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					Talk From the Walk
The Newsletter of the Louisville Area Emmaus Community
                                                         ….did not our hearts burn within us?   Luke 24:32

                                                                                  January 2007
   A Note from Your President
   Welcome to a New Year, new beginnings and fresh opportunities to serve our Lord
   Jesus Christ. I love new beginnings, the chance to begin anew and accomplish all
   those things I long to do. You know, that never ending check list of “To do’s” that
   never quite get done. Like….

          Reading the 8 books I purchased at the Christian bookstore last year, but never
           got around to reading because I kept buying and reading more books.
          Spending more time in daily devotion and prayer.
          Having the Bible and the Holy Spirit direct my decisions rather than attempting
           to make decisions without first listening for His guidance.
          Following through with a budget so that I may be a faithful steward of all that
           the Lord has entrusted me with.
          Boldly sharing the love of Christ with all who I meet. (Remembering that I am
           just called to plant seeds and He will bring the seeds to harvest.)
          Love others in thought, word and deed; as Christ has loved us. (I guess this
           means even those who tend to get on my last nerve!)

   Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has
   given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the
   dead, and into an inheritance that can never perish, spoil or fade – kept in heaven for
   you, who through faith are shielded by God’s power until the coming of the salvation
   that is ready to be revealed in the last time. (1 Peter 1:3-4) Thankfully Jesus Christ
   offers us a new beginning each and every day. So take some time in the New Year to
   “Be still, and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10).

   Please Lord let me in all that I do, seek Your face to make all things new again.

   Blessing to you for a Christ centered New Year,

   Susan Eckel
               2007 Emmaus Walk Dates

                                 Dates                       Lay Director(s)
                                     th    th    th   th
Men’s        #111   February      15 -16 -17 -18             Marc Gritton

Women’s      #112   March         1st-2nd-3rd-4th            Claudia Daniels

Women’s      #113   July          19th-20th-21st-22nd

Men’s        #114   September 20th-21st-22nd-23rd

Women’s      #115   October       4th-5th-6th-7th

Snack Agape Reminder:

Please remember to…bring your snack agape to the Sendoff…if at all possible.
It helps the Agape team to better judge the amount of agape for the weekend and
reduces the last minute pleas (for snack agape) we’ve had on previous weekends.

 Take your snack to the Agape room or give it to an Agape team member as you arrive
for Sendoff; or if you have a pilgrim, you can deliver it after the Sponsor’s Hour is

Thank you!
Emmaus Men’s Walk #111:

 Team Details

Leadership                                                Clergy
Lay Director \ Perseverance      Marc Gritton             Means of Grace               Buddy Howard
ALD - Inside \ 4th Days          John Jordan, Jr.         Prevenient Grace             Tim Heard
ALD - Outside \ Priority         Scott Glaser             Justifying Grace             George Davis
ALD - Agape                      Bill Receveur            Obstacles to Grace           Al Earley
Board Representative             Lew Hawes                Sanctifying Grace            Christopher Smith

Table Leaders                                   Assistant Table Leaders
Andrew               Rhynia Weaver              Priesthood of All Believers \ Andrew    Brooks May
Paul                 Bill Miracle               Life in Piety \ Paul                    Matt Blandford
Peter                BI Houston                 Growth Through Study \ Peter            Kevin Stallard
James                Joe Hartman                Christian Action \ James                Craig Kidwell
Luke                 Tony Underwood             Discipleship \ Luke                     Dan Durenburger
Mark                 David Blandford            Changing Our World \ Mark               Keith Knapp
John                 Rick Rittenhouse           Body of Christ \ John                   Steve McCarty
Matthew              Jim Hartman                Silent \ Matthew                        Randy Davis

Pillow \ Table                Mike Crittenden
Kitchen                       Paul Villagran
Prayer Room \ Chapel          Kurtis Daniels
                                                      Leader \ Keyboard \ Vocal        Danny McMahan
Kitchen Head                  Tom Thompson
                                                      Bass \ Guitar                    Jerri Eckel
Swing                         Scott Young
                                                      Guitar \ Vocal                   Steve Knopf
Swing                         Ace Hazelip
                                                      Percussion \ Trumpet\ Vocal      Mike Gabbard
Coffee and Snack Table        Tom Chaplin
                                                      PowerPoint                       Garrison Cox
Pillow \ Table                Sam Lotze
Prayer Room \ Chapel          George Bell
Computer                      Mark Young
Emmaus Women’s Walk #112:

 Team Details

  Lay Director \ Perseverance      Claudia Daniels
  ALD - Inside \ 4th Days          Vickie Newton
                                                              Mary Buford
  ALD - Outside \ Priorities       Carrie Howard
                                                              Mark Hogg
  ALD - Agape                      Nancy Smith
  Spritual Director                Art Turner

