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									 Friday, September 19, 2008                                                      www.

                              2  Annual Celebration Rotary Club Pancake Run
                                            September 20, 2008
                              Runners meet at 6:00 am at Celebration Fire Station.
                                    Free pancake breakfast to all runners!

                                    “K-12/Parenting Conference & Expo”
                                    Osceola Heritage Park, Kissimmee, FL
                             Saturday, September 20, 2008 (8:00 AM – 4:00 PM)
                              Learn from Leading Parenting Experts, Including:
                        Keynote speaker: Dr. Jeffrey Brown,
                 Variety of Practical Insight and Analysis Sessions to choose from including:
                                         Strengthen your child’s self image
                                           Learn effective parenting skills
                                          Improve Math & Reading scores
                                        Bullying, Internet safety…and more
                    Admission: $25 (includes Continental Breakfast and Lunch/Door Prizes)
               Register now at: See Mrs. Noel for details and form.

                                           First Graders – swim time!
Celebration School first grade classes will have swimming (weather permitting) on the following dates.
Teachers need volunteers to walk students to and from Lakeside Park. Must be OASIS approved; can be
available just one day or all 4. Please send a note to the teacher about availability.
                                     Schedule – (no swimming on Wednesday)
                         Week of Sept. 22                          Week of Sept. 29
                         Ward 12 to 12:45                          Dunn 12 to 12:45
                         Hill 1 to 1:45                            Long 1 to 1:45
                         Leavell 2 to 2:45                         Lowery 2 to 2:45

                                      Porch Sale – Band Performance
                                Mark your calendars!! Saturday, October 4
         Show your school spirit and support!! For the Celebration School Band Annual Porch Sale!
        The Band needs your kind donations of gently used items such as house hold appliances, décor,
        toys, games, VHS, DVD, books, furniture, framed art work and other miscellaneous items.
                         Please NO CLOTHES, SHOES OR HAIR ACCESSORIES.
            Please bring your donations to the School Main Office marked BAND DONATIONS.
                  If you would like to volunteer for this event please contact Mr. Cochran.
                     We thank you in advance for any contributions towards our efforts.
        Please come by on Saturday, October 4 for a performance of your Celebration School Band.

                         Disney’s Liquidation Sale is Back!! ( In the K-8 School Gym)
                                         Friday, October 3       6 PM – 9 PM
                                       Saturday, October 4        8 AM – 5 PM
                                        Sunday, October 5 – 10 AM – 2 PM
   There will be all sorts of products from Disney: clothes to collectables, Disney games, decorations, hats,
      writing pads, watches and jewelry. You could get a hat for $1.00 or spend $600 on a collectable.
  The success of the Liquidation Sale for the past 8 years has been a direct result of all the people who have
       stepped forward to volunteer their time to work this event. Celebration volunteering at it’s best!
                               Here is how you can join the volunteer team this year:
   Adult – Email Donna Small – or call her at 321-939-0589 to sign up for a shift(s).
      Seventh and Eighth Graders – Have your parents sign you up to work the same shift they work.
                               We are looking for volunteers for the following hours:
           October 3 : 10 AM – 6 PM Set –up 6 PM – 9 PM Sale Hours 9 PM – 10 PM Clean-up
                          October 4 : 8 AM – 5 PM Sale Hours 5 PM – 6 PM Clean-up
                         October 5 : 10 AM – 2PM Sale Hours 2 PM – 6PM Clean-up
               Please note that you may work as many or as few hours as your schedule permits.
                                   Thank you in advance for your participation.
 Friday, September 19, 2008                                                         www.

                                      Attention Celebration Parents
This year the major PTA school fundraiser will be an art auction of work done by our students. The PTA will be
holding 2 meetings explaining how parents can help coordinate each classroom project. Ideally we need at
least 1 parent per classroom. Meetings will be held at Celebration K8 in the cafeteria on Tuesday, October 7
and Friday, October 10 at 8:45 AM. Thank you.

                                          Parent Resource Library
We are accepting donations for the Parent Resource Library, located in the Great Hall—either cash to buy
books or books of interest to parents. See Nona Noel, Guidance Counselor for details. Come see what’s here!

Parents who want to volunteer in the school or on field trips must be Oasis approved. You can sign up on-line
at From the main website go to County offices, you will find the OASIS link under the
heading of Volunteer Opportunities. It could take up to 3 weeks for approval. Remember parents, you must
re-register for the 08-09 school year. Also, you must attend Orientation classes held at the district office, Bill
Beck Blvd., or at Celebration School. Contact OASIS for more information @ 407-870-4013 or, attend class

Parents: the front desk receptionists may not accept $ cash; please do not ask them to receive money for
your child. Thank you!
Reminder: Guests, parents, volunteers – When you sign out, please return your badge to the Front Desk staff
or throw it away in the trash can located in the Front Office. Thank you.
Automated Phone System: School has begun using the automated phone system for messages in addition
to attendance. If you receive a message from Celebration School or the school district, please listen to the
entire message. Most messages don’t require a return phone call to the school. Please be sure we have your
current phone number on hand at all times.

                                        ATTENDANCE PROCEDURES
When your child is absent from school, be sure to call the attendance office to report the absence. Also, follow
up with a written note when your child returns to school. If it is not a permitted absence, you are required to fill
out a prearranged absence form at least one week prior to the absence. These forms are located in the
attendance office. The front pages of your child’s agenda describe attendance rules.

                                 REMINDER: Wednesday is early dismissal!
                                      K-1 at 2:15 Grades 2-8 at 2:30

Parents: We do have a Lost and Found, it is located in the Great Hall and cleaned out twice a month.
Unclaimed items are donated or discarded.

Agendas have been received and passed out to all K-8 students. Thank you, PTA, for the back to school gift!
Please ask your student to show you his/her Agenda. The front of the book has several pages showing our
school handbook. Please read it. Please help the teachers at school and train your child to show you the
Agenda nightly (K-5) and to use it (K-8). Thank you! Replacement Agendas are $5 while available.

                           Calendar of Events: (subject to change without notice)
                                                                        st        nd
Sept. 22 – Individual Fall Pictures K-8                      Oct. 21 – 1 Day of 2 9 Weeks
                                                             Oct. 23 – Teacher Work Day/Student Holiday
Coming Up                                                    October 24 – Teacher Work Day/Student Holiday
Sept. 20 – Rotary Club Pancake Run                           Oct. 30 – K-5 Report Cards
Sept. 20 – “K-12 Parenting Conference & Expo”                Nov. 4 – 4 Grade Field Trip – Cracker Country
Sept. 22 – Individual Fall Pictures                          Nov. 5 – Middle School Report Cards
Oct. 2 – NJHS meeting, 3:40                                  Nov. 6 – NJHS meeting, 3:40 PM
Oct. 3, 4, 5 – Disney Liquidation Sale, Gym                  Nov. 11 – Veteran’s Day-Teacher/Student Holiday
Oct. 4 – Porch Sale, Band Performance                        Nov. 14 – School Birthday
Oct. 16 – NJHS meeting, 3:40 PM                              Nov. 20 – NJHS meeting, 3:40 PM
Oct. 20 – End of 1 9 Weeks
Friday, September 19, 2008   www.

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