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September 2011
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Volume 58, No 9
Wisconsin Lion
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County Road A, Rosholt, WI 54473.
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DG Joe Fisher, Chair
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Evett Hartvig, WLF
Dick Hauser, Lions Eye Bank
Jodi Burmester, Editor/Designer

Jodi Burmester, Editor
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CHANGE OF ADDRESS Address changes should be made with your club
secretary; mailing labels are purchased directly from LCI.

Send stories to the Editorial Offices listed above. Articles, accompanied by
photos of Lions in action, should explain the successful completion of a
project or fundraising activity. Story length isn’t important as long as you
cover all the basics:
• What the project was about
• Who was involved
• When & where it took place
• How it happened
• The results

Please type your story and proofread it for errors. Include the mailing
address, daytime phone & e-mail of the person submitting the story.

Photos should be sharp, clear, glossy color prints. On a separate sheet,
clearly describe the action and name the people pictured. PLEASE DO NOT
STAPLE OR WRITE ON PICS. Mail all prints flat, protected by cardboard.

Digital photographs must be at least 300 dpi and be saved as a .jpg or .tif

Complete submission guidelines can be found at:
We Made A Difference
  by PDG Bill Taubman, edited by Lion Jodi Burmester
  A few months ago, I saw the images of devastation in the tornado ravaged
southern United States and knew that we, the Lions of Wisconsin, could
once again help them with their recovery.
  I appealed to the Lions and clubs of Wisconsin to come together to assist
the people of Alabama and Mississippi who had once again been devastated
by natural disaster, and once again you answered the call.
  In just a few short weeks Clubs, Districts and individual Lions and non-
Lions alike had donated $18,300 to support our relief efforts.
  At the same time, I was making contact with Lions in Alabama and
Mississippi to learn about the affected community’s greatest needs. With this
information in hand, we set out to find the items that were so desperately
needed. Calls and emails went out to Mission To Mexico volunteers and
others throughout the state soliciting used furniture and cash donations. Ads
were placed in local newspapers and soon the phone started ringing.
  One of the greatest needs across the board was for cleaning supplies. This
prompted internet searches and phone calls that resulted in a number of
corporate donations and wholesale deals.
  Luco Mop Co. in St Louis, Missouri sold us $6,000 worth of mops, brooms
and gloves at below wholesale cost. We were then able to pick them up en-
route to Alabama and Mississippi.
  Premium Water Co. of Chippewa Falls donated bottled water.
  Cascade Tissue Co. in Eau Claire donated a large amount of paper
  Presto Co. of Eau Claire made a cash donation that enabled us to buy a
large quantity of Presto appliances.
  Altec Co. from Duluth, Minnesota collected needed items and then made a
cash donation to help defray transportation costs.
  Important donations also came from our Universities. UW- Madison
donated 90 mattresses and UW-LaCrosse donated 70 mattresses, 17 sofas
and about 40 chairs. All of these items were recycled from their dormitories.
  Lions from across the state had once again come together to help solicit
and collect these valuable donations.
  Now it was time to head out and deliver all the donations.
  On Memorial Day, Rudy and Sharon Kessler from the Shell Lake Club and
myself headed south, pulling both the new and the old (now owned by me)
Mission To Mexico trailers. They were packed full. After two long days of
driving, we were met in Tupelo, Mississippi by Lions and directed to our
first donation site in the nearby town of Nettleton. Our next stop was in
Tuscaloosa, Alabama where we unloaded a large amount of donations in the
100 degree weather. We were then on to our final donation site in Moulton,
Alabama where we unloaded the remaining donations. In each case we
worked with the Lions of that area to coordinate logistics.
  We returned home and about 10 days later I left for Mississippi again with
the final load that was made up mostly of mattresses and sofas; many of
which will be used to assist the thousands of families affected by Mississippi
  During this trip, I learned that personal hygiene items were in short supply,
so we went to Sam’s Club and bought carts full of those items for
distribution by the local Lions.
  We also learned that many families just needed money to buy food and
other basic supplies, so we purchased $2,000 worth of $50 Wal-Mart cash
cards for the local Lions to distribute.
  In the midst of our Alabama and Mississippi relief efforts, disasters struck
in Joplin, Missouri and Minot, North Dakota. This prompted me to contact
the local Lions in both of these communities to see how we could help. This
resulted in sending $1,000 to the Minot Lions, $2,000 to the Joplin Lions
along with another $2,000 being sent to the Northport Lions in Tuscaloosa
and $1,200 to the Lions at Moulton.
  In each case, I asked the clubs to use their discretion as to how the money
would be best used to help people in need and that they made sure the
recipients knew that this help was because of Lions in their community.
  These donations brought our account down to near nothing and the project
came to a satisfying and happy end.
  It is often said that “seeing is believing” and there is truth to that. To view
the destruction was almost beyond imagination. But it’s all the personal
stories we heard that really brought the destruction to life.
  In the grand scheme of things the amount of our donation was just a tiny
drop in the bucket of what will be needed to restore these devastated
communities and lives, but to those lives that we touched it may have meant
everything. Everyone was so grateful for our generosity and sometimes with
tears in their eyes they couldn’t thank us enough.
  The Kessler’s spent many hours loading trailers and during their six days
on the road, racked up nearly 2,500 miles on their truck. I spent countless
hours on the phone or in front of my computer, 16 days away from home
either collecting or delivering items and put 5,959 miles on my truck. I know
we would both do it again in a heartbeat, but hope and pray that there is no
need to.
  On behalf of all the recipients, thank you so much for your contributions to
this effort. A financial report, thank you letters and additional photos can be
found on page 4 of this issue.

  Here are just two of the thank you letters that PDG Bill Taubman has
received since returning from the south...
  Dear Lion Bill,
  Words will never be able to express the appreciation that the Lions of
Alabama have for the outpouring of generosity displayed by you and your
fellow Wisconsin Lions. Your efforts will have a lasting impact upon the
thousands of individuals who suffered the tremendous loss of April 27, 2011,
as multiple tornadoes continued to cut paths of destruction across our area
during twelve horrific hours.
  The kindness, generosity and service the Lions of Wisconsin provided
caused a renewed hope for a better tomorrow, a rekindled faith in humanity
and a reminder that someone cares.
  We are forever indebted to you.
  Alabama Lion H. Jerome Thompson

 Dear Lions and Friends,
 WOW! Lions in Wisconsin and their friends are great and the Lions of
Mississippi and the Mississippians involved in our recent disasters
appreciate each of you. Thank you for sending PCC Bill Taubman, Rudy and
Sharon Kessler, Dirk Benzer and all of the wonderful donations of goods,
Wal-Mart cards and cash.
 This is the second time in just a few years that you have come to the rescue
of many who lost everything in Katrina, the recent tornadoes and the
Mississippi River flooding.
  Working together, Lions of Wisconsin and Mississippi have made a
tremendous difference to those in need in our state.
  We Serve is a great motto, one you have demonstrated time and time
  Thank you for so much.
  Mississippi PCC Vicki Bond & PDG Ron Kitchens

Tornado Relief Finances
 Victim Donations
                  Farm & Fleet   Presto appliances                 $599.62
            Joplin, MO Lions     Tornado victim relief           $2,000.00
                   Luco Mops     Mops, brooms, gloves etc        $3,300.00
       Magic City, ND Lions      Flood victim relief             $1,000.00
                      Menards    Cleaning supplies                 $717.22
          Moulton, AL Lions      Tornado victim relief           $1,400.00
    Nettleton, MS Lions Club     Tornado victim relief                 $1,000
                    Sams Club    Hygiene products                  $333.97
              Tornado victim     Cash donation                         $50.00
        Tuscaloosa, AL Lions     Tornado victim relief           $2,000.00
                     WalMart     $50 cash cards                  $2,000.00
 Administrative Costs
  Bill Taubman                   Postage, copies, phone         $163.80
  Miscellaneous                  Trailer repairs                $103.75
  Miscellaneous                  Newspaper ads                  $109.75
  Miscellaneous                  Collection and delivery fuel   $3,502.05
                                 & truck expense
  Mission to Mexico               Contribution toward trailer    $200.00
  WESTconsin Credit Union         Checks                         $10.19

                                  Total Spent                    $18,490.35

A Taste Of Youth Exchange
  by Lion Ray Tweedale, MD27 Youth Exchange Chair
  You would think that operating a youth camp with the same format year
after year would become monotonous, but with such diverse attendees each
year is an exciting adventure. Administrative details of the camp keep us on
our toes but the true meaning of the camp is in the mixture of youths, Lions,
counselors and host families.
  They say variety is the spice of life and our variety at camp comes from the
youths who are sent to us, as if seasonings, from sponsor Lions Clubs from
all around the world. Each youth adds his or her own flavor to the batch that
forever provides flair to the atmosphere of the camp.
  The sweet taste of the final product can be seen in confidence the once shy
Polish boy has gained from being in the mix when he gathered the courage
to ask the girl from Tahiti for a dance at the disco, to a Polish waltz
nonetheless. There was also the part of the mix that seemed to be boiling
more briskly than usual. Our camp clown was a Mongolian boy who had us
constantly rolling with laughter. This was a different zest for us since the
Mongolians are usually very quiet. All week long we were witness as the
mix continued to cook to perfection with similar observations.
  At camp’s end, the final creation was enjoyed to completeness when the
Austrian girl with a walking disability hugged all the Lions with great
sincerity. She had enjoyed the camp experience pretty much like any other
attending youth. She not only had a great time, but was just happy to have
been able to attend and more importantly to just be herself. We were the
sixth camp she applied to before getting accepted. It was a no-brainer for us.
We told Maria what she would have to be capable of doing as far as walking
went and then let her decide.
  The camp clown also showed a side that let us know this camp of ours is
cooking to its full potential. He asked, “How can you Lions make this camp
free for us? What is the payback?” A few inquisitive comments later he
stated, “I appreciate the effort the Lions give to put on such a camp. I now
have life long memories and friends. I will never forget this camp and I am a
better person in this world now.” Thank you Shijir of Mongolia. Your
comments are some of the best payback we can ever receive.
  Whether it be the Youth Exchange program or any Lion program, as a Lion
you should take it upon yourself to “add some spice to your life”. Add some
flavor to your life by trying any of the programs the Association of Lions
Clubs has to offer. Put some pizzazz in your life by sending or hosting a
youth or helping out at camp where you can meet all of our youthful
seasonings. Our cookbook can be found online at
  Bon appetit!

MD27 Lions Take Seattle By Storm
  by Lion Jodi Burmester
  MD27 was well-represented at the 2011 Lions International Convention in
  The Wisconsin Lions Diabetes Focus Group distributed the “Links to
Chronic Kidney Disease” DVD and call to action to all attendees.
  The Wisconsin and Washington Lions joint collaboration on a float to raise
awareness about diabetes (above) was awarded first place amongst floats in
the International Convention Parade.
  A sea of red Wisconsin Lion shirts and “Mark Hintzmann for International
Director” hats could be seen everywhere you went. That combined with the
placards and campaigning helped to get Hintzmann elected as Wisconsin’s
newest International Director.
  Another great showing by Wisconsin on the world stage.
LEBW Annual Meeting
  The Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin held their Annual Meeting on a hot and
muggy July 28th. Over 120 Lions, Lioness and friends attended the event
where new board members were elected, recognition was given to several
individuals, clubs and districts, and most importantly, the mortgage was
burned, officially ending a very successful Capital Campaign.
  All 10 of the 2010-11 District Governors received Knights of Sight awards
for exceeding the fundraising goals for their districts and their spouses
generously donated $1,000 to the Eye Bank for a Knight of Sight from
proceeds of their raffle.
  Several clubs and districts were recognized for naming rooms at the Eye
Bank. Each group contributed or pledged $25,000 for naming rights. These
include Madison Central, New Berlin, Thiensville-Mequon, Sun Prairie,
Districts 27-D1, 27-C2, 27-A2, and at the $50,000 level, the King Ranch
  Outgoing LEBW President PCC Terry Peters recognized LEBW Technical
Director Joyce Kratz and former LEBW Interim Executive Director Wallis
Cale with President’s Awards.
  Transporter awards were given to St Francis Lion Joe Stueck of and
Greenville Lion Rick Erck; dispatcher recognition was given to Tomah Lion
Doug Olson and Fond du Lac Lion Bill Stubbe.
  Knight of Sight Fellowships were presented to past LEBW president Del
Plank in honor of his granddaughter; and PID Phil Ingwell for his years of
service on the LEBW Board. Tom and Sandy King were also presented with
the first ever five time Progressive Knight of Sight Fellowship.
  PID Peter Cerniglia and PDG Tom King were thanked for their work on
the successful Capital Campaign.
  Elected to the LEBW board were Erica Singley, Christine Ferchoff-
Renner, PDG Shirley Lemke, Rick Reesman, and DG Neil Winchell. Re-
elected to second terms were PDG Mike Tiber and PCC Eldon Vriese.
  Incoming LEBW President Tom King thanked retiring Board members
PDG Stan Carlson, IPDG Gene Francis, Lion Pauline Schiferl and PID Peter
  The LEBW Annual Report was distributed and is available by contacting
the Eye Bank. Deb Schultz was introduced as the new Interim Executive
Director. A search for a permanent ED is underway.

Global Service Action Campaigns
  by International Director Mark Hintzmann
  Many of you who know me have heard me say quite often, “It’s all about
Service.” So I can’t tell you how pleased I was at my first International
Board Meeting when I found out that I will be serving on the International
Board Service Activities Committee.
  Through service, Lions, Lioness, and Leos like you have impacted the
lives of millions of people around the world. President Tam believes in you!
You are in a position to keep extending our network of service. To show
your strength in service, we are asking you to promote and participate in
four Global Service Action Campaigns.
  August – Engaging our Youth
Invite Leos and youth in your area to help organize and participate in a
service project. Projects may include school or community facility cleanups
or a visit to a home for senior citizens or a children’s hospital. Allowing
youth to develop and lead a service project enables them to learn skills while
emphasizing the role of service. Projects like this are great ways to build
new and existing Leos clubs.
  October – Sharing the Vision
Plan vision health projects and work with the visually impaired. Many Lions
already celebrate World Sight Day in October. This is a great month to
organize a vision screening, volunteer at a nearby Lions Eyeglass Recycling
Center, organize an eyeglass collection or an activity to benefit the visually
impaired in your community.
  December/January – Relieving the Hunger
Organize food drives and projects to feed the hungry. With the downturn in
the global economy, many hunger relief organizations are finding it difficult
to keep up with demand. Help alleviate hunger by planning events around
the end and beginning of the calendar year to collect and distribute food.
  April – Protecting our Environment
Implement projects that improve and protect the environment. Organize a
highway clean up, plant trees or plan a community “Earth Day” event to
collect recyclables such as aluminum cans, plastic bottles, used cell phones
and batteries.
  1,000,000 Trees - 2011-2012 International President Wing-Kun Tam is
challenging Lions around the world to plant one million trees this year to
demonstrate the strength of our global network. I am happy to say that as of
mid-August, we are well on our way to reaching our goal with 181,381 trees
already been planted. Keep it up and make sure to report your tree planting
  I believe in you. I believe that every Lion, Lioness, and Leo makes a

Crystal Vision Recipients
  by Matt Pitlik
  The Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin held their 1st Annual Crystal Vision
Breakfast at the end of July, and took the opportunity to recognize two
exceptional individuals. Cindy Huber and Lynn Baudo who were presented
Crystal Vision Awards for their valued commitment to organ, tissue, and eye
  Huber has been working with donation for much of her life. She has served
as the Chief Executive Officer for the National Kidney Foundation of
Wisconsin (NKFW) since 1994. She also has a long history with the Lions.
The Wisconsin Lions Camp became the site for the NKFW’s Fall Weekend
Getaways, a program for patients and their families.
  More recently, Huber played a major part in producing and distributing a
DVD on diabetes and chronic kidney disease, with more than 30,000 copies
given out across Wisconsin.
  Last summer, Huber worked alongside the Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin
and its volunteer transporters to create nine community events for the NKF
U.S. Transplant Games®. These events worked to raise public awareness
about organ, tissue, and eye donation.
  Baudo’s experience with donation began suddenly with the death of her
son Brian in 2003. Her decision to donate his organs provided a second
chance at life for three people he had never met, and would be the
inspiration for Baudo’s commitment to donation.
  During the two weeks that Brian’s family spent at the hospital, Baudo
picked up knitting, a hobby she had given up years before. She began
teaching family members and even some of Brian’s friends how to knit.
After his death, the group continued to meet for weekly knitting sessions.
  Baudo became an active member in Compassionate Friends, a support
group for donor families, and became a key member in putting together the
group’s newsletter.
  In 2005, the Wisconsin Donor Network invited Baudo and her family to
the National Donor Recognition Ceremony in Washington D.C. She was
moved by an emotional presentation of a Prayer Shawl to a young mother
whose infant son had become a donor. Baudo realized she had found a
greater purpose for her knitting group. Her group would eventually be called
Threads of Compassion, providing support for grieving families by knitting
“Comfort Shawls.”
  Baudo continues to spend time with both Threads of Compassion and
Compassionate Friends, in addition to her role as the Volunteer and Events
Coordinator for the Wisconsin Donor Network.
  The Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin was proud to honor Huber and Baudo
for their ongoing dedication to organ, tissue and eye donation.

