX
Thurs Aft Open              1st Mark Bumgardner, Carrollton TX; Charles Price, Sherman TX , 2 nd Brenda Baker - Emily Leake, Tyler TX
Thu Eve Stratified 299er    1st Carol Rieger, Rockwall TX; Karen Franklin, Rowlett TX 2 nd Ivanette Dennis - Barbara O'Dell, Richardson TX
Thu Eve Stratified Open     1st Jeff Dater, Dallas TX; Eric Ho, Irving TX 2nd Jules Schoenberg - Hazel Schoenberg, Plano TX
Fri Aft Stratified 299er    1st Leslie Conant - Eloise Meachum, Dallas TX 2nd Jeff Jackson, White Bear Lake MN; Trella Bromley,
                            Jacksonville FL
Fri Aft Stratified Open     1st Fran Beard - John Fisher, Dallas TX 2nd Suzanne La Brecque - Larry La Brecque, Victoria TX
Thu-Fri KO Bracket I        1st Nancy Kornegay - Stephen Kornegay, N Richlnd Hls TX; Gary Bush, Dallas TX; Nagy Kamel, Plano TX
                            2nd Linda Spangler, Duncanville TX; S Kohan - James Thurtell, Dallas TX; Melody Euler, Temple TX
Thu-Fri KO Bracket II       1st Martha Young - Bob Scallan, Dallas TX; William Garrard Jr - Donna Garrard, Irving TX
                            2nd John McConnell, Cedar Hill TX; Charles Gibson Jr - Mickey Tryon, Arlington TX; Kevin Pheiffer, Dallas TX
Thu-Fri KO Bracket III      1st Bill Osborn - Bob McNeill, Frisco TX; Richard McGill, N Richmond Hls TX; Tony Pellegrini, Plano TX
                            2nd James Esker, Richardson TX; Lue Waddle - Ann Lewis, Dallas TX; Richard Waters, Melville NY
Thu-Fri KO Bracket IV       1st Tom Lang, Richardson TX; Reg Watt, Garland TX; Carla Guthrie, McKinney TX; Susan Flick, Mc Kinney TX
                            2nd Jean O'Neal - Jo Driscoll - Nancy O'Fallon, Plano TX; Gay Schleicher, Richardson TX
Thu-Fri KO Bracket V        1st Kate Hopkins - Jo Ann Truitt - Ann Low - Carol Casey, Dallas TX
                            2nd Sandra Fedro - Betty Wheeler, Richardson TX; Tommie Anglemyer, Plano TX; Bonnie Arnold, Frisco TX
Fri Eve Strat Swiss Teams   1st Lynne Wood, Richardson TX; Bettie Ingram, Farmers Branch TX; Jessica Brown, Dallas TX; Howard Tureff,
                            Plano TX
                            2nd Jack Borenstein - Murray Berger - Kevin Podsiadlik, Dallas TX; Bob Wilkin, Highland Villag TX
Fri Eve Stratified Open     1st Pat Cassidy, Arlington TX; Jerry Derby, Dallas TX, 2nd Judy Bramley - Bart Bramley, Dallas TX
Fri Eve Stratified 299er    1st Betty Bartula - Martha Gehrig, Richardson TX , 2nd Frank Schmieder - Anne Schmieder, Dallas TX
Sat Morn Open Pairs         1st Joe Cameron, Irving TX; Claybourne Waldrop Jr, Arlington TX, 2 nd Carolyn Bradford - Sue Alter, Dallas TX
Sat Morn 299er              1st Jo England - Joan Daniel, Dallas TX, 2nd Trella Bromley, Jacksonville FL; Jeff Jackson, White Bear Lake MN
Sat Aft 299er               1st Barbara Taylor, Richardson TX; Heather Shane, Mc Kinney TX , 2 nd Marj Frederiksen - Louise O'Brien,
                            Dallas TX
Sat Aft Open Pairs          1st Brenda Baker - Emily Leake, Tyler TX , 2nd Hugh Hillaker, Grand Prairie TX; Kimmel Jones, Euless TX
Saturday Evening Swiss      1st Marion Gebhardt, Richardson TX; Roy Baughman, Pantego TX; Billy Leeper, Fort Worth TX; Melody Gann, Arlington TX
                            2nd Kimmel Jones, Euless TX; Hugh Hillaker, Grand Prairie TX; Nancy Kornegay - Stephen Kornegay, N Richlnd Hls TX
Sat Evening Open Pairs      1st Brenda Baker - Emily Leake, Tyler TX , 2nd Bruce Brown - Charles Brown, Denton TX
Sat Evening 299er Pairs     1st Richard Langland, Irving TX; Judy Floyd, Arlington TX , 2 nd Mimi Lempert, Plano TX; Jan Welsh,
                            Richardson TX
Sat KO 2 Bracket A          1st Bob Hamman - Joan Jackson - Peggy Sutherlin - Hemant Lall - Petra Hamman, Dallas TX
                            2nd Martha Young - Bob Scallan, Dallas TX; William Garrard Jr - Donna Garrard, Irving TX
Sat KO 2 Bracket B          1st Martin Hester, Gun Barrel City TX; Ricardo Azevedo, Ennis TX; Sandra Campbell, Kaufman TX; Theresa
                            Ann Brantley, Mabank TX
                            2nd Joseph Gill, Richardson TX; Loretta Green, Dodd City TX; Patricia Rose - Bob Butterfield, Dallas TX
Sat KO 2 Bracket C          1st T Jean Kidd, Double Oak TX; Gary Carey, Coppell TX; Mary Lou Collins, Denton TX; Thomas Miyake,
                            Corinth TX
                            2nd Kathy Coleman - Francis Chang, Fort Worth TX; Tzu-Li Ho, Arlington TX; Chen Wang, Keller TX
Sat KO 2 Bracket D          1st Betty Bartula - Martha Gehrig - Betty Wheeler, Richardson TX; Miriam Usry, Dallas TX
                            2nd David Sauder, Lewisville TX; Ruby Hill, Argyle TX; Donna Gibbs, Corinth TX; Jo Bryan, Denton TX
Flight AX Swiss Teams       1st Sidney Lazard - Hemant Lall - Joan Jackson - Peggy Sutherlin - John Sutherlin, Dallas TX
                            2nd S Kohan - Gary Bush, Dallas TX; Marcus Poe Jr - Nagy Kamel, Plano TX
Flight BCD Swiss Teams      1st Eileen Smith - James McCommons - Steve Birnbaum - Bob Butterfield, Dallas TX
                            2nd Tom Lang, Richardson TX; Reg Watt, Garland TX; Robert Preece, Dallas TX; Therese Milford, Frisco TX
299er Morning Swiss         1st Melba Clark - Carole Findlay - Carol Claybrook, Arlington TX; Mary Chambers, Irving TX, 2nd & 3rd Verna
Teams                       Frank - Joan Stinnett, Hurst TX; Betty Peterson, N Richlnd Hls TX; Norma Lewis, N Richland Hlls TX, ,
                            2nd & 3rd Travis Roten - Judy Matlock - Lyn Davis - Mike Davis, Richardson TX
299er Aft Swiss Teams       1st Mimi Lempert - Allen Lempert, Plano TX; Jan Welsh, Richardson TX; Gary Twitty, Wylie TX
                            2nd Verna Frank - Joan Stinnett, Hurst TX; Betty Peterson, N Richlnd Hls TX; Norma Lewis, N Richland Hlls TX

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