  Table Leaders                 Assistant Table Leaders
  Amy Davidson                  Discipleship                         Valerie Grisby
  Chantal Disney                Changing Our World                   Janet Householder
  Mary Hawes                    Christian Action                     Adienne Keller
  Pam Putsy                     Body of Christ                       Jenny Kimes
  Beverly McCombs               Life in Piety                        Traci Longnaker
  Suzy Stiles                   Growth Through Study                 Jennifer Durenberger
  Joanie Watkins                Priesthood of All Believers          Lisa Newman
  Georgetta Westfall            Silent                               Cheri Mills

 Kitchen Head              Nancy Smith
 Kitchen                   Maria Aten
 Kitchen\Dining Room       Susan Greenrose
                           Jane Hartman
                           Gail Payley               Vocal                      Cindy Monfalcone
 Snack                     Jackie Hert               Guitar\Vocal               KK Smith
 Pillow                    Patti Jenner              Vocal                      Wendy Turner
                           Lisa Bradley
 Prayer \ Chapel           Kelli Axtell
 Chapel                    Chris Smith
 Prayer Room               Brenda Fox
 Floater                   Jill Warner
 Computer                  Ellen Craven
                                       2007 Chrysalis Dates
                                                    Lay                    Event                     Meal
                                 Dates              Directors              Times                     Times

                                                                                                     Fri Lunch 12:00pm
                                                                                                     Fri Dinner 5:30pm
 Young Adult

                                                                                                     Sat Brkfst 8:00am
                                                                          Send off    8:30pm         Sat Lunch 11:55am
                                  Fri-Sat-Sun      Jenny Potts &
               #11                                                        Candlelight 8:00pm         Sat Dinner 5:00pm
                                   5th-6th-7th      Brian Grieb                                      Sun Brkfst 8:00am
                                                                          Closing     4:00pm
                     January                                                                         Sun Lunch 12:00pm

                                                                                                     Sat Lunch 12:00pm
                                                   Michelle Gilroy Send off    8:30pm                Sat Dinner 5:30pm

                                                                                                     Sun Brkfst 8:15am
               #37 January                          Edwards &      Candlelight 8:00pm
                                13th-14th-15th                                                       Sun Lunch 11:55am
                                                    Mark Eaton     Closing     4:00pm                Sun Dinner 5:00pm
                                                                                                     Mon Brkfst 8:00am
                                                                                                     Mon Lunch 12:00pm


               #38    July                          (Not yet available)        (Not yet available)      (Not yet available)

                               All Chrysalis and YAC activities are held at Flaget Retreat Center.

                 Cornerstone Chrysalis Board meets the 2nd Tuesday of every other month at Mission House.

     Per Michelle and Mark, Teen Chrysalis #37 still                      For both the YAC and Teen Chrysalis:
     has openings for girl caterpillars. They’ll be
                                                                           Table Agape
     accepting applications through send-off.                              Pillow Agape
     Please prayerfully consider being a sponsor.                          Servers
YAC #11:
                                        Contact Ron Cutler at either
                               or 228-8687 regarding
  Participants                          prayer chart information.

  Krystal Snyder                 Lindsey Hutcherson
  Kacie Miller                   Daniell Garland
  Kelsy Chandler                 Jay Carnes
  Kyle Peters                    Ashley Fishback
  Luke VanSickle                 Chris Greenwood
  William Bosler                 Jeremy Kennedy-
  Justin Robinett                Sabala
  Amanda Hill                    Kristen Anderson
  Greg Andres                    Megan Forrester

Chrysalis #37:

  Team Details - Boys
  Leadership:                                Adult Table Leads:
  Lay Director      Mark Eaton               ATL            Mel Mcintire
  ALD - Outside     Ron Cutler               ATL            Chuck Young
  ALD - Inside      Tony Linton              ATL            Steve Pollack
  Computer          Tom Hammock              ATL            David Withrow
                                             ATL            Jeff Sutton
                                             ATL            Harvey Pennington
  Youth        :
  YS                Austin Cawthon           Youth Table Leads:
  YS                Andrew Bosler
                                             YTL            Stefan Brunson
  YS                Trey MccCacken
                                             YTL            Justin Gentry
  YS                Baxter McClave
                                             YTL            Phil Hobbs
  YS                Brandon Horrar
                                             YTL            Craig Taylor
                                             YTL            Zack Niehoff
  Agape:                                     YTL            Todd Cutler
  Agape Head        Vance Taylor
  Agape             Jimmy Switzer            Music:
  Agape             Ron Aten                 Music Head    Tony Fullen
  Agape             Jake Frederick           Music Team    Ralph Long
  Agape             John Bartelt             Music Team    Kevin Hibbard
  Agape             Colin Bradley            Music Team    Michael Hodges
  Agape             Jordan Baily             Music Team    Stephen Armstrong
                                             Music Team    Katie Rittenhouse