Lions & Leadership Training
  We have heard a lot about the so-called elevator speech; that is, a prepared
30 or 40 second pitch that every Lion should know that can be recited to a
prospective member when the need arises. Called an elevator speech, the
idea behind the short talk is that we generally only have about the length of
an elevator ride to share information about our Association with strangers.
  Typically, this elevator speech includes something about our worldwide
service campaigns, our local service projects and the opportunities for
camaraderie and friendship in a casual atmosphere. Too often, we miss
another very important aspect of Lionism and one which is typically
overlooked; leadership training.
  It is hard to believe that just 12 months ago, many of us were preparing to
host the USA-Canada Lions Leadership Forum in Milwaukee. I know that
many of you volunteered for and participated in the Forum and that many
others have had access to the Leadership materials that the Forum produced.
  Like the Leadership Institutes put on by LCI and the Leadership trainings
that take place in Wisconsin, the Forum provides a fantastic opportunity to
access Leadership Development Programs that transcend their charitable
work and extend into our business and social lives.
  The Leadership training available through this Association is as good as
any offered in a business environment and is available at either a
substantially reduced cost or no cost at all.
  For those of you who have participated in one of the numerous leadership
training sessions offered here in Wisconsin, you know the value of this
training. For those of you who have not taken advantage of the training
offered by either LCI or by the Lions of Wisconsin, I would strongly
encourage you to speak with your Club President or Zone Chair or your
District Governor to find out what resources are available to you.
Additionally, every District now has a Leadership Coordinator whose
responsibility is to provide you with information about Leadership
Development programs.
  Many times, we focus on fundraising or serving others and we forget that
Lions Clubs also serve their members. Part of being a member of the Lions
family is having the same access to opportunities for Leadership that many
of us have experienced. Do not assume that Leadership Seminars are meant
for others; they are meant for every Lion and the opportunity extends to
every Lion to participate.
  Several years ago, I participated in the Senior Lions Leadership Institute at
LCI headquarters. Every participant had to give an extemporaneous speech
on some topic. Literally picked out of a hat, I chose the topic “How to
Promote Leadership Institutes in your District”. Little did I know then I
would be doing that as Council Chair of the fifth largest Multiple District in
the United States.
  Please consider participating in the Leadership opportunities that are
available and to serving your Club, your District and this Association as a
Lion Leader. The opportunities you have for service will surprise and
challenge you.
Wisconsin Lions Foundation
We Make Life Better Every Day
  by WLF President Andy Deinhammer
  The arrival of September brings an end to the summer camping season at
your Wisconsin Lions Camp. I’m sure that our campers had the times of
their lives. For some of the campers it was a new beginning, and for some it
was an end to the gift of fun, friendship and memories. We as Lions, Lioness
and Leos can be proud of the opportunities we give our campers and their
  On August 20, 2011, your Wisconsin Lions Foundation Board of Directors
met for the first time this year. I would like to thank PID Lion Art Marson
for installing the Officers and new Board members. I would like to welcome
our Council Representative District Governor Butch Hale from 27-A2 to the
Board. I would also like to welcome our new Lion Directors and Lioness
       Lion Fred Gebhart (27-B1)
       Lion Tom Mueller (27-B2)
       Lion Gary Krause (27-C1)
       Lion Sam Kochel (27-E1)
       Lioness Jan Koranda (27-D2)
  I am glad you made the decision to serve on the WLF Board.
  For the past six years, when I have been to a Club, Zone or Region
Meeting, I always ask this question. “How many of you have been to your
Lions Camp?”
  If you answered “Yes”, please come and visit Camp again this year on
September 17th. If you answered “No”, give yourself the gift of a lifetime by
attending Wisconsin Lions Camp Open House on September 17th. It is a day
trip you will never forget. You will want to come back every year. There are
lots of interactive activities, good food, and best of all, you will have truly
become a Lion from Wisconsin once you see, in person, your Lions Camp.
  Once again, thank you for Reaching, Touching and Improving Lives of
those We Serve.
Inside WLF
NEW CLUB OFFICE? Information is key to serving your members.
Check out “Club Corner” at You’ll find convenient
tools to arrange a Club presentation, make a Club commitment, refer a
potential donor, volunteer to help support a Pride event and Lions Pride
Office contact information.

members learn more about the Lions Pride Endowment Fund! Ambassadors
are ready to explain the Campaign, why it’s needed, how members can help,
giving options and more. For Ambassador contact information, call 715-677-
7000 or email

Evolution Of Friendship
  What began with a visit to Lions Camp by two members of the Fond du
Lac Open Road Harley Owners’ Group (H.O.G.) Chapter in 2008 has
evolved into an annual fundraiser supporting Lions Pride, called the
Friendship 100. This is one of two annual fundraisers for Lions Pride, both
specifically geared to raising funds from predominantly non-Lion donors.
  The Annual Friendship 100 is aptly named because the ride from Open
Road Harley-Davidson in Fond du Lac to the front door of the Pride Office
on the grounds of Lions Camp is approximately 100 miles. In addition, each
rider and passenger makes a minimum donation of $100 in order to
  This year’s group rumbled into Camp just before the campers’ lunchtime.
Pride Chairman Dewey Carl welcomed the group and expressed his
appreciation to them for choosing to adopt Lions Pride as one of their group
and personal causes. Open Road Harley Davidson’s Sales Manager, Mike
Arnold presented Pride Coordinator Geri Schlender with just over $2,200 in
donations for Lions Pride. Each rider was given a custom designed pin
commemorating the event and their participation.
  Starting with a tour of the health lodge, provided by Lynette Ender, long-
time volunteer nurse and wife of WLF PP Eric Ender, the group got to
witness the influx of campers approaching the health lodge for their noon
medications. The expertise and efficiency of the process impressed the
  Following an “al fresco” lunch beneath the shade trees in front of the Pride
Office, the group embarked on a wagon ride tour of the Camp. Newcomers
were awed by the scope of the property and the variety of facilities and
activities provided to the campers, including the climbing tower, archery and
nature center. As a matter of fact, one rider who attended last year’s ride was
so moved, he brought a deer hide, all tanned and ready to go, as a gift to the
Camp’s nature center, graciously accepted by Camp Operations Manager,
Andrea Yenter.
  The visit ended with a stop at the water front as the Campers were enjoying
the warm sunny day both on and in the water. Canoes, kayaks, peddle boats
and the like were scattered around the lake while splashing and giggling
could be heard from quite a distance as the group approached the swimming
  As departure time drew near; the riders sadly made their goodbyes, but
with happy hearts knowing their donations are making a decided difference
in the lives of some very special children. They then saddled up for the 100
mile journey back to Fond du Lac vowing to return next year and to bring
others along to the 3rd Annual Friendship 100.

Former Campers Working At
  by Camp Operations Manager Lion Andrea Yenter
  We’d like to profile three staff who are working for us this summer and
who all have experienced your Lions Camp. They are just a few of the many
campers who’ve returned to Camp to give back as staff members. Between
the three of them, considering camper years and staff years, they have a
combined 40 years of Camp experience!
  Meg Hundley is a 25 year old former camper from Glendale and she has
type 1 diabetes. Hundley attended Camp from 1998 to 2002. She has worked
for us since 2010. Hundley wants to let Lions know that, “This is where I
wasn’t the only person who felt like they were different. A whole week of
being with people who are like you was a life-changing experience for me. I
even dreamt about Camp when I wasn’t there.“
  Brian Nehls is a 25 year old former camper from Watertown and he
attended during our deaf and hard of hearing sessions, as well as our
diabetes camp. He was a camper from age 6 until he was too old to camp
and has worked for us for the past six summers. Nehls says his Camp
experiences helped him grow as a person and he came back to give back
what he was given.
  Jacob Kulba, is a 23 year old from South Milwaukee and attended our
youth blind or visually impaired session for 10 years. Kulba has spent the
last five years working for us. He shared that he never knew about the other
populations we served and realized that this place that has meant so much to
him, has meant so much to others. He can remember every staff person who
he had as a counselor. He wanted to give kids what he got – great staff who
care about them.
  Listening to their memories as they talked to me about their experiences
made me feel so very proud of being a Wisconsin Lion. Thank you for all
that you do!
  Contact the WLF Office if you know of anyone who might be interested in
serving as a Camp counselor.

Primer On Pride
 The Lions Pride Endowment Fund represents today’s help and tomorrow’s
promise for preserving the common statewide projects that the Wisconsin
Lions Foundation has provided in support of each club’s local community
since 1956.
  The campaign for the Lions Pride Endowment Fund has been entirely
funded by the efforts and money of a dedicated donor. Nearly $6.5 million in
commitments and contributions have been realized, but the goal is $25
million-- enough to contribute $1 million yearly to WLF operations from the
Fund interest earnings, while the balance continues to accrue additional
interest earnings.
  Pride’s Message to Club Members - Traditional Annual Club Donations to
WLF are the lifeblood of current WLF operations and are an essential
priority that belongs in the annual budget of each club every year.
  But the financial future of WLF’s current, and certainly future, statewide
programs are greatly challenged, thus, the premise of the Lions Pride
Endowment Fund as help for both today and tomorrow.
  Certainly dedicated Pride fundraisers or the commitment of “extra” funds
to Pride beyond regular WLF Annual Donations may be a consideration for
your club. In Districts 27-B2 and 27-B1, 100% of Clubs have made such
donations/pledges and other club contributors are growing in other districts.
  But by far, the greatest contributions to Pride come from individuals. Lions
and non-Lions account for 74.3% of total donations. So a critical component
of your message to members should encourage consideration of two
  Individual personal giving by members
  Referral of potential large individual donor prospects, be they Lions or
non-Lions, to the Lions Pride Office
  For more detailed information, including club speaker arrangements,
please visit or call the Pride Office at 715-677-7000.

Your Land, Our Land... The
 Visit Lions Camp Open House on September 17. See for yourself what
generations of Wisconsin Lions have built.
 Lions Camp in Rosholt, the place where...
  Special kids can spend a week, free. Where you can visit, see and sense
their joy and refreshed love of life. Where you know what it is to be a Lion.
Camp is something to be truly proud of--440 acres, a private lake, 36
beautifully maintained buildings from the cabins, dining hall, health lodge,
meeting rooms, activity centers, eyeglass recycling, to the administrative and
maintenance facilities.
  But, increasing operating costs seriously challenge the continuing legacy of
Lions Camp as we know it.
  Fortunately, there’s a way you can favorably impact that legacy: personally
donate to the Lions Pride Endowment Fund.
  Please find out more about Pride. Stop by our office at Lions Camp during
your Open House visit to pick up literature, get questions answered. And/or
you can visit our website, give us a call or send an email:, 715-677-7000.

We Want Your Hide!
  Hunting season is here with the start of bow hunting this month and the
deer gun season right around the corner. That means it’s time to get your
Deer Hides for Camp collections program set up. Collect hides from your
club members and the community and continue the tradition that began 20
years ago.
  Each club will receive detailed information this month on creating a
successful hide collections project. Contact the WLF Office or one of your
WLF Directors with your questions or for additional information.
  Since the very first hide was collected back in 1991, over $400,000 has
been collected for WLF projects and programs along with helping us to
maintain our beautiful property and facilities.
  It is our hope that you choose to join numerous Lion and Lioness Clubs
throughout Wisconsin who understand the importance of Lions Camp and
the positive impact we have on these very special children. With your help,
we can continue the wonderful legacy of Lions Camp.
  Keep up the good work in serving those less fortunate as you follow our
Lions motto, “We Serve”. Alone we can do so little, but together we can do
so much!
Memorial Building Face Lift
AND DULL. Thanks to the generosity of the Wisconsin Lioness who
donated the skirt twisting monies from State Convention to the Wish List
here at Camp, we were able to purchase new thermal curtains, curtain rods to
hang them and even some cream-colored paint to freshen up the walls. The
curtains help block the sun to keep the building cool, and combined with the
new roof, we will save some money on our energy costs. We truly appreciate
the Lioness’ efforts to keep Camp looking good from decorating the Health
Lodge rooms to this project!
Lost Your IRS Tax Exempt Status?
The IRS Has A Deal For You!
  by PDG Gary Stewart
  Is your Lions Club one of the 275,000 organizations that recently lost
their tax exempt status? Perhaps you are a member of another civic or
veterans organization which lost their status. There is hope! The IRS is
making provisions for organizations to be reinstated, but you must complete
the process before the end of 2011.
  A 2006 law required all tax exempt organizations to file IRS Form 990
annually. Prior to that time, small organizations did not have to file (groups
with less than $25,000 in gross income). Under the new rules small
organizations were allowed to file an online, postcard version called Form
990-N. Organizations had three years to come into compliance. Groups that
did not comply by the end of 2010, automatically lost their tax exempt status
and the IRS mailed out notices.
  The IRS recognizes that most of the organizations that did not respond
have probably disbanded, but they also realize that some groups may not
have gotten the news about the new filing requirements. Organizations that
lost their status must reapply using Form 1024. For reinstatement purposes,
the usual fee of $400 or $800 is replaced by a $100 fee. The reinstatement
application must be submitted before December 31, 2011.
  Check out the IRS’s video by doing a computer search on “youtube irs”.
The information you need for applying is available at “”. An
application for reinstatement can only be done by submitting Form 1024 and
there are special rules which are covered in IRS Notice 2011-44. By the
way, Lions Clubs are 501 (c)(4) organizations. This is the IRS code number
for non-profit organizations like Lions, Rotary and Chambers of Commerce.
Charitable entities like LCIF, Wisconsin Lions Foundation or the Red Cross
are covered under code 501(c)(3).
  Be warned, preparing Form 1024 is not for the faint of heart. The form is
lengthy, requires attachments and additional special rules are listed in
Section 5 of IRS Notice 2011-44. Give yourself plenty of time, in other
words, act now! Many Clubs will require professional help, so now is the
time to recruit that new member who just happens to be an accountant.
Lion License Plate Challenge
  by Lion Ed Hida
  The West Allis Central Lions have issued a challenge to Wisconsin Lion
and Lioness clubs... They are challenging each club to commit that at least
five of their members, families or friends will purchase a Wisconsin Lion
license plates between now and the end of 2011.
  If even half of the 653 Lion and Lioness clubs across our great State reach
the goal of selling five plates by the end of 2011, the State of Wisconsin will
recoup their development costs and the Wisconsin Lions Foundation (WLF)
will receive a check for $17,050 this calendar year. If those same plate
purchasers renew their Wisconsin Lion license plate next year, WLF will net
$40,750 to help administer our statewide projects.
  “How can this miss? The Lions license plate is really a billboard for our
clubs that let’s our members show their pride and raises awareness for our
brand all while raising much needed funds for WLF and Camp,” says West
Alice Central President Ron Morrison, “But, in order for WLF to start
receiving $25 from each plate sale/renewal, the state has to recoup their
development costs.”
  The West Allis Central Lions believe so strongly in this cause that they
adopted a challenge resolution at a recent club meeting and are actively
soliciting Wisconsin Lion license plate sales.
  How can your club get involved?
       Adopt a resolution at your next club meeting.
       Provide your members with the information they need to purchase
         their own Lions billboard. Have them visit and click
         on the Lions License plate link for all the details.
       Share this opportunity with your family and friends. Ask them to
         support your club and it’s work through the Wisconsin Lions
         Foundation by purchasing a Wisconsin Lions license plate or by
         making a $25 donation to WLF.
      Provide the details about the Wisconsin Lions license plate at your
        upcoming fundraisers and service projects.
 Like International President Tam, I believe that we can all make a
difference. Won’t you make a difference for the thousands of people our
WLF projects serve each year by showing your Lions pride with your own
Wisconsin Lions license plate?
NEWS: 27-A1
Notes from DG Rick
  Last year many clubs called or emailed to give me the names of their new
members along with the new member sponsors. I hope that all Lions clubs in
our District will do that this year. I am happy to continue to recognize our
new members and introduce them to our District. Special awards for new
members and their sponsors will also be given out at this year’s Honor’s
  Some big news coming from the International Convention is that
International President Wing-Kun Tam has asked our District to help with
the planting of one million tress around the world (see the August 2011 issue
of the Wisconsin Lion). Please start to discuss this with your clubs. We will
be giving you more information on this later. It is fairly easy to do, and some
clubs in the state have already started.
  As far as District news goes, the Global Membership Team met on June
22, 2011. They have come up with a great plan for each club to do a visitor’s
day to increase membership. Please welcome them as they contact your club.
They want to help every club to increase membership and are well equipped
to do so.
  The Global Membership Team is also taking applications for any members
who need to defer dues resulting from tough economic times. We value our
members and want to help those who find themselves between jobs or
experiencing other mitigating circumstances.
  The GLT will be meeting soon. They, too, have great ideas for training,
orientation, and assisting new members. They will soon meet with Region
and Zone chairs to train, assist and help develop their ideas.
  The Prevent Blindness Screening Program Committee will be calling clubs
to offer help on how to get certified and trained to do vision screening in
your area.
  I have recently posted on our District Website some new ideas that other
committees hope to be implementing this year. It promises to make for an
exciting year in the district.
  I have met with several District Convention Committee Members, and they
continue to come up with great ideas for our January Convention. The theme
(thank you to Lioness President Donna Johnson, and the Lioness’) is “Back
to the 70’s.” The entertainment line-up that is planned is quite impressive
and represents an added value. GLT will also be heavily involved with the
  Finally, I would really like to visit your club this year. Please let me know
when I can do that, and I would be glad to schedule with you.

Tichigan Zeros In On Community
  by Lion Joan Weber
  Tichigan residents look forward to their annual Parade each year. This
year, the Parade was held on July 31, 2011 on a very scenic parade route
which traverses right next to the lake. The route is filled with excited
children and adults ready to catch candy and wave at the floats and parade
makers. This year I noticed that a special family was riding on the Tichigan
Float and became curious.
  Tichigan Lake Lion Tim Szeklinski introduced me to the Club’s special
guests, the Gauger family, parents Nicole and Troy and children, Gabriel,
Jordan and Lucas. Gabriel has been afflicted with EO Sinphilic Disease
which causes his white blood cells to greatly outnumber the red cells causing
him to be allergic to everything. Gabriel is five years old and needs a special
formula costing $1,500 to $1,700 per month which is fed to him through a
feeding tube.
  In talking with Gauger’s, they had wonderful things to say about the
Norway Lutheran Church and also the Tichigan Lake Lions for all the help
and support given to their family. This writer knows that when you have a
child with special needs it becomes a priority for the family and sometimes
the needs of the rest of the family are put on hold.
  “That is so true,” said Nicole, “not too many people understand that issue
becomes a problem in families and the support of community, friends and
family is so necessary.”
  Tichigan Lake Lion Vic Matuszewski is heading up the fundraising efforts
for the Gauger family. All funds raised from the 350 Chevy Engine Raffle or
$2,000 drawn on the day of the Tichigan Lake Lions Car Show (which was
held on August 28, 2011), go to the Gauger family to help with the medical
expenses they incur.
  Matuszewski said, “We try to help one family every year, and have done
so for the past five years with the Car Show Raffle proceeds. We helped a
14-year-old cancer victim and her family travel to Disney World, which was
her dream. Five thousand dollars was raised to send the family, and it was a
lifetime experience for the family and the Tichigan Lake Lions. She did
succumb to the cancer, but the Lions provided that special moment in time
for her.”
  Matuszewski has been a Lion since 1979, and feels good about what the
Lions do to help the community and individuals in the community.

