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					 Lakewood Hills
 Highlights                                                                                     Fall 2011

Lakewood Hills #1 Community As sociation
Springfield, Virginia 22153

                             Annual Meeting Scheduled for June 1
                             Plan to attend the 2011 Lakewood Hills Community Association
                             Annual Meeting! It will take place on Wednesday, June 1, at 8:00
                             p.m. in the cafeteria of the Orange Hunt Elementary School,
                             located at 6820 Sydenstricker Road, just off Huntsman Boulevard.
                             Annual Meeting attendees will elect three members to the Board
                             of Directors, discuss activities and events of the past year, and
                             talk about plans for 2011. Bring your questions for discussion.
                             You should recently have received a formal Notice of 2011 Annual
                             Meeting by U.S. Mail. With the Notice are a Proxy Form and a
Lakewood Hills #1            Nomination Form for new members of the Board of Directors. If
Board of Directors           you need a copy of the Notice, please contact Rick Balzhiser of
President                    Cardinal Management Group (see box, left), or click on the links
 David Falcon                above and print out the form from this web page.
Vice President               If you are unable to attend the meeting, please complete the
 Robert Palmer               Proxy Form and mail it to Cardinal Management. Or a neighbor,
Treasurer                    friend, or Board member can bring your Proxy to the meeting.
 Cheryl Higdon
                             If you would like to serve as Board Member, please submit your
                             nomination form to Cardinal Management Group by June 1. All
 Bill Rogers
                             Lakewood Hills residents should consider serving on the Board,
                             which meets on the fourth Tuesday of every month to discuss and
 Ryan Duncan
                             act on the issues that affect everyone in the neighborhood.
 Susie Ellicott
 Michael LaPlante                           Participate! You can make a difference!
 Kobe Owens
 John Schmidt                                          Community Walkthrough
Cardinal Management              Members of the Board of Directors have started the spring walkthrough of the
 Rick Balzhiser                community. This effort helps ensure that our neighborhood looks as good as it was
 703.565-5008                intended to, and also that homeowners are adhering to our Bylaws, particularly in the        area of exterior modifications. The Bylaws outline the kinds of changes residents can
                                make to the outside of their homes and describe acceptable aesthetic and other
                              standards within the community. These standards are intended to help preserve the
                                               appearance and property values of Lakewood Hills.

      The Lakewood Hills Board of Directors meets at 7:00 p.m. on the fourth Tuesday of every month at
             the Surrey Hill Clubhouse off Forrester Drive. All residents are welcome to attend.
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                   News You Can Use

 Upcoming Holiday. American Disposal WILL pick up the
 trash in Lakewood Hills on Memorial Day, Monday, May
 30. Please make sure to set your trash outside AFTER
 7:00 p.m. the night before pickup.
                                                                             Based on the number of
 Complaints/Concerns. If you have concerns about trash                    formal and informal complaints
 pickup, the quality of lawn care, street light                            to Cardinal Management and
 maintenance, or possible hazards in common areas,                         to the Board, the problem of
 please contact Rick at Cardinal Management.                              untended dog waste is getting
                                                                           worse. When a resident puts
 Community Website. Remember to regularly check this
                                                                             a sign on their own lawn
 website The site is
                                                                             warning scofflaws away,
 maintained and updated by Lakewood Hills residents. A
                                                                           another turns in a repeatedly
 chat room is available. Contributions are welcome.
                                                                             negligent neighbor, and
 Neighborhood Watch. The Lakewood Hills                                   another takes photos of things
 Neighborhood Watch program needs volunteers. Contact                     no one really wants to see, it’s
 Rick at Cardinal Management if you are interested.                       clear there is a problem in the
                                                                           community. It’s up to all dog
 Summer Activities. Interested in a community yard                        owners to do their part. Keep
 sale? Cookout? Clean-up day? Please submit your ideas                    in mind - if it’s YOUR DOG, it’s
 through our website’s chat room and be sure to                             YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.
 volunteer to help make sure your idea becomes reality.                       Violators are breaking
                                                                           community rules and Fairfax
                                                                                   County law.

             Huntsman Lake Dam Rehabilitation Project
 Information Meetings Held in April; Final Plan to be Completed in August
  The Fairfax County-owned dam on Huntsman Lake is slated for renovation in the near future.
  Although the dam has been well maintained, it no longer meets today’s higher design and
  safety standards. The Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation has issued a
  conditional operations certificate to the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, as long as the
  new dam safety regulations are met. The dam must be rehabilitated in order to meet those
  The original sponsors of the dam project, Fairfax County and the Northern Virginia Soil and
  Water Conservation District, have been collaborating with the Natural Resources Conservation
  Service to develop a rehabilitation plan for the dam.
  Fairfax County Supervisor Pat Herrity sponsored two information meetings for community
  leaders and residents in April. Project officials presented background, outlined alternate
  plans, requested feedback, and answered questions from participants. The Lakewood Hills
  Community Association was represented.
  At this time, the Final Plan is scheduled for completion in August, the Design Package will be
  completed in January 2012, and work should start in Spring 2012.
  Watch for more information on the Lakewood Hills website and in future newsletters.

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