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									                    ROTARY CLUB of LA CRESCENT, MN
     Mark Your Calendars                                                             2009-2010 Club Officers
                                                                                  President           Steve Mau
                                                                                  President Elect      Jon Amlaw
   September 25 – October 3                                                       Vice President       Lynn Gundlach
           Oktoberfest                                                            Past President       Ron Wilke
  We will be serving Oktoberfest                                                  Secretary            Margaret Johnson
 beverages during La Crosse’s big                                                 Treasurer            Bev Jiardina
  party. See Lynn Gundlach for                                                    Youth Protection Officer Sam Jandt
                                                                                  Director ‘10         Bill Ohm
 available shifts to help your club
                                                                                  Director ‘10         Sean Parker
  with this important fundraiser.                                                 Director ‘11         Larry Pupp
                                             Rotary Club of La Crescent           Director ‘11         Dan Wilson
            October 10                                                              Service to Club – Bev Jiardina
                                                      Club #2676
         Highway Pickup                                                           Membership             Bev Jiardina
   Help make La Crescent more                       District #6250                4 Avenues of Service Dinner Mary Grattan
                                                                                                               & Mac Dahl
beautifuler. Join Tom Fuchsel and             Chartered March 10, 1982            Christmas Party         Mac Dahl &
 the Rotary crew (augmented with                                                                               Bev Jiardina
   high school students) for this        ROTARY PLAYGROUND                        Newsletter             Bill Ohm
     wonderful service event.                   FUND                              Historian              Mary Grattan
                                                                                  Changeover Dinner       Mary Grattan & Bev

          November 9-16
                                                        98%                                                   Jiardina
                                                                                  Fund Raising           Jon Amlaw
  Trip to Matagalpa, Nicaragua              Please bring your Quillin’s
                                                                                            Applefest    Tom Fuchsel &
                                              receipts to Margaret.
See Steve Mau to participate in this                                                                           Dan Wilson
       exciting opportunity.                       Helping Hand                             Rose Sale     Doug Harpenau
                                         The Helping Hand Fund has been                     Super Event Lynn Gundlach

            December 9                     rejuvenated! $1,000 has been
                                         allocated by the club to continue        Service to Community – Bill Ohm
   Rotary Works Fund Raiser                                                       Highway Pickup        Tom Fuchsel
Meet at the Wine Guyz (5PM - ?) to         this very important project. A
                                                                                  Relay for Life        Ben Barton
 support this aspect of our Rotary        portion of this amount will go to
                                                                                  Rotary Lights Board   Leo Chaput & Joe
              mission.                     assist a sexual assault victim.                                   Thesing
                                                     Thank you!                   Rotary Works Foundation Sean Parker &
                                                                                            Board             Jon Amlaw
   CONGRATULATIONS!                                New Member                     Myrick-Hixon EcoPark Bill Ohm
  To Mac Dahl on receiving the           Al Bischke is our newest member.         Playground            Doug Harpenau &
                                             Al is the Director of Telco                                Mary Grattan
Rotary Lifetime Achievement award                                                 Memorial Day/Veterans Recognition
       from our area’s clubs!               Operations (ask him) at Ace
                                                                                                        Chuck Dockendorff
                                              Communications Group.               Community Entrance Enhancement
                                                    WELCOME!                                            Eileen Krenz
         THANK YOU!                                                               Interact              Jeff Rood
To Tom Fuchsel, Dan Wilson, the                     November                      International Service – Steve Mau
pop & peanut sellers and to all who          Programs: Bev Jiardina               Youth Exchange          Doug Harpenau
    have donated to help make                 Greeter: Leo Chaput                 Exchange Student        Marie-Audrey
                                           Rotary Moment: Ben Barton                                      Bache (France)
      Applefest a success!!!
                                              Songs: John Benton                                      Host Families
                                                                                  Fall ‘09           Brad & Caryn Peterson
                                          Setup/Takedown: Dahl/Chaput
      Paul Harris Fellows                                                         Winter ’09-’10     Joel & Deb Affeldt
                                              Fines: Bob Formanek
Two club members will be honored                                                  Spring ‘10        Arick & Anne Hendricks
   as Paul Harris Fellows at our                                                  The Rotary Foundation John Benton
October 2nd meeting. Please be there              Rotary Works
for this important event and please     Approved grants to fund a disability      Vocational Service – Eileen Krenz
  bring your spouse or significant      access project in Argentina, to fund an   Robotics/LEGO           John Benton
other (or both if they won’t create a   upgrade for the Me & My Shadow            Junior Achievement      Tom Stahl
               scene).                  exhibit at the Children’s Museum of La    Health Awareness         Eric Kiesau, Larry
                                        Crosse and to provide funds to help the                            Pupp, Joe Caron
                                        Girl Scouts send cookies to Iraq.
                  ROTARY CLUB of LA CRESCENT, MN
                                      October 2009
                             1 Area President’s Breakfast
                             1-3 Oktoberfest

                             2 Program – District Governor – Dean

                             3 EcoPark Bird Seed Sale
                             3 Badgers @ Golden Gophers
                             3 Dinner at the Depot

                             5 Packers @ Vikings

                             7 Area President’s Meeting
                             7 Board Meeting @ 7 AM

                             9 Program – Mississippi River Island      La Crescent Club Meeting
                                 Project – Ken Visger
                             9 Rose Sale Deadline                                Friday @ 7:00 AM
                                                                        La Crescent American Legion Club
                             10 Highway Pickup
                             10 EcoPark Great Pumpkin Chase 5k               509 North Chestnut Street
                                 Trail Race/Walk
                                                                       Area Make-up Opportunities
                             12 Columbus Day
                                                                      Monday Noon - La Crosse East @
                             16 Program – The Rotary Foundation –             Piggy’s
                                 Rob Gooze
                                                                      Monday 6:00 PM - Onalaska @
                             17-18, 24-25 EcoPark Enchanted Forest            Seven Bridges
                                 Children’s Trick-or-Treat Hike       Tuesday 7:30 AM - La Crosse North @ Days
                                                                              Hotel (French Island)
                             23 Program – State of the City – Mayor
                                 Mike Poellinger                      Wednesday 7:00 AM – Holmen @
                                                                             Holmen Village Hall
                             27 Rose Delivery Day                     Wednesday 7:30 AM – Valley View @
                                                                             Famous Dave’s
                             28 Birthday – Mac Dahl
                                                                      Wednesday Noon - Winona @
                             30 Program – Growth Coach Concept –             Westfield Golf Course
                                 Fred Kusch                           Wednesday 7:00 PM – Rotaract @
                                                                             Grounded Specialty Coffee
                             31 Halloween                                    October 14th & 28th
                                                                      Thursday Noon - La Crosse Downtown @
                                    Programs: Mac Dahl                        Radisson Center
                                     Greeter: Jeff Rood
                                                                      Friday 7:30 AM - Caledonia @ Farmhouse
                                Rotary Moment: Sean Parker                      Eatery
                                     Songs: Ron Wilke
                               Setup/Takedown: Chaput/Dahl             Friday Noon - Viroqua @ Firehouse
                                     Fines: San Jandt
Rotary Club of La Crescent
P.O. Box 56
La Crescent, MN 55947

The Future of Rotary is in
Your Hands!

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