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    This is our current music list which is also
    available as a printed booklet if required.

  The music listed is a mix of popular tracks from
 the days of Glenn Miller through to current chart
 hits. We, at Stereo 2 Discos, are aware that there
  may be other music which you would like to be
included at your function and not all our collection
  is listed here so please ask if you can’t see your

  The list is in table format in a Word document
(97 – 2003) and can be downloaded and marked as
 required before returning to us by email or post.

    We hope you enjoy browsing and perhaps
     choosing some music for your event.

     Welcome to Stereo 2 Discos
The following music list has been compiled for you to
          browse and pick your favourites.

   The titles are listed alphabetically by artist name.

  During the course of a 4 hour disco your DJ will be
        able to play approximately 80 tracks.

     Please return completed playlist to us at least
                 3 Weeks prior to event

 When sending in your choices, please indicate which
           are of particular importance.

   Please choose how the DJ should regard your list:

Please play only the titles we have chosen and no
Please play the titles we have chosen and requests
                  from our guests
Please use your experience to keep the dance floor
  busy but include as many as possible from our

 If you are getting married, don’t forget to choose
                your FIRST DANCE

                                STEREO 2 DISCOS

                                        CUSTOMER PLAYLIST
                                               JUNE 2012
Please indicate your choices by marking the ‘tick here’ column with a X
The list can be returned to us by e-mail or post (at least 3 weeks before your event) – thank you.

NAME………………………………………… DATE OF EVENT ……………………………..…

                          ARTIST NAME                                      SONG TITLE                Year
        2 UNLIMITED                                    LET THE BEAT CONTROL YOUR BODY                1994
        3OH!3                                          DON'T TRUST ME                                2009
        3OH!3                                          STARSTRUKK                                    2009
        50 CENT                                        21 QUESTIONS                                  2003
        50 CENT                                        CANDY SHOP                                    2008
        50 CENT                                        IN DA CLUB                                    2003
        911                                            A LITTLE BIT MORE                             1998
        ABBA                                           CHIQUITITA                                    1979
        ABBA                                           DANCING QUEEN                                 1976
        ABBA                                           DOES YOUR MOTHER KNOW                         1979
        ABBA                                           GIMME GIMME GIMME                             1979
        ABBA                                           KNOWING ME KNOWING YOU                        1977
        ABBA                                           MAMA MIA                                      1975
        ABBA                                           SOS                                           1975
        ABBA                                           SUPER TROUPER                                 1980
        ABBA                                           TAKE A CHANCE ON ME                           1978
        ABBA                                           THANKYOU FOR THE MUSIC                        1983
        ABBA                                           THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL                       1980
        ABBA                                           VOULEZ VOUS                                   1979
        ABBA                                           WATERLOO                                      1974
        ABC                                            THE LOOK OF LOVE                              1982
        AC-DC                                          BACK IN BLACK                                 1980
        AC-DC                                          FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK                       1981
        AC-DC                                          LET'S GET IT UP                               1981
        AC-DC                                          ROCK & ROLL AIN'T NOISE POLLUTION             1980
        AC-DC                                          YOU SHOOK ME ALL NIGHT LONG                   1980
        ACE OF BASE                                    ALL THAT SHE WANTS                            1993
        ACE OF BASE                                    ALWAYS HAVE, ALWAYS WILL                      1998
        ADAM & THE ANTS                                ANTMUSIC                                      1980
        ADAM & THE ANTS                                STAND & DELIVER                               1981
        ADELE                                          ROLLING IN THE DEEP                           2011
        ADELE                                          SET FIRE TO THE RAIN                          2011
        ADELE                                          SOMEONE LIKE YOU                              2011
        AEROSMITH                                      I DON'T WANNA MISS A THING                    2002
        AFROMAN                                        BECAUSE I GOT HIGH                            2001
        AGGRO SANTOS                                   SAINT OR SINNER                               2010
        AGGRO SANTOS & KIMBERLY WYATT                  CANDY                                         2010
        AGNES                                          RELEASE ME                                    2009
        AHA                                            ANALOGUE (ALL I WANT)                         2005
        AHA                                            TAKE ON ME                                    1985
        AHA                                            THE SUN ALWAYS SHINES ON TV                   1985
        AKON                                           BELLY DANCER (BANANZA)                        2005
        AKON                                           LOCKED UP                                     2005
        AKON                                           LONELY                                        2005
        AKON                                           SMACK THAT                                    2007
        AKON feat SNOOP DOGG                           I WANNA LOVE YOU                              2007
        AKON, NELLY & ASHANTI                          BODY ON ME                                    2008

                         ARTIST NAME                               SONG TITLE         Year
       AL GREEN                               HOW CAN YOU MEND A BROKEN HEART         1999
       AL GREEN                               LETS STAY TOGETHER                      1972
       AL JARREAU                             AIN'T NO SUNSHINE
       ALESHA DIXON                           BREATHE SLOW                            2009
       ALESHA DIXON                           LET'S GET EXCITED                       2008
       ALESHA DIXON                           THE BOY DOES NOTHING                    2008
       ALEX PARTY                             DON'T GIVE ME YOUR LIFE                 1994
       ALEXANDRA BURKE                        ALL NIGHT LONG                          2010
       ALEXANDRA BURKE                        BAD BOYS                                2009
       ALEXANDRA BURKE                        BROKEN HEELS                            2009
       ALEXANDRA BURKE                        ELEPHANT                                2012
       ALEXANDRA BURKE                        START WITHOUT YOU                       2010
       ALEXANDRA STAN                         MR SAXOBEAT                             2011
       ALEXIS JORDAN                          HAPPINESS                               2010
       ALICE COOPER                           POISON                                  1989
       ALICE DEEJAY                           BACK IN MY LIFE                         1999
       ALICIA BRIDGES                         I LOVE THE NIGHT LIFE                   1978
       ALICIA KEYS                            FALLIN'                                 2000
       ALICIA KEYS                            IF I AIN'T GOT YOU                      2003
       ALICIA KEYS                            NO ONE                                  2007
       ALICIA KEYS                            TRY SLEEPING WITH A BROKEN HEART        2010
       ALIEN ANT FARM                         SMOOTH CRIMINAL                         2001
       ALISHA'S ATTIC                         I AM, I FEEL                            1996
       ALISON LIMERICK                        WHERE LOVE LIVES                        1991
       ALL SAINTS                             LADY MARMALADE                          1998
       ALL SAINTS                             PURE SHORES                             2000
       ALL SAINTS                             UNDER THE BRIDGE                        1998
       ALL SEEING 1(FEAT TONY CHRISTIE)       WALK LIKE A PANTHER                     1998
       ALL-4-ONE                              I SWEAR                                 1994
       ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS                   DIRTY LITTLE SECRET                     2006
       ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS                   GIVES YOU HELL                          2009
       ALPHABEAT                              FASCINATION                             2008
       AMEN CORNER                            BEND ME, SHAPE ME                       1968
       AMERIE                                 1 THING                                 2005
       AMERIE                                 I'M COMING OUT                          2010
       AMERIE                                 TAKE CONTROL                            2007
       AMII STEWART                           KNOCK ON WOOD                           1979
       AMII STEWART                           LIGHT MY FIRE                           1979
       AMY WINEHOUSE                          BACK TO BLACK                           2007
       AMY WINEHOUSE                          REHAB                                   2006
       ANASTACIA                              I'M OUTTA LOVE                          1999
       ANASTACIA                              LEFT OUTSIDE ALONE                      2004
       ANDREA TRUE CONNECTION                 MORE MORE MORE                          1976
       ANDY ABRAHAM                           HANG UP                                 2006
       ANDY WILLIAMS                          CAN'T GET USED TO LOSING YOU            1963
       ANDY WILLIAMS                          CAN'T TAKE MY EYES OFF YOU              1968
       ANDY WILLIAMS                          MUSIC TO WATCH GIRLS BY                 1967
       ANITA WARD                             RING MY BELL                            1979
       ANOTHER LEVEL                          FROM THE HEART                          1999
       ARCHIE BELL & THE DRELLS               SOUL CITY WALK                          1975
       ARCHIES                                SUGAR SUGAR                             1969
       ARCHITECHS                             BODYGROOVE                              2000
       ARCTIC MONKEYS                         I BET YOU LOOK GOOD ON THE DANCEFLOOR   2005
       ARETHA FRANKLIN                        I SAY A LITTLE PRAYER                   1968
       ARETHA FRANKLIN                        RESPECT                                 1967
       ARETHA FRANKLIN                        WHO'S ZOOMIN' WHO?                      1985
       ARMAND VAN HELDEN                      MY MY MY                                2006
       ARMAND VAN HELDEN                      YOU DON'T KNOW ME                       1999
       ARMAND VAN HELDEN - DUCK SAUCE         ANYWAY                                  2009

                         ARTIST NAME                                        SONG TITLE               Year
       ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT                            PEOPLE EVERYDAY                               1992
       ARROW                                           HOT HOT HOT                                   1983
       ARTFUL DODGER                                   MOVIN' TOO FAST                               2000
       ARTFUL DODGER                                   RE-REWIND THE CROWD SAY BO SELECTA            1999
       ARTFUL DODGER & ROBBIE CRAIG feat CRAIG DAVID   WOMAN TROUBLE                                 2000
       ASHFORD & SIMPSON                               SOLID                                         1984
       ASWAD                                           SHINE                                         1994
       ATB                                             9PM (TILL I COME)                             1999
       ATLANTIC STAR                                   ALWAYS                                        1987
       ATOMIC KITTEN                                   ETERNAL FLAME                                 2001
       ATOMIC KITTEN                                   I WANT YOUR LOVE                              2000
       ATOMIC KITTEN                                   SOMEONE LIKE ME                               2004
       ATOMIC KITTEN                                   THE TIDE IS HIGH                              2002
       ATOMIC KITTEN                                   WHOLE AGAIN                                   2001
       AUTOMATIC                                       MONSTER                                       2006
       AVICII                                          LEVELS                                        2011
       AVRIL LAVIGNE                                   COMPLICATED                                   2002
       AVRIL LAVIGNE                                   GIRLFRIEND                                    2007
       AVRIL LAVIGNE                                   HOT                                           2007
       AVRIL LAVIGNE                                   SK8ER BOI                                     2003
       B BUMBLE & THE STINGERS                         NUTROCKER                                     1962
       B J THOMAS                                      HOOKED ON A FEELING
       B.o.B                                           AIRPLANES                                     2010
       B.o.B                                           NOTHIN' ON YOU                                2010
       B-52'S                                          LOVE SHACK                                    1989
       BABY D                                          I NEED YOUR LOVING                            1995
       BABY D                                          LET ME BE YOUR FANTASY                        1994
       BABYBIRD                                        YOU'RE GORGEOUS                               1996
       BACCARA                                         YES SIR I CAN BOOGIE                          1977
       BACKSTREET BOYS                                 EVERYBODY (BACKSTREET'S BACK)                 1997
       BACKSTREET BOYS                                 I WANT IT THAT WAY                            1999
       BACKSTREET BOYS                                 SHOW ME THE MEANING OF BEING LONELY           2000
       BACKSTREET BOYS                                 THE ONE                                       2000
       BAD MANNERS                                     MY GIRL LOLLIPOP                              1982
       BANANARAMA                                      LOVE IN THE FIRST DEGREE                      1987
       BANANARAMA                                      NA NA HEY HEY (KISS HIM GOODBYE)              1983
       BANANARAMA                                      ROBERT DE NIRO'S WAITING                      1984
       BANANARAMA                                      VENUS                                         1986
       BAND AID                                        DO THEY KNOW IT'S CHRISTMAS?                  1984
       BANGLES                                         ETERNAL FLAME                                 1988
       BARRY BLUE                                      DANCIN' ON A SATURDAY NIGHT                   1973
       BARRY MANILOW                                   COPACABANA                                    1978
       BARRY WHITE                                     CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF YOUR LOVE,BABE            1974
       BARRY WHITE                                     I'M GONNA LOVE YOU JUST A LITTLE MORE, BABY   1973
       BARRY WHITE                                     JUST THE WAY YOU ARE                          1978
       BARRY WHITE                                     LET THE MUSIC PLAY                            1975
       BARRY WHITE                                     NEVER, NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP                1974
       BARRY WHITE                                     YOU SEE THE TROUBLE WITH ME                   1976
       BARRY WHITE                                     YOU'RE THE FIRST, THE LAST, MY EVERYTHING     1974
       BASEMENT JAXX                                   BINGO BANGO                                   2000
       BASEMENT JAXX                                   GOOD LUCK                                     2003
       BASEMENT JAXX                                   OH MY GOSH                                    2005
       BASEMENT JAXX                                   PLUG IT IN                                    2003
       BASEMENT JAXX                                   RED ALERT                                     1999
       BASEMENT JAXX                                   ROMEO                                         2001
       BASEMENT JAXX                                   WHERE'S YOUR HEAD AT                          2001
       BASSHUNTER                                      ALL I EVER WANTED                             2008
       BASSHUNTER                                      ANGEL IN THE NIGHT                            2008
       BASSHUNTER                                      NOW YOU'RE GONE                               2007

                          ARTIST NAME                           SONG TITLE   Year
       BAY CITY ROLLERS                     BYE BYE BABY                     1975
       BEACH BOYS                           BARBARA ANN                      1965
       BEACH BOYS                           CALIFORNIA GIRLS                 1965
       BEACH BOYS                           GOOD VIBRATIONS                  1966
       BEACH BOYS                           I GET AROUND                     1964
       BEACH BOYS                           SURFIN' USA                      1963
       BEATFREAKZ                           SOMEBODY'S WATCHING ME           2006
       BEATLES                              ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE             1967
       BEATLES                              CAN'T BUY ME LOVE                1964
       BEATLES                              FROM ME TO YOU                   1963
       BEATLES                              HELP!                            1965
       BEATLES                              HEY JUDE                         1968
       BEATLES                              I SAW HER STANDING THERE         1963
       BEATLES                              I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND         1963
       BEATLES                              LOVE ME DO                       1962
       BEATLES                              PLEASE PLEASE ME                 1963
       BEATLES                              ROLL OVER BEETHOVEN              1963
       BEATLES                              SHE LOVES YOU                    1963
       BEATLES                              TICKET TO RIDE                   1965
       BEATLES                              TWIST & SHOUT                    1963
       BEATS INTERNATIONAL                  DUB BE GOOD TO ME                1990
       BEAUTIFUL SOUTH                      HOW LONG'S A TEAR TAKE TO DRY    1999
       BEAUTIFUL SOUTH                      PERFECT 10                       1998
       BEE GEES                             HOW DEEP IS YOUR LOVE            1977
       BEE GEES                             JIVE TALKING                     1975
       BEE GEES                             NIGHT FEVER                      1978
       BEE GEES                             STAYING ALIVE                    1978
       BEE GEES                             YOU SHOULD BE DANCING            1976
       BEENIE MAN                           STREET LIFE                      2003
       BELINDA CARLISLE                     HEAVEN IS A PLACE ON EARTH       1987
       BELLINI                              SAMBA DE JANEIRO                 1997
       BEN E KING                           SPANISH HARLEM
       BEN E KING                           STAND BY ME                      1961
       BENNY BENASSI                        SATISFACTION                     2004
       BENNY BENASSI                        TURN ME UP                       2006
       BERT KAEMPFERT                       A SWINGING SAFARI
       BEVERLEY KNIGHT                      GOLD                             2002
       BEVERLEY KNIGHT                      SHOULDA WOULDA COULDA            2002
       BEYONCE                              DÉJÀ VU                          2006
       BEYONCE                              DIVA                             2009
       BEYONCE                              HALO                             2009
       BEYONCE                              IF I WERE A BOY                  2008
       BEYONCE                              LOVE ON TOP                      2011
       BEYONCE                              ME, MYSELF & I                   2003
       BEYONCE                              NAUGHTY GIRL                     2003
       BEYONCE                              RUN THE WORLD (GIRLS)            2011
       BEYONCE                              SINGLE LADIES                    2008
       BEYONCE                              SWEET DREAMS                     2009
       BEYONCE & SHAKIRA                    BEAUTIFUL LIAR                   2007
       BEYONCE KNOWLES feat. Jay-Z          CRAZY IN LOVE                    2003
       BIG BOPPER                           CHANTILLY LACE                   1958
       BILL HALEY & HIS COMETS              ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK            1965
       BILL HALEY & HIS COMETS              SEE YOU LATER ALLIGATOR          1955
       BILL HALEY & HIS COMETS              SHAKE RATTLE & ROLL              1954
       BILLY FURY                           HALFWAY TO PARADISE              1961
       BILLY FURY                           I WILL                           1964
       BILLY IDOL                           REBEL YELL                       1984
       BILLY IDOL                           WHITE WEDDING                    1985

                          ARTIST NAME                              SONG TITLE          Year
       BILLY J KRAMER & THE DAKOTAS         DO YOU WANT TO KNOW A SECRET               1963
       BILLY JOEL                           IT'S STILL ROCK & ROLL TO ME               1980
       BILLY JOEL                           TELL HER ABOUT IT                          1983
       BILLY JOEL                           UPTOWN GIRL                                1983
       BILLY JOEL                           WE DIDN'T START THE FIRE                   1989
       BILLY OCEAN                          LOVE REALLY HURTS WITHOUT YOU              1976
       BILLY OCEAN                          RED LIGHT SPELLS DANGER                    1977
       BILLY OCEAN                          WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH (THE TOUGH GET   1986
       BILLY PAUL                           ME & MRS JONES                             1972
       BILLY PAUL                           ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE                    1977
       BILLY RAY CYRUS                      ACHY BREAKY HEART                          1992
       BILLY RAY MARTIN                     YOUR LOVING ARMS                           1995
       BING CROSBY                          WHITE CHRISTMAS                            1958
       BIRDMAN                              WRITTEN ON HER                             2009
       BIZARRE INC ANGIE BROWN              I'M GONNA GET YOU                          1992
       BLACK                                WONDERFUL LIFE                             1987
       BLACK BOX                            FANTASY                                    1990
       BLACK BOX                            RIDE ON TIME                               1989
       BLACK EYED PEAS                      BOOM BOOM POW                              2009
       BLACK EYED PEAS                      DON'T LIE                                  2005
       BLACK EYED PEAS                      DON'T PHUNK WITH MY HEART                  2005
       BLACK EYED PEAS                      DON'T STOP THE PARTY                       2011
       BLACK EYED PEAS                      HEY MAMA                                   2003
       BLACK EYED PEAS                      I GOTTA FEELING                            2009
       BLACK EYED PEAS                      IMMA BE                                    2010
       BLACK EYED PEAS                      JUST CAN'T GET ENOUGH                      2011
       BLACK EYED PEAS                      LET'S GET RETARDED                         2010
       BLACK EYED PEAS                      MEET ME HALFWAY                            2009
       BLACK EYED PEAS                      MY HUMPS                                   2005
       BLACK EYED PEAS                      PUMP IT                                    2006
       BLACK EYED PEAS                      ROCK THAT BODY                             2010
       BLACK EYED PEAS                      SHUT UP                                    2003
       BLACK EYED PEAS                      THE TIME (DIRTY BIT)                       2010
       BLACK KIDS                           HOW TO DANCE WITH YOU                      2008
       BLACK LACE                           DO THE CONGA                               1984
       BLACK LEGEND                         YOU SEE THE TROUBLE WITH ME                2000
       BLAZE vs BARBARA TUCKER              MOST PRECIOUS LOVE                         2006
       BLINK 182                            ALL THE SMALL THINGS                       2000
       BLINK 182                            THE ROCK SHOW                              2001
       BLOC PARTY                           FLUX                                       2007
       BLOC PARTY                           SO HERE WE ARE                             2005
       BLOCKSTER                            YOU SHOULD BE.......                       1999
       BLONDIE                              ATOMIC                                     1980
       BLONDIE                              CALL ME                                    1980
       BLONDIE                              DENIS                                      1978
       BLONDIE                              HANGING ON THE TELEPHONE                   1978
       BLONDIE                              HEART OF GLASS                             1979
       BLONDIE                              PICTURE THIS                               1978
       BLONDIE                              SUNDAY GIRL                                1979
       BLONDIE                              THE TIDE IS HIGH                           1980
       BLONDIE                              UNION CITY BLUE                            1995
       BLUE                                 ALL RISE                                   2001
       BLUE                                 BUBBLIN'                                   2003
       BLUE                                 FLY BY                                     2001
       BLUE                                 GUILTY                                     2003
       BLUE                                 IF YOU COME BACK                           2001
       BLUE                                 ONE LOVE                                   2004
       BLUE                                 U MAKE ME WANNA                            2003
       BLUE OYSTER CULT                     DON'T FEAR THE REAPER                      1978

