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                                                                                                    Lock Installation
                                                                                                  The 1TouchIQ2 lock can be
                                                                                               installed in a standard 2 3/8 or 2
                                                                                               ¾ inch backset door prep without
                                                                                               the need for drilling additional
                                                                                               holes. The only real complication

                                                                                               you might find is the high profile
          recent years I have writ-           uses what is referred to as minu-
                                                                                               of the unit interfering with an
          ten articles about a vari-          tiae point extraction and con-
                                                                                               existing deadbolt lock above the
          ety of different electronic         verts the data into an encrypted
                                                                                               previous handle.
locking devices. Most have been               mathematical string. This data
                                                                                                  Like many electronic locksets,
about locks with key pad entry and            cannot be removed from the
                                                                                               the 1TouchIQ2 has a rather tall
a few with card readers. This is the          1TouchIQ2 unit to recreate a
                                                                                               profile. It isn’t a problem where
first time I have had the opportuni-          copy of your fingerprint.
                                                                                               you are replacing a handle lock
ty to get my hands on a biometric                The 1TouchIQ2 can replace
                                                                                               on a door with no existing dead-
lock that uses fingerprint access.            your existing door handle lock in
                                                                                               bolt. Most doors with installed
The 1TouchIQ2 (photo 1) features              a standard door prep. It is easily
                                                                                               deadbolts will usually have the
the latest high resolution optical            installed and does not require
                                                                                               two locks in fairly close proximity
sensor fingerprint recognition                any additional holes beyond the
                                                                                               to each other. Unless the dead-
technology. It has a slide cover              existing cross bore hole. The
                                                                                               bolt was intentionally installed
(photo 2) that not only protects the          lock is packaged with both a 2
                                                                                               rather high above the handle
scanner from the elements, but                3/8 inch and 2 ¾ inch backset
                                                                                               lock, you will likely contend with
sliding the cover up also wakes               latch. It is available in three
                                                                                               the need to move or remove the
the unit to allow a user to place a           finishes: Polished Brass, Antique
                                                                                               deadbolt (and plug the hole).
finger on the scanner to unlock or            Brass and Brushed Nickel. I have
                                                                                               That being dealt with, let’s get to
use a numeric code.                           been told that the handing of the
                                                                                               the actual installation.
    The US distributor for the                lock is not field changeable, so
                                                                                                  The “brains” of the lock are
1TouchIQ2 is Ohio based Intel-                you should verify the handing of
                                                                                               contained in the front lock body
ligent Biometric Controls. This               the door where the installation
                                                                                               (photo 3). If you need to reset
lock utilizes a high-performance              will take place. It uses an ADA
                                                                                               the lock to factory default set-
algorithm to capture and identify             compliant lever handle. The all
                                                                                               tings, you will need to remove
each user’s biometric template                weather design boasts an operat-
                                                                                               the front lock body from the door
data. The unit does not store the             ing temperature range of -29 to
                                                                                               to access the reset button (photo
actual fingerprint, but instead it            140 degrees Fahrenheit.

                                1                                                 2                                         3
                                        Reprinted from THE NATIONAL LOCKSMITH April and May 2011
 4                                                                              5               6


 10                                          11                                                 12
4). The reset process will be ex-          to the battery pack. The plug end                taching the bezel nut (photo 13).
plained later when I discuss that          of the cable looks like it should                   After you hand tighten the
and other programming features.            connect to a 9 volt battery, but it              bezel nut, you can snug it down
    The lock includes both a 2 3/8         connects to the battery pack which               properly with a special included
and 2 ¾ inch backset latch. Your           uses four AA batteries. I used re-               bezel wrench (photo 14). It has
first step will be to install the cor-     chargeable batteries for demonstra-              two protruding pins that connect
rect latch for the backset of your         tion purposes, but you should use                to matching holes in the bezel
door. The display mount had a 2 ¾          alkaline batteries for longer life and           nut (photo 15). The wrench
inch backset (photo 5). A rubber           less frequent battery changing.                  grips the bezel nut (photo 16)
grommet/gasket is used on each                 Only two mounting screws                     to tighten it or to later loosen it
side of the door and positioned            are required (photo 9) to attach                 when it needs to be removed.
behind the front and back lock             the back body. Tighten most
bodies. With the rubber gasket in          of the way (photo 10) and then                         Lock Operation
                                                                                                 and Programming
place for the front body, position the     make sure both front and back
power cable through the cross bore         lock bodies are straight before                     The 1TouchIQ2 lock is pri-
hole (photo 6). Another rubber             fully tightening the screws. The                 marily designed to unlock with
gasket will be placed on the inside        inside handle is part of the back                a person’s fingerprint. It has two
of the door (photo 7), to be placed        body so you will need to position                other alternate means of entry,
beneath the back body. The power           the back body cover around the                   but it is intended to operate by
cable fits through an opening in           handle (photo 11) to cover the                   the one key that you will likely
the back lock body (photo 8) and           battery pack. A plastic washer is                never lose or forget somewhere.
should be positioned to connect            set in place (photo 12) before at-               Under the slide cover is a finger-

