Architecture Review Board - DOC by oogACE


									    Architecture Review Board                 FY 2003
               Member                   Agency            Term
Ken Hasledalen                  Children, Family and    July 2004
Jean Henning                    Finance                 July 2004
Denton Peterson                 Health                  July 2004
Bill Schnellman                 InterTech               July 2004
Janet Cain                      Public Safety           July 2004
Neil Beltt                      Revenue                 July 2004
Steve Stedman                   Revenue                 July 2004

Tim Willson                     Finance                 July 2003
Steve Ring                      Health                  July 2003
Johanna Berg                    Human Services          July 2003
Jack Shea                       Natural Resources       July 2003
Ed Meyer                        Pollution Control       July 2003
Mary Welfling                   Transportation          July 2003
Lee Peterson                    Veterans Affairs        July 2003

Reggie David                    Administration          Ex-officio
Mike Ryan                       Administration          Ex-officio

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