                         ARTIST NAME                                  SONG TITLE        Year
       BLUEBELLS                                 YOUNG AT HEART                         1984
       BLUES BROTHERS                            EVERYBODY NEEDS SOMEBODY TO LOVE       1990
       BLUES BROTHERS                            GIMME SOME LOVIN'                      1990
       BLUES BROTHERS                            JAILHOUSE ROCK                         1990
       BLUES BROTHERS                            MINNIE THE MOOCHER                     1990
       BLUES BROTHERS                            SHAKE A TAIL FEATHER                   1990
       BLUR                                      COFFEE & TV                            1999
       BLUR                                      COUNTRY HOUSE                          1995
       BLUR                                      PARKLIFE                               1994
       BLUR                                      SONG 2                                 1997
       BLUR                                      THERE'S NO OTHER WAY                   1991
       BOB & MARCIA                              YOUNG GIFTED & BLACK                   1970
       BOB CARLISLE                              BUTTERFLY KISSES
       BOB DYLAN                                 SUBTERRANEAN HOMESICK BLUES            1965
       BOB MARLEY                                SUN IS SHINING                         1999
       BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS                  BUFFALO SOLDIER                        1983
       BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS                  COULD YOU BE LOVED                     1980
       BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS                  EXODUS                                 1977
       BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS                  I SHOT THE SHERIFF                     1973
       BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS                  IRON LION ZION                         1992
       BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS                  IS THIS LOVE                           1978
       BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS                  JAMMING                                1977
       BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS                  NO WOMAN NO CRY                        1974
       BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS                  ONE LOVE/PEOPLE GET READY              1977
       BOB SINCLAIR & CUTEE B                    ROCK THIS PARTY (EVERYBODY DANCE)      2006
       BOB SINCLAIR feat GARY 'NESTA' PINE       LOVE GENERATION                        2005
       BOBBIE GENTRY                             I'LL NEVER FALL IN LOVE AGAIN          1969
       BOBBIE GENTRY                             SON OF A PREACHER MAN                  1969
       BOBBY BROWN                               EVERY LITTLE STEP                      1989
       BOBBY BROWN                               HUMPIN' AROUND                         1995
       BOBBY BROWN                               TWO CAN PLAY THAT GAME                 1994
       BOBBY DARIN                               BEYOND THE SEA (LA MER)                1960
       BOBBY MCFERRIN                            DON'T WORRY, BE HAPPY                  1988
       BOBBY THURSTON                            CHECK OUT THE GROOVE                   1980
       BOBBY VEE                                 RUBBER BALL                            1961
       BOBBY VEE                                 RUN TO HIM                             1961
       BOBBY VEE                                 TAKE GOOD CARE OF MY BABY              1961
       BODYROCKERS                               I LIKE THE WAY                         2005
       BODYROX feat. LUCIANA                     YEAH YEAH                              2006
       BOMFUNK MC'S                              FREESTYLER                             2000
       BON JOVI                                  LIVIN' ON A PRAYER                     1986
       BON JOVI                                  YOU GIVE LOVE A BAD NAME               1986
       BONEY M                                   BROWN GIRL IN THE RING                 1978
       BONEY M                                   DADDY COOL                             1976
       BONEY M                                   RASPUTIN                               1978
       BONEY M                                   RIVERS OF BABYLON                      1978
       BONNIE TYLER                              HOLDING OUT FOR A HERO                 1985
       BOOGIE PIMPS                              SOMEBODY TO LOVE                       2003
       BOOKER NEWBERRY 111                       LOVE TOWN                              1983
       BOOTY LUV                                 BOOGIE 2NITE                           2007
       BOOTY LUV                                 SHINE                                  2007
       BOSTON                                    MORE THAN A FEELING                    1977
       BOY MEETS GIRL                            WAITING FOR A STAR TO FALL             1988
       BOYS LIKE GIRLS                           LOVE DRUNK                             2010
       BOYZ TO MEN                               I'LL MAKE LOVE TO YOU                  1994
       BOYZONE                                   LOVE ME FOR A REASON                   1994
       BOYZONE                                   LOVE YOU ANYWAY                        2008
       BOYZONE                                   NO MATTER WHAT                         1998

                          ARTIST NAME                                 SONG TITLE               Year
       BOYZONE                                   WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH                     1999
       BOYZONE                                   WORDS                                         1996
       BRANDON FLOWERS                           CROSSFIRE                                     2010
       BRIAN HYLAND                              SEALED WITH A KISS                            1962
       BRIAN MAY                                 TOO MUCH LOVE WILL KILL YOU                   1992
       BRIAN MCFADDEN & DELTA GOODREM            ALMOST HERE                                   2005
       BRIAN POOLE & THE TREMELOES               DO YOU LOVE ME                                1963
       BRITNEY SPEARS                            BABY ONE MORE TIME                            1999
       BRITNEY SPEARS                            BORN TO MAKE YOU HAPPY                        1999
       BRITNEY SPEARS                            CIRCUS                                        2008
       BRITNEY SPEARS                            GIMME SOME                                    2008
       BRITNEY SPEARS                            OOPS!...I DID IT AGAIN                        2000
       BRITNEY SPEARS                            PIECE OF ME                                   2008
       BRITNEY SPEARS                            SOMETIMES                                     1999
       BRITNEY SPEARS                            STRONGER                                      2001
       BRITNEY SPEARS                            THREE                                         2009
       BRITNEY SPEARS                            TOXIC                                         2004
       BRITNEY SPEARS                            WOMANIZER                                     2008
       BRITNEY SPEARS feat MADONNA               ME AGAINST THE MUSIC                          2003
       BROTHERS JOHNSON                          STOMP                                         1980
       BRUCE CHANNEL                             HEY! BABY                                     1962
       BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN                         BORN IN THE USA                               1984
       BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN                         DANCING IN THE DARK                           1984
       BRUNO MARS                                GRENADE                                       2010
       BRUNO MARS                                JUST THE WAY YOU ARE                          2010
       BRUNO MARS                                MARRY YOU                                     2011
       BRUNO MARS                                THE LAZY SONG                                 2011
       BRYAN ADAMS                               EVERYTHING I DO, I DO IT FOR YOU              1991
       BRYAN ADAMS                               HEAVEN                                        1985
       BRYAN ADAMS                               SUMMER OF '69                                 1985
       BRYAN ADAMS                               THE ONLY THING THAT LOOKS GOOD ON ME IS YOU   1996
       BUCKETHEADS                               THE BOMB                                      1995
       BUCKS FIZZ                                MAKING YOUR MIND UP                           1981
       BUDDY HOLLY                               HEARTBEAT                                     1959
       BUDDY HOLLY                               PEGGY SUE                                     1957
       BUSTA RHYMES                              TOUCH IT                                      2006
       BUSTA RHYMES                              WE MADE IT                                    2008
       BUSTA RHYMES & MARIAH CAREY               I KNOW WHAT YOU WANT                          2003
       BUSTED                                    AIR HOSTESS                                   2003
       BUSTED                                    CRASHED THE WEDDING                           2003
       BUSTED                                    YEAR 3000                                     2003
       BUSTED                                    YOU SAID NO                                   2003
       BYRDS                                     MR TAMBOURINE MAN                             1965
       C J LEWIS                                 BEST OF MY LOVE                               1994
       C J LEWIS                                 SWEETS FOR MY SWEET                           1994
       CAESARS                                   JERK IT OUT                                   2005
       CALI SWAG DISTRICT                        TEACH ME HOW TO DOUGIE                        2010
       CALVIN HARRIS                             BOUNCE                                        2011
       CALVIN HARRIS                             I'M NOT ALONE                                 2009
       CALVIN HARRIS                             LET'S GO                                      2012
       CALVIN HARRIS                             THE GIRLS                                     2007
       CAM'RON feat JUEIZ SANTANA & OTHERS       HEY MA                                        2003
       CANDI STATON                              YOUNG HEARTS RUN FREE                         1976
       CANDIDO                                   JINGO                                         1981
       CARDIGANS                                 ERASE/REWIND                                  1998
       CARL DOUGLAS                              KUNG FU FIGHTING                              1974
       CARL PERKINS                              BLUE SUEDE SHOES                              1956
       CARLY RAE JEPSEN                          CALL ME MAYBE                                 2012
       CARLY SIMON                               NOBODY DOES IT BETTER                         1977

                           ARTIST NAME                                   SONG TITLE   Year
       CARPENTERS                                   CLOSE TO YOU                      1970
       CARPENTERS                                   TOP OF THE WORLD                  1972
       CARPENTERS                                   WE'VE ONLY JUST BEGUN             1970
       CARPENTERS                                   YESTERDAY ONCE MORE               1973
       CARS                                         DRIVE                             1984
       CASCADA                                      EVACUATE THE DANCE FLOOR          2009
       CASCADA                                      EVERY TIME WE TOUCH               2006
       CASUALS                                      JESAMINE                          1969
       CE CE PENISTON                               FINALLY                           1991
       CEE LO GREEN                                 FORGET YOU                        2010
       CELINE DION                                  BEAUTY AND THE BEAST              1992
       CELINE DION                                  BECAUSE YOU LOVED ME              1996
       CELINE DION                                  MY HEART WILL GO ON               1997
       CELINE DION                                  THE POWER OF LOVE                 1994
       CELINE DION                                  THINK TWICE                       1994
       CELINE DION                                  WHEN I FALL IN LOVE               1992
       CHAIRMEN OF THE BOARD                        GIVE ME JUST A LITTLE MORE TIME   1970
       CHAKA DEMUS & PLIERS                         SHE DON'T LET NOBODY              1993
       CHAKA KHAN                                   I FEEL FOR YOU                    1984
       CHAKA KHAN                                   I'M EVERY WOMAN                   1978
       CHAKA KHAN                                   IT'S MY PARTY                     1988
       CHAMPAIGN                                    HOW 'BOUT US                      1981
       CHAMPS                                       TEQUILA                           1958
       CHANTE MOORE                                 STRAIGHT UP                       2000
       CHARLES AND EDDIE                            WOULD I LIE TO YOU                1992
       CHARLES SCHILLINGS                           SPIN IT RIGHT                     2004
       CHARLIE WILSON & JUSTIN TIM                  SIGNS                             2005
       CHARLOTTE CHURCH                             CRAZY CHICK                       2005
       CHASE & STATUS                               LET YOU GO                        2010
       CHASE & STATUS                               RUNNING                           2009
       CHEAP TRICK                                  I WANT YOU TO WANT ME             1979
       CHEMICAL BROTHERS                            DO IT AGAIN                       2007
       CHEMICAL BROTHERS                            GALVANIZE                         2005
       CHEMICAL BROTHERS                            HEY BOY, HEY GIRL                 1999
       CHER                                         BELIEVE                           1998
       CHER                                         IF I COULD TURN BACK TIME         1989
       CHER                                         SHOOP SHOOP SONG                  1991
       CHER LLOYD                                   GROW UP                           2011
       CHER LLOYD                                   SWAGGER JAGGER                    2011
       CHER LLOYD                                   WANT YOU BACK                     2011
       CHERYL COLE                                  FIGHT FOR THIS LOVE               2009
       CHESNEY HAWKES                               THE ONE & ONLY                    1991
       CHIC                                         GOOD TIMES                        1979
       CHIC                                         LE FREAK                          1978
       CHICANE FEAT MAIRE BRENNAN OF CLANNAD        SALTWATER                         1999
       CHICANE feat TOM JONES                       STONED IN LOVE                    2006
       CHICORY TIP                                  SON OF MY FATHER                  1972
       CHIDDY BANG                                  OPPOSITEOF ADULTS                 2010
       CHI-LITES                                    HOMELY GIRL                       1974
       CHI-LITES                                    TOO GOOD TO BE FORGOTTEN          1974
       CHINA BLACK                                  SEARCHING                         1994
       CHIP[MUNK                                    UNTIL YOU WERE GONE               2010
       CHIPMUNK                                     CHAMPION (feat Chris Brown)       2011
       CHIPMUNK                                     OOPSY DAISY                       2009
       CHIPMUNK (feat Talay Riley)                  LOOK FOR ME                       2009
       CHRIS BROWN                                  BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE                  2011
       CHRIS BROWN                                  FOREVER                           2008
       CHRIS BROWN                                  NEXT TO YOU                       2011
       CHRIS BROWN                                  TURN UP THE MUSIC                 2011

                          ARTIST NAME                                      SONG TITLE         Year
       CHRIS BROWN                                     YEAH 3X                                2011
       CHRIS DE BURGH                                  LADY IN RED                            1986
       CHRIS MONTEZ                                    LET'S DANCE                            1962
       CHRIS REA                                       THE ROAD TO HELL                       1989
       CHRISTINA AGUILERA                              AIN'T NO OTHER MAN                     2007
       CHRISTINA AGUILERA                              CANDYMAN                               2007
       CHRISTINA AGUILERA                              THE VOICE WITHIN                       2002
       CHRISTINA AGUILERA                              WHAT A GIRL WANTS                      1999
       CHRISTINA AGUILERA, LIL' KIM, MYA & PINK        LADY MARMALADE                         2001
       CHRISTINA AQUILERA                              DIRRTY                                 2002
       CHRISTINA AQUILERA feat NELLY                   TILT YA HEAD BACK                      2005
       CHRISTINA MILIAN                                DIP IT LOW                             2003
       CHRISTINA MILIAN feat YOUNG JEEZY               SAY I                                  2006
       CHUBBY CHECKER                                  LETS TWIST AGAIN                       1976
       CHUCK BERRY                                     JOHNNY B GOODE                         1962
       CHUCK BERRY                                     NO PARTICULAR PLACE TO GO              1964
       CHUCK BERRY                                     SWEET LITTLE SIXTEEN                   1958
       CHUMBAWAMBA                                     TUBTHUMPING                            1997
       CIARA                                           1,2 STEP                               2005
       CILLA BLACK                                     ALFIE                                  1966
       CLARENCE 'FROGMAN' HENRY                        I DON'T KNOW WHY I LOVE YOU BUT I DO   1961
       CLASH                                           I FOUGHT THE LAW                       1988
       CLASH                                           ROCK THE CASBAH                        1982
       CLASH                                           SHOULD I STAY OR SHOULD I GO           1991
       CLIFF RICHARD                                   A GIRL LIKE YOU                        1961
       CLIFF RICHARD                                   BACHELOR BOY                           1962
       CLIFF RICHARD                                   CONGRATULATIONS                        1968
       CLIFF RICHARD                                   DEVIL WOMAN                            1976
       CLIFF RICHARD                                   DO YOU WANT TO DANCE                   1962
       CLIFF RICHARD                                   IN THE COUNTRY                         1966
       CLIFF RICHARD                                   IT'S ALL IN THE GAME                   1963
       CLIFF RICHARD                                   LIVIN' DOLL                            1959
       CLIFF RICHARD                                   MISS YOU NIGHTS                        1976
       CLIFF RICHARD                                   MOVE IT                                1958
       CLIFF RICHARD                                   ON THE BEACH                           1964
       CLIFF RICHARD                                   PLEASE DON'T TEASE                     1960
       CLIFF RICHARD                                   SUMMER HOLIDAY                         1963
       CLIFF RICHARD                                   THE MINUTE YOU'RE GONE                 1965
       CLIFF RICHARD                                   THE TWELTH OF NEVER                    1964
       CLIFF RICHARD                                   THE YOUNG ONES                         1962
       CLIFF RICHARD                                   WHEN THE GIRL IN YOUR ARMS             1961
       CLOVERS                                         LOVE POTION NO 9
       COAST TO COAST                                  THE HUCKLEBUCK                         1981
       COLDPLAY                                        CLOCKS                                 2003
       COLDPLAY                                        FIX YOU                                2005
       COLDPLAY                                        PARADISE                               2012
       COLDPLAY                                        TALK                                   2005
       COLDPLAY                                        VIVA LA VIDA                           2008
       COLONEL ABRAMS                                  TRAPPED                                1985
       COMMITMENTS                                     MUSTANG SALLY                          1991
       COMMODORES                                      EASY                                   1977
       COMMODORES                                      THREE TIMES A LADY                     1978
       COMMUNARDS                                      DON'T LEAVE ME THIS WAY                1986
       COMMUNARDS                                      NEVER CAN SAY GOODBYE                  1987
       CONNIE FRANCIS                                  LIPSTICK ON YOUR COLLAR                1959
       CONNIE FRANCIS                                  WHERE THE BOYS ARE                     1961
       COOLIO                                          GANGSTA'S PARADISE                     1995
       CORINNE BAILEY RAE                              PUT YOUR RECORDS ON                    2006
       CORNERSHOP                                      BRIMFUL OF ASHA                        1998

                         ARTIST NAME                                   SONG TITLE               Year
       CORRS                                      BREATHLESS                                    2000
       CORRS                                      WHAT CAN I DO                                 1998
       COUNTING CROWS                             MR JONES                                      1994
       COUNTING CROWS feat VANESSA CARLTON        BIG YELLOW TAXI                               2003
       COVER DRIVE                                TWILIGHT                                      2012
       CRAIG DAVID                                7 DAYS                                        2000
       CRAIG DAVID                                FILL ME IN                                    2000
       CRAIG DAVID                                HOT STUFF (LET'S DANCE)                       2007
       CRAIG DAVID                                WALKING AWAY                                  2000
       CREAM                                      I FEEL FREE                                   1966
       CREAM                                      STRANGE BREW                                  1967
       CREAM                                      SUNSHINE OF YOUR LOVE                         1967
       CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL               BAD MOON RISING                               1969
       CREW CUTS                                  EARTH ANGEL                                   1955
       CRICKETS                                   THAT'LL BE THE DAY                            1957
       CROWDED HOUSE                              DISTANT SUN                                   1993
       CROWDED HOUSE                              IT'S ONLY NATURAL                             1991
       CROWN HEIGHTS AFFAIR                       YOU GAVE ME LOVE                              1980
       CRYSTAL GAYLE                              DON'T IT MAKE MY BROWN EYES BLUE              1977
       CRYSTALS                                   DA DOO RON RON                                1963
       CULT                                       SHE SELLS SANCTUARY                           1985
       CULTURE CLUB                               DO YOU REALLY WANT TO HURT ME                 1982
       CULTURE CLUB                               KARMA CHAMELEON                               1983
       CUPID                                      CUPID SHUFFLE                                 2007
       CURE                                       IN BETWEEN DAYS                               1985
       CURE                                       LOVE CATS                                     1987
       CURTIS MAYFIELD                            MOVE ON UP                                    1971
       CUTTING CREW                               DIED IN YOUR ARMS TONIGHT                     1986
       CYNDI LAUPER                               GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN                   1994
       CYNDI LAUPER                               TIME AFTER TIME                               1984
       D J CASPER                                 CHACHASLIDE                                   2004
       D J JEAN                                   THE LAUNCH                                    1999
       D J LUCK & MC NEAT                         PIANO LOCO                                    2001
       D J OTZI                                   HEY BABY                                      2001
       D J SAKIN & FRIENDS                        PROTECT YOUR MIND (FOR THE LOVE OF A PRINCESS 1999
       D J SAMMY                                  HEAVEN                                        2002
       D J SAMMY                                  HEAVEN (CANDLELIGHT MIX)                      2003
       D J SAMMY                                  THE BOYS OF SUMMER                            2003
       D J SAMMY                                  WHY                                           2005
       D REAM                                     THINGS CAN ONLY GET BETTER                    1994
       D REAM                                     UR THE BEST THING                             1994
       D TRAIN                                    YOU'RE THE ONE FOR ME                         1981
       DADDY YANKEE                               GASOLINA                                      2005
       DAFT PUNK                                  DIGITAL LOVE                                  2001
       DAFT PUNK                                  ONE MORE TIME                                 2000
       DAMIAN                                     TIMEWARP                                      1987
       DAN HARTMAN                                INSTANT REPLAY                                1978
       DANDY WARHOLS                              BOHEMIAN LIKE YOU                             2001
       DANIEL BEDINGFIELD                         GOTTA GET THRU THIS                           2001
       DANIEL BEDINGFIELD                         IF YOU'RE NOT THE ONE                         2003
       DANIEL BEDINGFIELD                         NEVER GONNA LEAVE YOUR SIDE                   2003
       DANIEL BEDINGFIELD                         WRAP MY WORDS AROUND YOU                      2005
       DANNY AND THE JUNIORS                      AT THE HOP                                    1973
       DANNY WILLIAMS                             MOON RIVER                                    1961
       DANZEL                                     PUMP IT UP                                    2005
       DAPPY                                      ROCKSTAR                                      2012
       DARIO G                                    DREAM TO ME                                   2001
       DARIO G                                    SUNCHYME                                      1997
       DARIUS                                     LIVE TWICE                                    2005

