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1)         WELCOME
          The Chair, Lynne Poole, opened the meeting by welcoming everyone in attendance. Lynne then
          proceeded to give an overview of the position regarding the proposed South Side Housing
          Association development at Manse Brae/ Old Castle Road advising that we would be joined later
          the meeting by representatives of SSHA
2)         PRESENT:
          Lynne Poole (Chair) P. Cockburn (Secretary/Mins. Secretary), A, McDermid (Treasurer) S. Dall,
          G. Hill, J. Lilley, M. Robertson, A. Wilson,

        Strathclyde Police - PS R. Grier, PC S. Munro, PC J. Watt
        Bill Milner (Cathcart and District CC) R. McGoldrick, C. Donaldson, B. Bookless, A. McFarlane,
        L. Millar - and D. Reilly, B. McNeil, R. Duncan, P. McGrath, D. Taylor and M. Evans
        South Side Housing Association.

          APOLOGIES:             R. Johnson, J. Sutherland, J. Tovey,

           The minutes of the previous meeting were approved and adopted as correct :
            PROPOSED :          A. Wilson           SECONDED: J. Lilley

          Most items will be covered in Secretary’s Report.

5)         REPORTS:

          POLICE REPORT:
          At our request, the police were in attendance for the first time in several months. A lengthy
         discussion took place regarding the issues in Linn Park. PS Grier confirmed the police have
         been checking regularly but whilst a number of youths were gathering at the play area they had
         not been found to be causing problems, and in fact offered to clean the area on one occasion
         although they had not been responsible for littering it. It was agreed that this is a very difficult
         situation if they are not causing a disturbance as they have nowhere else to go. The
situation will
         continue to be monitored.
         Residents of Elmore Avenue raised concerns regarding vehicles regularly speeding on the
         Avenue between St. Fillan’s and King’s Park Secondary.
         Concerns were raised regarding numbers loitering outside the chemist/deli/bookmakers at
         Croftfoot Roundabout shops.
         Areas subject to a high level of ’on pavement parking’ were noted, including one particular van
         the Manse Brae mini roundabout.
         ACTION: The police noted all of the above and will investigate.
                            P. Cockburn will contact LES and request that they consider speed cushions
                            Elmore Avenue


