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					Fall 2007 McCarthy CRE 101 Tentative Outline Week 1 (Introduction)Questions on
the Emperor and the Calligrapher (p. XXVIII)Crossword Puzzle (p. 10)Creativity
handoutCommencement Address Comprehension Checkup (p. 14-16)Critical Thinking
vocabulary, My Uncle Terwilliger Vocabulary IntroductionWeek 2 (Chapter 1-Life in
College)Stress Comprehension Checkup (p. 36-37, vocabulary handout)Vocabulary:
Words in ContextContext Clues Exercises 1, 2, 3, nonsense words handoutWin By a
Decision Comprehension Checkup (p. 61-63)Restoration handoutWeek 3 (Chapter 2-
Topics, Main Ideas, Details) Black Men and Public Space Comprehension Checkup
(p. 78-80)The Look of a Victim Comprehension Checkup (p. 81-82)Review Test 1 (p.
82-83)Islamic Folk Stories (p. 87-89)Dave Barry Comprehension Checkup (p. 94-
95)Public Art Comprehension Checkup (p. 98-99, puzzle handout)Homonym Quiz (p.
105)Crossword Puzzle (p. 106)Week 4 (Chapter 3-Purpose)         Motivation and
Emotion Comprehension Checkup (p. 117, handout)The Country Mouse
Comprehension Checkup (p. 119-121)Crossings (p. 122)Review Test 2 (p. 132-
134)Leaving Their Mark Behind handoutHomonym Quiz (p. 137)Crossword Puzzle (p.
138)Week 5 (Chapter 4-Transitions and Patterns)Cassatt’s The Boating Party and
Manet’s Boating handoutReview Test 3 (p. 151-153)Review Test 4 (p. 160-162)School
Cheating Scandal Comprehension Checkup (p. 167-170)Review Test 5 (p. 171-
173)Whose Grave Is This? Comprehension Checkup (p. 175-176)Vocabulary Unit 1 (p.
485-488)Week 6 (Chapter 5-Inference)Barney and Remote-Controlled Rat
(handout)The Life and Death of a Western Gladiator Comprehension Checkup (p. 197-
198, puzzle handout) Wolf Songs- George Comprehension Checkup (p. 205-207,
vocabulary handout)Reverence handoutVocabulary Unit 2 (p. 489-492)Week 7
(Chapter 6-Figurative Language)Symposium (p. 223)To Be of Use Comprehension
Checkup (p. 226-227)Why Leaves Turn Color Comprehension Checkup (p. 231-
232)Frida Comprehension Checkup (p. 239-241)Vocabulary Unit 3 (p. 493-497)Week 8
(Chapter 7-Tone)Bodybuilders’ Contest (p. 263)Waiting in Life’s Long Lines
Comprehension Checkup (p. 265-266)Vincenzo Perugia Comprehension Checkup (p.
300-301, vocabulary handout )Vocabulary Unit 4 (p. 498-502) Mid-Term ExamWeek 9
(Chapter 8-Fact and Opinion)Astrology Comprehension Checkup (p. 278-279) When
Health Supplements May Do Harm, Are We Dying to Be Thin?Evaluating Health
NewsBug Hairs handoutVocabulary Unit 5 (p. 503-507)Week 10 (Chapter 9-Point of
View)Popular Mechanics In Your Own Words (p. 310, handout)The Lady or the Tiger?
Comprehension Checkup (p. 314-317, handout)Vocabulary Unit 6 (p. 508-512) Week
11 (Chapter 9)Vietnam War Memorial: Multiple Points of View Vocabulary Unit 7 (p.
513-517) Week 12 (Chapter 10-Bias)Seven forms of Bias Comprehension Checkup (p.
344-345)Textbook Bias Cops Ban Ideas Comprehension Checkup (p. 347-349)Adults
Only handoutPropaganda devices (p. 363-368)Vocabulary Unit 8 (p. 518-522)Week 13
(Chapter 11-Arguments) Logical Fallacies (p. 375-376)Identifying Arguments (p. 377-
381)excerpt from John Adams Comprehension Checkup (p. 385-387)George
Washington Paintings handoutWeek 14 (Chapter 11)The Declaration of Independence
Comprehension Checkup (p. 395-396)excerpt from The Majesty of the Law
Comprehension Checkup (p. 402-403)The Bill of Rights Comprehension Checkup (p.
405-406) Week 15 (Chapter 12-Evaluating Evidence)Evaluating Persuasive
WritingDeductive and Inductive ReasoningChoose one essay from Death and
DyingInterpret The Tragedy by Picasso (p. 422)Week 16 (Chapter 12)Final Exam*You
are responsible for presenting a project on an art-related topic to the class. *Your
instructor reserves the right to change any part of the course stated in this outline and
syllabus. Course content may vary to meet the needs of this particular group.
________________________________________________________________I have
received a copy of the course syllabus for this class and the instructor has discussed
the contents of the syllabus. I have read it and understand the course content, class
procedures, and what is expected of me to earn credit with a specific grade in this class.
I understand that any of these policies and procedures may be subject to change during
the semester. I understand my responsibilities as a student and agree not to engage in
any behavior that interferes with or obstructs the teaching and learning process such as
profanity, derogatory words, and rude or improper classroom
behavior.Course___________________ Section__________________

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