                          ARTIST NAME                               SONG TITLE                  Year
       DARIUS                                   RUSHES                                          2003
       DARKNESS                                 I BELIEVE IN A THING CALLED LOVE                2003
       DARUDE                                   SANDSTORM                                       2000
       DARYL HALL & JOHN OATES                  I CAN'T GO FOR THAT (NO CAN DO)                 1982
       DAVE CLARK FIVE                          GLAD ALL OVER                                   1963
       DAVID BOWIE                              LET'S DANCE                                     1983
       DAVID BOWIE                              THE JEAN GENIE                                  1972
       DAVID ESSEX                              GONNA MAKE YOU A STAR                           1974
       DAVID ESSEX                              HOLD ME CLOSE                                   1975
       DAVID GRAY                               BABYLON                                         2001
       DAVID GRAY                               THE ONE I LOVE                                  2005
       DAVID GUETTA                             GETTIN' OVER YOU                                2010
       DAVID GUETTA                             I WANNA GO CRAZY                                2009
       DAVID GUETTA                             LITTLE BAD GIRL                                 2011
       DAVID GUETTA                             LOVE DON'T LET ME GO (CLUB MIX)                 2006
       DAVID GUETTA                             MONEY                                           2004
       DAVID GUETTA                             SEXY BITCH                                      2009
       DAVID GUETTA                             SEXY CHICK                                      2009
       DAVID GUETTA                             WHO'S THAT CHICK                                2010
       DAVID GUETTA & NICKI MINAJ               TURN ME ON                                      2012
       DAVID GUETTA & SIA                       TITANIUM                                        2012
       DAVID GUETTA & USHER                     WITHOUT YOU                                     2011
       DAVID GUETTA (feat KELLY ROWLAND)        WHEN LOVE TAKES OVER                            2009
       DAVID GUETTA vs THE EGG                  LOVE DON'T LET ME GO                            2006
       DAVID JORDAN                             SUN GOES DOWN                                   2008
       DAVID PARTON                             ISN'T SHE LOVELY                                1977
       DAVID ROSE & ORCHESTRA                   THE STRIPPER                                    1962
       DAVID SOUL                               DON'T GIVE UP ON US                             1976
       DB BOULEVARD                             POINT OF VIEW                                   2002
       DEACON BLUE                              CHOCOLATE GIRL                                  1988
       DEACON BLUE                              REAL GONE KID                                   1988
       DEAD OR ALIVE                            YOU SPIN ME ROUND (LIKE A RECORD)               1985
       DEAD OR ALIVE (2006)                     YOU SPIN ME ROUND                               1985
       DEAN MARTIN                              THAT'S AMORE (THAT'S LOVE)                      1954
       DEBARGE                                  RHYTHM OF THE NIGHT                             1985
       DEE-LITE                                 GROOVE IS IN THE HEART                          1990
       DEEPEST BLUE                             DEEPEST BLUE                                    2003
       DEL AMITRI                               ROLL TO ME                                      1995
       DEL SHANNON                              HATS OFF TO LARRY                               1961
       DEL SHANNON                              KEEP SEARCHIN'                                  1965
       DEL SHANNON                              RUNAWAY                                         1961
       DE'LACY                                  HIDEAWAY                                        1995
       DELERIUM                                 SILENCE                                         2000
       DELFONICS                                DIDN'T I BLOW YOUR MIND THIS TIME               1969
       DELTA GOODREM                            LOST WITHOUT YOU                                2003
       DELVIN                                   BRAINWASHED                                     2010
       DEPECHE MODE                             PRECIOUS                                        2005
       DEREK & THE DOMINOS                      LAYLA                                           1970
       DESMOND DEKKER                           ISRAELITES                                      1969
       DESREE                                   LIFE                                            1998
       DESREE                                   YOU GOTTA BE                                    1998
       DESTINY'S CHILD                          BOOTYLICIOUS                                    2001
       DESTINY'S CHILD                          INDEPENDENT WOMEN                               2000
       DESTINY'S CHILD                          SURVIVOR                                        2001
       DETROIT SPINNERS                         GHETTO CHILD                                    1973
       DETROIT SPINNERS                         WORKING MY WAY BACK TO YOU                      1979
       DEXY'S MIDNIGHT RUNNERS                  COME ON EILEEN                                  1982
       DIANA ROSS                               CHAIN REACTION                                  1986

                         ARTIST NAME                               SONG TITLE                Year
       DIANA ROSS                              I'M STILL WAITING                             1970
       DIANA ROSS                              MY OLD PIANO                                  1980
       DIANA ROSS                              STOP IN THE NAME OF LOVE                      1965
       DIANA ROSS                              UPSIDE DOWN                                   1980
       DIANA ROSS & THE SUPREMES               AIN'T NO MOUNTAIN HIGH ENOUGH                 1970
       DIANA ROSS & THE SUPREMES               BABY LOVE                                     1964
       DIANA ROSS & THE SUPREMES               LOVE IS HERE AND NOW YOU'RE GONE              1967
       DIANA ROSS & THE SUPREMES               THE HAPPENING                                 1967
       DIANA ROSS & THE SUPREMES               YOU KEEP ME HANGIN' ON                        1966
       DIANA VICKERS                           MY WICKED HEART                               2010
       DIANA VICKERS                           ONCE                                          2010
       DIDO                                    HERE WITH ME                                  2001
       DIDO                                    LIFE FOR RENT                                 2003
       DIDO                                    THANK YOU                                     2001
       DINA CARROLL                            DON'T BE A STRANGER                           1993
       DION                                    RUNAROUND SUE                                 1961
       DION                                    THE WANDERER                                  1961
       DIONNE WARWICK                          DO YOU KNOW THE WAY TO SAN JOSE               1968
       DIONNE WARWICK                          I SAY A LITTLE PRAYER                         1968
       DIONNE WARWICK                          LOOK OF LOVE                                  1967
       DIONNE WARWICK                          WALK ON BY                                    1964
       DIRE STRAITS                            MONEY FOR NOTHING                             1985
       DIRTY PRETTY THINGS                     BANG BANG YOU'RE DEAD                         2006
       DISCO TEX & THE SEX-O-LETTES            GET DANCIN'                                   1974
       DISCO TEX & THE SEX-O-LETTES            I WANNA DANCE WIT CHOO                        1975
       DIZZEE RASCAL                           DANCE WIV ME                                  2008
       DIZZEE RASCAL                           DIRTEE DISCO                                  2010
       DIZZEE RASCAL                           FLEX                                          2009
       DIZZEE RASCAL                           HOLIDAY                                       2009
       DIZZY RASCAL & ARMAND VAN HELDEN        BONKERS                                       2009
       DJ EARWORM                              STATE OF POP                                  2010
       DJ FRESH                                HOT RIGHT NOW                                 2012
       DJ HYPE                                 DUBPLATE KILLER                               2008
       DODGY                                   GOOD ENOUGH                                   1996
       DON MCLEAN                              AMERICAN PIE                                  1971
       DONNA SUMMER                            HOT STUFF                                     1979
       DONNA SUMMER                            I FEEL LOVE                                   1994
       DONOVAN                                 CATCH THE WIND                                1965
       DONOVAN                                 MELLOW YELLOW                                 1967
       DOOLALLY                                STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART                       1998
       DR & THE MEDICS                         SPIRIT IN THE SKY                             1986
       DR ALBAN                                IT'S MY LIFE                                  1992
       DR DRE                                  THE NEXT EPISODE                              2001
       DR HOOK                                 SEXY EYES                                     1980
       DR HOOK                                 WHEN YOU'RE IN LOVE WITH A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN    1979
       DRAKE                                   FIND YOUR LOVE                                2010
       DRAKE (feat RIHANNA)                    TAKE CARE                                     2011
       DREAM TEAM vs NENEH CHERRY              BUDDY-X                                       1999
       DRIFTERS                                COME ON OVER TO MY PLACE                      1965
       DRIFTERS                                LIKE SISTER & BROTHER                         1973
       DRIFTERS                                SATURDAY NIGHT AT THE MOVIES                  1972
       DRIFTERS                                THERE GOES MY BABY
       DRIFTERS                                THERE GOES MY FIRST LOVE                      1975
       DRIFTERS                                UNDER THE BOARDWALK                           1964
       DRIFTERS                                YOU'RE MORE THAN A NUMBER IN MY LITTLE RED BO 1976
       DRU HILL                                THESE ARE THE TIMES                           1998
       DUCK SAUCE                              BARBRA STREISAND                              2010
       DUFFY                                   MERCY                                         2008
       DURAN DURAN                             GIRLS ON FILM                                 1981

                           ARTIST NAME                             SONG TITLE            Year
       DURAN DURAN                            HUNGRY LIKE A WOLF                         1982
       DURAN DURAN                            IS THERE SOMETHING I SHOULD KNOW           1983
       DURAN DURAN                            RIO                                        1982
       DURAN DURAN FEAT, MELLE MEL ETC        WHITE LINES (DON'T DO IT)                  1995
       DUSTY SPRINGFIELD                      I ONLY WANT TO BE WITH YOU                 1963
       DUSTY SPRINGFIELD                      SON OF A PREACHER MAN                      1968
       DUSTY SPRINGFIELD                      WISHIN' & HOPIN'
       DUSTY SPRINGFIELD                      YOU DON'T HAVE TO SAY YOU LOVE ME          1966
       EMF                                    UNBELIEVABLE                               1990
       E6                                     GAY BAR                                    2003
       EAGLES                                 HOTEL CALIFORNIA                           1977
       EARTH WIND & FIRE                      BOOGIE WONDERLAND                          1979
       EARTH WIND & FIRE                      LET'S GROOVE                               1981
       EARTH WIND & FIRE                      SEPTEMBER                                  1978
       EAST 17                                HOLD MY BODY TIGHT                         1995
       EAST 17                                HOUSE OF LOVE                              1992
       EAST 17                                STAY ANOTHER DAY                           1994
       EDDIE COCHRAN                          C'MON EVERYBODY                            1959
       EDDIE COCHRAN                          HALLELUJAH I LOVE HER SO                   1960
       EDDIE COCHRAN                          SOMETHING ELSE                             1959
       EDDIE COCHRAN                          SUMMERTIME BLUES                           1958
       EDDIE HOLMAN                           HEY THERE LONELY GIRL                      1969
       EDDY GRANT                             I DON'T WANNA DANCE                        1982
       EDWARD MAYA                            STEREO LOVE                                2010
       EDWIN STARR                            CONTACT                                    1979
       EDWIN STARR                            H A P P Y RADIO                            1979
       EDWIN STARR                            STOP HER ON SIGHT (SOS)                    1966
       EDWYN COLLINS                          A GIRL LIKE YOU                            1995
       ELECTRIC SIX                           DANGER! HIGH VOLTAGE                       2002
       ELEMENTFOUR                            BIG BROTHER (UK TV THEME)                  2000
       ELIZA DOOLITTLE                        PACK UP                                    2010
       ELKIE BROOKS                           PEARL'S A SINGER                           1977
       ELLIE GOULDING                         THE WRITER                                 2010
       ELTON JOHN                             ARE YOU READY FOR LOVE                     1979
       ELTON JOHN                             CAN YOU FEEL THE LOVE TONIGHT              1994
       ELTON JOHN                             CANDLE IN THE WIND                         1973
       ELTON JOHN                             CROCODILE ROCK                             1972
       ELTON JOHN                             DANIEL                                     1972
       ELTON JOHN                             I'M STILL STANDING                         1983
       ELTON JOHN                             KISS THE BRIDE                             1983
       ELTON JOHN                             PHILADELPHIA FREEDOM                       1975
       ELTON JOHN                             ROCKET MAN                                 1972
       ELTON JOHN                             SACRIFICE                                  1989
       ELTON JOHN                             SATURDAY NIGHT'S ALL RIGHT FOR FIGHTING    1973
       ELTON JOHN                             YOUR SONG                                  1969
       ELVIS COSTELLO                         SHE                                        1999
       ELVIS PRESLEY                          ALL SHOOK UP                               1957
       ELVIS PRESLEY                          ARE YOU LONESOME TONIGHT?                  1960
       ELVIS PRESLEY                          BLUE SUEDE SHOES                           1956
       ELVIS PRESLEY                          CAN'T HELP FALLING IN LOVE                 1961
       ELVIS PRESLEY                          HOUND DOG                                  1956
       ELVIS PRESLEY                          JAILHOUSE ROCK                             1957
       ELVIS PRESLEY                          SUSPICIOUS MINDS                           1969
       ELVIS PRESLEY                          THAT'S ALL RIGHT                           1954
       ELVIS PRESLEY                          THE WONDER OF YOU                          1970
       ELVIS PRESLEY                          VIVA LAS VEGAS                             1964
       ELVIS VS JXL                           A LITTLE LESS CONVERSATION                 2002
       EMELIE SANDE                           NEXT TO ME                                 2012

                           ARTIST NAME                                SONG TITLE       Year
       EMF/REEVES & MORTIMER                     I'M A BELIEVER                        1995
       EMILIA                                    BIG BIG WORLD                         1998
       EMINEM                                    BUSINESS                              2003
       EMINEM                                    MY MOM                                2009
       EMINEM                                    NOT AFRAID                            2010
       EMINEM                                    WITHOUT ME                            2002
       EMINEM & RIHANNA                          LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE                  2010
       EMMA BUNTON                               WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG                 2001
       EMMIE                                     MORE THAN THIS                        1998
       EMOTIONS                                  BEST OF MY LOVE                       1977
       EN VOGUE                                  MY LOVIN'                             1992
       ENGELBERT HUMPERDINCK                     QUANDO QUANDO QUANDO                  1968
       ENGELBERT HUMPERDINCK                     RELEASE ME                            1967
       ENGELBERT HUMPERDINCK                     THE LAST WALZ                         1967
       ENGLAND NEW ORDER                         WORLD IN MOTION                       1990
       ENRIQUE                                   HERO                                  2002
       ENRIQUE & PITBULL                         I LIKE IT                             2010
       ENRIQUE IGLESIAS                          BAILAMOS                              1999
       ENRIQUE IGLESIAS                          DO YOU KNOW? (THE PING PONG SONG)     2007
       ENRIQUE IGLESIAS                          TIRED OF BEING SORRY                  2007
       ENRIQUE INGLESIAS                         HEARTBEAT                             2010
       ERASURE                                   A LITTLE RESPECT                      1988
       ERASURE                                   SOLSBURY HILL                         2003
       ERASURE                                   SOMETIMES                             1986
       ERASURE                                   WHO NEEDS LOVE LIKE THAT              1992
       ERIC CLAPTON                              AFTER MIDNIGHT                        1970
       ERIC CLAPTON                              I SHOT THE SHERIFF                    1974
       ERIC CLAPTON                              KNOCKIN' ON HEAVEN'S DOOR             1975
       ERIC CLAPTON                              LAY DOWN SALLY                        1977
       ERIC CLAPTON                              WONDERFUL TONIGHT                     1977
       ERIC PRYDZ                                CALL ON ME                            2005
       ERIC PRYDZ                                PJANOO                                2008
       ERIC PRYDZ V FLOYD                        PROPER EDUCATION                      2006
       ERMA FRANKLIN                             TAKE A LITTLE PIECE OF MY HEART       1967
       ESMEE DENTERS                             OUTTA HERE                            2009
       ESTELLE feat KANYE WEST                   AMERICAN BOY                          2008
       ETERNAL                                   STAY                                  1993
       EUROPE                                    THE FINAL COUNTDOWN                   1986
       EURYTHMICS                                SWEET DREAMS                          1983
       EVA CASSIDY                               SONGBIRD
       EVANESCENCE                               BRING ME TO LIFE                      2003
       EVELYN "CHAMPAGNE" KING                   LOVE COME DOWN                        1982
       EVELYN "CHAMPAGNE" KING                   SHAME                                 1977
       EVERLY BROTHERS                           BYE BYE LOVE                          1957
       EVERLY BROTHERS                           WAKE UP LITTLE SUSIE                  1957
       EVERLY BROTHERS                           WALK RIGHT BACK                       1961
       EVERLY BROTHERS                           WHEN WILL I BE LOVED                  1960
       EXAMPLE                                   CHANGED THE WAY YOU KISSED ME         2011
       EXAMPLE                                   KICKSTARTS                            2010
       EXAMPLE                                   WON'T GO QUIETLY                      2009
       FAITH HILL                                THERE YOU'LL BE                       2009
       FAITHLESS                                 INSOMNIA                              1996
       FALL OUT BOY                              7 MINUTES IN HEAVEN                   2007
       FALL OUT BOY                              DANCE, DANCE                          2006
       FALL OUT BOY                              SUGAR, WE'RE GOIN' DOWN               2005
       FALL OUT BOY                              THNKS FR TH MMRS                      2007
       FAR EAST MOVEMENT                         LIKE A G6                             2010

                         ARTIST NAME                             SONG TITLE                Year
       FARM                                 ALL TOGETHER NOW                               1990
       FARM                                 DON'T YOU WANT ME                              1992
       FAT BOY SLIM                         PRAISE YOU                                     1998
       FAT BOY SLIM                         RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW                          1999
       FAT JOE                              LEAN BACK                                      2004
       FAT LES                              VINDALOO                                       1998
       FATBACK BAND                         DO THE BUS STOP                                1975
       FATBACK BAND                         I FOUND LOVING                                 1984
       FATBACK BAND                         SPANISH HUSTLE                                 1976
       FATS DOMINO                          AIN'T THAT A SHAME                             1957
       FATS DOMINO                          BLUEBERRY HILL                                 1956
       FATS DOMINO                          I'M IN LOVE AGAIN                              1956
       FEDDE LE GRAND                       PUT YOUR HANDS UP FOR DETROIT                  2006
       FEEDER                               BUCK ROGERS                                    2001
       FEEDER                               TUMBLE & FALL                                  2005
       FEELING                              FILL MY LITTLE WORLD                           2006
       FEELING                              LOVE IT WHEN YOU CALL                          2007
       FEELING                              NEVER BE LONELY                                2006
       FEELING                              SEWN                                           2006
       FERGIE feat LUDACRIS                 GLAMOROUS                                      2007
       FIFTH DIMENSION                      UP UP & AWAY
       FINE YOUNG CANNIBALS                 SHE DRIVES ME CRAZY                            1988
       FIRST CLASS                          BEACH BABY                                     1974
       FIVE                                 EVERYBODY GET UP                               1998
       FIVE                                 KEEP ON MOVIN'                                 1999
       FIVE                                 LET'S DANCE                                    2001
       FLEETWOOD MAC                        DON'T STOP                                     1977
       FLEETWOOD MAC                        EVERYWHERE                                     1987
       FLO RIDA                             AYER                                           2008
       FLO RIDA                             CLUB CAN'T HANDLE ME                           2010
       FLO RIDA                             GOOD FEELING                                   2011
       FLO RIDA                             LOW                                            2008
       FLO RIDA                             RIGHT ROUND                                    2009
       FLO RIDA                             SUGAR                                          2009
       FLO RIDA                             WHISTLE                                        2012
       FLO RIDA                             WILD ONES                                      2012
       FLORENCE + THE MACHINE               YOU'VE GOT THE LOVE                            2010
       FONTELLA BASS                        RESCUE ME                                      1965
       FOO FIGHTERS                         TIMES LIKE THESE                               2003
       FOREIGNER                            I WANT TO KNOW WHAT LOVE IS                    1984
       FORTUNES                             YOU'VE GOT YOUR TROUBLES                       1965
       FOUNDATIONS                          BABY, NOW THAT I'VE FOUND YOU                  1967
       FOUNDATIONS                          BUILD ME UP BUTTERCUP                          1968
       FOUR TOPS                            I CAN'T HELP MYSELF (SUGAR PIE, HONEY BUNCH)   1965
       FOUR TOPS                            LOCO IN ACAPULCO                               1988
       FOUR TOPS                            REACH OUT, I'LL BE THERE                       1966
       FOUR TOPS                            STANDING IN THE SHADOWS OF LOVE                1966
       FRAGMA                               TOCA'S MIRACLE                                 2000
       FRAGMA FEAT MARIA RUBIA              EVERYTIME YOU NEED ME                          2001
       FRANK MUSIK                          CONFUSION GIRL                                 2009
       FRANK SINATRA                        COME FLY WITH ME                               1965
       FRANK SINATRA                        FLY ME TO THE MOON                             1964
       FRANK SINATRA                        I GET A KICK OUT OF YOU                        1962
       FRANK SINATRA                        I'VE GOT YOU UNDER MY SKIN                     1963
       FRANK SINATRA                        LET'S FACE THE MUSIC & DANCE                   1960
       FRANK SINATRA                        LOVE & MARRIAGE                                1965
       FRANK SINATRA                        MACK THE KNIFE                                 1986
       FRANK SINATRA                        MY WAY                                         1968
       FRANK SINATRA                        NEW YORK NEW YORK                              1979

