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The ReactFast Intensive Locksmith Training Course

AIMED AT :                                  What does the Locksmith                          • Car access if the keys are visible
                                            course cover?
Anyone wanting to become a Locksmith.                                                        • Fire Exit locks

                                            • Rim Cylinders – various techniques to
LOCATION :                                    pick, drill, slip, use letter box tool

Atherton, Greater Manchester                • Euro Cylinders – various techniques will
                                              be shown, including pick, drill, snap slip,
                                              air wedge, fit lock and lock knowledge         Boarding & Glazing Training
                                            • Mortice Locks – 2, 3 and 5 lever locks,
2 Weeks                                       picking and drill point points                 This part of the course is designed
                                            • Aluminium Doors –                              to cover almost any domestic
QUALIFICATION :                               Adams Multi locks systems                      boarding and glazing situation, and
                                            • Composite Doors – techniques for               with a maximum of six people on
ReactFast Approved Locksmith Cert.
                                              picking, drilling, faulty mechanisms           each course, you can be assured of
The ReactFast course has been               • UPVC Doors – euro barrels, letter box          receiving a high ratio of trainer to
designed using our 20 years of
                                              opening tools, lost keys, dropped doors        student tuition.
locksmith industry experiences,             • Sash Jammer’s – product knowledge,
                                              different types, time and place to use         By the end you will be able to carry out
focusing on the practical skills
                                            • Adjusting Lock Mechanisms and                  the majority of boarding and glazing
required to enable all successful
                                              Gear Mechanisms                                work you will face in the field.
trainees to be able to go out
                                            • UPVC Jammed Door techniques
and secure work from day one,
understanding the different types of        • Wooden Doors with Euro/ Oval Cylinder          Course Content
                                              set into Mortice cases.
locks, techniques for gaining access
and practical tips and advice from          • Gaining access to security escutcheons         • Familiarisation of all glass and window
                                                                                               frame styles, types and requirements
working locksmiths.                         • Sliding Patio Doors – Metal and UPVC -
                                              access, drilling, lifting, product knowledge   • Removal and disposal of glass

Our training providers have a wealth        • Knowledge of the Scandinavian Wooden           • Health and safety
                                              Sliding Doors
of practical and teaching expertise                                                          • Document L regulations
to ensure that all trainee’s are fully      • Digi Locks – Low and High security               (energy efficiency)
                                              product knowledge, resetting codes
equipped to successfully complete                                                            • Boarding techniques – security screw,
                                            • Roller Shutters                                  bolt and brace and infill
work from day one. At the end of the
course the Trainee will be able to pick,    • Garage Door Locks and Out building/            • Dealing with consequential damage
                                              Shed security options
decode and drill the vast majority of the                                                    • Commercial awareness
new and old British standard locks that     • Window Locks
                                                                                             • Removal of glass from all types of
are fitted across the UK today. After       • Domestic Safes – basic techniques,               window frames
                                              picking and lock bypass
the course you will be provided with                                                         • Replacing glass in all types of
the ‘ReactFast Lock Opening Manual’         • Fitting locks from scratch – Deadlock,           window frames
                                              Mortice, sash lock or Digi locks
which documents all the course content                                                       • Toeing and healing
and shows how each lock behaves and         • Removal of Euro multi point mechanisms
                                              – reassembling as well as dismantling          • Familiarisation of terms
how it should be picked, decoded
                                            • Cam and Waifer Locks                           • Supplier information
or drilled.
ReactFast Training Centre Facilities