  SD                Kelly McClendon
  ASD               Joe Costephens
  ASD               Robbie Battoe
  ASD               Mary Buford
  ASD               Gary McGuffie
  ASD               Art Turner
  ASD               Martha Lynn Campbell
Chrysalis #37:

  Team Details - Girls

  Leadership:                                 Adult Table Leads:
  Lay Director            Michelle Edwards    ATL            Amy Lee
  ALD Outside             Tiffany Linton      ATL            Janet Rittenhouse
  ALD Inside              Elizabeth Henson    ATL            Karen Banks
  Logistics Coordinator   Natalie Edwards     ATL            Kim Cutler
                                              ATL            Stephanie Whonsettler
                                              ATL            Elaine Kite

  Youth:                                      Youth Table Leads:
  YS                      Brittany Wagner     YTL            Kelli Dehr
  YS                      Heather Shaw        YTL            Caitlin Curry
  YS                       Amanda Shaw        YTL            Natalie Banks
  YS                      Megan Hildebrand    YTL            Andrea Ragsdale
  YS                      Jillian Droste      YTL            Jackie Satterly
  YS                      Molly Salmon

                                              Bill Edwards
                                              Gail Henson
  Agape Head              D'anna Switzer      Laura Blankenbaker
  Agape                   Cheryl Grieb
                                              Mike Henney
  Agape                   Chloe Sharp
                                              Cathy Henney
  Agape                   Charlotte Pollock
  Agape                   Catie Earley
  Agape                   Dottie Shaw
  Agape                   Molly Salmon
  Agape                   Hannah Nachreiner
  Agape                   Sophia Jannace
  Agape                   Christine Bortner
  Agape                   Kim Shaw
                          Residents Encounter Christ Dates
                                                  Dates                   Lay Director(s)
    Roederer B          #12       February                                Tom James
    Luther              #13       March                                   Jack Cummings
    KSR                 #14       April                                   Ken Blanford
    KCIW                #15       April                                   Esther Wilfling
    RCC#4               #16       May                                     Vickie Newton

                                                                                    Sign up to attend an
New REC Website, Calendar, &                                                      upcoming candlelight!
Prayer Chart !                                                                         For details contact either:
Gary Toth created a new webpage that serves                                    Gary Toth
as a forum and calendar for REC events.                                                       502-423-4399
It can be found at:                                                                 or
Included are sections for announcements,                                Tom James
prayer concerns, general discussion, & prison-                                            502-845-7758
specific news.
Additionally the site boasts its’ own REC-specific calendar and electronic prayer chart!
Access the calendar at: and click on the words
"Access public calendar". Here you can view or even add events if you wish.

Also, if the lay director so chooses, he or she can utilize the electronic prayer chart. If/when the lay
director requests folks to use the online prayer chart, this is all you need to do to respond:

1    Use the link above….                                     once open you’ll view the entire month.

     Click on the Date
2                                                             this opens the day separated in 30min time slots.
     (not the little + in the opposite corner)…

3    Locate the time you want to pray…                        and click the little + on the right side of the chart.
                                                              Be sure to select the category as “Prayer Chart”.

4    And last but not least…                                  SAVE YOUR ENTRY!
    the new 2007 Emmaus Board of Directors.

     Name                          Position                       Term
 Susan Eckel                       President                    2005-2007
Steve Homola                    President Elect                 2007-2009
Lisa Newman             Treasurer - Non Voting Member              NA
 Joni Pardue                       Secretary                    2005-2007
   Art Turner                  Spiritual Director               2007-2009
Robbie Battoe                   Worship Team                    2005-2007
 Becky Potts            Agape Coordinator KLEC Liaison          2005-2007
 Bill Edwards                   Prayer Charts                   2005-2007
  Lew Hawes                      REC Liaison                    2006-2008
 Vance Taylor            Reunion Group/Sponsors Hour            2006-2008
   Jim Smith                    Emmaus Mart                     2006-2008
 Sherri Luney                   Worship Team                    2006-2008
   Don Craig              Worship Team Coordinator              2007-2009
George Jones                   Pastor Follow-up                 2007-2009
 Mark Young              Technical Coordinator - Agape          2006-2008
Jennifer Partin                Chrysalis Liaison                2007-2009
 Perry Probst               Worship Team - Music                2007-2009

                  to the following newly elected individuals who’ve also been
                  chosen to serve on the board:

                  George Jones              Campbellsburg Baptist
                  Don Craig                 Crestwood UMC
                  Steve Homola              LaGrange Baptist
                  Jennifer Partin           St. John UMC
                  Perry Probst              Forest Park
                  Mark Young                Southeast Christian
Attend a monthly Gathering scheduled
the second Friday of the month at 7:27 pm.