                         ARTIST NAME                               SONG TITLE        Year
       FRANK SINATRA                           STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT                1966
       FRANK SINATRA                           THE LADY IS A TRAMP                   1974
       FRANK SINATRA                           THE WAY YOU LOOK TONIGHT              1963
       FRANK SINATRA                           THEY CAN'T TAKE THAT AWAY FROM ME     1962
       FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD               RELAX                                 1983
       FRANKIE LYMON & THE TEENAGERS           WHY DO FOOLS FALL IN LOVE             1956
       FRANKIE VALLI                           GREASE                                1978
       FRANKIE VALLI & THE FOUR SEASONS        BIG GIRLS DON'T CRY                   1963
       FRANKIE VALLI & THE FOUR SEASONS        LET'S HANG ON                         1966
       FRANKIE VALLI & THE FOUR SEASONS        MY EYES ADORED YOU                    1975
       FRANKIE VALLI & THE FOUR SEASONS        RAG DOLL                              1964
       FRANKIE VALLI & THE FOUR SEASONS        SHERRY                                1963
       FRANKIE VALLI & THE FOUR SEASONS        SILVER STAR                           1976
       FRANKIE VALLI & THE FOUR SEASONS        THE NIGHT                             1972
       FRANKIE VALLI & THE FOUR SEASONS        WALK LIKE A MAN                       1963
       FRANKIE VALLI & THE FOUR SEASONS        WHO LOVES YOU                         1975
       FRANKIE VAUGHAN                         TOWER OF STRENGTH                     1961
       FRANTIQUE                               STRUT YOUR FUNKY STUFF                1979
       FRANZ FERDINAND                         DO YOU WANT TO                        2005
       FRANZ FERDINAND                         MATINEE                               2004
       FRANZ FERDINAND                         TAKE ME OUT                           2004
       FRATELLIS                               CHELSEA DAGGER                        2006
       FRATELLIS                               MISTRESS MABEL                        2008
       FRATELLIS                               WHISTLE FOR THE CHOIR                 2006
       FRAY                                    OVER MY HEAD (CABLE CAR)              2007
       FREAKS                                  THE CREEPS (GET ON THE DANCE FLOOR)   2007
       FREDA PAYNE                             BAND OF GOLD                          1970
       FREDDIE BELL & THE BELLBOYS             GIDDY-UP-A-DING-DONG                  1956
       FREE                                    ALL RIGHT NOW                         1970
       FREEEZ                                  IOU                                   1983
       FREEFALLER                              DO THIS! DO THAT!                     2005
       FREEMASONS                              UNINVITED                             2007
       FRIDAY HILL                             BABY GOODBYE                          2005
       FRIDAY HILL                             ONE MORE NIGHT ALONE                  2006
       FUN                                     WE ARE YOUNG                          2012
       FUN LOVIN' CRIMINALS                    LOCO                                  2001
       GABRIELLA CILMI                         SWEET ABOUT ME                        2008
       GABRIELLE                               DON'T NEED THE SUN TO SHINE           2001
       GABRIELLE                               GIVE ME A LITTLE MORE TIME            1996
       GABRIELLE                               GOING NOWHERE                         1993
       GABRIELLE                               OUT OF REACH                          2001
       GABRIELLE                               RISE                                  1991
       GABRIELLE                               STAY THE SAME                         2004
       GABRIELLE                               SUNSHINE                              1991
       GAP BAND                                OOPS! UPSIDE YOUR HEAD                1979
       GARBAGE                                 ONLY HAPPY WHEN IT RAINS              1998
       GARETH GATES                            SPIRIT IN THE SKY                     2003
       GARY GLITTER                            HELLO HELLO I'M BACK AGAIN            1979
       GARY GLITTER                            I'M THE LEADER OF THE GANG            1973
       GENE CHANDLER                           GET DOWN                              1979
       GENE PITNEY                             ONLY LOVE CAN BREAK A HEART
       GENE PITNEY                             SOMETHING'S GOTTEN HOLD OF MY HEART   1967
       GENE PITNEY                             TWENTY FOUR HOURS FROM TULSA          1963
       GENE VINCENT                            BE-BOP-A-LULA                         1956
       GENESIS                                 IN TOO DEEP                           1986
       GENESIS                                 INVISIBLE TOUCH                       1986
       GENESIS                                 JESUS HE KNOWS ME                     1992
       GEORGE BENSON                           GIVE ME THE NIGHT                     1980

                         ARTIST NAME                                SONG TITLE    Year
       GEORGE BENSON                            NEVER GIVE UP ON A GOOD THING     1982
       GEORGE MCCRAE                            ROCK YOUR BABY                    1974
       GEORGE MICHAEL                           AMAZING                           2004
       GEORGE MICHAEL                           FASTLOVE                          1996
       GEORGE MICHAEL                           FASTLOVE                          1996
       GEORGE MICHAEL                           FLAWLESS (GO TO THE CITY)         2004
       GEORGE MICHAEL                           TOO FUNKY                         1992
       GEORGIA GIBBS                            TWEEDLE DEE                       1954
       GEORGIE FAME & THE BLUE FLAMES           YEH, YEH                          1964
       GERI HALLIWELL                           MI CHICO LATINO                   1999
       GERI HALLIWELL                           RIDE IT                           2005
       GERRY & THE PACEMAKERS                   HOW DO YOU DO IT?                 1963
       GERRY & THE PACEMAKERS                   YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE           1963
       GERRY RAFFERTY                           BAKER STREET                      1978
       GIBSON BROTHERS                          CUBA                              1979
       GINA                                     OOH AAH... JUST A LITTLE BIT      1996
       GIPSY KINGS                              BAMBOLEO
       GIPSY KINGS                              VOLARE
       GIRLS ALOUD                              BIOLOGY                           2005
       GIRLS ALOUD                              CALL THE SHOTS                    2007
       GIRLS ALOUD                              CAN'T SPEAK FRENCH                2008
       GIRLS ALOUD                              I'LL STAND BY YOU                 2005
       GIRLS ALOUD                              LOVE MACHINE                      2004
       GIRLS ALOUD                              NO GOOD ADVICE                    2003
       GIRLS ALOUD                              SOMETHING KINDA OOOOH             2006
       GIRLS ALOUD                              SOUND OF THE UNDERGROUND          2003
       GIRLS ALOUD                              THE PROMISE                       2008
       GIRLS ALOUD                              WHOLE LOTTA HISTORY               2006
       GLADYS KNIGHT & THE PIPS                 MIDNIGHT TRAIN TO GEORGIA         1973
       GLADYS KNIGHT & THE PIPS                 TAKE ME IN YOUR ARMS & LOVE ME    1967
       GLEE CAST                                DON'T STOP BELIEVIN'              2009
       GLEE CAST                                HALO/WALKING ON SUNSHINE          2010
       GLEN CAMPBELL                            RHINESTONE COWBOY                 1975
       GLEN CAMPBELL                            WICHITA LINEMAN                   1969
       GLENN MILLER                             (I'VE GOT A GAL IN) KALAMAZOO     1942
       GLENN MILLER                             A STRING OF PEARLS                1941
       GLENN MILLER                             CHATTANOOGA CHOO CHOO             1941
       GLENN MILLER                             IN THE MOOD                       1939
       GLENN MILLER                             MOONLIGHT SERENADE                1939
       GLENN MILLER                             PENNYSYLVANIA 6-5000              1940
       GLORIA GAYNOR                            I WILL SURVIVE                    1978
       GLORIA GAYNOR                            NEVER CAN SAY GOODBYE             1974
       GNARLS BARKLEY                           CRAZY                             2006
       GNARLS BARKLEY                           RUN                               2008
       GO WEST                                  TRACKS OF MY TEARS                1993
       GOLDEN EARRING                           RADAR LOVE                        1973
       GOLDFRAPP                                OOH LA LA                         2005
       GOLDFRAPP                                RIDE A WHITE HORSE                2006
       GOO GOO DOLLS                            IRIS                              1998
       GOOD CHARLOTTE                           LIFESTYLES OF THE RICH & FAMOUS   2005
       GORILLAZ                                 CLINT EASTWOOD                    2001
       GORILLAZ                                 DARE                              2005
       GORILLAZ                                 DIRTY HARRY                       2005
       GORILLAZ                                 FEEL GOOD INC                     2005
       GOTYE                                    SOMEBODY THAT I USED TO KNOW      2012
       GREEN DAY                                AMERICAN IDIOT                    2007
       GROOVE ARMADA feat STUSH & REDRAT        GET DOWN                          2007

                          ARTIST NAME                             SONG TITLE          Year
       GUNS 'N' ROSES                        PARADISE CITY                            1989
       GUNS 'N' ROSES                        SWEET CHILD O' MINE                      1989
       GUNS 'N' ROSES                        WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE                    1987
       GURU JOSH PROJECT                     INFINITY 2008                            2008
       GWEN GUTHRIE                          AIN'T NOTHIN' GOIN' ON BUT THE RENT      1986
       GWEN STEFANI                          HOLLABACK GIRL                           2005
       GWEN STEFANI                          RICH GIRL                                2010
       GWEN STEFANI                          THE SWEET ESCAPE                         2007
       GWEN STEFANI                          WHAT YOU WAITING FOR?                    2005
       GYM CLASS HEROES                      COOKIE JAR                               2008
       HADOUKEN                              THAT BOY THAT GIRL                       2009
       HANSON                                MMM BOP                                  2007
       HAPPY MONDAYS                         STEP ON                                  1990
       HARD-FI                               LIVING FOR THE WEEKEND                   2005
       HAROLD MELVIN                         DON'T LEAVE ME THIS WAY                  1975
       HAROLD MELVYN                         IF YOU DON'T KNOW ME BY NOW              1972
       HARRY CONNICK JNR                     IT HAD TO BE YOU                         1991
       HEAR'SAY                              PURE & SIMPLE                            2001
       HEATWAVE                              ALWAYS & FOREVER                         1978
       HEATWAVE                              BOOGIE NIGHTS                            1976
       HEAVEN 17`                            TEMPTATION                               1992
       HEAVY D & THE BOYS                    NOW THAT WE'VE FOUND LOVE                1991
       HELEN REDDY                           I AM WOMAN                               1987
       HELEN SHAPIRO                         WALKIN' BACK TO HAPPINESS                1961
       HELLOGOODBYE                          HERE (IN YOUR ARMS)                      2007
       HELPING HAITI                         EVERYBODY HURTS                          2010
       HERMAN'S HERMITS                      NO MILK TODAY                            1966
       HERMAN'S HERMITS                      THERE'S A KIND OF HUSH                   1967
       HI-GATE                               PITCHIN' (IN EVERY DIRECTION)            1999
       HIT CREW                              GET READY FOR THIS
       HIVES                                 TICK TICK BOOM                           2009
       HOCKEY                                SONG AWAY                                2008
       HOLLIES                               CARRIE-ANNE                              1967
       HOLLIES                               HE AIN'T HEAVY, HE'S MY BROTHER          1969
       HOLLIES                               JUST ONE LOOK                            1964
       HOLLIES                               THE AIR THAT I BREATHE                   1974
       HOLLY VALANCE                         KISS KISS                                2002
       HONEYZ                                END OF THE LINE                          1998
       HONEYZ                                I DON'T KNOW                             2001
       HOOSIERS                              CHOICES                                  2010
       HOOSIERS                              GOODBYE MR A                             2007
       HOOSIERS                              WORRIED ABOUT RAY                        2007
       HOT CHIP                              READY FOR THE FLOOR                      2008
       HOT CHOCOLATE                         EVERYONE'S A WINNER                      1987
       HOT CHOCOLATE                         GIRL CRAZY                               1982
       HOT CHOCOLATE                         I GAVE YOU MY HEART                      1984
       HOT CHOCOLATE                         I'LL PUT YOU TOGETHER AGAIN              1978
       HOT CHOCOLATE                         IT STARTED WITH A KISS                   1982
       HOT CHOCOLATE                         SO YOU WIN AGAIN                         1977
       HOT CHOCOLATE                         YOU SEXY THING                           1997
       HOUSE OF PAIN                         JUMP AROUND                              1993
       HOUSEMARTINS                          HAPPY HOUR                               1986
       HOWARD JONES                          WHAT IS LOVE                             1983
       HUES CORPORATION                      ROCK THE BOAT                            1973
       HUMAN LEAGUE                          DON'T YOU WANT ME                        1981
       HUMAN LEAGUE                          ONE MAN IN MY HEART                      1995
       IAN CAREY                             GET SHAKY                                2009
       IAN VAN DAHL                          CASTLES IN THE SKY                       2001

                           ARTIST NAME                             SONG TITLE            Year
       IDA CORR vs FEDDE LE GRANDE            LET ME THINK ABOUT IT                      2007
       IGGY POP                               LUST FOR LIFE                              1996
       IGGY POP                               THE PASSENGER                              1998
       IGLU & HARTLY                          IN THIS CITY                               2008
       IKE & TINA TURNER                      NUTBUSH CITY LIMITS                        1973
       INDEEP                                 LAST NIGHT A DJ SAVED MY LIFE              1983
       INFERNAL                               FROM PARIS TO BERLIN                       2006
       INI KAMOZE                             HERE COMES THE HOTSTEPPER                  1995
       INNA                                   HOT                                        2010
       INNER CIRCLE                           SWEAT                                      2012
       INNER CITY                             BUENA VIDA (GOOD LIFE)                     1999
       INXS                                   BABY DON'T CRY                             1992
       INXS                                   DEVIL INSIDE                               1988
       INXS                                   NEED YOU TONIGHT                           1988
       IRENA CARA                             FAME                                       1982
       IRENA CARA                             FLASHDANCE...WHAT A FEELING                1983
       IRONIK                                 STAY WITH ME                               2008
       IRONIK                                 TINY DANCER                                2009
       ISAAC HAYES                            THEME FROM SHAFT                           1971
       ISLEY BROS                             THAT LADY                                  1973
       ISLEY BROTHERS                         HARVEST FOR THE WORLD                      1976
       ISLEY BROTHERS                         THIS OLD HEART OF MINE                     1966
       ISLEY BROTHERS                         TWIST AND SHOUT                            1960
       IYAZ                                   REPLAY                                     2009
       IYAZ                                   SOLO                                       2010
       J R WALKER & THE ALL STARS             HOW SWEET IT IS TO BE LOVED BY YOU         1966
       JACKIE DE SHANNON                      WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW IS LOVE           1965
       JACKIE WILSON                          HIGHER & HIGHER                            1975
       JACKIE WILSON                          I GET THE SWEETEST FEELING                 1972
       JACKIE WILSON                          REET PETITE                                1957
       JACKSON 5                              ABC                                        1970
       JACKSON 5                              I WANT YOU BACK                            1970
       JACKSON 5                              I'LL BE THERE                              1964
       JACKSONS                               BLAME IT ON THE BOOGIE                     1978
       JACKSONS                               SHAKE YOUR BODY DOWN                       1978
       JAKATTA                                AMERICAN DREAM                             2001
       JAM                                    BEAT SURRENDER                             1982
       JAM                                    GOING UNDERGROUND                          1980
       JAM                                    TOWN CALLED MALICE                         1982
       JAM & SPOON FEATURING PLAVKA           RIGHT IN THE NIGHT                         1995
       JAMELIA                                SEE IT IN A BOY'S EYES                     2004
       JAMELIA                                SUPERSTAR                                  2003
       JAMES                                  LAID                                       1993
       JAMES                                  SIT DOWN                                   1998
       JAMES BLUNT                            YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL                           2005
       JAMES BROWN                            GET UP (I FEEL LIKE BEING A) SEX MACHINE   1970
       JAMES BROWN                            I GOT YOU (I FEEL GOOD)                    1966
       JAMES BROWN                            IT'S A MAN'S, MAN'S, MAN'S WORLD           1966
       JAMES BROWN                            LIVING IN AMERICA                          1986
       JAMES BROWN                            PAPA'S GOT A BRAND NEW BAG                 1965
       JAMES BROWN                            THE FUNK SOUL BROTHER
       JAMES MORRISON                         YOU GIVE ME SOMETHING                      2006
       JAMIE T                                SHEILA                                     2007
       JAMIROQUAI                             CANNED HEAT                                1999
       JAMIROQUAI                             COSMIC GIRL                                1996
       JAMIROQUAI                             LITTLE L                                   2001
       JAMIROQUAI                             LOVE FOOLOSOPHY                            2002
       JAMIROQUAI                             SPACE COWBOY                               1994
       JAMIROQUAI                             VIRTUAL INSANITY                           1996

                         ARTIST NAME                               SONG TITLE    Year
       JANET JACKSON                        ALL FOR YOU                          2001
       JANET JACKSON                        WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR ME LATELY     1986
       JASON DERULO                         FIGHT FOR YOU                        2011
       JASON DERULO                         IN MY HEAD                           2009
       JASON DERULO                         IT GIRL                              2011
       JASON DERULO                         RIDING SOLO                          2010
       JASON DERULO                         WHAT IF                              2010
       JAVINE                               TOUCH MY FIRE                        2005
       JAY SEAN                             2012 (AIN'T THE END)                 2010
       JAY SEAN                             DOWN                                 2009
       JAY SEAN                             RIDE IT                              2008
       JAY SEAN, SEAN PAUL & LIL JON        DO YOU REMEMBER                      2010
       JAY Z & KANYE WEST                   NI**AS IN PARIS                      2012
       JAY-Z                                EMPIRE STATE OF MIND                 2009
       JAY-Z                                RUN THIS TOWN                        2009
       JAZZY JEFF & THE FRESH PRINCE        BOOM! SHAKE THE ROOM                 1993
       JEAN KNIGHT                          MR BIG STUFF                         2002
       JEFF BECK                            HI HO SILVER LINING                  1967
       JENNIFER HUDSON                      SPOTLIGHT                            2008
       JENNIFER LOPEZ                       GET RIGHT                            2005
       JENNIFER LOPEZ                       I'M INTO YOU                         2011
       JENNIFER LOPEZ                       JENNY FROM THE BLOCK                 2002
       JENNIFER LOPEZ                       LOVE DON'T COST A THING              2000
       JENNIFER LOPEZ                       ON THE FLOOR                         2011
       JENNIFER LOPEZ                       PLAY                                 2001
       JENNIFER LOPEZ                       WAITING FOR TONIGHT                  1999
       JENNIFER RUSH                        THE POWER OF LOVE                    1984
       JEREMIH                              BIRTHDAY SEX UPTEMPO                 2009
       JERRY LEE LEWIS                      GREAT BALLS OF FIRE                  1957
       JESSIE J                             DO IT LIKE A DUDE                    2011
       JESSIE J                             DOMINO                               2011
       JESSIE J                             PRICE TAG (feat B.o.B)               2011
       JESUS JONES                          INTERNATIONAL BRIGHT YOUNG THING     1991
       JET                                  ARE YOU GONNA BE MY GIRL             2003
       JIM GILSTRAP                         SWING YOUR DADDY                     1975
       JIM LOWE                             THE GREEN DOOR                       1956
       JIMI HENDRIX                         PURPLE HAZE                          1967
       JIMMY EAT WORLD                      THE MIDDLE                           2002
       JIMMY HELMS                          GONNA MAKE YOU AN OFFER YOU CAN'T    1973
       JIMMY RUFFIN                         WHAT BECOMES OF THE BROKEN HEARTED   1966
       J-KWON                               TIPSY                                2004
       JLS                                  BEAT AGAIN                           2009
       JLS                                  EVERYBODY IN LOVE                    2009
       JLS                                  EYES WIDE SHUT                       2010
       JLS                                  LOVE YOU MORE                        2010
       JLS                                  ONE SHOT                             2009
       JLS                                  SHE MAKES ME WANNA                   2011
       JO JO                                BABY IT'S YOU                        2005
       JOAN JETT                            I LOVE ROCK AND ROLL                 1982
       JOAN JETT & THE BLACKHEARTS          BAD REPUTATION                       1982
       JOCELYN BROWN                        SOMEBODY ELSE'S GUY                  1984
       JOE                                  RIDE WIT U                           2003
       JOE BUDDENS                          PUMP IT UP                           2003
       JOE COCKER                           YOU CAN LEAVE YOUR HAT ON            1985
       JOE MCELDERRY                        AMBITIONS                            2010
       JOE TEX                              AINT GONNA BUMP NO MORE              1977
       JOEY NEGRO                           MAKE A MOVE ON ME                    2006
       JOHN DENVER                          TAKE ME HOME, COUNTRY ROADS

