TENDER NOTICE NO.                    : IHMCT/COMP-PUR/2009

DUE DATE                             : 29th October 2009

DATE OF TIME OPENING                 : 29th October 2009 at 3.30 p.m.

                                       INSTITUTE OF HOTEL MANAGEMENT
                                       KOVALAM – 695 527

TELEPHONE NUMBER, FAX AND            :0471-2480283 (Telephone number)
                                     : 0471-2480078 (FAX)
E-MAIL ADDRESS OF THE TENDERER       :ihmctkov@dataone.in


     1. In cash Rs. 500/- payable at Central Bank, Kovalam. Account Number:
     2. Rs. 500/- by Demand Draft in favour the Principal, IHMCT, Kovalam
     3. Those who download the tender forms from the website also will have to pay
        an amount of Rs. 500/- towards the cost of Tender documents.


     1. Rs. 15,000/- by demand draft favouring Principal, IHMCT, Kovalam


LAST DATE OF RECIEPT OF TENDER : upto 29th October 2009

DATE & TIME OF OPENING          : 29th October 2009 at 3.30 p.m.

                                                          PRICE Rs. 500

                 IHMCT, KOVALAM

                               Table of Contents

   SECTION – I                                               2-5

      1. Invitation for Bids                             2

   SECTION – II                                              6-8

      1. Procedure for submission of Bids                6

      2.   Cost of Tender                                    6

      3.   Clarification of Tender Document                  7

      4.   Amendment of Tender Document                      7

      5.   Language of Bids                                  7

      6.   Documents comprising the Bids                     7-8

   SECTION – III                                         9-11

      1. Technical Specifications of Requirements            9

      2. Job Details                                         10

      3. Financial Bid                              11

    SECTION – IV                                             12

      1. General Terms and Conditions                        12

      2. List of items available for buyback        13

                                   SECTION – I
1. Invitation for Bids

 1.1 The Institute proposes to procure 61 Nos. PC, 3 Nos. Labtops, 2 Nos. LCD, 4 Nos.
     Laser Printer, 5 Nos. Dot Matrix for IHMCT Kovalam. The IHMCT is looking for
     vendors who have experience in supplying installation, commissioning of the
     above with necessary cabling of above type of hardwares/softwares.

 1.2 Tenders are advised to study all technical and commercial aspects, instructions ,
     forms terms and specifications carefully in the tender document. Failure to furnish
     all information required in the tender document or submission of a bid not
     substantially responsive to the tender document in every respect will be at the
     tender’s risk and may result in the rejection of the bid.

 1.3 Sealed offers prepared in accordance with the procedure enumerated in Clause 1
     of Section II should be submitted to the Principal, IHMCT, Kovalam

 1.4 All bids must be accompanied by a bid security of Rs. 15,000/- in the form of
     demand draft favouring Principal, IHMCT, Kovalam.     Bid security amount is
     refundable on completion of the Bid process.

 1.5 This tender document is not transferable.

1.6 The categories of items and quantity indicated in the tender Document are
    tentative. The Principal, IHMCT, reserves the right to increase or decrease the
    quantity or delete some or all items depending on the needs of the Institute
    without assigning any reasons.

1.7 The tender should indicate specifically the Basic Price, Taxes/Excise duty, other
    duties (if any), and levies chargeable quantitatively against each item. No
    additional information will be entertained after due date. The Principal IHMCT
    may reject tenders if they do not carry such information separately and
    specifically quantitatively.

1.8 The bids should indicate that the rates are F.O.R IHMCT Kovalam.

1.9   The tender should be submitted in two cover system i.e a and b. There should be
      proper indication of the contents on each envelope as indicated in Clause 1.1 on
      Section II.

1.10 A photocopy of the receipt of earnest money. The draft must be in a separate
     sealed envelope indicating the amount, tender Notice number and due date and
     enclosed with the bid.

1.11 The tender should clearly indicate the delivery period and validity period of the

1.12 The tender should clearly indicate the availability of service and maintains
     facilities at Kovalam for items quoted.