        DRS were contacted regarding the possibility of historical interest at the Manse Brae site following the ‘dig’
         at Cathcart Old Cemetery but Bill Douglas confirmed the site held no archaeological interest.
        George Gillespie was contacted re. the lack of markings/signage at the mini roundabout (Manse Brae
         /Old Castle Road). Reply in correspondence.
        Owner of barking dog contacted - PC spoke to DRS and was advised to put in writing. This was done but no
         reply received. (Lynne advised there appears to be an improvement)
    P. Cockburn attended King’s Park Secondary Prize-giving on 16th June 2011. This was a marvellous evening
     and it would be impossible to list here all of the achievements. One of the speakers commented that seldom
     a week goes by without Mrs. Barr announcing that the school or pupil(s) have won something or are finalists
     in something else. This applies to outside interests also, such as swimming/athletics/ballet/football/
     tennis/rugby/badminton/piping/cheerleading and dance. The commitment from pupils is outstanding .
     It is all too easy for such achievements to be missed and I would urge everyone to have a look at the King’s
     Park Secondary website and remember there are new pupils joining KP annually therefore this is ongoing.
     Two of the pupils won the IBM sponsored ‘Talk Your Way to Brussels’ Trophy at the Scottish -European
     Educational Speaking Competition in Brussels against schools from all over Scotland, whilst Intermediate 1
     Biology Class were winners of the Evening Times Community Champions Award - Young Team for their
     work and design on the KP sensory garden.
    KP Parent Council have asked for assistance in persuading GCC to demolish the janitor’s houses and a letter
     has been sent to Steve Inch, Executive Director of DRS. It now appears that Mr. Inch has retired from GCC
     and City Property LPP (set up by GCC) are responsible for buildings owned by GCC. Letter emailed direct
     to Anne Gilmour of CP- Reply in correspondence
    James Dornan MSP was asked for assistance on behalf of Mrs. E. Mitchell of Orcades Drive regarding the
     ongoing problem of overgrown vegetation/high trees. Mr. Dornan dealt directly with Mrs. Mitchell.
    George Gillespie was emailed re.the ongoing problem of overgrown vegetation Seil/Shetland/Orcades pocket
     in the hope he will agree to send letters to those residents who continue to ignore this problem. (response in
    Notice Board - Court Knowe - Price £395 - Ordered but not yet delivered due to an error by supplier.
    MT Johnson received complaints by email from a local resident regarding her lack of continued input at Court
     Knowe. MTJ passed this to P. Cockburn as she longer wishes to be involved.
    Newsletter - this was delivered in early July and received an excellent response. The final product was all
     down to Anne Wilson's excellent efforts - Many thanks again to Anne for her commitment to this
    P. Cockburn has been dealing with Jack Devine regarding several outstanding items at Linn Park.        PC
     visited the KP Depot and left a report with Jack, who confirmed that many of the items would be dealt with as
     winter maintenance.
    Ongoing problems at Linn Park most nights. Police patrolling and Jack asked Community Safety to attend.
     PC has lost count of calls to police and LES and the amount of emails is too numerous to list. Councillor
     McKenzie asked Inspector Hunter to arrange for someone to again contact P. Cockburn. Sgt. Proctor
     telephoned to say that the area would be checked nightly. Unfortunately over the summer up to 30/40
     youths can been seen at the Seil Drive area. PC received two calls from the police saying the youths did not
     have alcohol and tried to stress the point that alcohol had not been mentioned - numbers gathering were the
     issue. At the opposite side of the park the 'city beach' area has been vandalised and benches set on fire.
     Two of the FOLP notice boards have been ruined. The area has been littered every morning. PC has
     regularly contacted Jack Devine, with other residents agreeing to call Parks Dept. at Trongate to ask for the
     area to be cleaned.      This is being done, but requires de-littering again next day.
    Dates of meeting - notices have been placed in the usual locations and the school has been booked for:
     12TH SEPT / 10TH OCT / 14TH NOVEMBER 2011 AND 9TH JANUARY 2012


       The Current Account Balance stands at …………. £1,556.73
       (Earmarked : £395 for Court Knowe sign AND £130.35 left over from Court Knowe Event still to