                          ARTIST NAME                                 SONG TITLE   Year
       JOHN LEE HOOKER                           BOOM BOOM                         1992
       JOHN LENNON                               IMAGINE                           1971
       JOHN LENNON                               WOMAN                             1981
       JOHN PAUL YOUNG                           LOVE IS IN THE AIR                1978
       JOHN TRAVOLTA                             GREASED LIGHTNING                 1978
       JOHN TRAVOLTA & OLIVIA N JOHN             GREASE MEGAMIX                    1990
       JOHN TRAVOLTA & OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN        SUMMER NIGHTS                     1978
       JOHNNY BRISTOL                            HANG ON IN THERE BABY             1974
       JOHNNY BURNETTE                           YOU'RE SIXTEEN                    1961
       JOHNNY CASH                               I WALK THE LINE                   1956
       JOHNNY KID & THE PIRATES                  SHAKIN' ALL OVER                  1960
       JOHNNY KIDD & THE PIRATES                 I'LL NEVER GET OVER YOU           1963
       JOHNNY NASH                               I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW             1972
       JOHNNY TILLOTSON                          POETRY IN MOTION                  1960
       JOJO & K-Ci                               ALL MY LIFE                       2009
       JON SECADA                                JUST ANOTHER DAY                  1992
       JONA LEWIE                                STOP THE CAVALRY                  1980
       JORDIN SPARKS                             NO AIR                            2008
       JORDIN SPARKS                             TATTOO                            2008
       JOSS STONE                                SPOILED                           2005
       JOSS STONE                                SUPER DUPER LOVE                  2004
       JOYCE SIMS                                COME INTO MY LIFE                 1987
       JUNIOR SENIOR                             MOVE YOUR FEET                    2003
       JUNIOR SENIOR                             RHYTHM BANDITS                    2003
       JUST JACK                                 STARZ IN THEIR EYES               2007
       JUSTIN BEIBER                             FIRST DANCE                       2010
       JUSTIN BEIBER                             ONE TIME                          2010
       JUSTIN BEIBER                             SOMEBODY TO LOVE                  2010
       JUSTIN BIEBER                             BABY                              2010
       JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE                         I'M LOVIN' IT                     2003
       JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE                         LIKE I LOVE YOU                   2003
       JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE                         LOVE SEX MAGIC                    2009
       JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE                         LOVE STONED                       2007
       JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE                         LOVESTONED/I THINK SHE KNOWS      2007
       JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE                         ROCK YOUR BODY                    2003
       JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE                         SENORITA                          2003
       JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE                         SEXYBACK                          2006
       JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE                         WHERE IS LOVE                     2003
       K C & THE SUNSHINE BAND                   GIVE IT UP                        1982
       K C & THE SUNSHINE BAND                   THAT'S THE WAY I LIKE IT          1975
       K T TUNSTALL                              STILL A WEIRDO                    2010
       KAISER CHIEFS                             I PREDICT A RIOT                  2005
       KAISER CHIEFS                             RUBY                              2007
       KAJAGOOGOO                                TOO SHY                           1982
       KANYE WEST                                DIAMONDS FROM SIERRA LEONE        2005
       KANYE WEST                                GOLD DIGGER                       2005
       KANYE WEST                                HOMECOMING                        2008
       KANYE WEST                                STRONGER                          2007
       KAOMA                                     LAMBADA                           1989
       KARDINAL OFFISHALL & AKON                 DANGEROUS                         2008
       KATE NASH                                 FOUNDATIONS                       2007
       KATIE MELUA                               NINE MILLION BICYCLES             2005
       KATRINA & THE WAVES                       WALKING ON SUNSHINE               1985
       KATY B                                    BROKEN RECORD                     2011
       KATY B                                    LIGHTS ON                         2010
       KATY PERRY                                CALIFORNIA GIRLS                  2010
       KATY PERRY                                FIREWORK                          2010
       KATY PERRY                                HOT N COLD                        2008

                         ARTIST NAME                            SONG TITLE     Year
       KATY PERRY                           I KISSED A GIRL                    2008
       KATY PERRY                           LAST FRIDAY NIGHT                  2011
       KATY PERRY                           TEENAGE DREAMS                     2010
       KATY PERRY                           THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY              2011
       KATY PERRY                           WAKING UP IN VEGAS                 2009
       KEANE                                EVERYBODY'S CHANGING               2004
       KEANE                                IS IT ANY WONDER                   2006
       KEANE                                THIS IS THE LAST TIME              2005
       KELE LE ROC                          MY LOVE                            1998
       KELIS                                ACAPELLA                           2010
       KELIS                                TRICK ME                           2004
       KELLY CLARKSON                       BECAUSE OF YOU                     2004
       KELLY CLARKSON                       BEHIND THESE HAZEL EYES            2005
       KELLY CLARKSON                       MY LIFE WOULD SUCK WITHOUT YOU     2009
       KELLY CLARKSON                       NEVER AGAIN                        2007
       KELLY CLARKSON                       SINCE U BEEN GONE                  2005
       KELLY CLARKSON                       STRONGER - WHAT DOESN'T KILL YOU   2012
       KELLY LLORENNA                       TELL IT TO MY HEART                2001
       KELLY MARIE                          FEELS LIKE I'M IN LOVE             1979
       KELLY ROWLAND                        COMMANDER                          2010
       KELLY ROWLAND                        DOWN FOR WHATEVER                  2011
       KELLY ROWLAND                        WORK                               2008
       KENNY BALL & HIS JAZZMEN             MIDNIGHT IN MOSCOW                 1961
       KENNY LOGGINS                        FOOTLOOSE                          1984
       KENNY ROGERS                         THE WIND BENEATH MY WINGS          1977
       KENNY THOMAS                         THINKING ABOUT YOUR LOVE           1991
       KERI HILSON                          KNOCK YOU DOWN                     2009
       KERNKRAFT 400                        ZOMBIE NATION                      2000
       KESHA                                BLAH BLAH BLAH                     2010
       KESHA                                TAKE IT OFF                        2010
       KESHA                                TAKE IT OFF                        2010
       KESHA                                TIK TOK                            2009
       KESHA                                WE R WHO WE R                      2011
       KESHA                                YOUR LOVE IS MY DRUG               2010
       KEVIN LYTTLE                         TURN ME ON                         2004
       KEVIN RUDOLF                         LET IT ROCK                        2009
       KID BASS                             GOOD GIRLS LOVE RUDE BOYS          2009
       KID ROCK                             ALL SUMMER LONG                    2008
       KILLERS                              HUMAN                              2008
       KILLERS                              MR BRIGHTSIDE                      2007
       KILLERS                              SOMEBODY TOLD ME                   2005
       KIM WILDE                            YOU KEEP ME HANGING ON             1986
       KINGS OF LEON                        RADIOACTIVE                        2010
       KINGS OF LEON                        SEX ON FIRE                        2008
       KINGS OF LEON                        USE SOMEBODY                       2009
       KINKS                                ALL DAY & ALL OF THE NIGHT         1964
       KINKS                                LOLA                               1970
       KINKS                                TIRED OF WAITING FOR YOU           1965
       KINKS                                YOU REALLY GOT ME                  1964
       KIRSTY MACCOLL                       DAYS                               1995
       KLAXONS                              IT'S NOT OVER YET                  2007
       KOOKS                                ALWAYS WHERE I NEED TO BE          2008
       KOOKS                                SHE MOVES IN HER OWN WAY           2006
       KOOL & THE GANG                      CELEBRATION                        1980
       KOOL & THE GANG                      GET DOWN ON IT                     1981
       KOOL & THE GANG                      LADIES NIGHT                       1979
       KOSHEEN                              HIDE U                             2001
       KT TUNSTALL                          SUDDENLY I SEE                     2005
       KYLIE MINOGUE                        2 HEARTS                           2007

                        ARTIST NAME                             SONG TITLE   Year
       KYLIE MINOGUE                       ALL THE LOVERS                    2010
       KYLIE MINOGUE                       CAN'T GET YOU OUT OF MY HEAD      2001
       KYLIE MINOGUE                       GET OUTTA MY WAY                  2010
       KYLIE MINOGUE                       I BELIEVE IN YOU                  2005
       KYLIE MINOGUE                       I SHOULD BE SO LUCKY              1988
       KYLIE MINOGUE                       IN YOUR EYES                      2002
       KYLIE MINOGUE                       LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT               2002
       KYLIE MINOGUE                       ON A NIGHT LIKE THIS              2003
       KYLIE MINOGUE                       SPINNING AROUND                   2000
       KYLIE MINOGUE                       THE LOCOMOTION                    1988
       KYLIE MINOGUE                       WOW                               2008
       LCD                                 ZORBA'S DANCE                     1999
       LA ROUX                             BULLETPROOF                       2009
       LA ROUX                             IN FOR THE KILL                   2010
       LABELLE                             LADY MARMALADE                    1975
       LABRINTH                            EARTHQUAKE                        2011
       LABRINTH                            LET THE SUNSHINE                  2010
       LADY GA GA                          BAD ROMANCE                       2009
       LADY GA GA                          LOVE GAME (CHEW FU REMIX)         2009
       LADY GA GA                          LOVE GAME PARTY                   2009
       LADY GA GA                          PAPARAZZI                         2009
       LADY GA GA                          POKER FACE                        2009
       LADY GA GA & COLBY O'DONIS          JUST DANCE                        2008
       LADY GAGA                           ALEJANDRO                         2010
       LADY GAGA                           BORN THIS WAY                     2011
       LADY GAGA                           JUDAS                             2011
       LADY GAGA                           MARRY THE NIGHT                   2011
       LADY GAGA                           THE EDGE OF GLORY                 2011
       LADY GAGA & BEYONCE                 TELEPHONE                         2010
       LAMBRETTAS                          POISON IVY                        1980
       LANA DEL REY                        OFF TO THE RACES                  2012
       LARRY WILLIAMS                      BONY MORONIE                      1957
       LA'S                                THERE SHE GOES                    1988
       LEANNE RIMES                        CAN'T FIGHT THE MOONLIGHT         2000
       LED ZEPPELIN                        ROCK & ROLL
       LEMAR                               ANOTHER DAY                       2003
       LEMAR                               IF THERE'S ANY JUSTICE            2005
       LEMAR                               IT'S NOT THAT EASY                2006
       LEMONHEADS                          MRS ROBINSON                      1992
       LENNY KRAVITZ                       ARE YOU GONNA GO MY WAY           1993
       LENNY KRAVITZ                       FLY AWAY                          1998
       LENNY KRAVITZ                       HEAVEN HELP                       1993
       LENNY KRAVITZ                       I'LL BE WAITING                   2008
       LEO SAYER                           YOU MAKE ME FEEL LIKE DANCING     1976
       LEONA LEWIS                         A MOMENT LIKE THIS                2009
       LEONA LEWIS                         BETTER IN TIME                    2008
       LEONA LEWIS                         BLEEDING LOVE                     2007
       LEONA LEWIS                         FORGIVE ME                        2008
       LEONA LEWIS                         RUN                               2008
       LESLEY GORE                         IT'S MY PARTY                     1963
       LEVEL 42                            LESSONS IN LOVE                   1986
       LEVEL 42                            RUNNING IN THE FAMILY             1987
       LIBERTY X                           A NIGHT TO REMEMBER               2005
       LIBERTY X                           GOT TO HAVE YOUR LOVE             2002
       LIBERTY X                           JUMPIN'                           2003
       LIBERTY X                           JUST A LITTLE                     2002
       LIBERTY X                           SONG 4 LOVERS                     2005
       LIGHTHOUSE FAMILY                   AIN'T NO SUNSHINE                 1999
       LIGHTHOUSE FAMILY                   OCEAN DRIVE                       1996

                          ARTIST NAME                               SONG TITLE      Year
       LIGHTNING SEEDS                         THE LIFE OF RILEY                    1992
       LIL' CHRIS                              CHECKING IT OUT                      2006
       LIL WAYNE                               MIRROR                               2012
       LILY ALLEN                              NOT FAIR                             2009
       LILY ALLEN                              SMILE                                2006
       LILY ALLEN                              THE FEAR                             2009
       LIMMIE & THE FAMILY COOKIN'             A WALKIN' MIRACLE                    1974
       LIMMIE & THE FAMILY COOKIN'             YOU CAN DO MAGIC                     1973
       LINKIN PARK                             NUMB                                 2003
       LIONEL RICHIE                           ALL NIGHT LONG                       1992
       LIONEL RICHIE                           DANCING ON THE CEILING               1986
       LIONEL RICHIE                           ENDLESS LOVE                         1992
       LIONEL RICHIE                           HELLO                                1992
       LIONEL RICHIE                           RUNNING WITH THE NIGHT               1992
       LIONEL RICHIE                           STUCK ON YOU                         1983
       LIONEL RICHIE                           THREE TIMES A LADY                   1992
       LIPPS INC.                              FUNKYTOWN                            1979
       LITTLE BOOTS                            NEW IN TOWN                          2009
       LITTLE BOOTS                            REMEDY                               2009
       LITTLE EVA                              THE LOCOMOTION                       1962
       LITTLE MIX                              CANNONBALL                           2011
       LITTLE RICHARD                          GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY                1958
       LITTLE RICHARD                          LONG TALL SALLY                      1957
       LITTLE RICHARD                          TUTTI FRUTTI                         1956
       LIVIN' JOY                              DON'T STOP MOVIN'                    1996
       LIVIN' JOY                              DREAMER                              1995
       LIZ MCCLARNON                           WOMAN IN LOVE                        2005
       LL COOL J feat 7 AURELIUS               HUSH                                 2005
       LLOYD                                   DEDICATION TO MY EX (MISS THAT)      2011
       LMFAO                                   PARTY ROCK ANTHEM                    2011
       LMFAO                                   SEXY & I KNOW IT                     2011
       LOCK 'N' LOAD                           BLOW YA MIND                         2000
       LONESTAR                                AMAZED                               2000
       LONNIE DONEGAN                          ROCK ISLAND LINE                     1956
       LONYO                                   SUMMER OF LOVE                       2000
       LOREEN                                  EUPHORIA                             2012
       LOS DEL RIO                             MACARENA                             1995
       LOS LOBOS                               LA BAMBA                             1987
       LOU BEGA                                MAMBO NO. 5 (A LITTLE BIT OF...)     1999
       LOU REED                                VICIOUS                              1973
       LOUIS ARMSTRONG                         HELLO DOLLY                          1964
       LOUIS ARMSTRONG                         JEEPERS CREEPERS                     1994
       LOUIS ARMSTRONG                         WE HAVE ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD    1994
       LOUIS ARMSTRONG                         WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD               1968
       LOVE INC.                               YOU'RE A SUPERSTAR                   2002
       LOVEFREEKZ                              SHINE                                2005
       LOVIN' SPOONFUL                         DAYDREAM                             1967
       LUCENZO & QWOTE                         DANZA KUDURO (THROW YOUR HANDS UP)   2011
       LULU                                    SHOUT                                1964
       LULU & RONAN KEATING                    WE'VE GOT TONIGHT                    2003
       LUPE FIASCO                             SUPERSTAR                            2008
       LUSTRA                                  SCOTTY DOESN'T KNOW
       LUTHER VANDROSS                         ENDLESS LOVE                         1981
       LUTHER VANDROSS                         NEVER TOO MUCH                       1981
       LZ7                                     THIS LITTLE LIGHT                    2010
       M & O BAND                              LETS DO THE LATIN HUSTLE             1976
       M C HAMMER                              U CAN'T TOUCH THIS                   1990

                          ARTIST NAME                                  SONG TITLE             Year
       M PEOPLE                                   JUST FOR YOU                                1997
       M PEOPLE                                   MOVIN' ON UP                                1994
       M PEOPLE                                   ONE NIGHT IN HEAVEN                         1993
       M PEOPLE                                   OPEN YOUR HEART                             1994
       M PEOPLE                                   SEARCH FOR THE HERO                         1995
       MVP                                        ROC YA BODY 'MIC CHECK1,2'                  2005
       M.I.A.                                     PAPER PLANES                                2007
       MADCON                                     BEGGIN'                                     2008
       MADHOUSE                                   LIKE A PRAYER                               2002
       MADISON AVENUE                             DON'T CALL ME BABY                          2001
       MADNESS                                    BAGGY TROUSERS                              1980
       MADNESS                                    DRIVING IN MY CAR                           1982
       MADNESS                                    HOUSE OF FUN                                1982
       MADNESS                                    IT MUST BE LOVE                             1981
       MADNESS                                    MY GIRL                                     1980
       MADNESS                                    ONE STEP BEYOND                             1979
       MADNESS                                    OUR HOUSE                                   1982
       MADONNA                                    4 MINUTES                                   2008
       MADONNA                                    AMERICAN PIE                                2000
       MADONNA                                    CELEBRATION                                 2009
       MADONNA                                    CRAZY FOR YOU                               1985
       MADONNA                                    GET TOGETHER                                2005
       MADONNA                                    HOLIDAY                                     1983
       MADONNA                                    HUNG UP                                     2005
       MADONNA                                    INTO THE GROOVE                             1985
       MADONNA                                    LIKE A PRAYER                               1989
       MADONNA                                    LIKE A VIRGIN                               1984
       MADONNA                                    MATERIAL GIRL                               1984
       MADONNA                                    MUSIC                                       2000
       MADONNA                                    PAPA DON'T PREACH                           1986
       MADONNA                                    VOGUE                                       1989
       MAGIC NUMBERS                              LOVE ME LIKE YOU                            2005
       MAGNETIC MAN                               I NEED AIR                                  2010
       MAGNETIC MAN & KATY B                      PERFECT STRANGER                            2010
       MAKES ME WONDER                            MAKES ME WONDER                             2007
       MANFRED MANN                               5,4,3,2,1                                   1964
       MANFRED MANN                               PRETTY FLAMINGO                             1966
       MANIC STREET PREACHERS                     AUSTRALIA                                   1996
       MANN                                       BUZZIN                                      2011
       MARCELLO MINERBI                           ZORBA'S DANCE                               1965
       MARCELS                                    BLUE MOON                                   1961
       MARIAH CAREY                               ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS YOU             1994
       MARIAH CAREY                               OBSESSED                                    2009
       MARIAH CAREY                               WE BELONG TOGETHER                          2005
       MARINA & THE DIAMONDS                      PRIMADONNA                                  2012
       MARIO PIU                                  COMMUNICATION (SOMEBODY ANSWER THE PHONE)   1999
       MARK BROWN                                 THE JOURNEY CONTINUES                       2008
       MARK MORRISON                              RETURN OF THE MACK                          1996
       MARK MORRISON                              RETURN OF THE MACK                          1996
       MARK RONSON                                THE BIKE SONG                               2010
       MARK RONSON & THE BUSINESS INTL            BANG BANG BANG                              2010
       MARK RONSON feat AMY WHITEHOUSE            VALERIE                                     2007
       MARK RONSON fet DANIEL MERRIWEATHER        STOP ME                                     2007
       MAROON 5                                   HARDER TO BREATHE                           2003
       MAROON 5                                   MOVES LIKE JAGGER                           2011
       MAROON 5                                   THIS LOVE                                   2004
       MARTHA & THE MUFFINS                       ECHO BEACH                                  1980
       MARTHA REEVES & THE VANDELLAS              DANCING IN THE STREET                       1964
       MARTHA REEVES & THE VANDELLAS              I'M READY FOR LOVE                          1966

                           ARTIST NAME                             SONG TITLE    Year
       MARTHA REEVES & THE VANDELLAS          JIMMY MACK                         1967
       MARTIN SOLVEIG                         EVERYBODY                          2005
       MARTY WILDE                            A TEENAGER IN LOVE                 1959
       MARTY WILDE                            RUBBER BALL                        1961
       MARVELETTES                            WHEN YOU'RE YOUNG & IN LOVE        1967
       MARVIN GAYE                            I HEARD IT THROUGH THE GRAPEVINE   1968
       MARVIN GAYE & KIM WESTON               IT TAKES TWO                       1966
       MARY J BLIGE                           EVERYTHING                         1997
       MARY J BLIGE                           JUST FINE                          2008
       MARY MARY                              SHACKLES (PRAISE YOU)              2000
       MARY WELLS                             MY GUY                             1964
       MASON                                  PERFECT EXCEEDER                   2007
       MATCHBOX TWENTY                        HOW FAR WE'VE COME                 2007
       MATT MONRO                             CLOSE TO YOU                       1970
       MATT WILLIS                            UP ALL NIGHT                       2006
       MATTAFIX                               BIG CITY LIFE                      2005
       MAVERICKS                              DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY               1998
       MAYA feat TAMPERER                     FEEL IT                            1998
       MAZE                                   JOY & PAIN                         1981
       MCFADDEN & WHITEHEAD                   AIN'T NO STOPPING US NOW           1979
       MCFLY                                  ALL ABOUT YOU                      2005
       MCFLY                                  BABY'S COMING BACK                 2007
       MCFLY                                  BUILD ME UP BUTTERCUP              2008
       MCFLY                                  DON'T STOP ME NOW                  2006
       MCFLY                                  FIVE COLOURS IN HER HAIR           2004
       MCFLY                                  I WANNA HOLD YOU                   2005
       MCFLY                                  STAR GIRL                          2006
       MCFLY & TAIO CRUZ                      SHINE A LIGHT                      2010
       MEATLOAF                               BAT OUT OF HELL                    1979
       MEATLOAF                               DEAD RINGER FOR LOVE               1981
       MECK feat LEO SAYER                    THUNDER IN MY HEART AGAIN          2005
       MEL & KIM                              RESPECTABLE                        1987
       MELBA MOORE                            THIS IS IT                         1976
       MEN AT WORK                            DOWN UNDER                         1982
       MERSEYBEATS                            WISHIN' AND HOPIN'                 1964
       METRO STATION                          SHAKE IT                           2009
       MGMT                                   KIDS                               2008
       MGMT                                   TIME TO PRETEND                    2008
       MICHAEL BUBLE                          HOLLYWOOD                          2010
       MICHAEL HOLIDAY                        THE STORY OF MY LIFE               1958
       MICHAEL JACKSON                        AIN'T NO SUNSHINE                  1972
       MICHAEL JACKSON                        BAD                                1987
       MICHAEL JACKSON                        BEAT IT                            1982
       MICHAEL JACKSON                        BILLIE JEAN                        1982
       MICHAEL JACKSON                        BLACK OR WHITE                     1991
       MICHAEL JACKSON                        DON'T STOP 'TIL YOU GET ENOUGH     1979
       MICHAEL JACKSON                        ROCK WITH YOU                      1980
       MICHAEL JACKSON                        ROCKIN' ROBIN                      1972
       MICHAEL JACKSON                        SMOOTH CRIMINAL                    1988
       MICHAEL JACKSON                        THE GIRL IS MINE                   1982
       MICHAEL JACKSON                        THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL           1987
       MICHAEL JACKSON                        THRILLER                           1982
       MIDNIGHT OIL                           BEDS ARE BURNING                   1989
       MIDNIGHT STAR                          MIDAS TOUCH                        1986
       MIKA                                   GRACE KELLY                        2007
       MIKA                                   LOLLIPOP                           2007
       MIKA                                   LOVE TODAY                         2007
       MIKA                                   RELAX, TAKE IT EASY                2008
       MIKE & THE MECHANICS                   THE LIVING YEARS                   1988

