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									2012 County
    Interim Joint Committee on
         Local Government
          November 30, 2011
     Legislative Committee Members
                                                                       Hon. John Wilson
                                                                    Committee Chairman
                                                               Garrard County Judge/Executive
                                                                       KACo President

KY Association of Circuit Court Clerks                                         KY County Judge/Executive Association
Hon. Stephanie King-Logsdon, President; McLean County Circuit Court Clerk      Hon. R.T. “Tucker” Daniel, President; Johnson County Judge/Executive
Hon. David Nicholson, Jefferson County Circuit Court Clerk                     Vince Lang, Executive Director
Hon. Sally Jump, Legislative Chair; Franklin Circuit Court Clerk
                                                                               KY Jailers Association
KY Commonwealth’s Attorneys’ Association                                       Hon. Mike Simpson, President; Oldham County Jailer
Hon. Tim Coleman, President; 38th Judicial District Commonwealth’s Attorney    Renee Craddock, Co-Executive Director
Hon. Christopher T. Cohron, Legislative Director; 8th Judicial District        Brad McLean, Co-Executive Director
                            Commonwealth’s Attorney
                                                                               KY Magistrates & Commissioners Association
KY Coroners Association                                                        Hon. Stephen Stark, President; Trimble County Magistrate
Hon. John P. Goble, Scott County Coroner                                       Hon. Hubie Pollett, Legislative Chair; Shelby County Magistrate
                                                                               Richard Tanner, Executive Director
KY County Attorneys Association
Hon. John Estill, President; Mason County Attorney                             KY Property Valuation Administrators Association
Hon. Marc Robbins, Legislative Committee; Madison County Attorney              Hon. Ben Brown, President; Logan County PVA
Bill Patrick, Executive Director                                               Mack Bushart, Executive Director

KY County Clerks Association                                                   KY Sheriff’s Association
Hon. Kay Schwartz, President; Whitley County Clerk                             Hon. Bruce Hampton, President; Harrison County Sheriff
Bill May, Executive Director                                                   Jerry Wagner, Executive Director
               Legislative Advocacy Process
Each affiliate organization of KACo has one vote on the Legislative Committee. The affiliate organizations of KACo are the Kentucky
Circuit Clerks Association, the Kentucky Commonwealth Attorneys Association, the Kentucky Coroners Association, the Kentucky
County Attorneys Association, the Kentucky County Clerks Association, the Kentucky County Judge/Executives Association, the
Kentucky Jailers Association, the Kentucky Magistrates and Commissioners Association, the Kentucky Property Valuation
Administrators Association, and the Kentucky Sheriffs Association.

               In order for the KACo Legislative Committee to either support or oppose legislation, 75% of the members in attendance
must vote to take that position. Following is a summary of the positions which may be taken by the Legislative Committee and what
they mean.

                           Support                                                                 Oppose
        The KACo Legislative Committee believes this legislation               The KACo Legislative Committee believes this legislation
       would be beneficial to counties or county officials and will            would be harmful to counties or county officials and will
                     work to help it win passage.                                              work to defeat this bill.

                     Under Review                                                                   Strike
         1) The KACo Legislative Committee has not yet taken a
          position because members wish to obtain additional                   The KACo Legislative Committee believes this bill would
        information about the bill and how it could affect county                have no direct effect on county officials or county
                             governments.                                          governments and will not track the legislation.

       2) One or more affiliate associations of KACo are on each
          side of a bill and KACo does not support any affiliate
            association against another affiliate association.
                         KACo Board of Directors
    Executive Committee          Ervine Allen, Jr.                 Dean Johnson                      John A. Settles
                                 Breathitt County PVA              Laurel County Clerk               Washington County Judge/Executive
John Wilson                      Alex Barnett                      Kay Schwartz                      Mike Simpson
President                        Harrison County Judge/Executive   Whitley County Clerk              Oldham County Jailer
Garrard County Judge/Executive
                                 Ben Brown                         Chuck L. Korzenborn               Stephen Stark
Tommy Turner                     Logan County PVA                  Kenton County Sheriff             Trimble County Magistrate
Larue County Judge/Executive     Karen R. Bushart                  Darrell L. Link                   Randy K. Stevens
                                 Clark County PVA                  Grant County Judge/Executive      Trimble County Judge/Executive
Jerry “Peanuts” Gaines
1st Vice President               Timothy R. Coleman                Mike Miller                       Carl W. Tolliver
Warren County Sheriff            Commonwealth Attorney             Marshall County Judge/Executive   Boyd County Commissioner

Buddy L. Nichols                 Larry H. Foxworthy                David L. Nicholson                Jim Townsend
                                 Fleming County Judge/Executive    Jefferson County Circuit Clerk    Webster County Judge/Executive
2nd Vice President
Lyon County Magistrate           John Goble                        Jim Nickell                       Steve Tribble
                                 Scott County Coroner              Rowan County Judge/Executive      Christian County Judge/Executive
Chris Harris
Past President                   John A. Goble                     Sue Carole Perry                  Ronald Wright
Pike County Magistrate           Floyd County Magistrate           Shelby County Clerk               Casey County Judge/Executive

                                 Bruce Hampton                     N. E. Reed
                                 Harrison County Sheriff           Edmonson County Judge/Executive

                                 Stanley H. Humphries              Marc Robbins
                                 Trigg County Judge/Executive      Madison County Attorney
KACo Board of Directors - MAP
Board Members
 Board of Directors

 Program Board

Pain Clinics
E-911 Resources
Tax Reform
Jail Funding
     Mark Your Calendar!

    KACo & Affiliates
   Legislative Reception
Wednesday, February 8, 2012
   5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
  Frankfort Civic Center
How to Reach Us
• Hon. John Wilson, President:
• Hon. Tommy Turner, President-Elect:
• Legislative Staff:
      Denny Nunnelley, Executive Director
      Brian Roy, Deputy Director
      Tim Sturgill, General Counsel
      Shellie Hampton, Director of Governmental Relations
      Roger Recktenwald, Director of Research & Planning
      Ellen Williams, Contract Lobbyist
      Renee Craddock, Contract Lobbyist
• 502-223-7667 and www.kaco.org

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