Youth Exchange—All American
  by ADVP Lioness Joan Post
  On July 16, 2011, District 27-A1 Lioness hosted an All American Picnic at
Lions Park in New Berlin for the Youth Exchange students visiting our
District and their host families.
  Approximately 50 people attended and it was a great success. Lioness Joan
Post and Lioness Mary Tatera organized this picnic with the hope that it is
the first of an annual event.
  The picnic started out with snacks and beverages for everyone. The menu
consisted of hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, baked beans, fruit, and
vegetables and of course chocolate chip cookies and brownies for dessert.
  Lions Chuck Post and Red Schwanz were our cooks and Schwanz treated
everyone to some delicious grilled pineapple.
  Lionesses Cindy Cichon, Donna Dziedzic, Donna Johnson, Terry Poth and
Pat Ziino, as well as Lions Dale Cichon and John Ziino were also on hand to
  Thank you to all who participated and especially to the New Berlin Lioness
and Lions for their food donations.
  For those who wanted to enjoy playing games, volleyball, baseball,
croquet, ladder ball, and bean bag toss were available. The students also took
part in a water balloon toss contest, with the left over water balloons being
used as a free for all! Everyone had loads of fun and lots of laughs.

Club News
Skip Deback from Muskego Lions Club preparing for Tichigan Parade with
his pet shark.

Weber - Tuesday, August 2, 2011, was National Night Out in Big Bend with
the Lions Club providing FREE hot dogs, chips provided by Cousins Subs,
and soda. A large crowd from the community enjoyed activities for the
children and adults. Lots of information on what is available in the
community was provided by businesses, churches, the Fire Department, and
Police Department. This event provides the Lions Club the opportunity to
spread membership information to the community and to also to give back to
the community. Even though the weather initially dampened the activities,
the clouds cleared and the evening turned out to be a fantastic event. The
next event for the Big Bend/Vernon Lions will be to participate in the
Muskego Days Parade at the end of August.

Upcoming Events
New Berlin Prospect Lions will be serving their Steak and Shrimp dinner
with all the fixings-- beans, salad, parsley potatoes, rolls and coffee.
Beverages and deserts are also available.
Games, raffles and door prizes too. All for the great price of $15/person.
Dinner will be served from 5 to 8 p.m. at the New Berlin VFW Post, 17980
W. Beloit Road, New Berlin, Wisconsin.
We gather for the Safari between 9:15 & 9:45 a.m. with complimentary
coffee and donuts. The Safari begins at 10 a.m. Each Safari team consists of
two people and a vehicle - tracking the clues listed in the “Safari Map”. A
fee of $25 per two-person team is required. You must register before
October 1. The Safari departs from Rainbow Park in West Allis.
Register with Lion Bill Pallaske, 3240 N. 81st Street, Milwaukee, WI 53222

Dedication To The Cause
  by ADP Lioness Barb Johnson
  The 27-A1 Lioness donate a big part of their lives to helping others;
supporting their local community, and hold fundraising events so they can
give to the less fortunate.
  In 27-A1 we also have a Lioness and Lion who make their contribution to
Lionism a full time job. They are Lioness Marcia and Lion Bob Belair of the
East Troy Clubs. They are puppy raisers for Leader Dog.
  The Belairs started raising Leader Dog puppies in 2003. They are on their
eighth puppy. Their fifth dog, Braelyn, did so well that she was returned to
them to be a breeding dog. Braelyn has had two litters of puppies, one batch
of seven; the other 11. All the puppies have gone back to the school and are
in training. The Belairs certainly live the motto “We Serve.”

New Berlin Prospect, YE Students
& The Brewers
 by Lion Ed Neckar
 What a combination on July 31—a bright, sunny Sunday afternoon with
temperatures at 92 degrees and the brewers are tied 4-4 in the bottom of the
eighth. To make it more interesting, Ryan Braun starts off the inning with
an off-the-wall double. Next up, Prince Fielder, and he drives a 3-1 fastball
up the middle just past the diving Houston Astro’s shortstop.
 And, cheering in the stands are 13 young visitors from Italy, Finland,
Slovakia, Switzerland, Poland, France, Turkey, Romania and Tahiti. The
visitors were here as part of the Lions International Youth Exchange
Program. This particular Sunday in July, they and their host families were
watching the Brewers as guests of the Prospect Lions.
 Club members and their families joined the exchange program guests in
cheering on the Brewers and served up hot dogs, brats, burgers and all the
fixings for tailgate fun prior to the game. The young guests were spending
two weeks at camp in the northern Kettle Moraine.
 The part was also visited by one of Milwaukee’s finest riding his Harley
Police Special. Sergeant Edwards visited with our young guests. Each had
the chance to get their photo taken with the cycle, “Something Very Special
from Wisconsin.”
 And, back to the game, taking off as soon as Fielder hit the ball, Braun,
never hesitated at third and beat the throw to the plate. A game and a day
our guests should remember for a long time.
NEWS: 27-A2
Notes from DG Butch
  I am sure you are beginning to hear more and more about LCI President
Tam’s campaign to plant 1,000,000 trees this Lion year. When I was in
Seattle at the International Convention I had the opportunity to participate in
the largest single service project performed by District Governors and their
spouses or companions, we all planted a tree! This kicked off the count
down to one million trees worldwide to be planted in the next year. But this
isn’t about one tree, it’s about one million trees; and not about one Lion
planting them, it’s about all us of getting to plant them. Another proving
point... alone we can only do some much, but together we can do some much
more. That is what IP Tam calls the “Power of We”, together we can do
anything. I pledged our District will plant 1,000 trees this Lions year and I
believe we can do it. So keep track of those trees you and your club plant!
And keep an eye out for more news in the near future about our commitment
to the environment and planting 1,000 trees.
  Last month, I commented on goals and how to set and achieve them. How
is it working out for you? Remember, it takes “Courage, Commitment and
Action” to accomplish a goal, otherwise it is a wish. I would like to talk
more about your goals when I visit your clubs.
  To stay on my theme, this month I would like to touch on the tools that are
available to “Build Your Lions Club Better”. By now all of your club’s
should have received a copy of the “Toolkit for Success” booklet. If not
contact, me or your Zone Chair for a copy. There was a lot of thought that
went into creating this book and the only way it is going to be a success is if
you use it. The resources that are listed in there are waiting to work for you,
call them up, invite them to a meeting and put them to work. A tool that
doesn’t get used much and stays in the toolbox gets rusty and doesn’t want
to work, the same goes for Lions. We need to get those Lions out there to
work and knock the rust off.
  Fall is just around the corner and soon we will be hearing more and more
about collecting those deer hides so start planning now to collect and get
someone from your club to manage the program. It is always much easier to
work on a project when someone volunteers to take the lead. Is it you, will
you take the lead on collecting deer hides to support our camp?
  Next month the International theme is “Sharing our Vision” which goes
along with my thoughts on Communication. We can talk then about ways to
get out to the public what Lions are really about. Have a great month!

1,000 Trees In 27-A2
  by Lion Denise Hale
  I had the great pleasure of attending our International Convention in
Seattle this year. I got to hear many motivational speeches from many great
leaders from International and around the world.
  Our new International President wants the Lions clubs to take our
opportunity and make a difference in a worldwide campaign to plant
1,000,000 trees in this Lionistic year. Now I know anyone can plant a tree,
but one million of them!!!!
  Trees cleanse and renew the atmosphere, they beautify our communities,
and they protect the environment. These trees that we plant will be a
constant reminder to our neighbors for years to come of Lions commitment
to our communities and the vital role we play.
  International President Wing-Kun Tam, put all the new District Governors
up to a challenge of pledging trees for their individual districts. 27-A2 DG
Butch Hale pledged that our district, as a whole, could plant 1,000 trees
before June 30th of next year.
  The really exciting news, is that if every district reaches the goal that their
District Governor pledged, Lions around the world will plant almost 5
million trees worldwide in a year. This would be a great accomplishment for
our individual clubs and the Lions organization as a whole.
  There are some awards that are available for Districts Level and Club
Level milestones called the Believer’s Awards.
  Each District Governor whose district achieves at least 50 percent club
participation in tree planting will receive an “I’m A Believer” plaque to
commemorate their success.
  The top 100 clubs in each constitutional area who plant the most number of
trees by members will receive a special award plaque and be recognized on
the website and in the LION magazine.
  In addition, all clubs participating in tree planting will receive a specially
designed banner patch for the first tree planting activity reported during the
fiscal year.
  Once your club plants a tree, record the planting with a picture and record
it in your Club’s monthly Service Activity Report.
  This is a great opportunity for your community to get together for a service
project and don’t forget to get the youth involved in this activity. As we all
know, we all have youth organizations in our areas so ask them to get
involved with you.
  To further help reach our 1,000 tree goal, DG Butch and I are planning the
single largest service project in our district by setting a date for a District-
wide planting of trees. You will be hearing more about this great opportunity
in the coming months, It is our hope that every club will participate in this
  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at or DG Butch.

What It’s All About
  by ZC Richard Webb
  I am sure we have all wondered; ”Why am I doing this?” After standing in
front of a grill or pouring beer for several shifts because no one else showed
up, or selling raffle tickets that other members turned back in, because they
said, they could not sell them; then something happens, and you realize;
“That is why I do this”.
  Several weeks ago the Port Washington Lions Club, in conjunction with
GLSF Sports Fishing Club, co-sponsored a Salmon Fishing Outing for
seriously ill children, through the Child’s Wish Outing Foundation.
  The children that asked to be taken fishing, are seriously ill, and have gone
through long periods of treatment. We were told that a number of these
children probably would be unable to come back next year. One young child
had gone through a Chemo treatment just prior to coming, but would not
stay home.
  It was very touching to see how thankful and proud they were with their
catches, and how appreciative they were to everyone involved. It was a very
successful day on the lake, with a total of 342 fish being caught, which were
a mixture of Coho, King Salmon and Rainbow Trout. A total of 18 boats
were involved, 80 people were there, including volunteers, family members
and mentors. The families came from Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa,
Upper Michigan and Ohio. A local motel assisted with the lodging.
  The Port Washington Lions club provided all of the food and refreshments
for lunch, with most of it being donated by club members and their families.
As we served lunch, it was nice to be able to meet the children and their
families, and talk to them about their experience on the lake. A mother and
father came up to me and asked me to thank everyone for the day, as they
did not know if their son would make it, and he was so excited to be here.
  As I sat back and reflected on that day, I realized……. “That’s What It’s
All About”!

Meet Our 2nd VDG Kraemer
  Second Vice District Governor Cary Kraemer has been a member of the
Grafton Lions Club since 1991. Along with his regular duties, he will be
serving as the 27-A2 Technology Chair, managing the website and
developing new communication tools for the district.
  He has served his Club as Tail Twister, Membership Chair, Secretary and
President. On a district level, he has served as Newspaper Editor,
Technology Chair and Cabinet Secretary. Kraemer has received four
International President’s Certificates of Appreciation and the International
Leadership Award. He has been a Certified Guiding Lion and is a Melvin
Jones Fellow.
  Kramer has recently changed careers, and is now a partner in the bowling
center in Grafton. He has two sons, one attending MATC and the other
attending Cedarburg High School.
  Kraemer is looking forward to working with clubs to help them become
stronger and to starting new clubs. He can be reached at:

Lions Share
DISTRICT GOLF - The Annual 27-A2 Golf outing was held on Monday,
June 27th at the Windwood Country Club in Watertown. The Watertown
Lions Club hosted the event this year. Twenty four teams enjoyed a perfect
weather day for golfing, food, raffles and friendship.

A HUGE SUCCESS with a large number of show cars of all makes and
models, live bands, great food and drinks, a large Flea Market and they
offered Children’s Eye Screening. This is the second year the club has
offered the eye screening. A few members from the Kettle Moraine and
West Bend Lions helped with the screening. Some of the Allenton Lions
were reminiscing about the very first car show. They were saying how they
used to haul the water to the food stand in metal milk cans and made the
pancakes. They are very happy that the food area now has running water and
electric. It was a great day.

SHOW - Club held their 12th annual Truck and Tractor Pull on June 18th at
Badgerland Park in Watertown. The weather was great and the various
Pullers Associations provided an outstanding show for those attending.
Club members served a variety of sandwiches, snacks and beverages
throughout the day and early evening.
Upcoming Events
FRI, SEP 9 - 8th Annual Oconomowoc Lions Golf Outing at Rolling
Hills Country Club. 12:30 pm Shotgun Start. $75/player; $300/foursome.
Dinner Only - $15/person. Registration deadline: Sept. 2.
— Oconomowoc Lions at 262-490-0917 or 262-567-5411

SAT, OCT 8 - SUN, OCT 9 & SAT, OCT 15 - SUN, OCT 16 -
Columbus Lions Bowl-A-Thon at the Cardinal Ale House and Bowl. Entry
deadline is Monday September 19th, 2011. We are looking for bowlers.
Registration will begin at noon each day. Warm up period from 1 to 1:15
pm. Start time will be 1:15 pm. Prizes will be awarded. Excellent raffle
— Carla Reed at 920-992-5500

SUN, NOV 6 - North Milwaukee Lions 73rd Semi-Annual Pancake
Breakfast - at Alioto’s (3041 N. Mayfair Road, Wauwatosa) from 8:30
am to 12:30 pm. $7 Adults. $5 Children.

MON, NOV 7 - Region 3 Zone 2 Meeting hosted by Hartford Lions.
Details to follow.

SAT, NOV 12 - Watertown Lions 16th Annual Fall Festival at the
Clyman Lions Hall in Clyman. $35 all you can eat and drink. Door prizes,
raffles and much more.
— For tickets and information contact President Don Laatsch
at 920-386-2954 or

NOTE FROM YOUR EDITOR - Just a reminder to keep submitting your
wonderful articles and when you are holding your upcoming events, take a
picture of your members “serving” within your community. When you get
your club’s service projects and calendars set up for the year, send me a
copy so that I can put your information in the paper.
The November newspaper deadline is September 20th.
NEWS: 27-B1
Notes from DG Merle
  Here it is September already, where did the summer go? The kids are back
in school, vacations have come to an end, farmers are starting to harvest
  Lion Bonnie and I went to Summer School when we went to the Lions
International Convention in Seattle Washington. I attended classes with
students from Russia, India, Canada, and states throughout the U.S. The
great thing was we all had a common goal: making a better life for people
we may never know personally. Clubs around the world have different ways
of getting their message out there. Clubs use radio spots to promote
upcoming events, and meetings and to encourage new membership.
Fundraising options are numerous and I will gladly share ideas when I visit
your Clubs.
  I know 27-B1 has a lot of members involved in sports. This fall kick off a
new sports raffle. Get tickets for Badger games, hockey games, Bucks
games and Packer tickets.
  Deer hunting starts in September, look at collecting deer hides. Put an ad in
your local paper explaining the Lions deer hide collection project.
  Lions put on your Lions Vest and all go out to a local football game as a
group and support your local teams, make yourself visible to the community,
let them know who you are. You just might have fun doing it.
  International President Tam’s theme is (I Believe) and (Lions Clubs are
families) we are families and we support one another. I know if other people
learn what the Lions do as a family they will want to join.
  Last month there was a wonderful article in the Tool Kit page with a photo
of 27-B1 Lion Bob Schuh and his children planting trees. I visited the Club
and installed a new member and presented him with a tree on July 12. Lion
Bob and his family have committed to planting 100 plus trees. I challenge
the other Lions families to step up, we can do a tree per club member.
  The Lions family is an extension of our own families. Be proud of what we
do and what we can do as a team working together.
  Yes, the kids may be back in school and the leaves may be starting to turn,
farmers are starting to harvest their crops. Lions, Lioness, Leos and friends
of the Lions don’t just learn at school and get ready to wrap up for the
winter. We share what we learn, and share what we harvest to give to those
in need in our family, community, country and around the world.
  Until next time, learn, share and may your families grow.

Lioness News
  by ADP Sue Robinson
  Schools are opening again. So we need to drive even more carefully and
watch for students. Now is also the time to get involved with the children’s
vision screening program. If certification is needed, check with your Lion
Zone Chair to find a time and location. The time spent will be very
  Although many of the Lioness Clubs don’t meet in the summer months,
please send your monthly P & A reports so I can keep accurate member
records. Being current on your P & A’s will save me making a monthly
reminder call.
  Don’t forget to invite me to visit during the upcoming year.
  District Convention, October 28-29 at the Holiday Inn in Manitowoc, will
be here soon. That means plans for the Peace Poster Contest need to be
started right away. Posters are due at the District Convention.
  Speaking of District Convention, we will again need a Affiliate District
Vice President. Talk to your members about volunteering for this position.
Information has been sent to each club regarding the qualifications for
candidacy. Remember our motto, “We Serve Too.” Our constitution says
the Affiliate President appoints a Vice President if no one volunteers. Let us
willingly serve.
  Please remember the $25 bucket raffle gift from each club to be brought on
Friday night. All monies raised go to fund projects for Lions Camp.
  A new Lioness pin design is also needed. A $25 prize is given for the
chosen pin. The design and slogan will be part of the flower series started
two years ago. The forget-me-not and rose have been used so far. Please
bring your design to Convention or submit it to:
  Lioness Bonnie Hughes
  W7474 Cty Rd N
  Van Dyne, WI 54979
  Speakers at this year’s Convention promise to be both interesting and
informative. Seminars include an adult visually impaired camper, a working
drug dog and coping with mental illness (sponsored by the 27-B1 Lioness).
Make plans to attend a great convention in October!
  And remember…. “We Need You In Order To Serve.”