1.13 The above mentioned details particularly the Sales Taxes/excise duty, and the
     other duty, if not quoted properly , the bid can be cancelled.

1.14 The tenderers are required to quote for each item separately in terms of basic
     price and all other charges. Prices can be quoted in Indian currency only.

1.15 The tender should be submitted along with refundable money of Rs. 15,000/- in
     the shape of Term Deposit/Call Deposit Receipt valid for the period of 6 months
     on favour of the The Principal,IHMCT Kovalam . Tenders not accompanied by
     earnest money or incomplete in any respect will be rejected outright.

1.16 The Tender must be submitted along with the copies of :

            1. Manufactures license or authority from the manufacturer

            2. Latest Income Tax Clearance Certificate

1.17 The Principal, IHMCT, Kovalam reserves the right to reject any or all tenders
     without assigning any reason whatsoever.

1.18 The tenders will be opened on the date and the time indicated in the presence of
      tenders if any present on the occasion. If the date of opening is declared to be a
      holiday to the tenders will be opened on the next working day.

1.19 No advance payment or payment against performa invoice will be made.
     Payment will be made after receipt , inspection , installation and testing.

1.20 All damaged or unapproved goods shall be returned at the tenderer risk and cost
      and the incidental expenditure thereupon shall be recovered from the concerned

1.21 Printed conditions of the firm sent along with the quotation, if any, shall not be
      binding on us.

1.22 Packing list must be put in all packages.

1.23 On acceptance of tender, the date of delivery should be strictly adhered to
      otherwise, the Principal, IHMCT, Kovalam reserves the right not to accept the
      delivery in full or in part. The Principal, IHMCT, Kovalam specifically and in case
      the order is not executed within the stipulated period, the Institute will be at
      liberty to make purchase through other sources, and to forfeit the earnest money
      of the Tenderer.

1.24 No claim on account of payment of octroi etc. within the limits of the Municipal
      corporation, Trivandrum /Vizhinjam Panchayat shall be accepted.

1.25 Payment of bill will be made through the crossed account payee cheque drawn on
      Central Bank, Kovalam, on completion of the works. The decision to purchase
      each item is taken independent of other items quoted by the firm. It is not
      binding on the Institute to purchase all the items quoted by any particular firm.

1.26 Schedule for Invitation to Tender

      a) Address at which the tender is to be submitted:

                    The Principal
                   Institute of Hotel Management
                   Kovalam – 695 527

                        Email: ihmct@dataone.in

                        Phone: 0471-2480283

      b)                Latest time and date for receipt of Tender: 29th October 2009 at
           3.30 p.m.

c)               Place , Time and Date of opening of Technical bids:

                 Place           : Institute of Hotel Management, Kovalam

                 Time & Date     :29th October 2009 at 3.30 p.m.

d)               Date till which the tender is valid:

     180 days from the opening of technical bid.
                     Installation of servers and PC’s will be within 4 weeks
                     After the allotment of tender

e) IHMCT shall not be responsible for any postal delay about non-receipt/non-
    delivery of the documents.

                                         SECTION – II
    1.         Procedure for submission of bids

         1.1     It is proposed to have a two cover system for this tender

                        a) Technical Bid (in duplicate) in one cover.

                          b) Commercial bid (in duplicate) in one cover.

         1.2     Each copy of technical bid of the tender should be covered in a separate
                 sealed cover super scribing the wordings “Technical Bid”. Each copy should
                 be marked as “ Original Copy” and “First Copy”. Both should be put in a
                 single sealed cover super scribing the wordings “Technical Bid”

         1.3     Each copy of the commercial bid of the tender should be covered in a
                 separate sealed cover super scribing the wordings “ Commercial Bid”. Each
                 copy should be marked as “Original Copy” and “First Copy”. Both should be
                 put in a single sealed cover super scribing the wordings “Commercial Bid”.
                 Commercial Bid should only indicate prices (preferably item-wise).

