What is Novanet? by CPjf7A0o


									        What is Novanet?

Mission: Novanet is a consortium of
academic libraries who cooperate to
enhance access to information and
knowledge for the benefit of their
user communities.
          Novanet’s Objectives

• Maintain a single bibliographic database of
  member libraries’ holdings.

• Develop innovative approaches to resource

• Cooperative collection development.
     Novanet Membership Includes:
•   Atlantic School of Theology Library
•   Dalhousie University Libraries
•   Mount St. Vincent University Library
•   N.S. Agricultural College
•   N.S. College of Art & Design
•   N.S. Community College Libraries (since 1998)
•   Saint Mary’s University Library
•   St. Francis Xavier University Library
•   University College of Cape Breton Library
•   University of Kings College Library
           Novanet Registration

• Visit your Campus Library - must register at
  “home campus” first!

• Library Staff place a barcode on the back of your
  student id.

• Personal information needs to be updated when
  it changes.
              Student ID card…

Front view
Back view 

              …your Library
            Novanet Catalogue

• Is a union catalogue.

• Multiple access points to search.

• Web-based.
              Novanet Catalogue
     Each record usually provides these fields of
•   Author or Editor
•   Title
•   Place of Publication and Publisher
•   Year of Publication
•   Edition statement (if any)
•   Physical characteristics of book (size)
•   Subject headings assigned to the resource
•   Call number
•   Libraries that have it
•   Status of item
         What is Novanet Express?
What if the book (video, magazine etc.) I’ve found is at
another library? What if it’s at Dalhousie? Do I have to
go there to get it? You can but you could also --

   Use “Novanet Express”!
     •   Rapid delivery service.
     •   Users initiate own requests on-line (via Novanet Catalogue)
     •   2-3 business day turnaround.
     •   Requestors notified by e-mail/phone.
     •   Item held for 5 days.
     •   Return item to any Novanet library when finished.
      Novanet Express Procedures
• Search the Novanet catalogue for the item.
• Item must be “In Library” at another Novanet
• Enter Novanet barcode & last 4 digits of phone
• Complete article information if necessary
• Select library you want item delivered to.
• “Submit” the request.

• Holds/recalls can be placed by any Novanet
• 10 day grace from time of recall.
• Hold/recall item held for 7 days.
• More than 1 request on item = 10 day loan
  period only.
          Novanet Loan Periods

• 21 day loan period for students.

• Faculty have term loan period for NSCC

• Unlimited # of books one can borrow.
    Novanet Renewals and Returns

• Books may be renewed a maximum of 3 times at
  most Novanet libraries.
• Books can be renewed at any Novanet library or
  by the user via the Novanet Catalogue.
• Books can be returned to any Novanet library.
• Reserve items must be returned to owning
            Novanet Fines 
• Imposed to ensure return of items.
• All Novanet borrowers charged equally.
• $0.25 per item/per day – to maximum of $20
  per item.
• $1.00/per video/per day – to maximum of $20.
• $1.00 per recall item/per day.
• Fines for reserve items vary.
• Fines may be paid anywhere.
     Loss of Borrowing Privileges

• Fines exceed limit ($10.00)

• 1 or more Bill for Replacement has been issued.

• Patron has 1 or more overdue recall.
        Other Borrowing Policies

• All Novanet borrowers must replace lost /
  damaged books.

• Marks and/or diplomas may be withheld.

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