                                     Reprinted from THE NATIONAL LOCKSMITH April and May 2011
print scanner not much larger
than a postage stamp (photo 17).
You will also see a key pad with
                                                13                                                 14
less than a full set of numbered
keys. The available digits run
from 0 to 6. That means that you
can’t use the digits: 7, 8 or 9 in
any numeric code that you pro-
gram. That also eliminates those
digits from any three digit user
code identification. That may
sound like a shortcoming, but it
really isn’t. If your intention is to
use primarily numeric codes, you
probably should be installing a
                                                15                                                 16
different lock entirely.
    One of the primary benefits of
a “keyless” lock is that you don’t
need a physical key to carry and
potentially forget or lose. That
is one of the primary benefits of
a lock that uses a key pad and
numeric codes. The biggest
disadvantage of numeric codes is
that someone can take that “key”
from you without you missing
it. Someone who shouldn’t have                                                  17                 18
access could learn the code and
gain entry without physically
taking a “key” from you. There-
fore this lock is most beneficial
and secure the more greatly you
rely on fingerprint access over
keypad access.
    Like many electronic locks,
the 1TouchIQ2 has a clutch
device for the outer handle. The
handle pulls down freely when in
the locked mode rather than the
lever handle being rigid (photo                                                                                           20
18). Although the handle will
move, the latch will not retract.                                               19
You will also get this same result
turning the handle under the
following circumstances: enter-
ing a wrong numeric code or
fingerprint, waiting too long to
enter your code or fingerprint, or
some kind of lock malfunction or
power/battery issue.                                                                           the outside handle to draw in the
    As long as the lock has battery                                                            latch (photo 21).
power, the act of lifting the slide                                                               The 1TouchIQ2 lock is avail-
cover turns on the light of the                                                                able in two different configura-
fingerprint scanner (photo 19).               a finger on the scanner (photo                   tions. The IQ-AT is the audit trail
This wakes the unit from sleep                20). If an enrolled fingerprint or               version of the lock which allows
mode and allows you to either                 numeric code is entered, the unit                you to audit who accessed the
enter a numeric code or place                 will cause the turning motion of                 lock (with the optional USB Audit

