The regular meeting of the Mahaska Masters 4-H club was held at by 1M7XuaM


									      Before the meeting the tray favor committee met to make and deliver
tray favors to Maple Ridge. The regular meeting of the Mahaska Masters 4-
H club was held at the First Christian Church on March 9, 2009. Kaden
VanMaanen led recreation with an alphabet memory game. The meeting was
called to order at 7:08 p.m. by President Cody Adams. The Pledge of
Allegiance was led by Alyssa Phillips. Roll call, “What is your favorite
holiday?” was answered by 31 members and 6 leaders. Nicole McCrea read
the minutes from the last meeting. Jackie Veenstra read the treasurer’s
report. A bill was presented by Dannitta Presley for Historian book supplies.
The bill was moved to be discussed by Sam Adams and seconded by Leah
VanMaanen, the bill was moved to be paid by Jordan Lowry and seconded
by Kaden VanMaanen. Another bill was presented by Penny Adams for
ribbon stickers. The bill was moved for discussion by Sam Adams and
seconded by Garrett VanMaanen. The bill was moved to be paid by Dylan
VanDonselaar and seconded by Jillian Gross. Megan Adams reported on the
last Teen Council meeting. Cody Adams talked about the Southeast Area
Council, and the Youth Committee. Leah VanMaanen talked about the
Maple Ridge Service Project. Sam Adams talked about Share Iowa. Karen
Adams reported on the horse workshop held February 21. Jenna Stewart
talked about the Intermediate game and movie night. Jordan Lowry reported
on the bluebird houses. Cody Adams talked about the 4-Her’s for 4-H
Campaign. Sam Adams moved to open a discussion, and Julie Wanders
seconded. Logan Gross moved to approve to pay $100 from the club’s
treasury and Julie Wanders seconded. Cody Adams announced that there
was a horse clinic March 21, and Intermediate trip applications are due
March 20. Cody Adams also encouraged everyone to read the county
newsletter, go to the Southeast Area event, FSQA training, and the Bank
Iowa Egg Easter Hunt. Penny Adams informed everyone about a Sewing
Workshop Saturday March 21. Members made cards for Adam Striegel.
Jordan Lowry moved to adjourn the meeting and Kaden VanMaanen
seconded. Nicole McCrea led the 4-H pledge. The host was Dana Van
Renterham. The following members gave presentations: Dana Van
Renterham – How To Make a Kaleidoscope. Our next meeting will be April
6 beginning 7:00 p.m. at the First Christian Church.

                                             Reporter, Sarah Striegel

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