Minutes of the meeting of the Friends of Seaton Station held at by r45PE72


									   Minutes of the meeting of the Friends of Seaton Station held at the
           Station Hotel on Monday, April 20 2009 at 5.30pm

Present: John Milner, Janet Milner, Jean Wood, Peter Heron, Mike Turner,
Cath Hill, Paul Screeton, Iris Ryder, Graham Hall, Bill Keen, Peter Gouldsbro,
Chris Simmons, Alistair Smith, Jonathon Brash and Peter Gowland.

Apologies: Ian Cameron, Councillor David Young, David Frame, Sue
McBride, Chris Benson and Rosie Kennedy.

   1. Peter welcomed everyone, including Councillor Chris Simmons, guest
   2. The minutes of the meeting of March 27 2009 were approved as a true
   3. Matters Arising
         a) Car park and turning circle
             Pat Cox, Northern Rail’s facilities manager, would be liaising
             with Alistair Smith of Hartlepool Borough Council re. this item.
         b) CCTV
             Dummy cameras and signage were on order through Northern
             A long discussion ensued on the effectiveness of such cameras.
             It was agreed they may indeed prove a deterrent but to pursue
             in parallel the CCTV installation.
         c) Planters
             Four half barrel planters had been ordered – if there was no
             vandalism to those more would be purchased. Siting the
             planters next to the fencing was felt preferable.
             It was pointed out that people may use them as “ash trays” but
             that, as smoking was prohibited on the station, that Northern
             Rail – as was the case with the main station – would not install
             cigarette butt repositories.
         d) Station Hotel
             The hotel would tomorrow open up a tea room in the building.
             This was warmly welcomed by all and a price list was circulated.
             It was agreed Cath contact the Hartlepool Mail with a view to
             there being a feature on the tea room in the newspaper.
                                                         ACTION: Cath
             It was wondered if Northern Rail be able to advertise the facility.
         e) Taxis
             Peter said 23 and Cameron’s Taxis had both been supportive of
             the Friends groups. A short meeting between Alistair, Peter and
             the council’s taxi licensing officer had taken place at the Civic
             Centre. However, having a taxi rank installed at the station was
             some way away.
         f) Dog Fouling
             Chris had ordered dog fouling bye-laws signage.
         g) Signage
             Good news! A ‘To the Beach’ sign had been ordered by Alistair,
             who also stressed that such signage was part of a wider strategy
           for appropriate, modern signage for Hartlepool as a whole. A
           sub – group had in fact been put together by the council to look
           at the issue.
      h)   P A System
           Chris was still progressing, though there had unfortunately been,
           again, recent cable thefts.
      i)   I D Cards
           Peter handed out F.O.S.S. identity cards and it was agreed to
           request another six from Chris.
                                                       ACTION: Peter / Chris
      j)   Artwork
           As with a previous item, a long discussion ensued, this time on
           the most appropriate artworks for the station. Peter wondered if
           David Clark was interested in working on the idea. Alistair said
           re. any artwork installation a final decision would rest with
           Network Rail. Chris (Simmons) suggested engaging the Art
           College which ‘turned out’ work of extremely high quality could
           be approached. Iris cautioned against having to pay for any
           such art works.
           It was agreed to contact Network Rail in the first instance to see
           if the idea was viable, before raising people’s expectations.
                                                       ACTION: Peter
      k)   Website
           It was agreed having a website was a good idea but to take up
           the offer from Alistair to have a council officer expert in the field
           to address a future meeting.
                                                       ACTION: Alistair
           The website need not be highly detailed, and could be linked to
           connect Tees Valley. It could be done in conjunction with the
           Friends of Hartlepool Station.
      l)   Rubbish
           Brenda was still to pursue the issue of rubbish adjacent to the
           Station Hotel.
                                                       ACTION: Brenda

4. New items
     a) Station clean-up
         Peter thanked everyone who had turned up to the March 28
         station clean up, despite the weather being very inclement.
         It was agreed to undertake such clean-ups every two months
         which were carried out (in response to a question from Paul)
         because the staff employed to do the work were unable to spend
         a great deal of time at the station.
     b) Rail Passes
         It was reaffirmed Bill Keen (Tel 01429 221781) and Martin
         Green (01429 270591) were the ‘keepers’ of the free rail passes,
         which could be used by any Friend or their appointed
         On the issue of whether and what kind of protocols should be in
         place for using the passes, it was agreed to defer this to the next
      c) Guest Speaker
         Peter reintroduced Chris Simmons, who spoke about his career
         in Hartlepool and his move in later years into political life.
         Chris was very supportive of groups such as the Friends and if
         he could be of any assistance he would. He was currently
         contacting VCS (Voluntary and Community Sector) bodies
         across the town.
         Peter thanked Chris for his presentation and it was confirmed
         the Friends group was open to any councillor or other interested
         party to attend its meetings.
      d) Friends of Hartlepool Station / March 20 meeting
         Peter touched on the clean-up (today) of the Hartlepool Station,
         where seven volunteers had turned out to help. Regarding
         ‘March 20’ this item referred to the meeting regarding involving
         taxi companies (see 3 (e) above).
      e) Telephone Point and Plasma Screen
         It would be very straight forward to ‘connect’ the Station Hotel to
         a plasma display screen showing train information; and to have
         a telephone point installed for rail users to be able to contact taxi
         However, Brenda of the Station Hotel said both her and her
         partner would need to discuss the idea, and the brewery
         (Scottish and Newcastle) which owned the pub, would need to
         be consulted.
         Brenda added there were also issues to address such as
         children coming on to what were licenced premises. Peter said
         he and Alistair would meet with Brenda on the subject.
                                               ACTION: Peter and Alistair
      f) Digital Image
         Peter reported on progress regarding the latest artwork ideas for
         the Hartlepool Station.
5. Any Other Business
      a) Network Rail Awards
         Alistair flagged up the award’s two categories – Community
         Engagement----‘ and ‘Heritage---- ‘.
         It was felt a good idea that the group apply.
                                               ACTION: Peter/Alistair
      b) Merge
         Bill flagged-up the idea of the two Friends groups merging,
         bearing in mind their commonality of purpose and the strong “
         cross referencing” which existed. It was agreed to defer this
         proposal to the next meeting.
      c) Advertising
         Bill queried if Northern Rail could not advertise much more
         substantially on its trains, particularly in relation to the forth
         coming Tall ships event. However it was commented the only
             real advertising revenue available was via the council and even
             this was very limited.
          d) Metro Privatisation
             Iris raised the subject of the increasing privatisation of rail
             services by government and what this could mean for the
             industry / passengers.
   6. Next meeting: Station Clean-up: Saturday 30 May at 10.00am, meet at
                      Friends of Seaton Station: Monday 15 June at 5.30pm,
                      Station Hotel.

Peter thanked everyone for attending and the meeting closed at 7.30pm.

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