                                        Reprinted from THE NATIONAL LOCKSMITH April and May 2011
                                         (+) sign does not refer to a key                 ed. In random mode, you can
                             21          on the keypad, but separates the
                                         sequence of steps.
                                                                                          continue to enroll other finger-
                                                                                          prints as long you don’t let too
                                             As with lock operation, pro-                 much time pass between steps.
                                         gramming starts by lifting the                   Then you would need to start
                                         slide cover and “waking” the unit.               at the beginning of the process
                                         The fingerprint scanner will light               again. If a scan fails, you will hear
                                         up when the cover is lifted. If you              three beeps and the scanner light
                                         wait too long between steps you                  goes off.
                                         will need to restart the process                    To enroll fingerprint users
                                         by lowering the cover and sliding                with user ID’s, press: 1 + # +
                                         it up again.                                     MASTER CODE + 3 DIGIT
Trail Kit). The IQ-AT will accom-            To change the master code,                   USER ID + #. You will scan the
modate up to 36 fingerprint users        press: 0 + * + DEFAULT MAS-                      finger twice when the scanner
and 78 pin number users. The             TER CODE + NEW 8 DIGIT                           lights as above, but additional
unit is audit capable but can be         MASTER CODE + NEW 8 DIGIT                        enrollments will require starting
used without the audit trail kit. If     MASTER CODE + #                                  the process again with a new 3
you think you might need audit               Note: When programming is                    digit user code.
capability later, you can choose         successful, the lock will make a                    I mentioned earlier that you
not use that feature until a later       solid single beep. If the process                can also program numeric codes
time. When you decide to set up          is unsuccessful, it will make                    in addition to fingerprints. The
for audit ability, you will need to      three quick beeps.                               process is similar to enrolling
program the date and time into               There are two ways to enroll                 fingerprints. You will still need
the lock so you can accurately           fingerprint users. One is random,                to assign a user ID (so you can
audit lock usage.                        where no user ID’s are set. When                 later delete the user code), but
    The IQ-HC (indicating high           programmed in this manner, you                   you will enroll a numeric code
capacity) is outwardly nearly            cannot remove individual finger-                 instead of a fingerprint. The keys
identical to the IQ-AT except it         prints from access. If someone                   pressed will also be different. To
can accommodate up to 75 finger-         needs to be deleted from the                     enroll a pass code user, press: 1
print users and 78 pin number            system, you will need to delete                  + * + MASTER CODE + 3 DIGIT
users. As a tradeoff for additional      all fingerprints and re-enroll                   ID + NEW 8 DIGIT PASS CODE
fingerprint capacity, you lose the       from scratch again. The other                    + NEW 8 DIGIT PASS CODE + #.
ability to have audit capability.        method is to set user ID’s. With                 Note that you can’t use the same
Other than that, operation and           that method, every fingerprint                   three digit user ID for both a
programming is nearly identical          is individually identified by a                  fingerprint and a pass code. They
between the two versions.                user ID, and you can individually                must be unique and different.
    The 1TouchIQ2 is pro-                delete ones that should no longer                The process is similar to enroll-
grammed externally through               have access. The first method is                 ing fingerprints, but the star (*)
the keypad. Unlike some elec-            probably faster, but it is a much                key is used instead of the pound
tronic locks, programming is not         bigger hassle if you need to                     (#) key at the start of the pro-
uploaded to the lock through             remove access from someone                       cess. Confirmation of a pin code
outside equipment. Even if you           whose fingerprint had been previ-                is also a single long beep, and
chose not to program any nu-             ously enrolled.                                  three beeps also indicate failure.
meric codes, you would need to               To enroll fingerprint users at                  Like a number of other elec-
use the keypad for lock program-         random (No User ID’s), press:                    tronic locks, it is possible to put
ming. A default master code is           1 + # + MASTER CODE + #. At                      the 1TouchIQ2 into passage
programmed into all 1TouchIQ2            this point, the scanner will light               mode. This allows access with
locks. The default Master Code           up. You will need to scan twice                  neither an enrolled fingerprint or
is: 11111111. Once you set your          for each fingerprint enrolled. For               pin code. It works different from
new master code, you will need it        the first scan, place the finger to              some locks in passage mode,
for any lock programming. If you         be used on the scanner when it                   in that you can’t just walk up to
choose to set a numeric code,            lights up and remove it when the                 the door and turn the handle to
you must make it eight digits            light turns off. The light will turn             retract the latch. You won’t need
also. All numeric codes must             on a second time and you repeat                  to enter a fingerprint or pin code,
contain eight digits. To program         with the same finger to confirm.                 but you will still need to lift the
the lock, you will press a series        You will hear a single beep if that              slide cover and turn the handle in
of keys on the keypad. The plus          fingerprint enrollment succeed-                  the same amount of time the lock