                  Such is the quality of the training          Course List
                  courses offered by ReactFast
                  that expansion and investment in             • Locks, Boarding & Glazing
                  our training facilities has been a
                                                               • Professional Plumbing Course
                  common feature in recent years.
                                                               • Electrical Training
                  You can choose to undertake training in
                  either, Central Birmingham or Atherton,      • Part P Defined Scope
                  Greater Manchester.
                                                               • Part P Full Scope
                  Our training facilities are fully equipped
                  with the latest equipment, and are           • BPEC Water Regulations
                  designed to support new entrants
                                                               • Part L Energy Efficiency
                  to the industry as well as practising
                  tradesmen that need to continue their        • Unvented Hot Water Cylinders
                  personal development or require
                                                               • ACS Gas Training & Assessment
                  legislative qualifications that allow them
                  to continue to trade.                        • BPEC Gas Foundation Course
                  All centres benefit from large open plan     • Fast Track Gas Course
                  workshops for practical training, quiet
                  study areas, and well proportioned           • Legionella Prevention Course
                  classrooms with access to reference
                  materials and technical documentation,
                  and an IT suite for research and online
                  examinations.                                You’re invited !
                  We provide tools that are yours to
                  keep along with theory and practical
                                                               We are proud of our Training Centre
                  instruction delivered by experts             and welcome you to view the facilities
                  that have all done the job for real.         for yourself before making any decision.
                  Group sizes are limited ensuring that
                  you receive the very best training           To arrange a visit contact us on
                  experience and value for money               0800 024 1576 or send an email to
                  throughout your programme.                   enquiries@trainingbyreactfast.co.uk

                                                                 forward with excellence

                  T: 0800 024 1576 | E: enquiries@trainingbyreactfast.co.uk
Why Choose ReactFast Training ?

Changing career is a major decision         •   ReactFast Training owns and operates its           all over the world travel to our centres to
                                                own City and Guilds Accredited training            undertake their training with us.
and one that cannot be taken lightly.
                                                centres. We do not subcontract our
It is a choice that can only be made            training provision.                            •   We operate an open door policy. We
after careful consideration and                                                                    actively encourage people to visit us
                                            •   ReactFast is accredited by BPEC (British           before they make any decision. You need
much thought.
                                                Plumbers Employers Council), Logic                 to see the facilities for yourself. We want
                                                Certification as well as City & Guilds.            you to be sure that you are making the
If you make the decision to retrain for a                                                          right decision for you and your family.
                                            •   We offer a free trial allowing you to
new career, you must ensure that your           attend a free workshop before you make         •   We provide a toolkit that is yours to use
chosen training provider will be able to        any decision.                                      throughout the duration of the course and
meet your needs and deliver a quality                                                              yours to keep at the end of it.
                                            •   Group sizes are limited ensuring that
service that will provide you with the          training is delivered to the very highest of   •   Work wear is provided and is yours to
perfect platform from which to launch           standards.                                         keep at the end of the course.
your new career. We encourage people
                                            •   We believe in continuous personal              •   We can contribute towards the cost of
to research competitors and ask if they         development and provide a platform                 accommodation if necessary.
can offer the following:                        for progression for those that wish to
                                                continue to add to their skills.               •   ReactFast Training is a division of
                                                                                                   ReactFast Solutions Limited.
                                            •   ReactFast is proud to be recognised as             A substantial business that offers
                                                a preferred supplier for Career Transition         services across the UK, home
                                                Partnership on behalf of the Ministry              maintenance contracts and franchise
                                                of Defence.                                        opportunities.

                                            •   ReactFast is proud to be recognised as         •   Our industry experience has allowed us
                                                Investors in People.                               to design courses that meet industry,
                                                                                                   customer and your own individual
                                            •   ReactFast delivers all training via a              needs. There is a perfect mix of theory
                                                centre led environment – we do not                 and practical study preparing you for your
                                                believe that home study courses are a              new career.
                                                viable option.
                                                                                               •   ReactFast was recognised in the Sunday
                                            •   We provide ongoing technical support               Times/ Virgin Atlantic Fast Track 100 list
                                                and advice for people that have                    in 2005 as one of the fastest growing
                                                undertaken training with ReactFast.                companies in the UK.

                                            •   There are no hidden extras.                    •   Full terms and conditions exist, together
                                                                                                   with a customer satisfaction /
                                            •   People from across the UK and indeed               complaints policy.