Club News
Due to the death of a club member, the Montello Lions found themselves
without a place to hold their 2010 Haunted Hay Ride fundraiser; and even if
they found a spot, there wasn’t time to prepare. The Lions Family comes
thru, Lion Paul Cotter starts clearing trails big enough for a wagon but it’s a
big job. Montello Lions have a work day, Lions, family and friends show up
to help. Trails are made and brush cleared back so the wagons can be pulled
thru. Zone Chair Carl Rasmussen heard of the big project and brought in a
bulldozer to clear the brush for a parking area and a bush hogs to grind up
the brush. The Montello Lions have donated for years to their community,
two $1.000 scholarships for students from the area, Red Cross, all the Lions
sponsored projects. In 2010-11 a total of $7,228.08 was given by the
Montello Lions.

BOTH ENDS OF THE VILLAGE - This project was a huge undertaking
for the Lions, who invested close to $30,000, and is a great asset to the
community. Community events, local businesses, as well as personal
birthday wishes are being advertised daily. The Tri-County High School
landscaping class designed the landscaping and planted the flower beds
underneath each sign. Those interested in advertising on the new signs can
feel free to contact Terry Callahan at 715-335-4550 for details. LOWER
LEFT: Lions Sign Committee members Alex Aschenbrenner, Mike Copas,
and Jim Morgan.

FLAG PRESENTATION - DG Merle and Lion Bonnie presented a
Wisconsin flag to now International President Tam during the LCI
Convention in Seattle.

Nomination Papers Due
  by Ralph Schneider, 27-B1 Elections Chair
  The deadline for candidates and clubs to submit paperwork indicating their
interest in having their names placed on the ballot for voting at the 27-B1
District Convention must be in by September, 29, 2011 (30 days before the
  We are looking for members/clubs to step up for the 2012-13 Lions year in
the following areas:
      2nd Vice District Governor
      District Bowling
      Etc.
  Send nomination papers/letters of intent with copies to:
  DG Merle Strelow
 27-B1 Elections Chair
 State Secretary
 Interested members or clubs with questions should contact:
 Ralph Schneider
 27-B1 Elections Chair
 3621 Lakeshore Rd.
 Sheboygan, WI 53083

Upcoming Events

SUN, SEP 4 - Fond du Lac Lions and Lioness Flea Market - FDL County
Fairgrounds Expo Building.

SAT, SEP 17 - Lions Camp Open House

MON, SEP 19 - R3 Z2 Meeting - UW-Fond du Lac University Commons,
7 pm.

MON, SEP 19 - R1 Z3 Meeting - Butch’s, St. Nazianz, 6 pm social; 7 pm

WED, SEP 21 - R3 Z1 Meeting - Old Rodeo Bar, County II. Neenah Lions

2011 27-B1 Convention
Registration Form
     October 28th - 29th - Holiday Inn, Manitowoc WI

         Fees                                                     By 10/10
         Registration - Lions, Lioness and Guest                      $8
         Registration - Leos and Children                             $2
         Friday Fish Fry                                              $15
         Saturday Luncheon                                            $14
         Saturday Banquet                                             $25


Name                                                  Fri. Fish        Sat.
                                                Reg                           Sat. Banquet       TOTAL
Title:                                                   Fry          Lunch
 Lion  Lioness  Lion/Lioness 
Leo  Guest                                 $         $           $           $              $
 Newcomer  Delegate  Alternate

Name                                                  Fri. Fish        Sat.
                                                Reg                           Sat. Banquet       TOTAL
Title:                                                   Fry          Lunch
 Lion  Lioness  Lion/Lioness 
Leo  Guest                                 $         $           $           $              $
 Newcomer  Delegate  Alternate

Name                                                  Fri. Fish        Sat.
                                                Reg                           Sat. Banquet       TOTAL
Title:                                                   Fry          Lunch
 Lion  Lioness  Lion/Lioness 
Leo  Guest                                $            $           $           $              $
 Newcomer  Delegate  Alternate

Name                                                    Fri. Fish        Sat.
                                               Reg                              Sat. Banquet       TOTAL
Title:                                                     Fry          Lunch
 Lion  Lioness  Lion/Lioness 
Leo  Guest                                $            $           $           $              $
 Newcomer  Delegate  Alternate

                                                                                     Amount    $

                     Checks payable and mail by 10/10/11 to: 27-B1 Convention
                Mail to: Lion Gary Silah, 620 E. Pioneer Rd. #12, Fond du Lac WI 54935

           Never been to a Lions Convention? Be sure to mark the “Newcomer” choice
                          above and participate in our Newcomer Contest.
                  It’s great fun and it will help you get the most out of your Convention
NEWS: 27-B2
Notes from DG Sue
  We are several months into a new Lions year and I absolutely love serving
as your District Governor!!
  For our “summer vacation” Lion Eugene and I went to Seattle,
Washington. After several days of being tourists, we attended the District
Governor-Elect (DG-E) training and Lions International Convention. This
was our first International Convention. Oh my gosh, what an experience!!
DG-E school was attended by 740 DG-E’s from around the world. It was
there that we first met new International President Wing-Kun Tam. He is a
wonderful man; an outstanding servant leader!
  His goals and mine are closely aligned! He and I would both like to see
increased membership and leadership and service projects. His personality
and mine also align with having fun!
  Last month in the Tool Kit section of the newspaper, you learned about Dr.
Tam as he introduced his goal to plant 1,000,000 trees. PDG Kathy
Merriman has agreed to serve as the 27-B2 Tree Planting Coordinator. My
goal is to have 2,707 trees planted – 1 per Lion and Lioness member in the
district. If you or your club plants a tree (or more), please let us know! I’d
love to see some inter-district competitions! As this program develops, we
will keep you informed!
  The Howard-Suamico Lions are busy planning for the 27-B2 Convention,
to be held November 4 - 5 at the Comfort Suites (Rock Garden) in Green
Bay. International Director Ted Reiver from Wilmington, Delaware will be
our guest speaker. We are encouraging you to bring your loose change to the
Convention. Rather than having the traditional parade of checks, we are
going to have an old-fashioned penny war. Each of the donation areas
(WLF, Lions Pride, Mission to Mexico, etc.) will have a large jar on display.
Attendees will then deposit their change in the various jars along with their
annual donation checks. A master list of club’s donations by area will be
posted. Jar totals will be reported at Saturday’s Banquet.
  I am pleased to report that several Lions have contacted me, and I love it!!
I still want to hear from more of you. After you are done reading this article
if you call or email me (920-734-9662 or I will donate
$1 to Lions Pride at the end of my term! I want to hear from you!! Share
with me what you are doing!
  Have you invited anyone to join Lions Clubs this month? If not, why not!
Have you stepped up in leadership this month? If not, why not! Are you
having fun! Have you planted a tree – let me know!! I’m serving with you!

Club News & Events
  We are several months into a new Lions year and I absolutely love serving
as your District Governor!!
  For our “summer vacation” Lion Eugene and I went to Seattle,
Washington. After several days of being tourists, we attended the District
Governor-Elect (DG-E) training and Lions International Convention. This
was our first International Convention. Oh my gosh, what an experience!!
DG-E school was attended by 740 DG-E’s from around the world. It was
there that we first met new International President Wing-Kun Tam. He is a
wonderful man; an outstanding servant leader!
  His goals and mine are closely aligned! He and I would both like to see
increased membership and leadership and service projects. His personality
and mine also align with having fun!
  Last month in the Tool Kit section of the newspaper, you learned about Dr.
Tam as he introduced his goal to plant 1,000,000 trees. PDG Kathy
Merriman has agreed to serve as the 27-B2 Tree Planting Coordinator. My
goal is to have 2,707 trees planted – 1 per Lion and Lioness member in the
district. If you or your club plants a tree (or more), please let us know! I’d
love to see some inter-district competitions! As this program develops, we
will keep you informed!
  The Howard-Suamico Lions are busy planning for the 27-B2 Convention,
to be held November 4 - 5 at the Comfort Suites (Rock Garden) in Green
Bay. International Director Ted Reiver from Wilmington, Delaware will be
our guest speaker. We are encouraging you to bring your loose change to the
Convention. Rather than having the traditional parade of checks, we are
going to have an old-fashioned penny war. Each of the donation areas
(WLF, Lions Pride, Mission to Mexico, etc.) will have a large jar on display.
Attendees will then deposit their change in the various jars along with their
annual donation checks. A master list of club’s donations by area will be
posted. Jar totals will be reported at Saturday’s Banquet.
  I am pleased to report that several Lions have contacted me, and I love it!!
I still want to hear from more of you. After you are done reading this article
if you call or email me (920-734-9662 or I will donate
$1 to Lions Pride at the end of my term! I want to hear from you!! Share
with me what you are doing!
  Have you invited anyone to join Lions Clubs this month? If not, why not!
Have you stepped up in leadership this month? If not, why not! Are you
having fun! Have you planted a tree – let me know!! I’m serving with you!

Upcoming Events
FRI, SEP 9 - SUN, SEP 11
Come enjoy a wonderful family weekend on the trails. There are 2, 3, and 4
hour trails for riders of all levels. Try one or try them all. Trail rides begin
on Friday and continue through Sunday. Cost is $5/horse with coggins. Call
Trail Coordinator Deb at 715-508-0097 or Angie at 715-508-0060 with any
Plan to camp for the weekend. All sites are close to the port-a-pottys, most
are flat. Free indoor showers are available. A weekend camp site is $20, so
call for your reservations and get a great spot. Firewood is available to
purchase. A watering crew will be ready to bring water to the horses. Day
camping is also available with plenty of room for all.
When you’re not on the trail, there are plenty of family-friendly activities to
fill your time. Plan to kick up those boots and stomp your feet on the dance
floor with music on both Friday and Saturday nights. The evenings will also
feature raffles and of course the saloon will be open. Food will be served
starting at 6 am daily and will be available until very late. Sunday will begin
with a Cowboy Worship Service at 8 am which will be followed by a Lions
Pancake Breakfast.
Plan now and call to reserve your space. Contact one of the Lions listed
below with any questions or to make reservations.
Pete 715-853-5506
Brian 715-701-0596
Deb 715-508-0097
Angie 715-508-0060

Hearing Program Update
  by Lion Garron Gibson, 27-B2 Hearing Chairperson
  The WLF Hearing Aid Program is one of six state wide programs
supported and administered by the Wisconsin Lions Foundation.
  The Program provides hearing aids for low income people who normally
cannot afford them. One year ago, 27-B2 had a waiting list for people who
were approved for the WLF Hearing Aid Program. We did not have enough
funds to help anyone.
  Thanks to the generosity of the Lions and Lioness in our district who
donated to the 27-B2 Hearing Aid Fund, we were able to provide 12 hearing
aids last year and help all those on the waiting list. All this with a slight
surplus so we can immediately help a few more applicants as they are
  However, without additional donations to the 27-B2 Hearing Aid program,
we will soon have to start another waiting list.
  Lions, Lioness and Leos are always up to the challenge when it comes to
helping others. Your club can help by making a donation to the District 27-
B2 Hearing Aid Fund or designate a portion of your WLF donation to the
Hearing Aid Fund.
  If you would like additional information or would like to schedule a
presentation at your club, district or region meeting contact:
  Lion Garron Gibson
Technology Is Evolving
  by DG Sue Doell
  Websites, email and search engines allow us to communicate and raise
awareness and funds in new and exciting ways.
  For those of you looking to create a club website, e-clubhouse is a free and
easy way for your club to build a website. Go to and
search for e-clubhouse to learn more.
  Speaking of websites, the 27-B2 website is being rebuilt. You can find it at It is a work in progress and will require input
from each club to make it a success. The calendar, service project and
fundraiser pages all require club information to fill them and make our 27-
B2 website a great resource for our members. There are so many wonderful
things being done throughout 27-B2; we just don’t share our successes!
Send your club calendar, upcoming fundraisers and service project success
stories to
  Another great way to share information is through the 27-B2 E-Mail List.
Clubs can use this free email service to advertise activities and share timely
information (such as illnesses or death notices). Any Lion or Lioness can get
on the mailing list or be removed from it by sending their e-mail address to
PID Harry Merriman at Those listed in the 27-B2
directory are added automatically.
  The 2011-2012 Wisconsin Lions State directory is available online. It
includes the district cabinet, region and zone chairs and officers for each
club. This is a tremendous resource if you are looking for speakers. To
access it, please ask your club secretary or me for the web address; more
importantly the password.
  Let’s keep the lines of communication open – either by phone or email.
After you are done reading this article, call or email me and I will donate $1
to Lions Pride for every call or email I get this year. I want to hear from

Lioness Make It Happen
 by IPADP Sue Pocket
  Thanks to all who donated to the 2011 State Convention raffle and who
brought cookies, bars and fruit. The raffle and cookie sale netted $381 on
Friday and $343 on Saturday. Skirt Twisters collected $460 on Saturday
morning, bringing our total donation for the Lions Camp Wish List to
$1,184. Special thanks to all who worked the raffle table and to our Skirt
  This has been an enjoyable two years for me as I served as 27-B2 ADP. To
anyone who would like to run for District Office it is great to do. So if you
ever get a chance to be an Officer for your District please do so, you won’t
regret it. It’s a great learning experience and anybody can do it. You meet so
many different people and make so many new friends, It is so great to see
how the clubs get together and raise money for their communities and the
Wisconsin Lions Camp.
  Speaking of Camp, I recommend everyone visit it. I was there with the
Shawano Lake Lioness during an adult camping session. Twelve of the
campers had Leader Dogs. It was amazing to watch some of the campers
shooting bow and arrows. They used music behind the board so they knew
just where to aim. You can sure learn a lot by just watching what they can all
  Once again, thanks to everyone who helped at the State Convention. We
couldn’t have done it without you.

2011 27-B2 Convention
Registration Form
November 4th - 5th - Comfort Suites-Rock Garden, Green Bay




                           and CHECK INFO BELOW NAME
                      You may send one payment for multiple registrations.
                Please use separate registration forms for each couple attending.

           Fees                                     By 10/15          After 10/15**
           Registration (Lions)                     $12               $15*
           Registration (Lioness,Leos and
                                                    $8                $11*
           Saturday Lunch - Chicken
                                                    $13.50            N/A
           Caesar Wrap (CH)
           Saturday Lunch - Club Wrap
                                                    $13.50            N/A
           Saturday Lunch - California
                                                    $13.50            N/A
           Wrap (CA)
           Saturday Night - Door County
                                                    $25.00            N/A
           Pork (P)
           Saturday Night - Chicken
                                                    $25.00            N/A
           Saltimbocca (C)
           Saturday Night - Salmon (S)              $26.00            N/A
           Saturday Night - Vegetarian (V)          $24.00            N/A

         * After 10/15 you must register on-site at the Comfort Suites.
         ** There will be no meal tickets refunded or sold after October 15th.

Name                                                           Sat. Lunch   Sat. Banq.
                                                Reg.                                     TOTAL
Title:                                                       (CH, CL, CA) (P, C, S or V)

 Lion  Lioness  Lion/Lioness                 $            $                   $     $
 Leo  Spouse  Guest
 Delegate  Alternate  1st Timer

Name                                                          Sat. Lunch   Sat. Banq.
                                               Reg.                                     TOTAL
Title:                                                      (CH, CL, CA) (P, C, S or V)
 Lion  Lioness  Lion/Lioness
 Leo  Spouse  Guest                         $           $                   $                 $
 Delegate  Alternate  1st Timer

                                                                              Amount             $

               Checks payable and mailed by 10/15/11 to: Howard-Suamico Lions
               Mail to: Howard-Suamico Lions, 960 Hillcrest Hts, Green Bay WI 54313

                                      LODGING INFORMATION
         There is a block of rooms reserved through October 4, 2011. $89.99 / night; plus tax.
               This is a chance for the entire family to enjoy the area’s best water park.
           Make sure to say you are with the 27-B2 Lions Convention to get this rate. Call
                             Comfort Suites for reservations 920-499-7449.
NEWS: 27-C1
Notes from DG Rick
  As Summer is winding down, we are gearing up for the 27-C1 Convention
on October 21-22, 2011 at Dale’s Weston Lanes, Weston. Lion Joyce and I
are looking forward to meeting Lions from all of the clubs at this year’s
Convention. This will be an opportunity for us to get to know you and for
you to let us know what is working for you in your club and if there’s
anything we can help your club accomplish.
  Attendees will also have an opportunity to express their thoughts on any
number of subjects during Saturday’s “Voice Of The Lion” breakout
session. This session will be conducted by facilitators who will encourage
you, and make you feel comfortable speaking out.
  The convention will begin on Friday evening with a fish and chicken
buffet followed by the WLF Auction from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Free snacks, beer
and soda will be available during the Auction. A DJ will entertain us
afterwards. Come and enjoy the fun on Friday night while supporting the
Wisconsin Lions Foundation programs.
  This year LCI President Tam has adopted the theme “I Believe.” Starting
with each individual Lion believing they can make a difference and helping
just one person sets an example for others to follow. I believe in a world-
wide family of volunteers. I believe we are the global leader in community
service and I believe in Lions. Catch the Believe Spirit...
      Start a tree planting campaign (District 27-C1 Goal 1,400 trees)
      Enact a “My Club My Family” philosophy
      Involve new members in club activities
      Revitalize your club’s public relations program
      Expand your service projects
      Build future Lion leaders
      Support LCIF
  Global Service Action Campaigns continue, with the first quarter
emphasizing youth, the second quarter will be sight, the third quarter will be
hunger, and the fourth quarter will be the environment. President Tam is
concerned about our global environment and that is where the goal of
planting a million trees comes in. When your club participates in one of
these quarterly service projects, please report what you have done using the
online monthly activities report on the WMMR portion of the
  Lions of District 27-C1, please send me your club newsletters. Invite Lion
Joyce and I to your club for a visit. Contact us at or
608-339-4644. I am enjoying working with all of the Lions and Lioness of

Plant Trees, Improve Our
  Part of incoming Lions International President Wing-Kun Tam’s “I
Believe” Environmental Initiative is to plant 1,000,000 trees worldwide by
the end of this Lion year. This project will improve our global environment
while showing that Lions can accomplish anything when believing in
possibilities and working together. District Governors around the world
joined at the July International Convention and surpassed the IP’s pledge
when they pledged to plant almost 4,800,000 trees!
  “In our own district, I believe that as individual Lions and Lioness Clubs,
we can work together to plant 1,400 trees by July 1, 2012,” said 27-C1 DG
Rick Koch. “Look at this goal in terms of our 56 Lions clubs and four
Lioness Clubs. To achieve our goal of 1,400 trees, each club only needs to
plant 20 trees. That’s less than one tree per member.”
  DG Rick wants everyone in the district to come up with places in our own
communities where trees can be planted to improve our surroundings.
Examples could include community parks which your local Lions already
help maintain, or new trees for victims of the spring Tornados, or at your
town hall or community center.
  When your club plants trees, send photos to your local newspaper and
publicize your club’s project. Send a report to our district’s Environmental
Chair PDG Keith Luebke and include the number of trees planted, as well as
the number of Lions who participated. Secretaries, remember to include this
information in your club’s monthly activity report to International. By doing
this we will be able to keep track of our progress toward our 1,400 tree goal.