                         ARTIST NAME                            SONG TITLE      Year
       MIKE POSNER                          COOLER THAN ME                      2010
       MILEY CYRUS                          7 THINGS                            2008
       MILEY CYRUS                          CAN'T BE TAMED                      2010
       MILEY CYRUS                          HOEDOWN THROWDOWN                   2009
       MILEY CYRUS                          PARTY IN THE USA                    2010
       MILITARY WIVES                       WHEREVER YOU ARE                    2011
       MILLIE                               MY BOY LOLLIPOP                     1964
       MINISTRY OF SOUND                    JACQUES YOUR BODY                   2005
       MINNIE RIPERTON                      LOVING YOU                          1975
       MIS TEEQ                             SCANDALOUS                          2003
       MISSY ELLIOTT                        LOSE CONTROL                        2005
       MIS-TEEQ                             ALL I WANT                          2001
       MIS-TEEQ                             CAN'T GET IT BACK                   2003
       MIS-TEEQ                             ONE NIGHT STAND                     2001
       MIS-TEEQ                             WHY?                                2001
       MOCK TURTLES                         CAN YOU DIG IT (2003 REMIX)         2003
       MODERN ROMANCE                       BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES             1982
       MODERN ROMANCE                       EVERYBODY SALSA                     1981
       MODJO                                LADY                                2000
       MOLOKO                               SING IT BACK                        1999
       MONKEES                              A LITTLE BIT ME, A LITTLE BIT YOU   1967
       MONKEES                              DAYDREAM BELIEVER                   1967
       MONKEES                              HEY HEY WE'RE THE MONKEES
       MONKEES                              I'M A BELIEVER                      1966
       MONKEES                              LAST TRAIN TO CLARKSVILLE           1967
       MONTELL JORDAN                       THIS IS HOW WE DO IT                1995
       MOODY BLUES                          NIGHTS IN WHITE SATIN               1967
       MOTORHEAD                            ACE OF SPADES                       1980
       MOTT THE HOOPLE                      ALL THE YOUNG DUDES                 1972
       MOUSSE T                             HORNY                               1998
       MOUSSE T VS HOT'N'JUICY              HORNY                               1998
       MOUSSE T vs THE DANDY WARHOLS        HORNY AS A DANDY                    2006
       MOVE                                 BLACKBERRY WAY                      1968
       MOVE                                 FIRE BRIGADE                        1968
       MR HUDSON                            SUPERNOVA                           2009
       MS DYNAMITE                          DY-NA-MI-TEE                        2002
       MUD                                  TIGER FEET                          1974
       MUNGO JERRY                          IN THE SUMMERTIME                   1970
       MURRAY HEAD                          ONE NIGHT IN BANGKOK                1984
       MUTYA BUENA                          REAL GIRL                           2007
       MVP                                  BOUNCE, SHAKE, MOVE, STOP!          2005
       MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE                  CANCER                              2008
       MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE                  TEENAGERS                           2007
       MYLO vs MIAMI SOUND MACHINE          DOCTOR PRESSURE                     2005
       N.E.R.D.                             MAYBE                               2004
       NANCY SINATRA                        SUGAR TOWN                          1967
       NANCY SINATRA                        THESE BOOTS ARE MADE FOR WALKING    1966
       NAT KING COLE                        IT'S ALL IN THE GAME                1957
       NAT KING COLE                        LET THERE BE LOVE                   1962
       NAT KING COLE                        MONA LISA                           1957
       NAT KING COLE                        RAMBLIN' ROSE                       1962
       NAT KING COLE                        TENDERLY                            1953
       NAT KING COLE                        UNFORGETTABLE                       1961
       NAT KING COLE                        WHEN I FALL IN LOVE                 1957
       NATASHA BEDINGFIELD                  I WANNA HAVE YOUR BABIES            2007
       NATASHA BEDINGFIELD                  SINGLE                              2004
       NATASHA BEDINGFIELD                  THESE WORDS                         2004
       NAZARETH                             THIS FLIGHT TONIGHT                 1973
       N-DUBZ                               BEST BEHAVIOUR                      2010

                          ARTIST NAME                               SONG TITLE   Year
       N-DUBZ                                OUCH                                2008
       N-DUBZ                                WE DANCE ON                         2010
       NEIL DIAMOND                          SWEET CAROLINE                      1971
       NEIL SEDAKA                           CALENDAR GIRL                       1961
       NEIL SEDAKA                           HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET SIXTEEN        1961
       NEIL SEDAKA                           OH! CAROL                           1959
       NELLY                                 COUNTRY GRAMMAR (HOT....)           2000
       NELLY                                 HOT IN HERRE                        2002
       NELLY                                 JUST A DREAM                        2010
       NELLY feat JUSTON TIMBERLAKE          WORK IT                             2003
       NELLY FEAT KELLY ROWLAND              DILEMMA                             2003
       NELLY feat TIM MCGRAW                 OVER & OVER                         2005
       NELLY FURTADO                         I'M LIKE A BIRD                     2001
       NELLY FURTADO                         MANEATER                            2006
       NELLY FURTADO                         TURN OFF THE LIGHT                  2001
       NELLY FURTADO FT TIMBALAND            PROMISCUOUS                         2006
       NENA                                  99 RED BALLOONS                     1983
       NEW ORDER                             BLUE MONDAY                         1983
       NEW RADICALS                          YOU GET WHAT YOU GIVE               1999
       NEW YORK CITY                         I'M DOING FINE NOW                  1973
       NEYO                                  BEAUTIFUL MONSTER                   2010
       NE-YO                                 BECAUSE OF YOU                      2007
       NE-YO                                 CLOSER                              2008
       NE-YO                                 MISS INDEPENDENT                    2008
       NE-YO                                 SEXY LOVE                           2006
       NE-YO                                 SO SICK                             2006
       NICKELBACK                            HOW YOU REMIND ME                   2002
       NICKELBACK                            ROCK STAR                           2008
       NICKI MINAJ                           STARSHIPS                           2012
       NICKI MINAJ                           SUPER BASS                          2012
       NICOLE KIDMAN & EWAN MCGREGOR         COME WHAT MAY                       2001
       NICOLE SCHERZINGER                    RIGHT THERE                         2011
       NIGHTCRAWLERS                         PUSH THE FEELING ON                 1994
       NIK KERSHAW                           I WON'T LET THE SUN GO DOWN ON ME   1983
       NINA SKY FEAT. JABBA                  MOVE YA BODY                        2004
       NIRVANA                               SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT             1991
       NOAH & THE WHALE                      L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N.                2011
       NOLANS                                I'M IN THE MOOD FOR DANCING         1979
       NORAH JONES                           DON'T KNOW WHY                      2001
       N-SYNC FT NELLY                       GIRLFRIEND                          2002
       N-TRANCE                              STAYING ALIVE                       1995
       OAKENFOLD                             STARRY EYED SURPRISE                2002
       OASIS                                 CHAMPAGNE SUPERNOVA                 1995
       OASIS                                 CIGARETTES & ALCOHOL                1994
       OASIS                                 DON'T LOOK BACK IN ANGER            1995
       OASIS                                 LIVE FOREVER                        1998
       OASIS                                 ROLL WITH IT                        1995
       OASIS                                 SOME MIGHT SAY                      1995
       OASIS                                 THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING IDLE        2005
       OASIS                                 WONDERWALL                          1995
       OCEAN COLOUR SCENE                    THE RIVER BOAT SONG                 1998
       ODYSSEY                               GOING BACK TO MY ROOTS              1981
       ODYSSEY                               NATIVE NEW YORKER                   1977
       ODYSSEY                               USE IT UP AND WEAR IT OUT           1980
       OFFSPRING                             SELF ESTEEM                         1995
       O'JAYS                                BACKSTABBERS                        1972
       O'JAYS                                I LOVE MUSIC                        1976
       O'JAYS                                LOVE TRAIN                          1972
       O'JAYS                                NOW THAT WE FOUND LOVE              1991

                         ARTIST NAME                                   SONG TITLE   Year
       OK GO                                      HERE IT GOES AGAIN                2006
       OLIVER CHEATHAM                            GET DOWN SATURDAY NIGHT           1983
       OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN                         HOPELESSLY DEVOTED TO YOU         1978
       OLLY MURS                                  DANCE WITH ME TONIGHT             2011
       OLLY MURS                                  THIS SONG IS ABOUT YOU            2011
       ONE DIRECTION                              ONE THING                         2012
       ONE DIRECTION                              WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL          2011
       ONE NIGHT ONLY                             SAY YOU DON'T WANT IT             2010
       ONEPHATDEEVA                               IN AND OUT OF MY LIFE             1999
       OPM                                        HEAVEN IS A HALF PIPE             2001
       ORCHESTRAL MANOUVRES IN THE DARK           ENOLA GAY                         1980
       ORDINARY BOYS                              BOYS WILL BE BOYS                 2005
       ORDINARY BOYS vs LADY SOVEREIGN            NINE2FIVE                         2006
       ORIGINAL                                   I LUV U BABY                      1994
       ORSON                                      AIN'T NO PARTY                    2007
       ORSON                                      BRIGHT IDEA                       2006
       ORSON                                      LOOK AROUND                       2006
       ORSON                                      NO TOMORROW                       2006
       OTIS REDDING                               LOVE MAN                          1969
       OTIS REDDING                               MY GIRL                           1965
       OTIS REDDING                               SITTIN' ON THE DOCK OF THE BAY    1968
       OTTAWAH                                    DISCO                             1980
       OTTAWAH                                    HANDS UP                          1981
       OUTHERE BROTHERS                           BOOM BOOM BOOM                    1995
       OUTHERE BROTHERS                           LA LA LA HEY HEY                  1995
       OUTKAST                                    HEY YA!                           2003
       OUTKAST                                    MS JACKSON                        2001
       OWL CITY                                   FIREFLIES                         2009
       O-ZONE                                     DRAGOSTEA DIN TEI                 2003
       PANIC! AT THE DISCO                        I WRITE SINS NOT TRAGEDIES        2006
       PANIC! AT THE DISCO                        NINE IN THE AFTERNOON             2008
       PANJABI MC                                 MUNDIAN TO BACH KE                2003
       PAOLO NUTINI                               10/10                             2010
       PAOLO NUTINI                               LAST REQUEST                      2006
       PAOLO NUTINI                               LOVING YOU
       PAOLO NUTINI                               NEW SHOES                         2007
       PAPA ROACH                                 LAST RESORT                       2001
       PASADENAS                                  TRIBUTE (RIGHT ON)                1988
       PAT BOONE                                  AIN'T THAT A SHAME                1955
       PAT BOONE                                  LOVE LETTERS IN THE SAND          1957
       PATO BANTON                                BABY COME BACK                    1994
       PATRICE RUSHEN                             FORGET ME NOTS                    1982
       PATRICK HERNANDEZ                          BORN TO BE ALIVE                  1979
       PATRIZIO BUANNE                            A MAN WITHOUT LOVE                2004
       PATTI SMITH GROUP                          BECAUSE THE NIGHT                 1978
       PAUL JOHNSON                               GET GET DOWN                      1999
       PAUL MCCARTNEY                             DANCE TONIGHT                     2007
       PAUL WELLER                                YOU DO SOMETHING TO ME            1995
       PAUL YOUNG                                 EASY                              2002
       PAUL YOUNG                                 LOVE OF THE COMMON PEOPLE         1983
       PEACHES & HERBS                            SHAKE YOUR GROOVE THING           1978
       PENDULUM                                   BLOOD SUGAR                       2008
       PENDULUM                                   PROPANE NIGHTMARES                2008
       PENDULUM                                   PROPANE NIGHTMARES                2009
       PENDULUM                                   SLAM                              2008
       PENDULUM                                   TARANTULA                         2008
       PENDULUM                                   WATERCOLOUR                       2010

                          ARTIST NAME                             SONG TITLE        Year
       PENGUINS                              EARTH ANGEL
       PERCY FAITH                           SUMMER PLACE (THEME FROM)              1960
       PERCY SLEDGE                          WHEN A MAN LOVES A WOMAN               1966
       PERRY COMO                            MAGIC MOMENTS                          1958
       PET SHOP BOYS                         GO WEST                                1993
       PET SHOP BOYS                         IT'S A SIN                             1987
       PETER ANDRE                           MYSTERIOUS GIRL                        1997
       PETULA CLARK                          DOWNTOWN                               1964
       PHATS & SMALL                         TURN AROUND                            1999
       PHIL BAILEY & PHIL COLLINS            EASY LOVER                             1984
       PHIL COLLINS                          A GROOVY KIND OF LOVE                  1988
       PHIL COLLINS                          AGAINST ALL ODDS                       1984
       PHIL COLLINS                          ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE                1989
       PHIL COLLINS                          DANCE INTO THE LIGHT                   1996
       PHIL COLLINS                          EASY LOVER                             1984
       PHIL COLLINS                          IN THE AIR TONIGHT                     1981
       PHIL COLLINS                          ONE MORE NIGHT                         1985
       PHIL COLLINS                          TRUE COLOURS                           1998
       PHIL COLLINS                          TWO HEARTS                             1989
       PHIL COLLINS                          YOU CAN'T HURRY LOVE                   1982
       PHIL OAKEY                            TOGETHER IN ELECTRIC DREAMS            2003
       PHYLLIS NELSON                        MOVE CLOSER                            1985
       PIGEON DETECTIVES                     THIS IS AN EMERGENCY                   2008
       PINK                                  FUNHOUSE (DIGITAL DOG REMIX)           2009
       PINK                                  GET THE PARTY STARTED                  2002
       PINK                                  GOD IS A DJ                            2003
       PINK                                  RAISE YOUR GLASS                       2011
       PINK                                  SO WHAT                                2008
       PINK                                  WHO KNEW                               2006
       PITBULL                               GIVE ME EVERYTHING                     2011
       PITBULL                               HOTEL ROOM                             2009
       PITBULL                               I KNOW YOU WANT ME                     2009
       PITBULL                               INTERNATIONAL LOVE                     2012
       PITBULL                               MOVE SHAKE DROP                        2009
       PIXIE LOTT                            BOYS & GIRLS                           2009
       PIXIE LOTT                            BROKEN ARROW                           2010
       PIXIE LOTT                            GRAVITY                                2010
       PIXIE LOTT                            KISS THE STARS                         2012
       PJ & DUNCAN                           STUCK ON YOU                           1995
       PLAIN WHITE T'S                       HEY THERE DELILAH                      2007
       PLAN B                                PRAYING                                2010
       PLAN B                                SHE SAID                               2010
       PLANET PERFECTO                       BULLET IN THE GUN                      1999
       PLASTIC ONO BAND                      GIVE PEACE A CHANCE                    1969
       PLATNUM                               TRIPPIN                                2009
       PLATTERS                              ONLY YOU                               1955
       PLATTERS                              THE GREAT PRETENDER                    1955
       POINTER SISTERS                       AUTOMATIC                              1984
       POINTER SISTERS                       I'M SO EXCITED                         1982
       POINTER SISTERS                       JUMP (FOR MY LOVE)                     1983
       POLICE                                EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE                  1983
       POLICE                                EVERY LITTLE THING SHE DOES IS MAGIC   1981
       POLICE                                ROXANNE                                1997
       POLICE                                WALKING ON THE MOON                    1979
       PRIMAL SCREAM                         COUNTRY GIRL                           2006
       PRINCE                                1999                                   1983
       PROCLAIMERS                           I'M GONNA BE (500 MILES)               1988
       PROCOL HARUM                          A WHITER SHADE OF PALE                 1967
       PRODIGY                               BREATHE                                1996

                         ARTIST NAME                             SONG TITLE   Year
       PRODIGY                              FIRESTARTER                       1998
       PRODIGY                              OMEN                              2009
       PRODIGY                              WARRIOR'S DANCE                   2009
       PROFESSOR GREEN                      I NEED YOU TONIGHT                2010
       PUBLIC DOMAIN                        OPERATION BLADE                   2000
       PULP                                 COMMON PEOPLE                     1995
       PULP                                 DISCO 2000                        1995
       PUSSYCAT DOLLS                       BUTTONZ                           2006
       PUSSYCAT DOLLS                       DON'T CHA                         2005
       PUSSYCAT DOLLS                       I DON'T NEED A MAN                2006
       PUSSYCAT DOLLS                       JAI HO                            2010
       PUSSYCAT DOLLS                       WHEN I GROW UP                    2008
       PUSSYCAT DOLLS feat WILL.I.AM        BEEP                              2005
       QUEEN                                A KIND OF MAGIC                   1986
       QUEEN                                ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST        1980
       QUEEN                                BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY                 1975
       QUEEN                                CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE    1979
       QUEEN                                DON'T STOP ME NOW                 1978
       QUEEN                                I WANT TO BREAK FREE              1984
       QUEEN                                KILLER QUEEN                      1974
       QUEEN                                RADIO GA GA                       1984
       QUEEN                                SOMEBODY TO LOVE                  1976
       QUEEN                                UNDER PRESSURE                    1981
       QUEEN                                WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS              1977
       QUEEN                                WE WILL ROCK YOU                  1977
       REM                                  LOSING MY RELIGION                1991
       REM                                  SHINY HAPPY PEOPLE                1991
       REM                                  THE SIDEWINDER SLEEPS TONITE      1993
       R KELLY                              IGNITION                          2003
       R KELLY                              SHE'S GOT THAT VIBE               1992
       R KELLY                              THE WORLD'S GREATEST              2008
       RACEY                                SOME GIRLS                        1979
       RACHEL STEVENS                       MORE MORE MORE                    2004
       RACHEL STEVENS                       SO GOOD                           2005
       RACHEL STEVENS                       SOME GIRLS                        2004
       RACHEL STEVENS                       SWEET DREAMS MY L A EX            2003
       RADIOHEAD                            CREEP                             1993
       RAINBOW                              SINCE YOU'VE BEEN GONE            1979
       RAM JAM                              BLACK BETTY                       1977
       RAY J feat YUNG BERG                 SEXY CAN I                        2008
       RAZORLIGHT                           AMERICA                           2006
       RAZORLIGHT                           GOLDEN TOUCH                      2004
       RAZORLIGHT                           IN THE MORNING                    2006
       REAL THING                           CAN YOU FEEL THE FORCE            1978
       REAL THING                           CAN'T GET BY WITHOUT YOU          1976
       REAL THING                           YOU TO ME ARE EVERYTHING          1976
       RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS                CALIFORNICATION                   1999
       RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS                CAN'T STOP                        2002
       RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS                THE ZEPHYR SONG                   2002
       RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS                UNIVERSALLY SPEAKING              2002
       REDBONE                              WITCH QUEEN OF NEW ORLEANS        1971
       REDNEX                               COTTON EYE JOE                    1994
       REEF                                 PLACE YOUR HANDS                  1996
       REMBRANDTS                           I'LL BE THERE FOR YOU             1995
       REO SPEEDWAGON                       CAN'T FIGHT THIS FEELING          1985
       REO SPEEDWAGON                       KEEP ON LOVIN' YOU                1981
       REPUBLICA                            READY TO GO                       1998
       RICHARD ASHCROFT                     BREAK THE NIGHT WITH COLOUR       2006
       RICHARD X v LIBERTY X                BEING NOBODY                      2003