         1.4     All the two documents viz. Technical Bid Cover and Commercial Bid Cover
                 prepared as above are to be kept in a single sealed cover super scribed with
                 “PC Peripheral Tender”.

         1.5     The cover thus prepared should also indicate clearly the name and address
                 of the tenderer to enable the bid to be returned unopened in case it is
                 declared “late”.

         1.6     A photocopy of the receipt of the earnest money, if paid in cash , must be
                 enclosed along with the tender. In case the earnest Money is paid by
                 Demand Draft, the draft must be in a separate sealed envelope indicating
                 the amount, tender Notice Number and due date and enclosed with the Bid.

2                    Cost of Tender

    The tenderer shall bear all costs associated with the preparation and submission of its
    bid , including the cost of presentation for the purpose of clarification of the bid, if so

     desired by the client and client will in no case be responsible or liable for those costs,
     regardless of the conduct, or outcome of the Tendering Process.

3                 Clarification of Tender Document

     A prospective tenderer requiring any clarification of the tender document may notify
     the client in writing at the clients mailing address indicated in Clause 1.26 of section I.
     The client will respond in writing to any request for clarification of the tender
     document , received not later than 07 working days prior to the last date for the
     receipt of the bids prescribed by the client. In case of any further clarification on any
     of the points in the tender, if required , a meeting can be held.

4 Amendment of Tender Document

     4.1 At any time prior to the last date for receipt of bids, the client may for any
         reason, whether at its own initiative or in response to a clarification request by
         the prospective tenderer, modify the tender document by an amendment.

     4.2 The amendment will be notified in writing or by telex or E-mail to all prospective
         Tenders who have received the tender document and will be binding on them.

     4.3 In order to afford prospective tenderers reasonable time in which to take the
         amendment into the account in preparing their bids, the Client may, at its
         discretion, extend the last date for the receipt of the Bids.

5. Language of Bids

    The bids prepared by the tenderer and all correspondence and documents relating to
the bids exchanged buy the tenderer and the client, shall be written in English language,
provided that any printed literature furnished by the tenderer may be written in another
so as long accompanied by an English translation in which case, for purposes of
interpretation of the bid, the English translation shall govern.

6.                Document Comprising the Bids

6.1 The Bids prepared by the tenderers shall comprise of the following components:-

   Technical bid shall consist of the following :-
     i)    Technical bid furnished as per the format for technical (Clause 2 of
            Section III).

        ii)   Technical literature for each product/service, covering full technical

   a)         Commercial bid consisting of the following:-

        i)    Bid prices duly filled, signed and complete as per the format (Clause 3 of
              section III)

        ii)   Maximum educational discount as could be offered should be

                                     SECTION - III
                                       Annexure I

                                Technical Specifications

Desk top Configuration

   1) Desktop System with Intel Quad Core Q9550 (2.83GHz speed, 12MB-L2 Cache,
      1333 MHz FSB) or higher processor, vPro support, 2GB DDR-II 800 MHz or higher
      Memory, 250GB or higher SATA-II HDD, TCO-03 certified 17” TFT color monitor,
      DVD Writer, Gigabit Ethernet Port & 4xUSB, Keyboard & Optical Mouse with
      Mouse pad.

   2) Desktop System with Intel Core 2 Duo E7300 (2.66GHz speed, 3MB-L2 Cache,
      1333MHz FSB) or higher processor, 2GB SSE-II 800 MHz or higher Memory, 250GB
      or higher SATA-II HDD, TCO-03 certified 17” TFT color monitor, DVD Writer,
      Gigabit Ethernet Port & 4xUSB, Keyboard & Optical Mouse with Mouse pad.

      In 56 Nos of PC, the CD drives and secondary storage devices should not be
      provided and disabled.

      Two PC of the above configuration (l) or (2) should be converted into a server.