Journey For Sight
 Club donations for Journey For Sight should be received by Oct. 31st to
count towards 2011-2012’s donations.
 Monies are distributed to
      WLF - 50%
      District Melvin Jones account - 25%
      District Hearing account - 12.5%
      District Diabetes Education account - 12.5%
 Club applications for Journey For Sight’s Melvin Jones and Birch-Sturm
Fellowships need to be in by January 31, 2012 and will be awarded at the
District Honors Night on April 29, 2012.

Club News
ROCHE-A-CRI LIONS REC DAYS - The annual Roche-A-Cri Lions
REC days started off with a great turnout on a very hot and humid Friday
night with co-ed softball and music along with a youth horseshoe
tournament. The hot weather continued Saturday along with fun and games.
Saturday night the Urban Hillbillies featuring Roger Marti entertained the
crowd. The evening was capped off with a great fireworks display. Sunday
concluded with championship softball, a parade, horseshoes and a pedal pull
for the kids and of course the drawing for the main raffle prizes. The Club’s
3rd Annual Car Show went over very well with over 40 vehicles
participating. TOP LEFT : Lion Georgette Tolley enjoying the face painting.
UPPER MIDDLE LEFT: A busy time at the horseshoe pits. LOWER
MIDDLE LEFT: The Community Band. LOWER LEFT: The car show.

Carlson - With many projects during the year, Nekoosa Lions Club sells
their calendars during the summer months. Featuring a photo of community
importance, the calendars include birthdays, anniversaries and memorials,
along with 36 ads sold to area businesses. This is their 38th year selling the
calendars and it has been a worthwhile project.

Debbie Wendorf attended the Wisconsin Special Olympics held in Stevens
Point on June 10th and along with other volunteers used a refractor to screen
the vision of athletes competing in the event.

presents Linda Charles, RN, of Moundview Memorial Hospital and Clinic,
with a check for their diabetes program. The money was donated by clubs in
District 27-C1 for distribution to the six hospitals, earmarked specifically for
diabetes education

Upcoming Events
SUN, SEP 4 - Easton-White Creek Lions Chick’Nic - 11:30 am Lions
Park, Hwy H off St Hwy 13, White Creek.
— Contact Lion Ken Harold Babcock 608-254-2785

SUN, SEPT 11 - Stratford Lions United Way Golf Outing - Pine Valley
Golf Course, Marathon.
— Contact Lion Jerry Zelenka for more information

FRI, SEPT 23 - Stevens Point Evening Lions Fish Boil - 4:00 pm, Club
10, Hwy. HH (Hwy. 10 West).
— Contact Lion Bill at 715-344-4961

SAT, OCT 1 - Thorp Pumpkin Fest - 10 am to 4 pm. Enjoy Lion Bernie
Stuttgen’s horse/wagon rides with his shires, crafts, food and entertainment
with all proceeds going to our Lions Camp.
— Contact for more information
SAT, OCT 1 - Castle Rock Lions SledFest - Adams County Fairgrounds.
— Contact Lion Bill Hicks 608-339-7022

FRI, OCT 21 - SAT, OCT 22 - 27-C1 Convention - Weston Lanes,
— Contact Lion Evett Hartvig
SAT, OCT 29 - Roche-A-Cri Lions Halloween Party - Monroe Center
Town Hall, Monroe Center
— Contact

27-C1 Convention News
  Necrology - Clubs with members who passed away since the last 27-C1
Convention should send their deceased Lion’s name and club name along
with a photo to PDG Keith Luebke at 6311 Batavia Ave., Wisconsin Rapids,
WI 54494 or or 715-421-0273 or 715-697-9797. Provide
a SASE if you would like the photo returned.
  Club Showcase - Showcase your community service projects and
fundraisers at the 27-C1 Convention. Free table space is available for club
displays. For more information or to reserve your club’s display space,
contact PDG Bill Jajewski at 715-344-4961 or
Space is limited, so don’t delay.

 Convention Contacts
 Convention Book
 Lion Diane Wasniewski
 Deadline: Sept. 30th

 Club Showcase
 PDG Bill Jajewski
 Deadline: Sept. 30th

 WLF Auction
 PDG Jim Schiferl
 715-223-6231 or 715-613-4005

 Remember, no meal tickets will be sold after October 10, 2011.

2011 27-C1 Convention
Registration Form
October 21st-22nd - Dale’s Weston Lanes-Weston Inn & Suites, Weston

 PLEASE TYPE OR PRINT CLEARLY - fill in all appropriate boxes &
 check info below name

  Fees                                                            By
  Registration (Lions, Lioness, Lion/Lioness and Guests)          $5
  Friday Chicken and Baked Cod Dinner - 5:30pm                    $12.00
  Friday Auction and Snacks, Soda/Beer - 7pm                      FREE
  Saturday Sandwich, Soup & Salad Buffet Lunch                    $11.00
  Saturday Banquet - Beef Filet, Chicken or Pork Loin             $17.00
         * NO MEAL TICKETS will be sold after 10/10/11
Name                                                                           Sat.
                                                        Sat.       Sat.
Title:                            Fri.       Sat.                              Ban
                        Reg                             Banq       Banq               TOTAL
                                  Dinner     Lunch                             q
                                                        Beef       Chicken
  Lion     Lioness
  Delegate              $5        $          $          $          $           $      $
  Spouse     Guest
Name                                                                           Sat.
                                                        Sat.       Sat.
Title:                            Fri.       Sat.                              Ban
                        Reg                             Banq       Banq.              TOTAL
                                  Dinner     Lunch                             q
                                                        Beef       Chicken
  Lion     Lioness
  Delegate              $5        $          $          $          $           $      $
  Spouse     Guest
Name                                                                           Sat.
                                                        Sat.       Sat.
Title:                            Fri.       Sat.                              Ban
                        Reg                             Banq       Banq.              TOTAL
                                  Dinner     Lunch                             q
                                                        Beef       Chicken
  Lion     Lioness
  Delegate              $5        $          $          $          $           $      $
  Spouse     Guest
Name                                                                           Sat.
                                                        Sat.       Sat.
Title:                            Fri.       Sat.                              Ban
                        Reg                             Banq       Banq.              TOTAL
                                  Dinner     Lunch                             q
                                                        Beef       Chicken
  Lion     Lioness
  Delegate              $5        $          $          $          $           $      $
  Spouse     Guest
                                                                               Amo    $
              Checks payable and mailed by 10/10/11 to: Lions District 27-C1   Encl
Mail to: Lion Evett Hartvig, 321 Water Street, Rosholt WI 54473   715-677-3217

                          LODGING INFORMATION
There is a block of rooms reserved. Single and Double rooms are $59.99 Friday
   night only; $79.99 Saturday night only; or $125 for both nights; plus tax.
 Make sure to say you are with the 27-C1 Lions Convention to get this rate. Call
               Weston Inn & Suites for reservations 715-355-9955.
NEWS: 27-C2
Notes from DG Leon
  Now that we are back from the International Convention in Seattle, it is
time to get to work. Updating the district directory is right at the top of the
list. If you have changed president, secretary, or treasurer and did not send
me a copy of your PU101, then your information probably has not been
changed and you will need to get me this information to bring the district
directory up to current.
  Over the upcoming year, you will become familiar with our new
International President Wing-Kun Tam from Hong Kong and his theme “I
  He uses the bumblebee as the example of how we can believe. Considering
their large body weight, small wings and wingspan, the bumblebee
scientifically should not fly. However, no one ever told the bumblebee he
could not fly and he believes that he can. As Lions we can do many things
by using this year’s theme “I Believe”.
  Another of Dr. Tam’s goals is to encourage clubs worldwide to plant trees.
Your club, for example, can plant a tree somewhere in your community for
each new member that you bring into your club. You can watch both the tree
and the member mature and grow in the future years. I would like each club
secretary to include any trees planted in honor of members on your monthly
activity report. I also encourage clubs to consider a tree planting project this
year in respect of our International President. Let’s work toward planting a
  As we approach September and the beginning of fall, I hope everyone had
a full and great summer. I am excited to see each one of you as I and Janice
get to your club for visitation. Please take time to decide when your club is
able to host our visit and fill out the visitation form included on this page
and return it as soon as possible.
Caught In The Act Of Lionism
  by Lion Tom Waby
  This year, DG Leon wants us to celebrate membership, increasing and
retaining members, by “blowing our own horn”. We need to think about why
people join the Lions clubs. Why did you join? Somebody asked you? Or
did you hear about a great project your Club just finished?
  I am willing to bet, most of you joined because you heard or saw the good
things Lions do. I also know each one of you has made many good friends
through Lions. I know I have. My wife and I met because of the Lions. It
becomes a big part of the lives of each member. So doesn’t it make sense
that if we tell our stories to others that they may receive the same rewards
each of us has?
  After discussing this situation, my wife and I decided to check out what
other 27-C2 clubs were up to on July 9. The first thing we realized was that
it was very difficult to find out which clubs were having projects. We
searched club websites, but found more information on a state tourism site.
We were bound and determined to find Lions in action. So we hit the road.
  We stumbled across a roadside sign indicated a spaghetti feed that night. It
was only 10 a.m. so we decided not to wait around for the evening event. A
little further down the road my wife’s eagle eye spotted an open door on the
Manitowish Waters Lions Pavilion. Unfortunately, the event that day was
being held by another community group.
  An old Lion’s sign set back from the road in Presque Isle sparked our
interest, “Lions garage sale items accepted from 10 to 2 today.” Across the
field, two men helping remove items from a car. At the building we found
Presque Isle Lioness President, Kathy Voight, waiting for the next car to
bring sale items.
  Truly these Lions and Lioness are the-behind-the scenes-heroes of all
Lions projects. Finally we were successful in catching Lions in action. This
is the part of the story that we want to tell.
  The Presque Isle Lioness Club is very active and has numerous events and
activities during the year. From craft fairs to a lobster and prime rib dinner,
this club is always busy. Their club provides support for many community
projects including the local library, EMS and Fire, community park signs,
and appliances for their local community center. They also fund local
scholarships, support the Lakeland School with activities and provide
monetary funds for community members during an emergency and these are
only some of their works.
  Our next stop was a project we had spotted on the website for Boulder
Junction. It was an antique show sponsored by the Boulder Junction Lioness.
As we approached the food stand and bake sale, Lion Sarah introduced
herself to the waiting Lioness. As she started to explain her mission, smiles
soon replaced bewilderment and they proudly told their club’s stories.
  The Boulder Junction Lioness are active running projects throughout the
year. With only 20 members, this little club makes yearly donations of about
  “We use every penny we earn every year,” project co-chair Lioness
Darlene Fuhrman stated. The Boulder Junction Lioness make contributions
to the local library, schools, EMS and Fire Department, they provide
scholarships and are proud sponsors of the “People to People” program. This
year they provided monetary contributions to four students to travel to
China. Another project is the Annual Easter Egg Hunt and Breakfast. The
Lioness hid over 500 eggs in the park for children to find. All believers and
non-believers were then treated to a free breakfast. The Lioness provide
games and activities and the Easter Bunny shares story time with all the
  “This project is growing bigger and bigger,” explained Lioness Phyllis
Gorectki. “Everything is free to the community, however, donations are
accepted and many community businesses contribute to make this a very
successful community event.”
  After a few pictures and again good discussion and new friends, we had
caught Lioness in action.
  As we continued on to Wausau, we spotted a sign for a pancake breakfast
the next morning. The next morning as we reread the sign, we realized we
were a month early, a little too long to wait. So we headed home without a
Lion breakfast, but with several new friends, numerous creative ideas of
fundraising and many great stories of generosity.
  Our experience that day was rewarding. We observed proud Lions that so
often just go about their business without expecting to be recognized. We
caught them doing Lionism.
  We challenge all of you to drive through this great district, meet hard-
working members of other clubs, make new friends and share in the good
feeling that Lionism offers all of us. Report your activities to 27-C2 Public
Relations Chair Sarah Waby at the addresses listed above and help spread
the word.

Adult Vision Screening
  by Lions Dennis and Mary Jane Hirtz, 27-C2 Adult Vision Screening Co-
  The Lions and Lioness of 27-C2 have conducted 29 Adult Vision
Screening to date with an average of about 75% of those tested being been
referred to see a doctor. People are referred if they haven’t seen a doctor in
the past two years or if they fail the close or distance acuity tests indicating
that the person has visual field loss from either Glaucoma, Cataracts,
Macular Degeneration or Diabetic Retinopathy.
  There have been many success stories... Two people we referred were
experiencing constant eye pain, upon seeing a medical profession, both had
eye infections and other diseases that would have impaired their vision in the
  One of our team members was screened and the results indicated he was
having vision problems. He went to a cut rate eye doctor who told him that
he only needed new eyeglasses. Six months later, that same team member
was screened again and with the same results, he went to another eye doctor
and discovered that he has the beginning of cataracts and glaucoma, for
which he is now being treated.
  Most of our people tested all they needed was new glasses. Many had eye
diseases and are being treated now a couple had to have eye surgery to
correct their vision; several have been diagnosed with glaucoma and are
taking eye drop to prevent the disease from progressing.
  This program’s success is spreading throughout the state. District 27-D1’s
program is referring an average of 85% of those tested to medical
professionals, and three other districts are trying to start an adult vision
screening program.
  We have to thank Lion Greg Tobisch who brought the information to our
district to initiate this program and getting Lions International to sanction
this program. Lions Greg and Nancy Tobisch also do all the Adult Vision
Screenings in the northern portion of our district and have done an excellent
  Thanks to Prevent Blindness of Wisconsin for training us, giving us the
forms and the discount price need to obtain the Humphrey F.D.T. Machine.
  Thanks also to all of the Lion and Lioness Clubs that have donated their
hard earn money to start this program. Our District received moneys to buy
two Humphrey F.D.T. Machines, tables and chairs, occluders, rulers, tape,
signs, and all the other equipment necessary to perform the Adult Vision
Screening tests.
  Please remember the Adult Vision Program and the Children Vision
Program in your Parade of Checks. You have to earmark the checks which
program you want the money to go to. If you are donating to both programs
earmark the checks accordingly.

Club News
(L to R): Lions Larry Marnholtz, Jeff Kraft, Joel Schnieder, and Don Heyel
prepare brats to serve volunteers who came to Merrill to help clean up
tornado damage following the April 10th tornado that struck the Merrill
area. BOTTOM (L to R): Lions Don Heyel, Dick Bjorkland, Gene Simon
and St. Johns Church volunteer Dawn Wallace prepare to serve volunteers at
they pass through the food line.
The Tomahawk Lions Club has long held pride in how much it has been able
to help those who are visually impaired and give back to the community
while still have a good time along the way. The Club supports local, state
and international projects. Locally, they work to make their community a
better place to call home. From the recent indoor ice bowling and mud
wrestling contests to Pow Wow Days and a massive rib cook-off (held in
downtown Tomahawk each August), each year volunteer organizations raise
funds through several events and donates them back to local non-profit
groups; who in turn use the funds to benefit the community in their own
individual ways. LOWER LEFT: Club members prepare Chicken BBQ the
July 4th Tomahawk Lions Club Pow Wow Days held in downtown

Around 27-C2

EVERY THU THRU SEPTEMBER - Manitowish Waters Farm & Flea
Market - 8 am - mid-afternoon. Weather permitting.

EVERY SAT THRU SEPTEMBER - Lac du Flambeau Lions Brat
Wagon at Ogibwe Market 10:30 am to 2 pm.

SAT, SEP 3 - South Shore Lions Port Wing Fish Boil - Port Wing.

SUN, SEP 4 - Jump River Lions Labor Day Truck Pull, Chicken Feed -
Jump River.

SUN, SEP 4 - Manitowish Waters Lions 13th Annual Cash Raffle -
drawing at the Community Building, 5 pm to 8 pm.

MON, SEP 5 - Merrill Evening Lions 33rd Annual Labor Day Car
Show - 8 am to 4 pm. Free Admission. Show off your old car or truck or just
come and look. Food and refreshments. Flea Market at the Lincoln County
Fair Grounds.
— For car information call 715/536-8883.
SUN, SEP 11 - Boulder Junction Lions Dinner to Die For - Cocktails
5:30 pm. Dinner at 7 pm. Little Bohemia Lodge, Manitowish Waters.

SAT, SEP 17 - Manitowish Waters Lioness Pasta Dinner at The
Manitowish Waters Community Center.

SUN, SEP 18 - Boulder Junction/Manitowish Waters Lions 10th Annual
Golf Outing - Beginning at 9 a.m. at Trout Lake Country Club.

SAT, SEP 25 - Manitowish Waters Lioness Cranberry Colorama Bake
And Popcorn Sale - at the Community Center, 9 am to 3 pm.