       LINN AREA COMMITTEE meeting 16                 JUNE 2011

    The amount allocated to Linn Area for 2011/2012 is £69,569 - Balance £61,338
    Applications for funding were discussed and dealt with as appropriate.
    A verbal report on Parks development was provided by Rachel Smith and Charlie Moloney (new
     Assistant Area Manager) on behalf of the Exec. Director of Land Services.        This led to a very
     in-depth discussion on the state of the parks. 44 employees and 6 temporary employees
     currently work two shifts, but they can be called to other LES services at any time, leaving the parks
     unattended. They are also expected to cover a very wide SE area. The committee requested
     that Stevie Scott attend the September meeting.
    A report was provided on the Roads Investment Strategy 2011/12. The Scottish Government
     allocated an additional £15M in January 2011 to Scotland’s 32 local authorities - Glasgow’s
     allocation was 750K which is totally inadequate for purpose.      In our area HALF of Farne Drive
     (Old Castle Road to Links Road) is scheduled for Microasphalt treatment. P. Cockburn queried
     this advising that the WHOLE of Farne Drive required to be done. This was seconded by Cllr.
     Docherty (Chair).       This is now being looked at.   P. Cockburn also requested that Drakemire
     Drive/Carmunnock Road (slip road) at shops be considered. Again this was noted.
    Community Membership of the Area Committee was discussed. There are no CC’s in Castlemilk
     (East) or Castlemilk (West) and it may be appropriate to approach organisations who can nominate
    An update on the Stalled Spaces was provided with only two successful applications to date (one
     being Simshill/Old Cathcart)
    The Committee was advised that with reference to the minutes of the Executive Committee of
     24.5.11 (Report by the Executive Director of Education) following a public consultation the Exec.
     Committee had agreed that ;--
1.   Castlemilk High become the associated secondary school for Carmunnock Primary School, with the
     consequential change to the delineated area for Castlemilk High       AND
2.   A further consultation would be carried out to offer children from Carmunnock Primary School
     priority for placing requests to King’s Park Secondary School
    All other items were for noting by the Committee.
   The balance of funding now stands at £51,273.00
   Applications for funding were discussed and dealt with as appropriate
   As previously agreed, P. Cockburn submitted an application for funding on behalf of Simshill & Old
    Cathcart Community Council to meet the cost of safety railings/self closing gate at the toddlers’ play
    area in Linn Park - and the full cost of £7,080 was awarded.
   Stevie Scott and Charlie Moloney of LES attended the meeting and gave a very full and frank
    review of the problems being experienced in connection with parks in the area. They underlined
    the problems re staffing etc. discussed at the May meeting and had visited Linn Park to photograph
    and list areas of concern. Very lengthy discussions took place (much of which is detailed
    elsewhere in these minutes) and a list of promised work/repairs was handed to members.
   Two presentation were provided by groups which had previously been awarded funding by the Linn
    Area Committee.
   Nursery Outreach Project - Presentation by the Fundraising Manager, Glasgow Science Centre -
    the project has inspired and challenged 5000 children and 900 staff from 99 nurseries from April
    2009 to June 2011 to explore, discover and increase their knowledge of science through various
    activities with everyday roots in an accessible and relative way.
   Learning, Loving and Living my Celtic Community - presentation Ciaran Devlin (former principal
    dancer in Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance) and Linsey Cox of LPC Events who ran a theatre
    workshop over the summer, based in Castlemilk. They worked with a group from age 5 - 14
    concentrating on theatre/dance/scriptwriting/vocal coaching and team building - culminating in a
    small show in Castlemilk Community Centre. They hope to expand this further in 2012.
   A presentation was given by Neighbourhood Management to provide results of the Neighbourhood
    Management Survey 2010/11 carried out on behalf of Glasgow Community Planning Partnership.
    Details of the findings are available for perusal.
   All other items were for noting by the Committee

       NOTE: Hard copies of all of the above reports/presentations are available for perusal.
       Please return to P.Cockburn

       (CRG’s now ended with discussions taking place regarding format for replacement)

a)   GCC Planning Applications – no relevant items.
b)   email from George Gillespie, Assistant Director of LES confirming that arrangements are in hand to carry out
     road marking refurbishment and replacement signage at the mini round.
        (Concerns were raised at our June CC meeting re this matter)
c)   email from Steven Dowling CCRC advising that the Association of Community Councils is being wound up
     and as such all CC's in Glasgow are no longer members of the ASCC
d)   Letter received from John Swinney M|SP - Cabinet Secretary for Finance, Employment and Sustainable
     Growth regarding item c (above). The ASCC suggests its decision has been forced as a direct consequence
     of funding cuts by the Scottish Government. Mr. Swinney confirms their commitment to growing and
     strengthening the role of Community Councils. (This letter should be read out in full)
e)   email from Anne Gilmour of City Property (Glasgow) updating the position on the KP Janitors' houses
     KP Parent Council asked for our assistance as they were not making any headway in obtaining a reply to
     requests for demolition of the property.     (Read out in full)
f)   email from Andy Waddell with proposals for Linn Park and Court Knowe in response to our many
     communications with LES and the police over the summer months.
          The section of carpet at the play area which was damaged by arson will be replaced by 14th August 2011
          Funding is being sought to replace the original plaque at the Queen Mary Stone at Court Knowe
          Resources have been deployed to bring the site up to a maintainable standard
          Officers will assess/replace the dying plant stock - however this will not be completed until March
     2012 until after the winter hardy plant stick has been received **
          Both sites will be monitored by supervisors to ensure standards are achieved
          Both will be discussed at the Local Operating Working Group in relation to anti-social behaviour for
     discussion with the various agencies, including the police.
     ** Bedding plants have been planted by LES at the monument in the meantime
g)   Minutes of KP Parent Council (April).
h)   Minutes of KP/Croftfoot Community Council (June)
i)   Minutes of Friends of Linn Park
j)   email from Graham Gillan, Secretary of FOLP advising of damage and vandalism and enclosing a copy of a
     letter from FOLP to Robert Booth, Executive Director of LES. Graham agreed that PC could forward this
     to Inspector Hunter, Sergeant Proctor and our Elected Members. James Dornan MSP made contact to
     advise that he would be contacting both Mr. Booth and the police.
k)   Letter from GCC (DRS) advising of a new proposed Local Development Plan for Glasgow which will in due
     course replace City Plan 2. A consultation period will take place from 30/09/11 - 09.12.11. Details will be
     on the council's website and can also be viewed at DRS offices 229 George Street and local libraries.
l)   email from LES confirming they will not be contacting residents of Seil/Shetland Drives regarding
     overhanging vegetation as they consider the narrow pavement to be a 'service strip' - (this should be read out
     in full)