LCD Projector specification

           Optical Specifications                               Detail
Projection System                            3LCD panels
                                             1 Lens projection system
Image Device                                 0.63”TFT LCD Panel
Color Light Output                           2000 lumens
Color Light Output (low lamp mode)           1500 lumens
Light Output                                 2000 lumens (lamp mode high)
                                             1500 lumens (lamp mode low)
Contrast Ratio                               350:1

Lamp                                              190W Ultra High Pressure Lamp
Lamp Life                                         2000 H (Lamp mode high), 3000 H (lamp
                                                  mode low)
Projection Lens                                   Approx 1.2 times zoom lens (Manual)
                                                  f=18.53 to 22.18mm, f1065 to 1.93
Throw Ratio                                       1.5 – 1.7:1
Screen Coverage                                   40 to 300 inches (viewable area measured
        Input/Output specifications                                  Detail
S-Video In                                        Y/C mini DIN 4-pin
Composite Video In                                RCA Phono Type
Analog RGB/Component In                           HD D-sub 15 pin (female) x 1
Monitor Out                                       HD D-sub 15 pin (female)
Variable audio Out                                Stereo mini jack

          Electrical Specifications                                 Detail
Native Resolution                                 SVGA: 800 x 600 Pixels
Video Resolution                                  500 TV Lines
Color System                                      NTSC3.58, PAL, NTSC4.43, PAL-M PAL-N,
                                                  PAL60 system, SECAM
Acceptable Computer Signals’                      fH: 19’ to 92 kHz
                                                  fV: 48-92 Hz
                                                  Up to SXGA+ (fV60Hz)
Acceptable Video Signals                          Composite Video
                                                  Y/C Video
                                                  15kRGB 50/60Hz
                                                  Progressive Component 50/60Hz
                                                  DTV (480/60i, 480/60p, 575/50i, 575/50p,
                                                  720/50p, 720/60p, 1080/50i, 1080/60i)

            Printer: DOT MATRIX – 136 col, 24 pin, 300 cps or higher

                     LASER            - HP 1007

Laptop Specifications:

Intel Core2 Duo processor
14.1” display
2 GB RAM expandable to 4GB
320GB or higher Hard disk
Windows Vista preloaded with media
DVD writer

Intel graphics media accelerator
Wireless Bluetooth enabled
Wireless LAN
Lithium Ion battery
3 USB ports, headphone out, microphone in, RJ-11, VGA, FJ-45 ports
Integrated 10/100 Ethernet LAN
Integrated Web camera
External optical mouse
Carry case




             DOT MATRIX


       LAPTOP                          :

                                       SECTION – IV

                             TERMS AND CONDITIONS

1.   As a government of India Institute will follow DGS & D rate.

2.   The company should adhere with all seriousness to the time schedule provided by
     the IHMCT.

3.   The products asked for should be of very high standard and of reputed with
     authorized service provider in Trivandrum. Mutual trust and nature of services
     provided should motivate the provider to give more than what is asked in the

4.   All rates will be F.O. R, IHMCT, Kovalam.

5.   The Company shall be liable to indemnify the IHMCT in all respects and meet and
     pay off the litigation expenses and all the liabilities including damages, sums etc.
     arising out of an as a consequence of the negligence, deficiencies, mistakes,
     lapses, delays etc. in the execution of the various jobs and the services provided.

6.   The company should ensure quick back up response in case of equipment failure
     which should be replaced if needed within 24 hours of the distress call.

7.   There is no provision for making advance payment to the Company as per IHMCT
     rules. However, the running bill for the jobs completed can be submitted by the
     company and will be considered for payment within reasonable period.

8.   Send a copy of the profile of the company along with the costumer’s satisfaction

9.   The offer must specify the warranty period and AMC.

                           ITEMS AVAILABLE FOR BUY-BACK

HP – Pentium4 Compaq D260MT / Monitor HP 5502         -   2 Nos.

Thin client   2 + 1 + 3 + 2 + 26                      -   34 Nos.

PC Nest       13 + 1 + 1                              -   15 Nos.

Printer       1+3+2                                   -   6 Nos.


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