SUN, SEPT 26 - Manitowish Waters Lions Colorama Pancake
Breakfast at the Community Center a am - Noon.
NEWS: 27-D1
Notes from DG Neil
  One of the themes I heard a lot about during my 10 days in Seattle was the
“family” concept for our clubs. We really need to examine this and see how
it can work for our individual clubs.
  As Lions, we are a part of a different kind of family. Our family doesn’t
require biological relation. We are family because we share a common belief
that by working together we can accomplish great things and change the
world through service.
  It is important that we value our club members as family. The strength of
our organization, our family, lies with our clubs, and our members form the
basis of our clubs. By keeping members involved, instilling pride and
treating them with mutual respect as we would our own family, our clubs
will be successful. Our philosophy should be “my club, my family” How do
we do that?
  By Being a Nurturing Family. To build a club with members that support
and encourage one another builds relationships, provides a sense of worth,
and mobilizes participation,. As a Lions family, this means getting to know
each other’s interests, abilities and passions and implementing them for
service. Challenge your club to take on new service projects, and spend
more time serving than meeting.
  By Being an Inviting Family. By welcoming more members into our
network of hope, we spread the belief in the value of giving back. That one
person can make a difference. That one person can help change the world
even more than imagined. Give others this opportunity. Give others the
opportunity to be a part of your Lions family.
  But don’t stop there. Successful invitation combines several elements,
none more important than the other, including:
       Effective orientation
       Member involvement from day one
       Club leaders who listen more and speak less
       Nurturing lasting bonds through community service
       Treating each other like family
  LCI has programs and tools, to assist us available for download at We have a family membership, Cub, Leo and Campus
Club programs. We have many programs designed to strengthen
membership, and a Club Excellence Process dedicated to club improvement.
Last, but certainly not least, our Global Leadership and Membership Teams
stand ready to help clubs, zones and regions, with training and
encouragement. Not many families are “perfect”, and not many Lions clubs
are either, but they are “family”, and we need to continue to help and
encourage them.

Becoming A Real Lion
  by 2nd VDG Bob Faliveno
  Challenges, scheduling conflicts, opportunities, travel, lots of travel, time
demands, meeting great people with new ideas. These are just some of the
things that lie ahead as I begin the journey towards District Governor. I am
just one month in to the position of 2nd Vice District Governor, and am
already getting a small taste of what is in store as I progress through the next
three years.
  In retrospect, I would have never thought that I would be in this position
twenty- three years ago when I joined the Lions. I had a very slow, inactive
start, with feelings of, “ trouble fitting in”. With some gentle encouragement
however, over the years, I began to get into local leadership roles as club
president, then later as zone and region chair.
  Once you get into these positions, it is amazing what an effect you can
have on your fellow Lions and in the lives of others in your community. You
find yourself in an incredible network of caring, giving individuals.
  There is a point in your Lions “career” when the “job” of serving others
moves from your head to your heart. Once that happens, it’s all over. You no
longer have to think, am I going to the Lions meeting tonight? Do I have the
energy to move out of the house one more time once I get home from work?
Over time, the dedication builds and you begin to organize your thoughts,
your planning and your actions. Then you get your second wind and your
heart begins to dictate your activity.
  You begin to lead by example and people are usually attracted to that and
will follow your lead. Leaders are like eagles, they don’t flock, you find
them one at a time.
  I am looking forward to building memories over the next three years.
Serving others is a marathon event not a sprint. It takes time to do the good
deeds that need to be done in this life. If we just keep pressing on each day
others will see that you are sincere in your efforts and will want to follow
your example and maybe become the next District Governor or whatever it
is that they want to achieve.
  Keep on serving, it’s a great feeling.
  We often hear how the financial support we provide to Lions causes
changes peoples lives. Yet all too frequently we don’t get to see first-hand
the difference our support makes.
  Here in 27-D1, we have had the chance to see first-hand how a Leader
Dog, and now the loss of that dog, have impacted the life of a Lion, a family
and the Lions community.
  Prior to receiving Carlee, Patty Zallar had used a white cane for 23 years
and wasn’t very active in Lions and didn’t have much in the way of
independence. All of which was a definite liability for this then 41 year-old
wife, mother and State Department of Revenue employee. As she says, “the
white cane is an obstacle finder, while a guide dog as an obstacle avoider.
  Since Zallar and Leader Dog Carlee teamed up in September of 2006, her
physical and emotional independence has grown exponentially. Zallar began
exploring her world as never before and she and Carlee have become
fixtures at district and state conventions, USA/Canada Forums and
International Conventions. They even participated in Prevent Blindess
America’s Eye On Capital Hill program in February 2008, lobbying U.S.
senators and representatives to raise awareness of sight related issues.
  Late last year, Zallar noticed Carlee was slowing down and started making
plans for Carlee’s retirement and her own return to Leader Dog for a new
  Then this spring, the devastating news, Carlee had cancer. Zallar moved up
the retirement date, began planning a retirement party and had her name
added to the waiting list for an earlier return to Leader Dog.
  Unfortunately, Leader Dog Carlee never made it to her retirement party.
She died of cancer just days prior. Zallar and her family changed the
retirement party to a “Celebration Of Life Program” and held it at a place
Carlee knew so well, the State Department of Revenue Office in Madison.
Around 75 people were in attendance to celebrate the impact that one Leader
Dog had; a true testament to the life-changing impact that our donations
have here and around the world.
  By the way, just days after Carlee’s “Celebration of Life”, Zallar left for
Rochester, Michigan to team up with her new Leader Dog. She spent most
of August at Leader Dog getting to know and work with her new partner. By
the time you read this, they will have returned home and will be immersed in
all the activities of Zallar’s life.
  One interesting side note about Zallar’s recent trip to Leader Dog, the
MD27 1st Vice District Governors, including our own 1st VDG Daryl
Porter, had their official visit to Leader Dog while she was there.
  Our donations and support make the Leader Dog program possible. Learn
more about Leader Dogs for the Blind at then click on
the Lions Club link where you will find everything you need to know about
the Leader Dog programs, along with promotional brochures and banners,
fact sheets, advertisements, press releases and much more.
  If you are interested in a club program or would like to make a donation,
contact 27-D1 Leader Dog Chair Bill Killian at 608-325-4703 or

Giving Back To Our Earth
  by Lion Diane Venden, 27-D1 Environmental Chair
  One million trees to be planted…do you believe the Lions can accomplish
this? LCI President Dr. Tam has set forth this challenge to the 1.4 million
Lions over the world.
  The benefits of trees are well-known, including cleaner air, improved soil
conservation and habitat for birds and other animals. Old forests are being
slashed every day around the world for commercial use and Dr. Tam is
dedicated to renewing the earth’s natural balance.
  Visit and search on “Million Tree Campaign” to find a
list of resources and contacts to assist you. Some of the resources you will
find there are:
       Call to Action Flyer: Get an overview of the Tree Planting
         Campaign – and ideas to jump start your project.
       Planning Guide: Use this step-by-step approach to organize your
         very own tree planting project.
       Press Release: Send a press release to local media to help publicize
         your tree planting project.
       Service Activity Report: Once your club completes its tree planting,
         submit information about the project using the Service Activity
         Report for an opportunity to qualify for “the Believer’s Awards.”
       I Planted a Tree” Button: To show pride in what we do and to help
         publicize your tree planting project, clubs are encouraged to produce
         and distribute “I Planted a Tree” buttons.
       Certificate of Appreciation: Recognize club members who have
         participated in a tree planting project by awarding this certificate.
  Club secretaries should include details about tree planting activities in their
monthly Service Activity Report. Please include photos of your members
planting the trees with your reports. Send a copy to 27-D1 Environmental
Chair, Lion Diane Venden at 827 Bruce St., Sun Prairie, WI 53590 or so we can track our progress of planting 1,400 trees
here in 27-D1 before the end of this Lions year.
  On your club’s first report of planting, a banner patch will be sent back for
recognition. If 50% of your club is involved in this project, a plaque will be
presented to you. All reports must be in to LCI by May 1, 2012.
  Over 100,000 trees have been planted so far. Let’s all get involved in this
initiative that serves all people across, today and for generations to come.

News & Events
RUN/WALK in Madison, Sat, July 30, were just the ticket to cool off. As
one of the sponsors of the race, Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin provided ice
cream for Madison area Lions to distribute to some 250 runners/walkers,
their families and even a wheel chair participant. Oregon-Brooklyn and
Madison West Lions assisted with ice cream distribution while Madison
Central Lion Scott Grover entertained participants and onlookers in his Lion
costume. Participants included transplant recipients, as well as donor family
members. Attendees were treated to free time to swim at Madison’s
Goodman Community Pool. Wisconsin Chapter of the National Kidney
Foundation plans to make this an annual affair.

place with this display in the Marshall Firemen’s Parade. Other club
activities included awarding six $500 scholarships this spring to high school
graduates, purchasing the new Pediavision eye screening machine in
cooperation with several other clubs, and cornea transport.

MT HOREB SHARES TWICE - Mt. Horeb Lion Bob Faliveno presents a
check to the local Food Pantry and MARC to support summer efforts.

Upcoming Events

SAT, SEP 10 - Sun Prairie Lions 5th Annual Blues Fest - Noon - 10 pm,
— Info and tickets at

SUN, SEP 11 - Madison Evening Lions 20th Anniversary - 2 - 6 pm at
The Coliseum Bar, Madison.

SAT, SEP 17 - Oregon-Brooklyn Lions Golf Outing.
— Contact Travis Payne, 608-575-2215,

SUN, SEP 18 - Beloit Evening Lions Autorama - 8 am-4 pm.
— More info at

SAT. SEP 24 - Mt Horeb Spaghetti Dinner at the Senior Center in Mt.
Horeb (107 N Grove St.).


SAT, OCT 1 - Highland Lions 65th Anniversary.

SAT, OCT 1 - Darlington Lions Walk for Sight
THU, OCT 6 - Beloit Noon Steak Fry

SUN, OCT 16 - MON, OCT 31 - Boscobel Lions Haunted House

SUN, OCT 16 - District Cabinet Meeting - Brodhead.


FRI, NOV 11 - Cottage Grove Lions Red Cross Blood Drive - 11 am-
2:30 pm, Flynn Hall, 116 W Reynolds Street.

TUE, NOV 15 - Peace Poster Entries Due to DG Neil Winchell.
Notes from DG Joe
  As I write this, Lion Mary and I are back just a couple days from our
Seattle adventure. The first five days were spent in the District Governor-
Elect School where we were introduced to many of the basic tenets of
Lionism, plus a variety of practical applications/governance procedures.
  Dr. Tam, our new Lions International President is a very impressive
gentleman. He’s sharp, innovative and very personable. His theme for this
year is “I Believe”. Whether it’s in our occupation, sports, military service or
any other part of our lives we often seem inundated by flowery slogans or
verses that are essentially redundant. I don’t think that’s the case here at all.
When Dr. Tam says “I Believe”, he means that each individual Lion has the
potential to make significant contributions to our society in many and
sometimes still to be seen ways. We just have to genuinely believe in
ourselves and our ability to contribute. He further separates believing in
ourselves into three components: courage, commitment and action.
  I think he’s saying that often it takes courage to choose a goal of service
that may cause us to extend ourselves and our fellow Lions a bit more off
“dead center” than we/they are comfortable with. Commitment - Dr. Tam
defines this as the ability to persevere. No goal worth doing is free of at least
some trials and difficulties – would you buy “stick-to-itiveness?” Finally
action. Without it, the first two components are merely a dream. While the
results are rarely perfection, at some point we need to get moving on our
  Practically speaking, one of his primary goals is the environment. He
wants to plant a million trees during his term. If each Lion plants only one
this goal will be greatly exceeded. I pledged 1,720 which is one for each
Lion in our district. That sounds doable, doesn’t it? He also has an emphasis
on youth. This often translates into getting our young people involved in our
projects. This is often done through Leos, scouts, church groups etc. or could
just be getting the kids to tag along with Mom and Dad at Lions events.
Many of you already do this, but let’s look for other opportunities to involve
our youth. Do we have a better investment?
 At any rate Dr. Tam is an inspiring Lion leader with vision, so let’s give
him our good efforts.
 Enjoy our beautiful Fall. Everyone has their favorite season but I’m a “Fall
Guy,” probably in more ways than one. Growing up in Durand and having
spent most of my life in the La Crosse area I think we in this part of the state
have been richly blessed. Let’s give thanks and enjoy it!

I Became A Lion...
  by 2nd VDG Mike Bankes
  I attended the Wisconsin Lion State Convention this past May and one of
the sessions that I sat in on was with now ID Mark Hintzmann. Off the top
of my head, I don’t recall the session title, but I do recall Hintzmann’s
message... He asked everyone, “When did you become a Lion?” I knew the
obvious answers – “I have been like this my whole life, always chipping in
and helping my community”, or “I signed the application and paid my first
dues on such and such a date.”
  These answers worked for me, but I immediately sensed that he was
looking for something more galvanizing than that. For me, I knew I became
a Lion at a board meeting a couple of years after I had joined our club when
our treasurer announced that so and so had given us a substantial cash
donation to the club because nearly 40 years ago her daughter had gone to
the Wisconsin Lions Camp at no cost and it had been such a wonderful
experience for this family. That was very profound; something that we Lions
make sure can happen summer after summer for these kids with special
needs and as if it is no big deal – I sell Lion Burgers at the County Fair, then
I line up with friends for the Parade of Checks and pass some of the fruits of
my labors off to the Foundation, very painless. But all of a sudden I saw how
I was really touching someone’s life in a very positive way and making a
much bigger impact than I had ever imagined.
  Since then I have had other moments of course, like going to conventions
and seeing people much younger than myself who would have had to go
through their entire life without sight, but because of facilities and processes
that we have put in place they now have vision and again, I’m just one of
hundreds that get in line to give a check to the Wisconsin Eye Bank –
painless. Obviously when we work together as just one of 548 clubs in the
state, we accomplish miracles – and it is painless, hardly gets our attention.
  Here is my real point though, these revelations can happen all of the time
and as club leaders and seasoned Lions, we to need make sure that the newer
members are hearing these things at the annual conventions and seeing them
as they occur within the clubs. Once someone “becomes a Lion” or gets a
reminder of what it feels like to be a Lion, maintaining that active
membership becomes a lot easier and has a lot more value associated with

Change For The Future
  by ADP Loretta Ewelt
  Many Lioness Clubs are celebrating their anniversaries. As this is
happening, I sit and wonder how we can get younger members to join. As
clubs grow older, this can intimidate many younger people. It can also be the
other way around in that the younger people will intimidate the members
that have served a lot of years.
  As a society, we do not like change. But in this growing world of ours, we
have to be open to new ideas that come from younger members; and they
also need to be aware of the years of experience that older members have.
Today’s world is so fast paced that the younger generation looks at meetings
in a different way. Maybe we need to reach out to these individuals and
provide alternatives to a set meeting place. Could we provide a web page
with minutes and other information so they can be up-to-date and could we
provide them an agenda in advance so they could get their input to a member
who would speak for them at the meeting?
  Sometimes we get caught up on the same old ways. Younger members
have so many ideas about serving their communities and are willing to serve.
We just have to give them the chance and the respect when they are asked to
serve. If new and younger members don’t join our clubs, then we will cease
to exist.
  Take some time to reflect on your club and how we can get new members
to join.
Answering The Call
  by Lion Dick Foss
  For several years I thought about what I could do as an optometrist and a
Lion to do more to serve people. A phone call came in 1987 from Dr. Bill
Knutson. He asked if I would accompany him on a VOSH mission
(Volunteer Optometrists Serving Humanity) to Etzatlan, Mexico.
  In 1988, we flew to Puerto Vallarta. We took all our equipment to our
hotel. That evening the customs people came to the hotel with their families
for eye exams and the appropriate glasses.
  That same day I wanted to call home. I was trying to make a pay phone
work with no luck. I met a European woman who was trying to do the same.
We started talking and she told me she and her husband, a physician, were
with a tour group and she went into labor so they had to leave the group.
They had run out of money and she was trying to call home for money. The
Lion spirit must have come to me and I loaned her $400 of the $600 I had
with me. I gave her my address but never heard from her again. Did I learn
anything? I’m not sure. I would probably do it again. She probably lost my
  After clearing customs the next day, we flew to Guadalajara. The Lions
from Etzatlan came with several vehicles and took us to their small city. We
did over 2,000 exams and dispensed glasses. The Etzatlan Lions made
arrangements for our meals, a large building to use as our clinic, interpreters,
entertainment, housing, and dozens of volunteers. It was a great experience I
will never forget. It changed me forever.
  The next time I went to Etzatlan was in 1990 with my then 14-year-old-
daughter and one of her classmates. Just like my experience on my first trip,
it changed her life, too.
  Oops…the phone is ringing. I’ll get back to you.
  Editors Note: This is the first in a series of inspirational stories and

Cranfest Helps Local Lions Clubs
 by Lion Randy Kissack, Region One Zone Two Chair
  Cranfest is in the top 10 Festivals in the United States. It is held during the
last full weekend of September in Warrens, Wisc. For three days the village
of Warrens is wall to wall people with as many as 40,000 people per day in
  This is a great opportunity for all local Lions Clubs to raise money...
  For the Warrens Lions Club it is the biggest fundraiser of the year. The
Club parks about 100 campers for the weekend at the Lions Park and works
with the La Crosse County Pork Producers selling butterfly pork chop
sandwiches during the day. The Club also serves a spaghetti dinner on
Friday night and a rib eye steak dinner on Saturday night.
  The Oakdale Lions park cars and take care of the information booth on the
west end of the village.
  The Tomah Lions sell cheese curds
  The Camp Douglas Lions sell breakfast in their food booth.
  With Cranfest, these Lions are able to do what they do best... serve. The
funds raised during Cranfest allow all the participating clubs to do more
locally; including scholarships, eye exams, Toys For Tots and many more
projects. Beyond these projects, we are also able to donate more to LCIF;
providing support for bigger disasters such as Japan or the storms that hit the
southern United States.
  This is a long weekend plus set up and take down for the Lions Clubs
involved, but this is what Lions do so that we are able to help those less
fortunate than ourselves.

DG Visits
  by DG Joe Fisher
  My club visitation schedule is filling fast, if you haven’t already scheduled
an official visit, give me a call at 608 783-0554 or e-mail at as soon as possible. Please include:
  Club name and first and second choice of dates
  Meeting location
 If a dinner meeting, include times of hospitality, meal and meeting.
 Special requests - i.e. new member induction, officer installation, etc.
 Also, don’t forget, I would like to talk with at least one prospective new
member during my visit and hopefully sit in their close proximity.