7)     A.O.C.B             None


        At this point the chair welcomed representatives of South Side Housing Association , here to discuss how
        can work together to find a suitable plan for development at the Manse Brae/Old Castle Road site.
        This discussion lasted for the remaining 1.25 hours of the meeting and only bullet point are shown
    New plans were brought to the meeting and copies passed around.
    Meic Evans (Planning Consultant) opened by suggesting they advise the CC of proposals regarding Scale of
     the development, Letting, Traffic and possible Wildlife Area.
    Design/Massing/Scale - Douglas Taylor (Assist Architects) produced a portion of facing brick believed to be
     more in keeping with the area, and close in style/colour to that at the popular development at the beginning of
     Old Castle Road (along from the Edith Cottage site). He advised that these new plans incorporated a larger
     green area with the corner of the proposed development now being 100 feet from the villas opposite..       The
     number of flats has been reduced by 13 to 40 flats.
    The development is made up of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom flats
    Letting - Patrick McGrath confirmed that with regard to letting SSHA has only been approached by one 16
     year old in the last 10 years. Anyone over 18 has the right to apply to any housing association. This
     question had been raised at the June meeting
    Traffic - Robin Duncan advised that following the findings of the Reporter a second traffic survey had been
     carried out - with a video record being kept.    The areas surveyed were Manse Brae and at the proposed
     entrance to the development. The only tailback was at the location of the school crossing patrol. The
     survey showed 85% of drivers to be doing under 30pmh.
    Wildlife and Greenspace. - Meic Evans advised that they would hope to extend the wildlife corridor close to
     the railway line. There would be no significant loss of planted areas as the old trees would be replaced with
     more that there are at present. They would consist of native species and would strengthen the wildlife
     corridor. When the time comes to submit an agreed application SSHA will incorporate a request for
     Glasgow City Council to clear the land for extension of a wildlife corridor.

Discussion took place regarding the traffic issue as these figures did not fit in with what residents close to the
location regularly experience.

Bill Milner of Cathcart & District confirmed that their CC are concerned with how this development might affect
traffic heading onto Clarkston Road.

The question of locating the entrance closer to Menock Road was discussed.        Meic Evans advised that this could
be looked at but ultimately this decision is based on the recommendations of the Council’s Traffic Officers.

Lynne Poole pointed out that any disabled residents could experience difficulty trying to cross Manse Brae due to
the volume of traffic

In closing, the Chair thanked SSHA for attending the meeting.. SSHA will continue to liaise with the CC and
keep us updated on plans.      The CC asked for copies of relevant reports, which Meic Evans agreed to email.

9)    The Chair closed the meeting by thanking everyone for their attendance.


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