Upcoming dates & locations:

January 12th    Bethany United Methodist Church
                6100 Moorman Road

February 9th    St. Paul United Methodist Church
                2000 Douglass Boulevard

Questions or comments regarding Gatherings?
Contact Robbie Battoe via email:
Or call: 228-5867/228-2897, ext 26 or 445-2553

  Got Suggestions?                             The Newsletter by Mail
                                               If it’s been over a year since your Walk
    Your Worship Committee has a               and you would like to continue to
    Suggestion Box to help                     receive a newsletter by mail, please
    streamline suggestions, concerns           send $10.00 earmarked for the
    and ideas to the board. It will be         newsletter to:
    at Gatherings in the fellowship
    area and at Candlelights in the            Lisa Newman-Treasurer
    vestibule. All submitted items will        7505 Appletree Way
    be reviewed and discussed.                 Louisville KY 40228
    Indicate if you want a response
    and you will receive one.                  You may always receive the newsletter
                                               free by e-mail or retrieve a specific
                                               month from our website. A special
                                               thanks to St. Paul UMC for the use of
their printing facilities.
                           2007 Emmaus Board Members

Spiritual Director                              Art Turner                  432-2116

Executive Committee
President                                       Susan Eckel                 241-2237
President-Elect                                 Steve Homola                241-9003
Treasurer                                       Lisa Newman                 231-9432
Secretary                                       Joni Pardue                 253-9884

Members of the Board
Agape Coordinator/KLEC liaison                  Becky Potts                 241-0032
Emmaus Mart                                     Jim Smith                   222-9869
Worship/Pastor Follow-up                        George Jones                633-0197
Prayer Charts                                   Bill Edwards                634-0341
REC Liaison                                     Lew Hawes                   228-3536
Registrar                                       DeeAnna Oliver              228-4080
Reunion Group Sponsors’ Hour Coordinator        Vance Taylor                425-8775
Transportation/Photo Coordinator/Agape          Robby Hoke                  228-8331
Worship Team                                    Sherri Luney                969-8099
Worship Team                                    Robbie Battoe               228-5867
Worship Team Coordinator                        Don Craig                   222-6039
Worship Team - Music                            Perry Probst                489-9918
Chrysalis Liaison                               Jennifer Partin             228-5236
Technical Coordinator                           Mark Young                  245-8436

Emmaus Recruit Team for Church Coordinators:
     Buz Frank - Forest Park Community Church
     David Eager - St. Francis in the Fields
     Linda Fabing - Christ Church UMC
     Catherine Detweiler - St. John UMC

  Church Coordinators:

  Adventure Christian - Joni Pardue                 Hopewell Baptist - Bertie Legg
  Ascension Lutheran - Marilyn Glaser               LaGrange Baptist - Steve Homola
  Audubon Park UMC - Marilyn White                  Middletown UMC - Doug & Sandra Dearen
  Campellsburg Baptist - George Jones               Mosaic UMC - George Davis
  Christ Church UMC - Jodi Holley                   New Castle Christian - Kelly Woods
  Covenant UMC - Charlie Grigsby                    New Goshen Presbyterian - Nancy Smith
  Crestwood Christian - Janice Leedy                New Life - Revel and Carolyn Dawson
  Crestwood UMC - Don Craig                         Southeast Christian - Mark Young
  Fern Creek UMC - Lisa Newman                      St. Francis - Robby Hoke & Mike Simpson
  Forrest Park Community - Perry Probst             St. John UMC - Jennifer Partin
  Gateway Community - Joan Rogers                   St. Paul UMC - Frank & Ann Bayens
  Henry County Christian - Daryl & Joy Davis        Summit Heights - Mike & Betty Welker
  Hartsong - Sherri Luney                           Westport Baptist - Maureen James
Has your information changed?

  If you have a change of address, e-Mail, church, phone number or
  name since your weekend, please send your updated information to

  Additionally, if you have valid addresses for any members who
  have moved away, those could be useful as well.

              Do you have information to share?
      To share information in the Talk From the Walk, (the deadline is
      the second Friday of each month), send your article or information
                   to: Jeff and Karen Mitchell at either or

 If you want to….

    - visit your Emmaus Website:                   
    - change your email address, or add or drop:
    - add information to the Louisville Emmaus Prayer chain:  
    - visit the Emmaus Chatterbox Bulletin Board:   

        Note: use the Chatterbox for questions, items, or discussion topics that don’t quite fit the prayer chain .

 For Emmaus applications contact:                       Barb Gritton at (502) 241-8419, or
                                                        DeeAnna Oliver at (502) 228-4080, or
                                                        visit the website

 For Chrysalis applications contact:                    Kathy Brace at (812) 949-7909, or
                                                        visit the website

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