                                   Reprinted from THE NATIONAL LOCKSMITH April and May 2011
stays open when a fingerprint or              that the power cable is attached      a strong resemblance to Mul-T-
code is entered. That is roughly              to the battery pack. Because the      Lock high security keys. Along
about five seconds. However, if               plug end of the cable will also       with the keys, you get an inter-
you wait too long and it relocks,             attach to a 9 volt battery, you can   esting key ring magnet that will
you only need to close the cover              use such a battery for resetting.     shortly be demonstrated. The
and slide it back up again to                 Never use a 9 volt battery to pow-    magnet sticks to the figure 8
open. You may need to wait a few              er the lock for everyday use, but     outline on the front surface of the
seconds after closing the cover               you can use it to reset to factory    outside lever handle (photo 23).
before reopening it. To enable or             defaults. With power connected,       Presto... and you remove a figure
disable passage mode, press: * +              press and hold the reset button.      8 shaped metal plate (photo 24),
* + MASTER CODE + #. Doing                    While holding the reset button
this will toggle the unit back and            down, use your other hand to lift
forth from one condition to the               the slide cover up. After about 15
other. If it is already in passage            to 20 seconds, you should hear a
mode, doing this will set it back             long beep. That indicates that the
to regular operating mode and                 lock has been reset. To verify this
vice versa.                                   has been accomplished, slide the
    I mentioned earlier that fin-             cover up and enter the default
gerprint users with user ID’s can             master code: 11111111. It should
be removed individually without               open the lock.
affecting any other users. To de-
lete a fingerprint user in this way,
                                              Mechanical Key Bypass                                            24
press: 2 + # + MASTER CODE +                     As with many keyless elec-
USERS 3 DIGIT ID + USERS 3                    tronic locks, the 1TouchIQ2 has       that exposes the bypass cylinder.
DIGIT ID (again) + #. If you wish             a mechanical bypass cylinder          A close-up view shows how thin
to delete ALL fingerprint users,              in case you lose power or have        the plate is (photo 25).
you can do it all in one process.             some other lock malfunction.
This deletes all fingerprint users,           When I first looked at this lock,
both those that have and don’t                I had no clue where this bypass                                  25
have user ID’s. To accomplish                 cylinder was located. The keys
this, press: 3 + # + MASTER                   to the cylinder (photo 22), bear
CODE + #.
    If you wish to delete individual
pass codes, press: 2 + * + MAS-
+ USERS 3 DIGIT ID (again) + #.
To delete ALL pass code users,
press: 3 + * + MASTER CODE +
#.                                                                                      A view of the key and keyway
    In the first part of this article                                               (photo 26), confirms the striking
when I was describing the instal-                                                   resemblance to a Mul-T-Lock key
lation, I made reference to a reset                                                 and cylinder. Insert the key until
button on the back surface of                                                       it stops (photo 27). The key is tip
the front lock body. I have just                                                    stopped, so don’t expect the key
described how to delete indi-
vidual fingerprint and pin users,
                                                                             22     shoulders to contact the face of
                                                                                    the cylinder plug. Rotate the key
and also how to delete either all                                                   counterclockwise one quarter
fingerprint users or all pin code
users. If you decide that you want
to restore the lock to factory
settings, you can not only delete
all users, but you can also restore
the factory default master code.
In order to do this, you will need
to remove the lock from the door.
With the back side of the front                                              23
lock body in view, first make sure                                                   26
                  Reprinted from THE NATIONAL LOCKSMITH April and May 2011
                                                                                             erating system that will be most
                           27                                                                compatible with various brands
                                                                                             of electronic locks.
                                                                                                 Emergency Power
                                                                                                Battery powered locks have
                                                                                             the unfortunate potential weak-
                                                                                             ness of running out of power
                                                                                             and leaving your keyless lock
turn (photo 28). The clutch will                                                             without an electronic means of
now engage and the latch will                                                                access. This lock, as in most,
retract when you turn the handle
(photo 29).
                                                                              31             has low battery warnings, so it
                                                                                             shouldn’t happen. However, just
                                                                                             in case, the 1TouchIQ2 has an
                           28                                                                extra option beside the mechani-
                                                                                             cal bypass cylinder. This will only
                                                                                             apply to the IQ2-HC that doesn’t
                                                                                             have audit capability, but the plug
                                                                                             hole and the plastic cover at the
                                                                                             bottom of the front lock body

                                                                              32             is replaced by battery contacts
                                                                                             for use externally with a 9 volt
                                                                                                If you attempted entry and
                                                                                             realize you forgot to replace the
                                                                                             batteries inside the lock, you
                            29                                                               would have the option of finding
                                                                                             a 9 volt battery and touching it
                                                                                             to the two contacts to temporar-
                                                                                             ily power up the unit while you
                                                                                             either enter a pin code or touch
                                                                                             your finger to the reader. This
                                                                              33             lock uses non-volatile memory,
                                                                                             so you don’t lose data when the
                                            31), to connect to the lock. An                  batteries go dead. As long as you
     The Audit Trail Kit                    on/off switch can be seen. It will               can restore power to the unit, any
                                            plug into the lock on the bottom                 and all codes will still operate the
  The IQ2-AT version of the lock                                                             lock.
has audit capability. An electronic         surface of the front lock body
                                            (photo 32). A second hole ap-                       I found the 1TouchIQ2 lock to
audit device (photo 30), is used                                                             be very interesting and impres-
                                            pears to be covered by a plastic
                                            piece. I’ll explain more about that              sive.
                                            later. A second cable connects to
                                            the unit which has a USB plug
                                            on the end (photo 33). This cable
                                            allows you to upload data from                      For more information on this
                                            the device to your computer                      or other biometric lock hardware,
                                            through one of its USB ports.                    contact:
                                            I have been told that the audit                  Intelligent Biometric Controls,
                                                                                             601 Brooklyn Drive, Suite A,
                            30              software should run fine with
                                            Windows XP, but I was not clear                  Milford, OH 45150.
                                            if there might be driver problems                Phone: 513/239-6322. Ext. 320
                                            if you used Vista or Windows 7.                  for John Falk.
to both upload data from the lock                                                            FAX: 513/239-6328.
and later download the data to              I am planning on getting a net
                                            book with XP on it, because I                    Find them online at:
your computer to identify when                                                               www.fingerprintdoorlocks.com
the lock was used and who was               have been told by other makers
using it. The cable with a pin type         of electronic locks that Windows
jack is attached to the unit (photo         XP is generally the standard op-

                                      Reprinted from THE NATIONAL LOCKSMITH April and May 2011

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