CONNECTICUT JUNIOR SOCCER ASSOCIATION

                                BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING
                                       Farmington, CT
                                       November 8, 2004

The following were in attendance:

        Tim Brennan, Tony Carvalho, Joe Conte, Andrea Duffy, David Engel, Joe Fillipetti, Marc Glass,
Dave Gold, Steve Henderson, Art Hennig, Steve Kassoy, Milan Keser, Bill Oehler, Chafik Rebai, Lisa
Schanzer, Tom Skarbek, Eric Voide, Steve Woolbert, Al McWhirter, Sue Schultz, Kathy Zolad, and Gerry
Koppe filling in for Tom Mattera.

The following were absent:

        Andy George, Tom Mattera, and Todd Stigliano.

Kathy Zolad called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM.

       The minutes of October 12, 2004 were approved as submitted.

Treasurer’s Report:
          Dave Engel reported that the report was sent out to them in their packets and if anyone has any
questions he would answer them. Southeast District has everything in at this time. We need quarterly
reports from NW (second quarter), NE (fourth quarter), and SC (third and fourth quarter). Reminders were
sent out – please get them in as soon as possible.

Audience Communication:

Committee Reports:

Cup: Steve Hinchliffe handed out his final report. On the first page is a list of the stats regarding how
many teams from each district there were entered in this Fall CT Cup. Also how many forfeits there were
and how many reports were sent in late. There was one incident where a team was disqualified in the U14
Boys division. Simsbury was declared the champion by forfeit. This issue will be covered later. We also
had an injury on the field. A girl was taken by ambulance and it was reported that she is OK.

Steve also reported on a survey he took regarding Penalty Kicks or Co-Champions. He asked the coaches
of both the boys and girls playing in the finals how they felt on this
issue. The U11 Boys team coach did not want to go into penalty kicks. The rest of the boys coaches
wanted Penalty Kicks. Six wanted PK’s and one wanted Co-Champions.

The girls teams were seven for Co-Champions and one for PK’s.

There was also one coach from Rocky Hill that refused after they lost to go to the Award ceremony.
Otherwise the finals went smoothly.

Kathy thanked Steve and the Cup Committee for their hard work in helping to make the Fall CT Cup a
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Minutes of November 8, 2004

Premier: Standings were attached in your packet. Milan had a question regarding some teams that have
not played their games. Kathy stated that the final report is not done as yet and that all scores are due into
the State office on November 15, 2004.

Registration: Bill Oehler reported that all data is in from seven districts, SW is not in as yet. The BOD
members will need to register if they are not as yet and we will look into our ODP Coaches as well to make
sure that their names appear on the registration lists. The data for all of the registrations is in Access and
Excel. Lisa will check on the SW District, which is missing.

Recreation: Marc Glass had another quote for the DVD which is going to be less. Andrea had given
Marc two DVD’s that might be incorporated too. US Youth Soccer is working on a video that Sid Bloom
plans to show at the Salt Lake City meeting. Marc will be bringing our DVD there as well.

Tournaments: Tom Skarbek reported that the following tournaments have received sanctioning and were
all OK:

         Avon Memorial Day                           May 28-30, 2005
         Westport Indoor                      March 19-20, 2005
         Oakwood Premier Invitational         May 27-30, 2005

District Reports:SC – Joe reported that everything is fine.
                          NC – Steve and Marc reported that all is well.
                          NW – Eric said they were good.
                          NE – Tim said they were good.
                          SW – Lisa reported that their play-offs were this weekend and then
         they would be done.
                          Central – Tom – stated that everything was up on their website and
         it looks good.

Director of Coaching: Jim was doing some licensing work but has left a handout for the Board to be
given tonight. This was passed out.

Video – “Gone through any change lately”: This video was shown to the BOD and Kathy stated that
change does not mean bad just different.

Unfinished Business: Kathy stated that we need to go back to the registration problems. The team that
was disqualified from the Fall CT Cup had a roster which had been doctored. You need to make sure that
the roster is accurate. This roster had many foreign births and we need to have the International Clearance
or waiver forms on these players. The birth date and the name date are sometimes very different on foreign
players. Four teams were eliminated by this team and we cannot change that at this point.