LCIF Making A Difference
 by PDG David Mocco, 27-D2 LCIF Coordinator
 The focus of Lions Clubs International Foundations is fourfold:
      Give Sight: LCIF works around the world to restore and protect
        vision for all. The SightFirst program tackles blindness on all levels
        by fighting blinding diseases, providing surgeries to reverse
        blindness and supporting research to fight emerging threats to sight.
      Support Youth: LCIF is committed to helping young people
        experience healthy development and have opportunities to succeed.
        Lions Quest is a school program teaching life-skills to children in
        kindergarten to 12th grade.
      Provide Disaster Relief: When communities are devastated by a
        disaster, LCIF is there to help them survive and rebuild. LCIF has
        provided funding for recent catastrophes including Haiti and China
        earthquakes, Hurricane Katrina and the Japanese tsunami.
      Meet Humanitarian Needs: From combating global health issues
        to empowering those with disabilities, LCIF is dedicated to
        humanitarian service. Diabetes treatment and prevention, the Habitat
        for Humanity Partnership and the Affordable Hearing Aid Project
        are examples of humanitarian initiatives making the life better for
        those less fortunate.
 LCIF depends on contributions from Lions Clubs and individual Lions to
continue these programs. Learn more about LCIF at or invite
me to a club meeting by emailing me at
Let ‘s Hear From You
 27-D2 Lions and Lioness, here’s your opportunity to share your stories
about your club’s activities and your own experiences in Lionism. Tell us
about what your club has been doing to help your community and its people.
Let us know about the special events you are involved in for the benefit of
your club and other Lion projects. Write about your club members who have
been honored for their outstanding service as Lions. Tell us your story about
your experiences as a Lion and how they have affected your life.
 Email your stories and photos to Please submit
your material by the 20th of the month prior to publication.

Club News
FIREWORKS - ABOVE: Executive Director Bob Moses, of the Prairie du
Chien Area Chamber of Commerce, and President Maury Oehler, of the
Prairie du Chien Lions Club, hold a sign that was used to encourage
donations toward the cost of the 2011 Chamber fireworks display on St.
Feriole Island on July 9. The Chamber furnished the signage and collection
buckets and the Lions provided the manpower to collect the donations.
Stations were set up at the Washington Street and Blackhawk Avenue Island
entrances. Proceeds were shared by the Chamber and Lions.

and Bobbi Jo Durst family. Their son, Bubba, has spent the majority of the
past year in a Maryland hospital. ABOVE: Lions presenting the check are,
President Steve Kelleher, Treasurer Virginia Wiedenfeld and Secretary Dean
NEWS: 27-E1
Notes from DG Jerry
  When did you become a Lion? I would submit that being a member and
becoming a Lion are really two distinct events. For example, I joined Lions
in 1972; but I became a Lion much later when my daughter underwent
surgery at the University of Minnesota Lions Hearing Center. Her life was
saved because the Lions of 5M were committed to building this center to
serve the needs of the hearing impaired. What great pride and thankfulness I
had for what the Lions had done for her and the many others who are served
by their commitment to serve the needs of the hearing.
  The story could be told many times over in countless ways. Perhaps you
became a Lion when you delivered that meal to a family who was down on
their luck. Perhaps you became a Lion when you provided the visual
equipment to a family so their visually impaired child could read a book.
Perhaps you became a Lion when you beheld the thankfulness of a
handicapped elder upon receiving a ramp so he could again gain some
independence. Service to people in our community, in our state, and around
the world is what Lions are all about.
  At the recent LCI Convention, the 15,000 in attendance had the
opportunity to celebrate and be renewed by the stories of assistance and the
hope we have provided through our service here at home and around the
  And our service goes on. International President Dr. Wing-Kun Tam has
challenged us to continue this service to those in need. His motto is “I
Believe” and what he is telling Lions is that we need to believe we can do
the service we are committed to.
  His first goal of service is to the environment, our world. Trees are the
lungs of mother earth and with the destruction of so many trees in our world,
we need to replenish them. His goal, therefore, is to have Lions around the
world plant a million trees! So, as your Governor, I am asking clubs across
the district to take up the challenge to plant trees in their communities; one
tree per member. PDG Ray Stanley will be assisting clubs in this effort.
  A second goal for the year involves making our clubs more family
friendly. We need to concentrate on getting our younger generation
involved. Through new technology (e.g. Facebook, websites, etc) we can
become more in tune with the younger generation. Leo Clubs can help us get
more involved with youth. Family membership in Lions is another way to
become more open to the opportunities of contributions from women and
  When did you become a Lion? Think about it.

Diabetes Progress
  by Lion Rod Frederickson, 27-E1 Diabetes Chair
  A farmer’s old army buddy from the city was finally coming to visit. The
farmer was very anxious to show off his beautiful farm. He walked with his
friend through the crops and the meadows and went through the barns to see
his prize winning animals, all the time being followed by the farmer’s three-
legged pig.
  He asked his friend, “Well what do you think of my farm?”
  The friend replied, “It’s beautiful, but what’s with the three-legged pig?”
  The farmer replied, “That pig is the smartest animal I own. Not only that,
he saved my life! I was plowing and the tractor tipped over and that pig
pulled me out from under the tire.”
  “Is that how he lost his leg?” asked the friend.
  “Heck no, you just can’t eat a good pig like him all at once!”
  I wanted to use this story to lead into the research that the University of
Minnesota is working on with their Swine Islet Transplant Program. It is
amazing how far we have come in curing and maintaining diabetes.
  We have to keep working to make people aware of what we can do to fight
this epidemic. We have to take responsibility for ourselves, by eating healthy
and exercising, to stave off diabetes and the high cost of health care. If we
do this, we won’t have to eat the whole pig all at once.
Birchwood Lions Celebrate 50
  Birchwood was graced with a large contingency of Lions past and present
and from near and afar as they celebrated their 50th year as a club.
  Birchwood Lion President Brad Bratvold was the emcee for the evening.
Special guests PID Wayne Heiman and PDG Steve Jensen spoke of past
experiences and future direction, four new members were inducted and past
President Tom Knapmiller shared memories of past club endeavors. A
delicious dinner was served and numerous prizes were raffled off. The
Birchwood Lions thank all who made this celebration so memorable and
thank everyone for their generous gifts.
  Like many clubs, Birchwood Lions have an interesting history to share...
  The Birchwood Lions Club was organized on February 11, 1961, and
sponsored by the Cameron Lions Club. The Club started with 25 members.
Of those original members, only four are still living; and Lion Bill Cyr still
lives in Birchwood today. Our first fundraiser was a pancake breakfast
raising over $100!
  It didn’t take the original Lions of Birchwood long to consolidate various
events and draw in other local communities to enhance their fundraising
efforts. In 1963, two Lions presented a plan to the club for holding an annual
celebration in Birchwood to honor the abundant blue gills in this area. The
plan was unanimously endorsed and the first Blue Gill Festival was born.
The initial festival was accepted with such acclaim that it has become an
annual event and is our primary fundraiser. The colorful blue gill buttons
were sold that first year to finance the festival projects and are still in use to
this day. These years, the festival has grown in both size and length and is
now a three-day event that is held the third weekend of July. Keeping this
event going for 48 years, is due entirely to the thousands of hours of
volunteer work by men and women who take great pride in this community.
  The many years of hard work by Lions Club members have helped finance
many improvements for the Birchwood community. Over the years, the club
generously gave money for a new ambulance, to the fire department for the
purchase of a new truck, to the school for a new playground, playground
equipment at Doolittle Park, for tree purchase and planting, sidewalk repairs
at the school, enhancing main street with a sound system, donations to the
softball field for new fencing, and donations to the local cemetery. We also
provide $1,100 in scholarships to Birchwood High School students every
  We have funded snowmobile education, exchange students, dances, Boy
Scouts, Toys for Tots, DARE programs, and little league. We give yearly for
eye exams and glasses for local children and we give twice a year to our
food pantry. This rewarding list continues with numerous other endeavors
that make each one of us proud to be a Lion.
  Through the years, the club has recognized six of their members with
Melvin Jones Fellowships. They also received the first Lions International
grant in the state of Wisconsin. It was a $20,000 grant that helped purchase
a new ambulance
  Obviously, over the past 50 years the Birchwood Lions takes its objective
to “take an active interest in the civic, cultural, social and moral welfare of
the community” very seriously. As Lions, We Serve, and plan to continue
for another 50 years and beyond.

Club News
LAKE HOLCOMBE - Held another very successful Breakfast Buffet. This
has become a well-known community event that is looked forward to every
year. They also had a very successful golf tournament. Working hard on the
upcoming Classic Car Show and Chicken Dinner on Sunday, September 11.
Also working on the November 5 Annual Gun Raffle. They continue to
work to improve the Pavilion, its grounds and the campground by
purchasing and installing a variety of items.

CORNELL - Served famous charcoal chicken at the July 3rd festivities in
Mill Yard Park and held a successful annual golf tournament.

JIM FALLS - Planning for the District Cabinet meeting to be held in our
club house in October.
Upcoming Events

FRI, SEP 2 - MON, SEP 5 - Jim Falls Annual Sturgeon Festival
Scheduled For Labor Day Weekend - Join us at Anson Park in Jim Falls by
Lions Club House. Many exciting events. Also good food, music, and a big
parade on Sunday.

SUN, SEP 11 - Lake Holcombe: Classic Car Show - featuring over 200
cars and a charcoal chicken dinner at the Lions Pavilion on Cty. Hwy. M in
Holcombe. There will be extra parking across the road in three other parking

Growth Guidelines
  by 1st VDG Ron Edlund
  Members are important to a club. Clubs must have active members to
effectively serve the needs of the community. Both new members and those
who have been members for many years provide stability to a club through
their talents and enthusiasm.
  Membership growth occurs through increased membership, as well as the
development of current members. Current members can provide guidance
and support to new members and simultaneously update their knowledge of
the organization. Essential things clubs can do for new members are:
  Tell a prospective member what your club is all about! A prospective Lion
needs to fully understand what being a Lion involves. The prospective
member needs to know of Lionism’s guiding principle: “ We Serve!” If a
younger member, he/she will especially want opportunities to serve people
in need in ways that will develop their own human potential.
  Have an impressive induction ceremony and involve the new member
immediately! The new member should be inducted with a ceremony that will
be remembered forever. It should have dignity, sincerity and meaning. The
ceremony can also remind current members of their commitment to Lionism.
A new member should immediately be involved in club’s activities and
given an opportunity to utilize his/her skills and talents.
  Give care to your new member! Your new member needs the ongoing
concern of his or her sponsor for several months. The new member also
needs to ask the president how he or she is doing and to make the new
member feel that he or she really belongs to the club. He or she should be
encouraged to speak freely on any matter of concern. The new member
should be introduced to each member either by the president or the sponsor.
  Never should the new member be left standing alone at a club meeting.
  If your new member is treated nicely and with respect, the club should
have him/her for a good long time.

New Lioness Needed
  by ADP Billie Gravesen
  We have all lost members because of deaths and moving. So now we all
have to work diligently to recruit new members who hopefully will bring
new ideas to our organization.
  I respectfully ask that we all keep our minds open when new or current
members present new ideas on how we conduct our business. I think
everyone would agree our organization could use new ideas or methods on
how we conduct Lioness business.
  Change is sometimes difficult to embrace and many of us may have
become entrenched in the way we do things. However, sometimes for the
betterment of the organization, we have to change with the times.
  We must also be tolerant of our new recruits who may not be able to make
every meeting due to employment or family obligations. Lioness, as a
whole, need younger blood to pump energy and new ideas into our
wonderful organization, as well as help us at all the various functions in
which our clubs participate.
  In summation, I ask that everyone try to recruit one new member to their
respective club and to embrace the fresh ideas and energy that will come
with these new members.
Vision Screening Training Being
  by Lion Judith Schmid, 27-E1 Vision Chair
  Screening community members’ vision is a great service project for all of
our clubs to get involved with. At the District level, we are exploring the
possibility of getting involved in adult vision screening, but for the
immediate future, we will focus on providing Children’s Vision Screening
  To this end, we are working with Tami Radwill of Prevent Blindness
Wisconsin to schedule a Fall 2011 training session for those interested in
being certified/re-certified as children’s vision screeners. Last year’s session
saw 32 participants, including eight school nurses, being certified/re-
certified as vision screeners. Details will be available soon. Watch for more
information from your club officers.
  Timing of this training and increased Lion club involvement in children’s
vision screening is particularly critical as school districts are feeling
tightening budgets and are looking for more volunteer help in both vision
screening and hearing testing for preschoolers and students.
  For additional information or training details, contact Judi Schmid at 715-
234-2491 or
NEWS: 27-E2
Notes from DG Dave
  You probably recall that one of my goals for this year is to have each club
recruit two couples into membership. To achieve this, I ask that you take
some time now to identify five couples who would make good Lions, and
then ask them to join your club.
  I would tell them that all of us want to make our communities a better
place to live and for our children to grow up. Working from within a Lions
club, their efforts will be enhanced by our tested and proven programs. I
would add that they will accomplish much more as a Lion than they could
  Inform your candidates that our organization has many dual membership
couples who are finding rich rewards in sharing service within the Lions.
  Then I would close with the fact that as a bonus, Lions working together
make corneas available for transplant, free camping for children with special
needs, and recycle prescription glasses.
  You can amend this as it suits you best, but I suggest starting with the
benefits to your locality.
  Some people, including present Lions, will say that they want to contribute
only to local improvements. Something like the Lions Eye Bank of
Wisconsin or Lions Camp should help persuade these people that larger
scale, cooperative programs are also deserving of their support.
  A point on identifying prospects... when we consider our friends and
neighbors as potential members do not automatically dismiss some as “too
busy” to become Lions. I suggest that these people are perfectly capable of
finding reasons/excuses for themselves, and don’t need our help. No matter
how busy you think they are, go ahead and ask them anyway. If we look at
our present Lions, many of our best could easily make the argument that
they have too many obligations and should not be members. They choose to
belong because they know they can make a difference.
  Two other ideas should be included in any prospective member pitch:
  1) We serve, while having fun at the same time. Good humor,
camaraderie, and the rewards of work well done create a rich experience for
  2) Family comes first. When there is a conflict between family events and
Lions events, the family should win out. We only ask that a member support
the club, as his/her time permits, and attend meetings whenever possible.
  My membership plan first focuses of reaching out to couples, but
remember we are also looking to increase the percentage of woman
members in 27-E2. Most of these discussions apply equally well for any
potential Lion.

Clubs Working Together
  In November 2009, the Eau Claire Seymour Lions received a request from
an individual in need of a handicap access ramp at a mobile home park in
Altoona Wisconsin. Then President Troy Winrich began looking into the
logistics of building a ramp to meet the individual’s need.
  Lion Terry McDougall spearheaded the project by obtaining information
about the specific needs of the individual and possible costs involved. Since
the home was located in the Altoona area, McDougall contacted the Altoona
Lions as a possible co-sponsor of the project.
  During the research phase of the project, it was discovered that the
individual requesting the ramp had multiple sclerosis and a failing knee
replacement that made stair climbing very difficult. Adding to that is the fact
that these health issues will potentially require the individual to be wheel
chair bound in the near future. It was also determined that the excessive cost
for ramp materials and labor were well beyond the individual’s resources.
  So, the need was genuine, now it was time to figure out how to get the
project completed.
  The initial plan of having Lion members to build the ramp was quickly
scrapped when the site was surveyed. This was going to be a very
complicated build; the property included a six foot drop in elevation from
the house to the driveway and the 30 plus ft. ramp would require a number
of turns to make it work. A contractor needed to be hired.
  At this point, we called in the experts from The Center for Independent
Living and Eric Larsen of Twin Pines Construction. A grant was obtained to
offset some of the construction costs and material costs were covered by the
Eau Claire-Seymour and Altoona Lion Clubs.
  Nearly two years of research, design, coordination and construction
produced a spectacular ramp for the individual in need was completed on
July 11, 2011.
  This project demonstrates how Lion Clubs, along with other service
organizations and contractors work together to help those in need.

Odds & Ends
Program Idea
  How many of your club members have computers, but are still not
comfortable with using them to navigate within the resources that support
Lions? How about having one of your more knowledgeable members give a
club program this fall that shows your members first-hand all the resources
available to them on the LCI, state and district websites. Make arrangements
to have a computer with internet access and a projection screen so members
can see for themselves the wealth of information available to them.
  Perhaps the program could include an explanation of passwords and the
process by which club officers file reports online. Members could share their
favorite sites for Lions programs, training, and information.
  Facebook offers another avenue for sharing information on Lionism. There
are also club websites, such as e-clubhouse. Twenty or thirty minutes of
exploration could benefit many in your membership. This could also enlarge
your pool of officers for future years, since it is increasing difficult to hold
some club offices without these skills.

Cornea Transport Mile Reporting
  We know that Wisconsin Lions are leaders in having an extensive and very
active cornea transport system. Please work to ensure that your club
secretary is informed of the trips, and miles, and that the secretary includes
this in your activity report. All of us would appreciate a summary of how
much we really do in this outstanding service.
Tree Plantings
  Please make your plans, in response to International President Tam’s
challenge, as we enter the optimum tree planting season. Also, secretaries
are asked to include tree planting in their activity reports. Total tree
plantings to date are being closely watched.

Engaging Our Youth
  School is opening again, and August and September are designated by
President Tam for special cooperative projects with our youth. This is the
time to work with students on a service project, such as a cleanup day.

Club News & Events
Pie & Ice Cream Social was held on Thursday, August 4th at the Pigeon
Falls Health Care Center Shelter. This project began two years ago when the
facility and its Citizen Advisory Board began fundraising for the shelter.
Once fundraising was complete, they enlisted the assistance of the Pigeon
Falls and Whitehall Lions Club to construct the shelter. Says Pigeon Falls
Health Care Center Social Director Melissa Youngbauer, “We can’t thank
the Lions enough for their hard work and efforts in constructing the shelter.
The shelter is absolutely beautiful. It couldn’t have turned out any better. It
will be an asset for our residents and our community for years to
come.” TOP LEFT: The completed shelter pictured during the ice cream
social. BOTTOM LEFT (L to R): Pigeon Falls Lions Club President Bryan
Staff, lead carpenter Dale Hangartner, and Citizen Advisory Board project
manager Larry Guthrie.


