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Proper irrigation and water management is essential
to sustaining your landscaping and requires more
than just the installation of sprinklers and
monitoring a timing device. It encompasses site
evaluation to determine water and drainage needs,
slope, exposure, special plant needs, and soil type.

Dawkins Landscaping’s certified landscape
irrigation designers and auditors can design, install,
and service a customized irrigation system that will
                                                                                                                LANDSCAPING LLC.
help reduce plant stress and loss, lower your utility
costs, boost chemical performance, and improve
your turf renovation.

                                                         Sometimes your existing landscape simply needs a
                                                         "Make Over". It may be a great design and well
                                                         maintained, but over the years has lost certain curb
                                                         appeal. It could be that plants have been eliminated
                                                         due to construction, damage or natural death. Trees
                                                         or plants may have grown to a size not appealing to
                                                         the property. Possibly there is a change in the way
• Certified irrigation systems design and                 you intend on using a space, you have a special
  installation                                           event to prepare for, or you have simply changed
                                                         your mind about what looks great to you.
• Certified landscape water auditing
• Spring start-up, winterization and preventative        Our designers are trained to listen to your needs
  maintenance                                            and evaluate your landscape for possible
• Prompt system repair and enhancement                   improvements. Dramatic changes can be achieved
                                                         without major renovation. Curb appeal can be
• Qualified on central control systems installation       regained by the proper and creative placement of          Y DAWKINS LANDSCAPING LLC. Z
• Program installation and programming                   specimen trees, lush blooming plants or brilliant
                                                                                                                • Property Management
                                                         flowering displays. With your input, our team can
• Pump station service                                   develop a property upgrade that fits your vision and    • Professional Landscape Design/Build
• Sports turf design, installation, service              budget.                                                • Turf Management
                                                                                                                • Irrigation
                                                              DAWKINS LANDSCAPING LLC.
                                                                                                                • Enhancements
                                                                   8109 Wolfe Road
                                                                                                                Phone: 662-574-4991 Web:
                                                                 Columbus, MS 39705
                                                                   (662) 574 - 4991
                                                       Professional Landscape Design/Build                                  Turf Management
                                                       Allow the capable and experienced staff of Dawkins      The Dawkins Landscaping turf care program
                                                       Landscaping to coordinate and properly manage           responds to your lawn's needs with the highest
                                                       your hardscape construction project, plant              quality service and expertise. We provide a
                                                       installation, irrigation and landscape lighting         customized combination of weed control and
                                                       systems. Our relationships with local landscape         fertilization treatments designed to target every
                                                       architects, community leaders, suppliers, and           lawn care issue. We understand the specific turf
                                                       specialty craftspeople, combine with our work           types and their related weaknesses. We work
                                                       expertise to create an invaluable resource for you      proactively, with focus on IPM (Integrated Pest
                                                       and your landscape improvement needs.                   Management) and preventative maintenance to
                                                                                                               ensure you the healthiest lawn for your property,
                                                       Whether working with your vision to create a
                                                                                                               the environment and more importantly, your
                                                       design and construction schedule, or executing the
       Property Management                             landscape design and specifications of your
Whether you are the manager for a shopping center,     architect, our construction crews are fully-versed in
apartment complex, corporate office facility, or        all aspects of installing hard and softscapes. Before
college campus, you realize the importance of a        construction begins, Dawkins Landscaping can be
great looking, well maintained facility. With the      your expert partner in design evaluation, budgeting
challenge of tightening budgets, occupancy ratios,     and value engineering, plant availability assessment,
demanding tenants, leaky roofs and visiting bosses,    irrigation design and review, long-term maintenance
we understand that the landscape is the last thing     analysis, and site evaluation. We will ensure that
you want to be concerned about.                        your project produces the highest level of value and
                                                       impact, with the least amount of your time, energy
Dawkins Landscaping may not be able to solve all       and money invested.
your property management challenges, but we can
provide you the peace of mind of knowing your
landscape is maintained, and cared for, by a team of
professionals. Dawkins Landscaping can make the
management of your landscape worry free, allowing
you to focus on other important responsibilities. We
know the role of the landscape on image and
perception. We want to be your partner in creating
great “First Impressions.”

                                                                                                               Our Services include:
                                                                                                               •Weed Control programs
                                                                                                               •Fertilization schedules
                                                                                                               •Turf renovation
                                                                                                               •Aeration/ de-thatching
                                                                                                               •Fire ant management
                                                                                                               •Disease and insect control methods

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