There were also two discipline hearings in your packets and we just want you to be aware of them. You
may attend but will not be able to speak during the hearing.

Chevrolet is not a sponsor of soccer any longer.

Rules deadline is fast approaching, Friday, November 12, 2004.

Kathy had asked the BOD if they would prefer fewer meetings and perhaps a reduced BOD number. We
have eleven meetings and could probably reach people with emails. The BOD was split on this issue as
some opted for fewer meetings while others felt that they were good with the eleven meetings we have. As
far as reducing the BOD this might have to be addressed through a rule change as the rules spell out the
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Minutes of November 8, 2004

number listing the current way our board is set up, with the District VP and a representative from the
district listed on the BOD as voting members.

Al stated that proxies are not allowed by CT Corporate Law. They are allowed at the AGM but not on the
BOD as a voting person.

Region I Meeting:        At the October 15-17, 2004 Region I meeting in Newark, DE the roster size of
18-22 was on the agenda but still there is no closure on this issue. Kathy will keep the Board informed.

CJSA Representative on CSSA Board: Kathy stated that Steve Woolbert has stated that he would like to
be the CJSA Representative to serve on the CSSA BOD.

Motion to appoint Steve Woolbert as the CJSA Representative to the CSSA BOD was made by Dave
Engel, seconded by Tim Brennan. Motion carried.

Fee Increase:      Dave stated that it is time to have a fee increase of $1.00 as we have been absorbing fee
increases for the last several years and he has a proposed amendment to go
Page 4
Minutes of November 8, 2004

before the BOD at the Rules Luncheon regarding this increase. US Youth Soccer has increased out fees
and that is why Dave is requesting the increase. CJSA has not increased player fees since 1992.

We have had an increase with our insurance company, Pullen Insurance, but we can handle this one
ourselves with an increase in the deductible. Up until now we have eaten the increase in our insurance rate.

For years we have said that Recreation subsidized the Comp, but that is no longer how it is. Comp gives us
an additional $4.00, which gives us $3.70 on the comp player and only 35 cents on the Rec player. This
increase will be effective September, 2005.

Indoor Facility Approval – Goooal Sports: Goooal Sports, previously Korner Kicks, change of owner
and name, has requested approval from CJSA. However, Omar Tork, the owner, has been brought to us
regarding Referee Abuse recently.

Motion to table Goooal Sports Indoor Facility Approval was made by Steve Woolbert, seconded by Marc
Glass. It will be brought up at our next meeting. Motion carried.

President’s Dinner: In your packet there was information regarding the President’s Dinner and the AGM.
Please let us know if you are coming as soon as possible.

State Indoor Tournament: Joe Conte is in favor of not running the State Indoor Tournament this coming
year. Milan Keser said that he would have one in his district anyway and Tim Brennan stated that he can
get UCONN for March – the first or second weekend but we would have to put in for it now. Sue had
mentioned that Brian Quinn of the University of Bridgeport called and told her that he really enjoyed this
tournament and he would have it there again.

Kathy stated that because it is in our Rules section we would need to run it again for now until a rule
proposal was presented to get rid of this tournament. We need to determine the cost and where we will
have it. Kathy asked the BOD to confirm in writing to the CJSA office, how many districts are interested,
the genders and the number of teams involved. Tentative date is for March. Please get this information to
Sue before Thanksgiving. November 24, 2004 is the deadline.
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Minutes of November 8, 2004

For the Good of Soccer: Lisa Schanzer stated that the SW District would be running a tournament for a
young girl in their district that has cancer. It will be on January 8 for 14 and 15 year olds and they are
trying to raise money for the family of the girl. It was suggested that the players could also raise pledges as
a fundraiser as well.

Milan stated that we all need to be united at this Convention.

Motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:05 PM was made by Steve Woolbert, seconded by Marc Glass.

The next BOD meeting will be a Brunch on Sunday, December 5, 2004 at the Farmington Marriott,
in Farmington.

Respectfully submitted,

Gerry Koppe, CJSA Office Staff
(Sub for Tom Mattera)

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