                            ARTIST NAME                              SONG TITLE        Year
       RICK ASTLEY                             NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP                 1987
       RICKY MARTIN                            LIVIN' LA VIDA LOCA                     1999
       RICKY MARTIN                            MARIA                                   1995
       RICKY MARTIN                            SHE BANGS                               2000
       RICKY NELSON                            HELLO MARY LOU (GOODBYE HEART)          1961
       RIGHT SAID FRED                         I'M TOO SEXY                            1991
       RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS                      UNCHAINED MELODY                        1990
       RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS                      YOU'VE LOST THAT LOVING FEELING         1965
       RIHANNA                                 DISTURBIA                               2008
       RIHANNA                                 DON'T STOP THE MUSIC                    2008
       RIHANNA                                 IF IT'S LOVIN' THAT YOU WANT            2005
       RIHANNA                                 ONLY GIRL (IN THE WORLD)                2010
       RIHANNA                                 RUDE BOY                                2009
       RIHANNA                                 RUSSIAN ROULETTE                        2009
       RIHANNA                                 SOS                                     2006
       RIHANNA                                 S&M                                     2011
       RIHANNA                                 TE AMO                                  2010
       RIHANNA                                 WE FOUND LOVE (feat CALVIN HARRIS)      2011
       RIHANNA                                 WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?                    2012
       RIHANNA                                 YOU DA ONE                              2011
       RIHANNA & ELEPHANT MAN                  PON DE REPLAY                           2005
       RIHANNA @ DRAKE                         WHAT'S MY NAME                          2010
       RIHANNA feat JAY-Z                      UMBRELLA                                2007
       RITCHIE VALENS                          LA BAMBA                                1958
       RIZZLE KICKS                            DOWN WITH THE TRUMPETS                  2011
       RIZZLE KICKS                            MAMA DO THE HUMP                        2012
       ROACHFORD                               CUDDLY TOY                              1988
       ROBBIE WILLIAMS                         ADVERTISING SPACE                       2005
       ROBBIE WILLIAMS                         ANGELS                                  1997
       ROBBIE WILLIAMS                         BODIES                                  2009
       ROBBIE WILLIAMS                         ETERNITY                                2001
       ROBBIE WILLIAMS                         HAVE YOU MET MISS JONES                 2001
       ROBBIE WILLIAMS                         I WILL TALK AND HOLLYWOOD WILL LISTEN   2002
       ROBBIE WILLIAMS                         LAZY DAYS                               1997
       ROBBIE WILLIAMS                         LET ME ENTERTAIN YOU                    1997
       ROBBIE WILLIAMS                         MILLENNIUM                              1998
       ROBBIE WILLIAMS                         MR BOJANGLES                            2002
       ROBBIE WILLIAMS                         OLD BEFORE I DIE                        1997
       ROBBIE WILLIAMS                         ROCK DJ                                 2000
       ROBBIE WILLIAMS                         SHE'S THE ONE                           1999
       ROBBIE WILLIAMS                         STRONG                                  1999
       ROBBIE WILLIAMS                         THE LADY IS A TRAMP                     2002
       ROBBIE WILLIAMS & GARY BARLOW           SHAME                                   2010
       ROBBIE WILLIAMS & NICOLE KIDMAN         SOMETHIN' STUPID                        2001
       ROBBIE WILLIAMS/KYLIE MINOGUE           KIDS                                    2000
       ROBIN S                                 LUV 4 LUV                               1993
       ROBIN S                                 SHOW ME LOVE                            1992
       ROBYN                                   BE MINE!                                2008
       ROD STEWART                             BABY JANE                               1983
       ROD STEWART                             DA YA THINK I'M SEXY                    1978
       ROD STEWART                             HAVE I TOLD YOU LATELY                  1993
       ROD STEWART                             I DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT           1977
       ROD STEWART                             IT TAKES TWO                            1990
       ROD STEWART                             IT'S THE SAME OLD SONG                  2009
       ROD STEWART                             MAGGIE MAY                              1971
       ROD STEWART                             SAILING                                 1975
       ROD STEWART                             THIS OLD HEART OF MINE                  1975
       ROD STEWART                             TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT                     1976
       ROD STEWART                             YOU WEAR IT WELL                        1972

                        ARTIST NAME                               SONG TITLE      Year
       ROD STEWART                            YOU'RE IN MY HEART                  1977
       ROGER SANCHEZ                          ANOTHER CHANCE                      2001
       ROGUE TRADERS                          VOODOO CHILD                        2006
       ROLL DEEP                              GOOD TIMES                          2010
       ROLL DEEP                              GREEN LIGHT                         2010
       ROLLING STONES                         (I CAN'T GET NO) SATISFACTION       1965
       ROLLING STONES                         19TH NERVOUS BREAKDOWN              1966
       ROLLING STONES                         BROWN SUGAR                         1971
       ROLLING STONES                         GET OFF OF MY CLOUD                 1965
       ROLLING STONES                         HAVE YOU SEEN YOUR MOTHER BABY?     1966
       ROLLING STONES                         HONKY TONK WOMEN                    1969
       ROLLING STONES                         IT'S ALL OVER NOW                   1964
       ROLLING STONES                         IT'S ONLY ROCK 'N' ROLL             1974
       ROLLING STONES                         JUMPING JACK FLASH                  1968
       ROLLING STONES                         LET'S SPEND THE NIGHT TOGETHER      1967
       ROLLING STONES                         RUBY TUESDAY                        1967
       ROLLING STONES                         THE LAST TIME                       1965
       RONAN KEATING                          IF TOMORROW NEVER COMES             2002
       RONAN KEATING                          LIFE IS A ROLLERCOASTER             2000
       RONAN KEATING                          LOVIN' EACH DAY                     2001
       RONAN KEATING                          SHE BELIEVES (IN ME)                2004
       RONAN KEATING                          WHEN YOU SAY NOTHING AT ALL         1999
       RONAN KEATING & LEANN RIMES            LAST THING ON MY MIND               2004
       RONAN KEATING feat KATE RUSBY          ALL OVER AGAIN                      2006
       RONAN KEATING feat YUSUF ISLAM`        FATHER & SON                        2005
       RONETTES                               BE MY BABY                          1963
       ROOM 5 feat OLIVER CHEATHAM            MAKE LUV                            2003
       ROOSTER                                COME GET SOME                       2004
       ROSE ROYCE                             CAR WASH                            1976
       ROSE ROYCE                             IS IT LOVE YOU'RE AFTER             1979
       ROSE ROYCE                             LOVE DON'T LIVE HERE ANYMORE        1978
       ROSIE GAINES                           CLOSER THAN CLOSE                   1997
       ROXETTE                                LISTEN TO YOUR HEART                1990
       ROXY MUSIC                             PYJAMARAMA                          1973
       ROY ORBISON                            OH PRETTY WOMAN                     1964
       ROY ORBISON & K.D. LANG                CRYING                              1992
       RUBETTES                               SUGAR BABY LOVE                     1974
       RUFUS & CHAKA KHAN                     AIN'T NOBODY                        1983
       RUI DA SILVA                           TOUCH ME                            2000
       RUMBLE STRIPS                          GIRLS AND BOYS IN LOVE              2007
       RUMER                                  SLOW                                2010
       RUN DMC VS JASON NEVINS                IT'S LIKE THAT                      1998
       RUN-DMC feat AEROSMITH                 WALK THIS WAY                       1986
       S CLUB 7                               BRING IT ALL BACK                   1999
       S CLUB 7                               DON'T STOP MOVIN'                   2001
       S CLUB 7                               NEVER HAD A DREAM COME TRUE         2001
       S CLUB 7                               REACH                               2000
       S CLUB 7                               S CLUB PARTY                        1999
       S CLUB 7                               YOU'RE MY NUMBER 1                  2000
       S CLUB 8                               FOOL NO MORE                        2003
       S CLUB JUNIORS                         AUTOMATIC HIGH                      2002
       S CLUB JUNIORS                         NEW DIRECTION                       2002
       SACHA DISTEL                           RAINDROPS KEEP FALLING ON MY HEAD   1970
       SACHA DISTEL                           THIS GUY'S IN LOVE WITH YOU         1968
       SADE                                   KING OF SORROW                      2001
       SADE                                   YOUR LOVE IS KING                   1994
       SAFRI DUO                              PLAYED- A-LIVE (THE BONGO SONG)     2001
       SALT 'N' PEPA                          PUSH IT                             1988
       SAM & DAVE                             SOUL MAN                            1967

                         ARTIST NAME                             SONG TITLE         Year
       SAM & DAVE                           SOUL SISTER, BROWN SUGAR                1968
       SAM COOKE                            I THANK YOU
       SAM COOKE                            TWISTING THE NIGHT AWAY                 1962
       SAM COOKE                            YOU SEND ME                             1958
       SAM SPARRO                           BLACK & GOLD                            2008
       SAMANTHA MUMBA                       ALWAYS COME BACK TO YOUR LOVE           2001
       SAMANTHA MUMBA                       BODY 11 BODY                            2000
       SAMIM                                HEATER                                  2007
       SANDI THOM                           I WISH I WAS A PUNK ROCKER              2006
       SANDIE SHAW                          ALWAYS SOMETHING THERE TO REMIND ME     1964
       SANTANA                              MARIA MARIA                             2000
       SANTANA                              SAMBA PA TI                             1974
       SANTANA                              SMOOTH                                  2000
       SARAH BRIGHTMAN                      I LOST MY HEART TO A STARSHIP TROOPER   1978
       SASH feat STUNT                      RAINDROPS                               2008
       SASH!                                COLOUR THE WORLD                        1999
       SATURDAYS                            EGO                                     2009
       SATURDAYS                            HIGHER                                  2010
       SATURDAYS                            JUST CAN'T GET ENOUGH                   2009
       SATURDAYS                            UP                                      2008
       SAVAGE GARDEN                        I KNEW I LOVED YOU                      1999
       SAVAGE GARDEN                        TRULY MADLY DEEPLY                      1998
       SCISSOR SISTERS                      FILTHY/GORGEOUS                         2005
       SCISSOR SISTERS                      I DON'T FEEL LIKE DANCIN'               2006
       SCISSOR SISTERS                      LAURA                                   2003
       SCISSOR SISTERS                      TAKE YOUR MAMA                          2005
       SCOOTER                              JUMPING ALL OVER THE WORLD              2008
       SCOOTER                              NESSAJA                                 2002
       SCOOTER                              THE LOGICAL SONG                        2002
       SCOOTER                              WEEKEND                                 2003
       SCOTT MCKENZIE                       SAN FRANSISCO                           1967
       SCOUTING FOR GIRLS                   ELVIS AIN'T DEAD                        2007
       SCOUTING FOR GIRLS                   HEARTBEAT                               2008
       SCOUTING FOR GIRLS                   SHE'S SO LOVELY                         2007
       SCRIPT                               FOR THE FIRST TIME                      2010
       SCRIPT (THE)                         THE MAN WHO CAN'T BE MOVED              2008
       SEAL                                 KISS FROM A ROSE                        1995
       SEAN KINGSTON                        BEAUTIFUL GIRLS                         2007
       SEAN KINGSTON                        FIRE BURNING                            2009
       SEAN KINGSTON & JUSTIN BEIBER        EENIE MEANIE                            2010
       SEAN PAUL                            LIKE GLUE                               2003
       SEAN PAUL                            TEMPERATURE                             2006
       SEARCHERS                            NEEDLES AND PINS                        1964
       SEARCHERS                            SWEETS FOR MY SWEET                     1963
       SEARCHERS                            WHEN YOU WALK IN THE ROOM               1963
       SELENA GOMEZ                         NATURALLY                               2010
       SEPTEMBER                            CRY FOR YOU                             2008
       SERGIO MENDES                        MAS QUE NADA                            2006
       SEX PISTOLS                          ANARCHY IN THE UK                       1976
       SEXPRESS                             THEME FROM SEXPRESS
       SHABBA RANKS                         MR LOVERMAN                             1992
       SHADOWS                              KON-TIKI                                1961
       SHAFT                                MUCHO MAMBO SWAY                        1999
       SHAGGY                               ANGEL                                   2001
       SHAGGY                               BOOMBASTIC                              1995
       SHAGGY                               IT WASN'T ME                            2001
       SHAGGY                               OH CAROLINA                             1992
       SHAGGY FEATURING RAYVON              IN THE SUMMERTIME                       1995
       SHAKIN' STEVENS                      THIS 'OLE HOUSE                         1981

                          ARTIST NAME                             SONG TITLE         Year
       SHAKIRA                               GIVE IT UP TO ME                        2009
       SHAKIRA                               SHE WOLF                                2009
       SHAKIRA                               WHENEVER WHEREVER                       2002
       SHAKIRA & ALEJANDRO SANZ              LA TORTURA                              2005
       SHAKIRA feat WYCLEF JEAN              HIPS DON'T LIE                          2006
       SHALAMAR                              A NIGHT TO REMEMBER                     1982
       SHALAMAR                              I CAN MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD                1980
       SHAMEN                                COMIN' ON                               1993
       SHAMEN                                EBENEZER GOOD                           1992
       SHANGRI LAS                           REMEMBER WALKING IN THE SAND            1964
       SHANGRI-LAS                           LEADER OF THE PACK                      1964
       SHANIA TWAIN                          DON'T BE STUPID (YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU)   1999
       SHANIA TWAIN                          FROM THIS MOMENT ON                     1999
       SHANIA TWAIN                          MAN! I FEEL LIKE A WOMAN!               1999
       SHANIA TWAIN                          THAT DON'T IMPRESS ME MUCH              1999
       SHANKS & BIGFOOT                      SWEET LIKE CHOCOLATE                    1999
       SHANNON                               LET THE MUSIC PLAY                      1983
       SHAPESHIFTERS                         BACK TO BASICS                          2005
       SHAPESHIFTERS                         INCREDIBLE                              2006
       SHAPESHIFTERS                         LOLA'S THEME                            2004
       SHAPESHIFTERS & CHIC                  SENSITIVITY                             2006
       SHARAM                                PARTY ALL THE TIME                      2006
       SHARON REDD                           CAN YOU HANDLE IT                       1982
       SHAYNE WARD                           GOTTA BE SOMEBODY                       2010
       SHAYNE WARD                           THAT'S MY GOAL                          2005
       SHIRELLES                             DEDICATED TO THE ONE I LOVE
       SHIRELLES                             WILL YOU LOVE ME TOMORROW               1961
       SHIRLEY & COMPANY                     SHAME SHAME SHAME                       1975
       SHIRLEY BASSEY                        BIG SPENDER                             1967
       SHIVA                                 FREEDOM                                 1995
       SHOLA AMA                             MY FUTURE                               2001
       SHONTELLE                             IMPOSSIBLE                              2010
       SIDNEY SAMSON                         RIVERSIDE                               2009
       SIMON & GARFUNKEL                     BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER              1970
       SIMON & GARFUNKEL                     MRS ROBINSON                            1968
       SIMPLE MINDS                          ALIVE & KICKING                         1985
       SIMPLE MINDS                          DON'T YOU FORGET ABOUT ME               1985
       SIMPLE PLAN                           WHEN I'M GONE                           2008
       SIMPLY RED                            FOR YOUR BABIES                         1991
       SIMPLY RED                            HOLDING BACK THE YEARS                  1986
       SIMPLY RED                            OH! WHAT A GIRL                         2006
       SIMPLY RED                            PERFECT LOVE
       SINITTA                               SO MACHO                                1986
       SINITTA                               TOYBOY                                  1987
       SIR MIX-A-LOT                         BABY GOT BACK                           1992
       SISQO                                 THONG SONG                              2000
       SISTER SLEDGE                         HE'S THE GREATEST DANCER                1979
       SISTER SLEDGE                         LOST IN MUSIC                           1979
       SISTER SLEDGE                         THINKING OF YOU                         1980
       SISTER SLEDGE                         WE ARE FAMILY                           1979
       SLADE                                 CUM ON FEEL THE NOIZE                   2007
       SLADE                                 MERRY XMAS EVERYBODY                    1973
       SLAVE                                 JUST A TOUCH OF LOVE                    1980
       SLIPKNOT                              BEFORE I FORGET                         2008
       SLY & THE FAMILY STONE                DANCE TO THE MUSIC                      1979
       SLY & THE FAMILY STONE                FAMILY AFFAIR                           1971
       SMALL FACES                           ALL OR NOTHING                          1966
       SMASH MOUTH                           ALL STAR                                1999
       SMITHS                                PANIC                                   1986

                          ARTIST NAME                                   SONG TITLE                 Year
       SMITHS                                      THIS CHARMING MAN                               1998
       SMOKEY ROBINSON & THE MIRACLES              THE TRACKS OF MY TEARS                          1965
       SNAP                                        RHYTHM IS A DANCER                              1992
       SNAP                                        SNAP MEGA MIX                                   1992
       SNOOP DOGG & DAVID GUETTA                   SWEAT                                           2011
       SNOW PATROL                                 CHASING CARS                                    2006
       SNOW PATROL                                 SIGNAL FIRE                                     2007
       SNOW PATROL                                 YOU'RE ALL I HAVE                               2006
       SOFT CELL                                   TAINTED LOVE                                    1981
       SONIQUE                                     I PUT A SPELL ON YOU                            1996
       SONIQUE                                     IT FEELS SO GOOD                                2000
       SONNY & CHER                                I GOT YOU BABE                                  1965
       SOPHIE B HAWKINS                            DAMN, I WISH I WAS YOUR LOVER                   1992
       SOPHIE ELLIS BEXTOR                         MURDER ON THE DANCE FLOOR                       2001
       SOPHIE ELLIS-BEXTOR                         TAKE ME HOME                                    2001
       SOUL 11 SOUL                                LOVE ENUFF                                      1995
       SOUL 11 SOUL                                WISH                                            1993
       SOUL ASYLUM                                 RUNAWAY TRAIN                                   1993
       SOULJA BOY                                  CRANK DAT SOULJABOY                             2007
       SOULJA BOY                                  CRANK THAT (SOULJA BOY)                         2007
       SOULJA BOY TELL 'EM feat SAMMIE             KISS ME THRU THE PHONE                          2009
       SOULSEARCHER                                CAN'T GET ENOUGH                                1998
       SOURCE FEAT CANDI STATON                    YOU GOT THE LOVE                                1991
       SOURCE feat CANDI STATON                    YOU GOT THE LOVE (NEW VOYAGER RADIO EDIT)       2006
       SPANDAU BALLET                              GOLD                                            1983
       SPANDAU BALLET                              TRUE                                            1983
       SPARKS                                      THIS TOWN AIN'T BIG ENOUGH FOR THE BOTH OF US   1974
       SPECIALS                                    GHOST TOWN                                      1981
       SPENCER DAVIS GROUP                         GIMME SOME LOVIN'                               1966
       SPICE GIRLS                                 GOODBYE                                         1998
       SPICE GIRLS                                 SPICE UP YOUR LIFE                              1997
       SPICE GIRLS                                 STOP                                            1997
       SPICE GIRLS                                 VIVA FOREVER                                    1998
       SPICE GIRLS                                 WANNABE                                         1996
       SPICE GIRLS                                 WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE                        1997
       SPILLER                                     GROOVEJET (IF THIS AIN'T LOVE)                  2000
       SPIN DOCTORS                                TWO PRINCES                                     1993
       SPOOKS                                      KARMA HOTEL                                     2000
       ST LUCIA                                    BIG BAMBOO                                      2009
       STACY LATTISAW                              JUMP TO THE BEAT                                1980
       STAPLE SINGERS                              I'LL TAKE YOU THERE                             1972
       STARDUST                                    MUSIC SOUNDS BETTER WITH YOU                    1998
       STARSHIP                                    NOTHING'S GONNA STOP US NOW                     1987
       STARSHIP                                    WE BUILT THIS CITY                              2009
       STATUS QUO                                  CAROLINE                                        1973
       STATUS QUO                                  DOWN DOWN                                       1974
       STATUS QUO                                  ROCKIN' ALL OVER THE WORLD                      1977
       STATUS QUO                                  WHAT YOU'RE PROPOSIN'                           1980
       STATUS QUO                                  WHATEVER YOU WANT                               1979
       STEALERS WHEEL                              STUCK IN THE MIDDLE                             1972
       STEPHANIE DE SYKES                          BORN WITH A SMILE ON MY FACE                    1974
       STEPHANIE MILLS                             NEVER KNEW LOVE LIKE THIS BEFORE                1980
       STEPPENWOLF                                 BORN TO BE WILD                                 1969
       STEPS                                       HEARTBEAT                                       1999
       STEPS                                       ITS THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL                    2001
       STEPS                                       TRAGEDY                                         1999
       STEPS,BILLIE B'WITCHED,CLEOPATRA ETC        THANK ABBA FOR THE MUSIC                        1999
       STEREOPHONICS                               DAKOTA                                          2005
       STEREOPHONICS                               HANDBAGS AND GLADRAGS                           2002