WED, SEP 7 - Menomonie Lions Golf Open

FRI, SEP 9 - SAT SEP 10 – Hudson Community Garage Sale.
— Details at

SAT, SEP 17 - Hudson Lions 2nd Annual RibFest at Willow River
Saloon, Burkhardt. 11 am – 4 pm
— Details at

LCI Visit Inspires
  by DG Dave Schaefer
  I recently had the opportunity to make a trip to Oak Brook, Illinois and
take part in a tour of LCI headquarters. Most of the Wisconsin District
Governors participated, as well as State Council Chair Barry Boline.
  It was my first trip to LCI headquarters and it proved to be informational
and inspirational.
  The group was given a tour of the facility. We were impressed by the scale
and efficient layout of the operation. Several department heads made
presentations and had exchanges with us, and we were able to get direct
answers to many questions that emerge as District Governors work with
  Two stops on the tour really stayed with me. The first was when we had
the opportunity to check out an emergency shelter tent. The tent we saw is
identical to the thousands of tents that LCIF has provided to distressed
people after catastrophic events. To stand next to that tent and realize how
important it is to those who use it really brought our LCIF donations to life
for me.
  The second was seeing the statue of an African child, leading a man who
has been blinded by river blindness. Since I have followed communicable
blindness eradication efforts for some years, I was drawn to this statue. It is
a gift to Lions by the Carter Center. The statue was dedicated by former U.S.
President and Lion Jimmy Carter in 2009.
  The scene has been all too common in Africa, and to a lesser extent in
Latin America. Thanks to cooperative efforts by LCIF, the Carter Center,
Merck & Co. and other agencies, river blindness is being eliminated as never
before. As a matter of fact, river blindness in Latin America is expected to
be completely eliminated by 2012.
 What a valuable and rewarding day. I highly recommend a visit to Oak
Book, it really helps you to appreciate all the good we do.

Eau Claire Seymour Lions
Combine Fun & Service
  Each August, the Eau Claire - Seymour Lions members and guests enjoy a
night out at an Eau Claire Express baseball game. This year the club decided
to make this fun outing into a service project too by collecting used hearing
aids, cell phones and eyeglasses for recycling.
  After securing the permission of the baseball folks, plans were set into
action promoting the event. Notices were posted around the city, a few
advertisements were run in the local paper, and a club member appeared on
a local TV community affairs program.
  The day of the game, the club set up their refreshment trailer in a
conspicuous place in front of the stadium. A few "collection site" posters
were hung nearby and the location was staffed by Lions from noon until
game time.
  The results were wonderful!! In just a few hours, they collected 45 hearing
aids, 40 cell phones and approximately 1,500 pairs of eyeglasses.
  This is a perfect example of a club assessing their current activities and by
making one simple addition turning what was a fun member outing into
another opportunity to serve their community. Oh, and as a bonus, "The
Express" won their game, too.
100 MD27 Contacts
10224 N Port Washington Rd
Mequon, WI 53092
Cell: 262-305-3435
Bus: 262-241-3440

1507 Oconomowoc Ave
Watertown, 53094
Res: 920-261-7289

Kathy Gruna
State Secretary
3834 County Road A
Rosholt, WI 54473

Deb Schultz
Interim Executive Director
2302 International Ln, Ste 200
Madison, WI 53704

Evett J. Hartvig
Executive Administrator
 3834 County Road A, Rosholt, WI 54473

 Geri Schlender
 Campaign Coordinator
 3834 County Road A
 Rosholt, WI 54473

110 Upcoming Dates
10    PDG Meeting-Shooters, Plover
17    Lions Camp Open House
22-24 USA/Canada Forum-Alaska

1     Diabetes Focus Group - Lions Camp
7-8 Council Of Governors Meeting-Stevens Point
8     Handicap Hunt - Lions Camp
14-15       WLF Board Meeting - Lions Camp
15    A1 Cabinet Meeting-Elkhorn
16    C2 Cabinet Meeting-Pine Tree Supper Club, Tomahawk
16    D1 Cabinet Meeting-Silver Dollar, Broadhead
18    A2 Cabinet Meeting-Iron Ridge Inn, Iron Ridge
20-23 Emerging Lions Leadership Institute- Stevens Point
21-22 C1 Convention-Weston Lanes, Weston
22    Fall Work Day – Wisconsin Lions Camp
23    D2 Cabinet Meeting- Beezers, Hillsborro
27    LEBW Board Meeting- Madison
28    B1 Cabinet Meeting- Holiday Inn, Manitowoc
28-29 B1 Convention-Holiday Inn, Manitowoc
30    E1 Cabinet Meeting-Jim Falls
30    E2 Cabinet Meeting

4   B2 Cabinet Meeting-Comfort Suites, Green Bay
4-5 B2 Convention-Comfort Suites, Green Bay
13  C1 Cabinet Meeting-Pittsville Lions Clubhouse, Pittsville

6-7 Council Of Governors Meeting-Stevens Point
8     B1 Cabinet Meeting-Holiday Inn, Fond Du Lac
14    B2 Cabinet Meeting-Golden Sands, Cecil
15    E1 Cabinet Meeting-Rice Lake
15    E2 Cabinet Meeting
20-21 A1 Convention-Grand Geneva Resort-Lake Geneva
22    A1 Cabinet Meeting-Grand Geneva Resort-Lake Geneva
22    C2 Cabinet Meeting-Pine Tree Supper Club, Tomahawk
22    D1 Cabinet Meeting-Legion Hall, Cross Plains
22    D2 Cabinet Meeting-Syls, Barre Bills
26    LEBW Board Meeting- Madison
27-28 WLF Board of Directors Meeting - Lions Camp

4     Diabetes Focus Group - Lions Camp
4     PDG Meeting-Shooters, Plover
10-11 D2 Convention-Western Technical College, Lacrosse
12    C1 Cabinet Meeting-Wis. Rapids Lions Clubhouse, Wis. Rapids
17-18 A2 Convention, Olympia Village, Oconomowoc
19    A2 Cabinet Meeting-Olympia Village, Oconomowoc
25-26 Communicate Like A Leader Seminar-Stevens Point

2-3 Council Of Governors Meeting-Stevens Point
9     D1 Cabinet Meeting-Marriott Convention Center, Middleton
9-10 D1 Convention-Marriott Convention Center, Middleton
16-17 E2 Convention-The Plaza Hotel, Eau Claire
18    D2 Cabinet Meeting-Holmen American Legion, Holmen
23-24 WLF Board Meeting - Lions Camp
24    B2 Cabinet Meeting-Golden Sands, Cecil
30-31 E1 Convention-St. Croix Casino, Danbury

8     E2 Cabinet Meeting
10    A2 Cabinet Meeting-Iron Ridge Inn, Iron Ridge
13    C2 Cabinet Meeting-Inshalla Country Club, Tomahawk
13-14 C2 Convention-Inshalla Country Club, Tomahawk
14    A1 Cabinet Meeting
26    LEBW Board Meeting- Madison
28    Spring Work Day - Wisconsin Lions Camp
29    C1 Cabinet Meeting-Dales Weston Lanes, Weston

120 Conventions/Trainings
 May 17-19, 2012
 Green Bay

 June 22-26, 2012
 Busan, Korea

 Sep. 22-24, 2011
 Anchorage, Alaska

600 Melvin Jones Fellowships
 B1 - Van Dyne - Oscar Leichtfuss
 D2 - Viroqua - Carl Lindquist
 E1 - Lake Wissota - Sue Mousel
610 Birch-Sturm Fellowships
 B1 - Van Dyne - Peggy Laehn
 B1 - Van Dyne - Walter Schmid
 D1 - Lancaster - Doug Knox
 E1 - Lake Wissota - Diane Schroeder

620 Knight of Sight Fellowships
 A2 - Watertown - Ralph Krueger

700 WLF Donations
* Denotes Lions Pride Campaign Donations
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  Giles & Bunny Turner

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Ted & Ann Handrick

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Jack & Sally Daubert

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Accepting Bids: Editor/Designer &
Tool Kit
Knowing Your Limits
  by PDG Connie LeCleir-Meyer, MD27 GLT Coordinator
  You may have heard that fewer Lions are willing to take on leadership
responsibilities. That Lions are in the same positions for numerous years. Or
you may reside in a District where there is no leadership succession. None of
these circumstances are good, but they occur every day! So what happens if
nobody takes on the leadership roles - how will it affect our great
  We are in a risky business these days, trying to fill the leader pipeline at
the Club, District and State levels. All you have to do is watch and listen to
know what and where they are. Depending upon your goals and interests,
with the help of the Global Leadership Team (GLT) you can learn how to be
the type of effective Lion leader the State of Wisconsin needs! We are
always looking for “good leaders” to set the pace of success for our Lions. If
you have effective leadership skills and abilities, please consider sharing
them with other Lions to help them grow and make our organization strong.
Work with a mentor and get in line to serve the Lions of Wisconsin!
  You may have already been asked more than once to take on a Lions
leadership position, such as Committee Chair, Club Officer, or even District
Governor. These roles can be incredibly satisfying; however, there are times
when you want to say “yes” to the opportunities that come your way, but
there is little time in your life to take on the responsibilities the position
requires. This can be frustrating, especially when you know you have what it
takes to do a good job!
  Every time we say “no” to a Lion leadership opportunity we should be
saying “yes” to something else in our life. Whether it be family, work, faith
or our health. If you say “yes” when your answer should really be “no”,
there is a risk that disappointments and stress will result, not only for you,
but for others around you. Imagine the stress a District Governor faces when
he is unable to fill a Zone Chair position because everyone asked says “no”.
Imagine the frustration you might face if you want that Zone Chair position
but have to turn down the request because of your workload. These two
situations are real, and the result more often than not, isn’t positive for those
  In order to give 100% to any leadership position, you need to carefully
consider what the role involves and whether you are able to bring everything
you’ve got to the table. If you can’t, then the answer should be “no”, with no
regrets. These thoughts may surprise many of you! At times it appears that
all we do is search out people willing to be the next Club President, the next
Zone Chair, the next Vice District Governor for District Governor.
  Have you ever felt intrigued by a position only to find out there is no
description of what you are supposed to do, or any guidance from anyone
  What about someone who shouldn’t be a leader, but they were the only one
who would agree, with some strong encouragement?
  How about those Lions that are “railroaded” into positions, made to feel
guilty because nobody else would volunteer?
  “Yes” or “no” to these situations doesn’t have to come quickly. There are
other ways to decide, to know your limit and to look at things in a different
way. We can also consider the following:
  Sometimes you take a position not so much for the position itself, or for
the tasks you will be doing, but because it will help you further a cause you
deeply believe in or value. For example, you may become a Wisconsin
Lions Foundation Director because of an experience you had involving our
Wisconsin Lions Camp.
  We all have careers and experiences that can help further the leadership
development of others. Will taking on the opportunities available through
Lions help your career, or allow you to help others in their career? For
example, does your work history as a manager help organize a zone meeting,
or can you help someone else run their zone meeting in a more effective way
because of what you have successfully done in the past?
  We are all aware of our reputations, and certainly don’t want anyone to
think poorly of us. Think of what might occur if you align yourself with
other Lions leaders who feel the same way you do about our organization.
That positive networking will go a long way towards success!
  What might occur if you take on a Leader role and you don’t do a very
good job. Was it because you couldn’t give the required amount of time and
energy, or was it because you took the position for a reason that backfired?
If you are not successful, it might affect your personal and professional
reputation, no matter what you do. Nobody wants to see that happen, but it
does happen.
  If you have taken on the responsibility of a leader and become quite good
at it, congratulations for a job well done! We need leaders like you!
  If you haven’t moved from that spot in a few years, have you thought of
what this non-movement might be doing to others who may want to be in the
leadership pipeline? Are you blocking someone else’s opportunities because
you are enjoying yourself too much? It’s a great feeling to be recognized as
being good at something. It can also be a good feeling if you learn to step
aside, encourage others to experience the same opportunities you have, and
mentor them to the point where they too can feel good about what they do.
Think twice about holding on to those positions for years on end. Take a risk
and learn something new and rediscover how good it feels to leave your
footprint for others to learn from.
  Most volunteer organizations expect leaders to give freely of their time and
expertise, and most of us do that without question. With every aspect of
Lions, there is some type of financial undertaking. Raising funds, balancing
the budget and disbursing money. As a leader, you should make sure you
understand the financial commitment of the position you are interested in,
and ask yourself whether you can realistically meet those commitments
before you say “yes”.
  If you are asked to serve in a leader role, and you cringe at the idea with no
trace whatsoever of excitement, follow your intuition and say “no”.
  Sometimes your initial excitement about taking on a leadership role
quickly turns to fear or anxiety when you start thinking about all that the role
will entail and about how you are going to juggle this new role with all your
other responsibilities. You may even ask yourself, “What have I done?” This
happens to everyone and in actuality, becomes your motivation for doing a
good job.
  The bottom line, only you know whether you should accept or turn down
the leadership opportunities that come your way. Whether you say “yes” or
“no”, make sure it’s the right choice for you at the time.
  To learn more about leadership development opportunities, contact your
District Governor or your District GLT Coordinator.
Where’s Your Lion Tonight?
  by Lion Al Mattson, Clintonville Lion President
  Some clubs are not familiar with or just have not gotten into the long
tradition of heisting the lion bank during the tail twister’s moment of
distraction. Although he/she is charged with adding a little life and fun to
club meetings, there is nothing saying this cannot also come at the tail
twister’s expense. Our Clintonville club’s sticky fingered members are
always on the lookout for that unguarded lion, and only one’s imagination
will dictate the state of its return.
  Our tail twister’s charge was once seen on the seat of the club’s boat 20
yards from shore. Another time it was found sealed in the cavity of a block
of wood. At a Christmas party, the Lion was returned as a special gift from
the North Pole, completely incased in a block of ice. We have seen our
friend with its feet stuck in concrete. It has also been returned inside various
welded cages, including a car door. And it has found its way back chained
to any number of things.
  One of our tail twisters fought back and carried this little fellow in a pouch
strapped to his belt. In response, the board issued a club policy forbidding
the tethering of the Lion. Then at a future meeting the Lion Bank came
holding a leash, on the other end of which was a collared live skunk, de-
scented, of course. Kind of silly? Yes. But it’s fun.
  If the Lion is not fair game in your club, consider testing your imagination
and having a little fun with it. We sure do. In the mean time, we will still
see the little fellow finding his way back -- maybe, as once before, mounted
inside a car tire and rim, or as a returning traveler from Florida with postage

Story Ideas
  Have you noticed that we recently added a district map at the top of each
district page? That great idea that came from a Lion. As the Wisconsin Lion
continues to evolve, we continue to seek your input and ideas of how this
publication can better serve your needs.
  We are also looking for stories and ideas on unique ways you serve your
community, promote your club or just have fun. Two such stories appear on
this page and hopefully will inspire all of us to improve our own clubs.
  By the way, you don’t have to be a writer to submit a story or idea. Just
shoot us an email that explains the general idea and we’ll work with you to
develop it into a story. Send your comments and ideas to your district editor
or Wisconsin Lion Editor Jodi Burmester at
Also, keep sending your club news, events and photos to your district editor
each month.

  Last month’s “Lion’s Dictionary” story listed LIONS as standing for
“Loving Individuals Offering Needed Service”. While this definition has
become popular over the past year or so, the official definition is “Liberty,
Intelligence, Our Nations Safety”. We apologize for any confusion this may
have caused.

Fishin’ For Lions
Lion Lyle Pospyhalla - “Fishin for Lions Members” was the theme for the
Stratford Lions Club float on June 12, 2011 at the Stratford Heritage Days

Wisconsin Lion Online
  Every Wisconsin Lion member in good standing receives a mailed copy of
the Wisconsin Lion each month. But did you know that you can find it
online too?
  Every issue of the Wisconsin Lion can be found on the Wisconsin Lion
website,, in a lo-resolution .pdf version that looks
just like the printed version you get in your mailbox; it is also available as a
word processing .rtf file that is compatible with reader software.
  The Wisconsin Talking Book and Braille Library also publishes each
Wisconsin Lion issue. Visit to learn more about
this free service.
  So whether you prefer to read a printed, braille or electronic version or
listen to it, you can get your Wisconsin Lion news in the format you prefer.

Project Ideas

    Youth Activities Global Service Action Campaign
    Wisconsin Preparedness Month (spearheaded by Wisconsin
     Emergency Management and Wisconsin Homeland Security Council.)

   Peace Poster Contest
   Sight Related Activities Global Service Action Campaign
   Lions World Sight Day - 10/9-10/10
   International White Cane Safety Day - 10/15
   Fall Workday @ Camp - 10/22
   Lions Diabetes Awareness
   World Diabetes Day - 11/14
   Feeding The Hungry Global Service Action Campaign

   Feeding The Hungry Global Service Action Campaign
   Glaucoma Awareness
   Million Tree Campaign
   Adult / Children’s Vision Screenings
   Diabetes Awareness
    Donor Registry Sign-up
    Blood Drives

FRI, OCT 21 - SUN, OCT 23
Econo Lodge, Stevens Point
2 1/2 day intensive leadership training designed to expose Lions, Lioness
and Leos to a variety of leadership skills.
     Brainstorming
     Communication
     Diversity
     Goal Setting
     Lion Fundamentals
     Meeting Management
     Membership
     Mentoring
     Mission Statements
     Motivation
     Public Speaking
     Working in Teams
The only cost to attendees is travel to the Institute. The application deadline
is 9/18/11.
— More Info:

THU, SEP 15 - 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. La Crosse County Health Department -
300 4th St. North, La Crosse, WI 54601.

THU, SEP 28 - 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Brookfield Public Library - 1900 N.
Calhoun Rd., Brookfield, WI 53005.

FRI, OCT 12 - 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. CESA 6 - 304 Ellison St., Oshkosh, WI
— Questions or to register, Tami Radwill, Program Dir., Prevent Blindness
Wisconsin, 608.825.1557 or

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