                                                                                                   forward with excellence

                                            T: 0800 024 1576 | E: enquiries@trainingbyreactfast.co.uk
Trainee Testimonials

Paul Wilson - Locks                           Rupert Gordon - Plumbing                      Daran Edwards - Electrics

“Starting the Locksmith course was            “All the staff including office staff, were   “Having been in the property business
slightly daunting as I had no previous        friendly, eager to help, never too busy       for 20 years, I had only the most basic
experience in the field. However I found      to spend time with you and are very           DIY knowledge and the amount I
the tuition and pace of the practical         well informed.                                needed to learn felt massively daunting.
sessions more than satisfactory.                                                            6 weeks later I left ReactFast a
                                              It is 08/09/08 today and I am booked up       qualified domestic Electrician.
On a personal note when I had difficulty      solid until 22/10/08. I have four quotes
with one of the tasks Mark sat along          waiting to accept, which could take me        Training with ReactFast always felt
side me and guided me through the             into November and that will give me           hugely informative and supportive.
correct process, step by step until I         approximately a £5000 profit over 8           The course was in depth but theory
had successfully completed the job.           weeks, which considering the current          and practical sessions were skillfully
This eased my concerns and kept my            economic climate and the fact I have          woven together. I was impressed with
confidence high.                              only been trading 12 months, is pretty        the facilities, especially in the practical
                                              damn good!                                    bays where you feel you really are
Overall I thought the course was very                                                       in a domestic / commercial situation
good and would recommend it to                I wanted to set up my own successful          carrying out real electrical work.
anyone interested in becoming                 Plumbing Company and that is exactly
a Locksmith”.                                 what I have done. You cannot put a            I left ReactFast having passed both my
                                              price on your freedom!!                       Part P and BS2381 16th Edition and
                                                                                            feeling confident that I could make a
                                              Having no one to answer to but me is
                                                                                            success of my newly chosen career.
                                                                                            As well as achieving my all important
                                                                                            pass grades I felt I had a great time
                                                                                            and really enjoyed the course. Just a
                                                                                            week later I landed a full time contract

           “approx a £5,000 profit
                                                                                            testing and inspecting for a major
                                                                                            local firm, with additional capacity to

                over 8 weeks”
                                                                                            carry out all other minor and major
                                                                                            domestic electrical work where needed.
                                   Rupert Gordon - ReactFast Trainee
                                                                                            I’m looking forward to taking further
                                                                                            electrical courses in the near future
                                                                                            and will always return to ReactFast”.

                                                                                              forward with excellence

                                              T: 0800 024 1576 | E: enquiries@trainingbyreactfast.co.uk
Always wanted your own business?
ReactFast can turn your dream into a reality.
Ask a Course Advisor about “Business Start Ups” today.

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Frequently asked questions

Over the next few pages you will find   Q How can I become a Locksmith?                     24hr commitment, especially whilst you
the answers to some of the most                                                             are establishing yourself and that means
                                        A Anyone who is practical minded, can train         that when someone calls you at 2am and
commonly asked questions.                 to become a locksmith. The ongoing                is willing to pay over £100 for you to gain
However, if you have a query about        success of your business depends on               access to their house, you have to get
                                          three key factors.                                out of bed and go to the job.
the course or ReactFast, please
do not hesitate to contact us              1. The quality of the initial training -         We can tick the top two for you, but only
on 0800 024 1576.                          Our Locksmith training course has been           you will know if you can tick the third ...
                                           designed for Locksmiths by Locksmiths
                                           and for that reason you will benefit from
                                                                                         Q What type of person would attend
                                           high levels of real life experience as well
                                                                                            your lock training courses?
                                           as being shown many of tricks of the
                                           trade. We also wanted to make sure            A The majority of course attendees are
                                           that you acquire as broad a range of            looking to enter into locksmithing as a
                                           knowledge as possible, so you will rarely       stand alone trade and often start their
                                           find yourself in the position of turning        own locksmith businesses.
                                           work down you do not feel confident in
                                           tackling and for that reason we have
                                           included Boarding and Glazing training        Q Do your training courses run
                                           as well car access in the course.                throughout the year?
                                                                                         A Yes they do. Whilst they don’t always run
                                           2. Your ability to generate work for            back to back, there is never more than a
                                           yourself – by adding ‘Business Start Up’        few of weeks gap before the finish and
                                           and an operating license to your practical      start of a new course.
                                           training package you can be sure that
                                           you will be provided with a steady
                                           stream of work from ReactFast. As well        Q What can I earn as a Locksmith?
                                           as ReactFast work you will be able to
                                           generate additional work by signing up        A The first question here would be; how
                                           with other agencies. Most important of          hard are you prepared to work? A good
                                           all though ‘Business Start Up’ provides         locksmith can expect to earn in excess
                                           Sales and Marketing training, which lets        of £30,000 a year. Many locksmiths will
                                           you in on the secrets that sees ReactFast       earn more than this although they tend
                                           generating over 1000 lock job leads             to be operating multi van operations with
                                           per week.                                       one or more employees.