                          ARTIST NAME                              SONG TITLE   Year
       STEREOPHONICS                         HAVE A NICE DAY                    2001
       STEREOPHONICS                         LOCAL BOY IN THE PHOTOGRAPH        1998
       STEREOPHONICS                         MAYBE TOMORROW                     2003
       STEVE ARRINGTON                       FEEL SO REAL                       1983
       STEVE HARLEY & COCKNEY REBEL          MAKE ME SMILE                      1975
       STEVE MAC                             PADDY'S REVENGE                    2008
       STEVE WALSH                           I FOUND LOVIN'                     1987
       STEVIE WONDER                         FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE                1968
       STEVIE WONDER                         GOLDEN LADY
       STEVIE WONDER                         I JUST CALLED TO SAY I LOVE YOU    1984
       STEVIE WONDER                         ISN'T SHE LOVELY
       STEVIE WONDER                         MY CHERIE AMOUR                    1967
       STEVIE WONDER                         SUPERSTITION                       1972
       STEVIE WONDER                         YOU ARE THE SUNSHINE OF MY LIFE    1973
       STING                                 FIELDS OF GOLD                     1993
       STONE ROSES                           FOOL'S GOLD                        1992
       STONE ROSES                           I AM THE RESURRECTION              1992
       STONE ROSES                           WATERFALL                          1992
       STOOSHE                               LOVE ME                            2012
       STORM                                 TIME TO BURN                       2000
       STRANGLERS                            ALL DAY AND ALL OF THE NIGHT       1988
       STRANGLERS                            GOLDEN BROWN                       1981
       STREETS                               FIT BUT YOU KNOW IT                2004
       STRIKE                                U SURE DO                          1995
       STROKES                               LAST NITE                          2001
       STUDIO B                              I SEE GIRLS (CRAZY)                2005
       STYLE COUNCIL                         YOU'RE THE BEST THING
       STYLISTICS                            I'M STONE IN LOVE WITH YOU         1972
       STYLISTICS                            SING BABY SING                     1975
       STYLISTICS                            YOU'LL NEVER GET TO HEAVEN         1976
       SUB SUB feat MELANIE WILLIAMS         AIN'T NO LOVE (AIN'T NO USE)       1993
       SUEDE                                 BEAUTIFUL ONES                     1998
       SUEDE                                 SHE
       SUGABABES                             ABOUT YOU NOW                      2007
       SUGABABES                             GET SEXY                           2009
       SUGABABES                             GIRLS                              2008
       SUGABABES                             HOLE IN THE HEAD                   2003
       SUGABABES                             IN THE MIDDLE                      2003
       SUGABABES                             PUSH THE BUTTON                    2005
       SUGABABES                             ROUND ROUND                        2002
       SUGABABES                             STRONGER                           2003
       SUGABABES                             WEAR MY KISS                       2010
       SUGARBABES                            FREAK LIKE ME                      2002
       SUGARHILL GANG                        RAPPERS DELIGHT                    1979
       SUM 41                                FAT LIP                            2001
       SUM 41                                IN TOO DEEP                        2001
       SUNBLOCK feat ROBIN BECK              FIRST TIME                         2006
       SUNSET STRIPPERS                      FALLING STARS                      2005
       SUPER MAL feat LUCIANA                BIGGER THAN BIG                    2007
       SUPERGRASS                            ALRIGHT                            1995
       SUPERMODE                             TELL ME WHY                        2006
       SUPREMES                              NATHAN JONES                       1971
       SUPREMES                              YOU CAN'T HURRY LOVE               1966
       SURVIVOR                              EYE OF THE TIGER                   1982
       SUZI QUATRO                           CAN THE CAN                        1973
       SWEDISH HOUSE MAFIA                   GREYHOUND                          2012
       SWEDISH HOUSE MAFIA                   MIAMI TO IBIZA                     2010
       SWEDISH HOUSE MAFIA                   ONE (YOUR NAME)                    2010
       SWEET                                 BLOCKBUSTER                        1973

                          ARTIST NAME                            SONG TITLE         Year
       SWEET                                 WIG-WAM BAM                            1972
       SWEET FEMALE ATTITUDE                 FLOWERS                                2000
       SWEET SENSATION                       SAD SWEET DREAMER                      1974
       SWINGING BLUE JEANS                   HIPPY HIPPY SHAKE                      1963
       SYDNEY YOUNGBLOOD                     IF ONLY I COULD                        1989
       SYLVESTER                             YOU MAKE ME FEEL (MIGHTY REAL)         1978
       T- REX                                I LOVE TO BOOGIE                       1976
       T2                                    HEARTBROKEN                            2007
       TAIO CRUZ                             BREAK YOUR HEART                       2009
       TAIO CRUZ                             DIRTY PICTURE                          2010
       TAIO CRUZ                             DYNAMITE                               2010
       TAIO CRUZ                             I CAN BE                               2008
       TAIO CRUZ                             SHE'S LIKE A STAR                      2008
       TAIO CRUZ                             TROUBLEMAKER                           2012
       TAKE THAT                             BACK FOR GOOD                          1995
       TAKE THAT                             COULD IT BE MAGIC (RADIO RAPINO MIX)   1992
       TAKE THAT                             EVERYTHING CHANGES                     1994
       TAKE THAT                             GREATEST DAY                           2008
       TAKE THAT                             HOW DEEP IS YOUR LOVE                  1996
       TAKE THAT                             IT ONLY TAKES A MINUTE                 1992
       TAKE THAT                             NEVER FORGET                           1995
       TAKE THAT                             PATIENCE                               2006
       TAKE THAT                             PRAY                                   1993
       TAKE THAT                             RELIGHT MY FIRE                        1993
       TAKE THAT                             RULE THE WORLD                         2007
       TAKE THAT                             SHINE                                  2007
       TAKE THAT                             UP ALL NIGHT                           2009
       TASTE OF HONEY                        BOOGIE OOGIE OOGIE                     1978
       TATU                                  ALL ABOUT US                           2005
       TAVARES                               HEAVEN MUST BE MISSING AN ANGEL        1976
       TAVARES                               MORE THAN A WOMAN                      1978
       TAYLOR SWIFT                          LOVE STORY                             2009
       TC                                    WHERE'S MY MONEY                       2008
       TEARS FOR FEARS                       EVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD      1985
       TEARS FOR FEARS                       SHOUT                                  1984
       TEMPTATIONS                           I KNOW I'M LOSING YOU                  1966
       TEMPTATIONS                           JUST MY IMAGINATION                    1971
       TEMPTATIONS                           MY GIRL                                1964
       TEMPTATIONS                           PAPA WAS A ROLLING STONE               1972
       TERRORVISION                          TEQUILA (MINT ROYAL SHOT)              1998
       TEXAS                                 BLACK EYED BOY                         1997
       TEXAS                                 GETAWAY                                2005
       TEXAS                                 I DON'T WANT A LOVER                   1989
       TEXAS                                 INNER SMILE                            2001
       TEXAS                                 SAY WHAT YOU WANT                      1997
       TEXAS                                 SLEEP                                  2005
       TEXAS                                 SUMMER SON                             1999
       THE BELOVED                           SWEET HARMONY                          1992
       THE FATBACK BAND                      I FOUND LOVIN'                         1983
       THE LIMIT                             SAY YEAH                               1985
       THE SQUAD                             3 LIONS 2010                           2010
       THE WHO                               BABA O'RILEY                           1971
       THE WHO                               MY GENERATION                          1965
       THELMA HOUSTON                        DON'T LEAVE ME THIS WAY                1976
       THEM (VAN MORRISON)                   HERE COMES THE NIGHT                   1965
       THIN LIZZY                            THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN              1976
       THREE DEGREES                         WHEN WILL I SEE YOU AGAIN              1973
       TI feat RIHANNA                       LIVE YOUR LIFE                         2008
       TIFFANY                               I THINK WE'RE ALONE NOW                1988

                        ARTIST NAME                                        SONG TITLE   Year
       TIGHT FIT                                       THE LION SLEEPS TONIGHT          1982
       TIM DELUXE                                      IT JUST WON'T DO                 2002
       TIMBALAND                                       APOLOGIZE                        2007
       TIMBALAND                                       CARRY OUT                        2010
       TIMBALAND                                       IF WE EVER MEET AGAIN            2010
       TIMBALAND                                       IF WE EVER MEET AGAIN            2009
       TIMBALAND                                       MORNING AFTER DARK               2008
       TIMBALAND                                       THE WAY I ARE                    2008
       TIMBALAND & FLO RIDA                            ELEVATOR                         2008
       TIMBALAND feat JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE & NELLY        GIVE IT TO ME                    2007
       TIN TIN OUT FEAT EMMA BUNTON                    WHAT I AM                        1999
       TINA CHARLES                                    I LOVE TO LOVE                   1976
       TINA TURNER                                     ADDICTED TO LOVE                 1988
       TINA TURNER                                     IT TAKES TWO                     1990
       TINA TURNER                                     LET'S STAY TOGETHER              1983
       TINA TURNER                                     RIVER DEEP MOUNTAIN HIGH         1966
       TINA TURNER                                     STEAMY WINDOWS                   1990
       TINA TURNER                                     THE BEST                         1989
       TINA TURNER                                     WE DON'T NEED ANOTHER HERO       1985
       TINA TURNER                                     WHAT'S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT    1984
       TINCHY STRYDER                                  IN MY SYSTEM                     2010
       TINCHY STRYDER                                  NEVER LEAVE YOU                  2009
       TINCHY STRYDER                                  NUMBER 1                         2009
       TING TINGS                                      SHUT UP AND LET ME GO            2009
       TING TINGS                                      THAT'S NOT MY NAME               2008
       TINIE TEMPAH                                    INVINCIBLE                       2010
       TINIE TEMPAH                                    PASS OUT                         2010
       TINIE TEMPAH                                    WRITTEN IN THE STARS             2010
       TITO PUENTE JNR & THE LATIN RYTHM               OYE COMO VA                      1996
       TLC                                             WATERFALLS                       1995
       TOM BROWNE                                      FUNKIN' FOR JAMAICA              1980
       TOM JONES                                       DELILAH                          1968
       TOM JONES                                       HELP YOURSELF                    1968
       TOM JONES                                       IT'S NOT UNUSUAL                 1965
       TOM JONES                                       KISS                             1988
       TOM JONES                                       LOVE ME TONIGHT                  1969
       TOM JONES                                       SHE'S A LADY                     1971
       TOM JONES                                       YOU CAN LEAVE YOUR HAT ON
       TOM JONES & MOUSSE T                            SEX BOMB                         2000
       TOM JONES & THE STEREOPHONICS                   MAMA TOLD ME NOT TO COME         2000
       TOMMY JAMES & THE SHONDELLS                     MONY MONY                        1968
       TOMMY ROE                                       DIZZY                            1969
       TOMMY SPARKS                                    SHE'S GOT ME DANCING             2009
       TOMMY STEELE                                    ROCK WITH THE CAVEMAN            1956
       TOMMY STEELE                                    SINGING THE BLUES                1956
       TONE LOC                                        FUNKY COLD MEDINA                1989
       TONI BRAXTON                                    HE WASN'T MAN ENOUGH             2000
       TONI BRAXTON                                    UN-BREAK MY HEART                1996
       TONY BENNETT                                    THE GOOD LIFE                    1963
       TONY CHRISTIE                                   (IS THIS THE WAY TO) AMARILLO    2005
       TONY CHRISTIE                                   AVENUES & ALLEYWAYS              2005
       TONY ORLANDO & DAWN                             KNOCK THREE TIMES                1971
       TOPLOADER                                       ACHILLES HEEL                    2000
       TOPLOADER                                       DANCING IN THE MOONLIGHT         2000
       TOTO                                            AFRICA                           1983
       TOTO                                            HOLD THE LINE                    1979
       T'PAIN                                          I'M ON A BOAT                    2009
       TRAIN                                           DRIVE BY                         2012
       TRAIN                                           HEY SOUL SISTER                  2010

                          ARTIST NAME                                    SONG TITLE           Year
       TRAMMPS                                      DISCO INFERNO                             1977
       TRANSVISION VAMP                             BABY I DON'T CARE                         1989
       TRAVIE MCCOY                                 BILLIONAIRE                               2010
       T-REX                                        GET IT ON                                 1971
       TRIPLE EIGHT                                 GIVE ME A REASON                          2003
       TROGGS                                       WILD THING                                1966
       TROGGS                                       WITH A GIRL LIKE YOU                      1966
       TULISA                                       YOUNG                                     2012
       TURTLES                                      SHE'D RATHER BE WITH ME                   1967
       TWANG                                        EITHER WAY                                2007
       TYMES                                        MS GRACE                                  1974
       TYMES                                        YOU LITTLE TRUST MAKER                    1976
       U2                                           NEW YEARS DAY                             1983
       U2                                           ALL BECAUSE OF YOU                        2005
       U2                                           BEAUTIFUL DAY                             2000
       U2                                           CITY OF BLINDING LIGHTS                   2005
       U2                                           ELEVATION                                 2001
       U2                                           STUCK IN A MOMENT YOU CAN'T GET OUT OF    2001
       U2                                           VERTIGO                                   2005
       UB40                                         (I CAN'T HELP) FALLING IN LOVE WITH YOU   1993
       UB40                                         BREAKFAST IN BED                          1988
       UB40                                         KINGSTON TOWN                             1989
       UB40                                         RED RED WINE                              1983
       ULTRABEAT                                    FEELIN' FINE                              2003
       UNDERWORLD                                   BORN SLIPPY                               1995
       UNIT FOUR PLUS TWO                           CONCRETE AND CLAY                         1965
       UNITING NATIONS                              YOU & ME                                  2005
       UNKLEJAM                                     WHAT AM I FIGHTING FOR?                   2007
       UNKNOWN                                      HOKEY COKEY
       USHER                                        BURN                                      2004
       USHER                                        CAUGHT UP                                 2005
       USHER                                        DJ GOT US FALLIN' IN LOVE                 2010
       USHER                                        LOVE IN THIS CLUB                         2008
       USHER                                        OMG feat will.i.am                        2010
       USHER                                        SCREAM                                    2012
       USHER                                        YEAH                                      2004
       VAN HALEN                                    JUMP                                      1984
       VAN MCCOY & THE SOUL CITY SYMPHONY           THE HUSTLE                                1975
       VAN MORRISON                                 BABY, PLEASE DON'T GO                     1964
       VAN MORRISON                                 BROWN EYED GIRL                           1973
       VAN MORRISON                                 HAVE I TOLD YOU LATELY                    1989
       VAN MORRISON                                 HERE COMES THE NIGHT                      1965
       VAN MORRISON                                 SOMEONE LIKE YOU
       VANESSA PARADIS                              BE MY BABY                                1992
       VANILLA ICE                                  ICE ICE BABY                              1990
       VARIOUS ARTISTS                              PERFECT DAY                               1997
       VERONICAS                                    UNTOUCHED                                 2009
       VERVE                                        LUCKY MAN                                 1998
       VIC DAMONE                                   IT HAD TO BE YOU                          1958
       VIC REEVES                                   DIZZY                                     1991
       VILLAGE PEOPLE                               IN THE NAVY                               1979
       VILLAGE PEOPLE                               YMCA                                      1978
       VIOLA WILLS                                  GONNA GET ALONG WITHOUT YOU NOW           1979
       WALKER BROTHERS                              MAKE IT EASY ON YOURSELF                  1965
       WALKER BROTHERS                              THE SUN AIN'T GONNA SHINE ANYMORE         1966
       WANNADIES                                    YOU & ME SONG                             1998
       WANTED                                       ALL TIME LOW                              2010
       WANTED                                       CHASING THE SUN                           2012

                         ARTIST NAME                               SONG TITLE   Year
       WANTED                               GLAD YOU CAME                       2011
       WANTED                               LIGHTNING                           2011
       WAS NOT WAS                          SHAKE YOUR HEAD                     1992
       WATERBOYS                            THE WHOLE OF THE MOON               1991
       WAYNE WONDER                         NO LETTING GO                       2003
       WEATHER GIRLS                        IT'S RAINING MEN                    1982
       WEEZER                               BUDDY HOLLY                         1995
       WESTLIFE                             AMAZING                             2006
       WESTLIFE                             OBVIOUS                             2003
       WESTLIFE                             QUEEN OF MY HEART                   2002
       WESTLIFE                             THE ROSE                            2009
       WESTLIFE                             UPTOWN GIRL                         2001
       WESTLIFE                             YOU RAISED ME UP                    2005
       WET WET WET                          DON'T WANT TO FORGIVE ME NOW        1995
       WET WET WET                          LOVE IS ALL AROUND                  1994
       WHAM!                                CLUB TROPICANA                      1983
       WHAM!                                FREEDOM                             1984
       WHAM!                                I'M YOUR MAN                        1985
       WHAM!                                LAST CHRISTMAS                      1984
       WHAM!                                LIKE A BABY
       WHAM!                                THE EDGE OF HEAVEN                  1986
       WHAM!                                WAKE ME UP BEFORE YOU GO GO         1984
       WHAM!                                WHAM RAP! ENJOY WHAT YOU DO         1983
       WHAM!                                YOUNG GUNS                          1982
       WHEATUS                              TEENAGE DIRT BAG                    2001
       WHIGFIELD                            SATURDAY NIGHT                      1994
       WHISPERS                             AND THE BEAT GOES ON                1979
       WHITE STRIPES                        7 NATION ARMY                       2003
       WHITNEY HOUSTON                      I WANNA DANCE WITH SOMEBODY         1987
       WHITNEY HOUSTON                      I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU              1992
       WHITNEY HOUSTON                      ITS NOT RIGHT BUT ITS OK            1999
       WILD CHERRY                          PLAY THAT FUNKY MUSIC               1976
       WILEY                                WEARING MY ROLEX                    2008
       WILL I AM                            HEARTBREAKER                        2008
       WILL SMITH                           GETTIN' JIGGY WIT IT                1997
       WILL SMITH                           MEN IN BLACK                        1997
       WILL SMITH                           SWITCH                              2005
       WILL SMITH                           WILD WILD WEST                      1999
       WILL YOUNG                           ALL TIME LOVE                       2005
       WILL YOUNG                           ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE                2002
       WILL YOUNG                           EVERGREEN                           2002
       WILL YOUNG                           LEAVE RIGHT NOW                     2004
       WILL YOUNG                           LIGHT MY FIRE                       2002
       WILLIAM BELL & JUDY CLAY             PRIVATE NUMBER                      1968
       WILLOW                               WHIP MY HAIR                        2010
       WILSON PICKETT                       IN THE MIDNIGHT HOUR                1967
       WISEGUYS                             OOH LA LA                           1998
       WIZZARD                              SEE MY BABY JIVE                    1973
       WOMACK & WOMACK                      LOVE WARS                           1983
       WOMACK & WOMACK                      TEARDROPS                           1988
       WOMBATS                              LET'S DANCE TO JOY DIVISION         2007
       WONDERSTUFF                          THE SIZE OF A COW                   1991
       WORK                                 CIARA                               2008
       WU-TANG CLAN                         GRAVEL PIT                          2000
       WYCLEF JEAN                          WISH YOU WERE HERE                  2000
       X FACTOR FINALISTS 2008              HERO                                2008
       X-FACTOR FINALISTS                   YOU ARE NOT ALONE                   2009
       XPANSIONS                            MOVE YOUR BODY                      1990
       X-PRESS 2                            LAZY                                1999

                         ARTIST NAME                              SONG TITLE   Year
       XTM Feat. ANNIA                      FLY ON THE WINGS OF LOVE           2003
       YARBROUGH & PEOPLES                  DON'T STOP THE MUSIC               1979
       YAZOO                                ONLY YOU                           1982
       YAZZ & THE PLASTIC POPULATION        THE ONLY WAY IS UP                 1988
       YOLANDA BE COOL & DCUP               WE SPEAK NO AMERICANO              2010
       YOMANDA                              SYNTH & STRINGS                    1999
       YVONNE ELLIMAN                       IF I CAN'T HAVE YOU                1977
       ZAPP                                 MORE BOUNCE TO THE OUNCE           1980
       ZERO                                 YEAH YEAH YEAHS                    2006
       ZERO 7                               DESTINY                            2001
       ZOMBIES                              SHE'S NOT THERE                    1964
       ZUCCHERO feat PAUL YOUNG             SENZA UNA DONNA                    1991
       ZUTONS                               VALERIE                            2006
       ZUTONS                               YOU WILL YOU WON'T                 2004
       ZZ TOP                               GIMME ALL YOUR LOVIN'              1983


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