                                           3. Your attitude to your business
                                                                                         Q Can I attend the course two weeks at a
                                           – Running your own Locksmith Business
                                                                                            time or on a part time basis?
                                           provides you with control of your life and
                                           YOU will decide when you are on duty.         A No, all our courses are two weeks in
                                           The reality is that being a locksmith is a      duration at present.

                                                                                           forward with excellence

                                        T: 0800 024 1576 | E: enquiries@trainingbyreactfast.co.uk
Frequently asked questions

FAQ’s continued ...   Q Where is the training course based ?         Q Do you run any other courses?
                      A The Locks, Boarding & Glazing training       A ReactFast offers a variety of courses,
                        course is held at our North West Training      both practical and legislative, that
                        Centre in Atherton, Greater Manchester.        will support your continuing personal

                      Q What is your refund policy?                     These courses include :
                      A You should make every effort to ensure
                        that the dates you book for a course are        Professional Plumbing Course
                        guaranteed and set aside for the duration
                                                                        Electrical Training
                        of the course. We will not refund course
                        fees due to someone changing their mind         Part P Defined Scope
                        or deciding to book a holiday instead of
                        attending the training course. However,         Part P Full Scope
                        we will be as reasonable as possible
                        with regard to accommodating someone            BPEC Water Regulations
                        who, as a result of illness, or unforeseen
                                                                        Part L Energy Efficiency
                        circumstances, is unable to attend the
                        training course. Whilst a refund is             Unvented Hot Water Cylinders
                        unlikely to be offered, an alternative
                        course date may be offered at the               ACS Gas Training & Assessment
                        company discretion.
                                                                        BPEC Gas Foundation Course

                                                                        Fast Track Gas Course
                      Q Do you offer loans or finances for
                         the courses?                                   Legionella Prevention Course

                      A ReactFast now offer in-house finance
                        opportunities, for further information
                        please contact a member of a Course
                        Advisor on 0800 024 1576 or for
                        information on financial assistance to
                        support your learning, please visit
                        www.direct.gov.uk/adultlearning or
                        contact 0800 100 900.

                                                                       forward with excellence

                      T: 0800 024 1576 | E: enquiries@trainingbyreactfast.co.uk
How to find us

                                               North West Training Centre
                                               Plumbing - Electrical - Locks

                                               Howe Bridge Mill
                                               Gloucester St,
                                               Greater Manchester
                                               M46 0JT

                                               West Midlands Training Centres:

                                               ReactFast Training Centre
                                               Courses: Plumbing

                                               123 Hockley St / 30 Smith St,
                                               B19 3EX

                                               ReactFast Training Centre
                                               (Birmingham City Centre)
                                               Courses: Electrical

                                               Jubilee Centre,
                                               Pershore St,
                                               B5 6ND

                                                 forward with excellence

                T: 0800 024 1576 | E: enquiries@trainingbyreactfast.co.uk

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