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									         AP U.S. History
                  Midterm Review

                  TEST DATE: THURSDAY, JANUARY 17

     Length of Exam:         2 hours
     Material Covered:       Earliest Colonization (1492) to End of Reconstruction (1877)
     Exam Format:
      Multiple Choice Questions        80 Questions (55 minutes)

      DBQ Thematic Essays              reading period (15 minutes)
                                       writing period (45 minutes)

      2 Free Response Essays           Pick 1 of 2 choices (30 minutes)
                                       Pick 1 of 2 choices (30 minutes)

                                 Suggested Review Activities:
             1.   Review AMSCO Vocabulary Lists and ID cards
             2.   Answer Sample Multiple Choice Questions (This packet & old quizzes)
             3.   Review Thematic Essay Questions
             4.   Review Sample Document Based Questions
             5.   Form study groups
             6.   Don’t wait until the last minute
             7.   Know the material!

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AP US Midterm Review                                                                            Colonialism - Reconstruction

1.   Early exploration of the Americas during the fifteenth           6.   Following the initial failures during the early 1600s,
     century was originally dominated by which nation?                     prosperity finally came to the English settlers at the
     A. Spain                    D. Italy                                  Jamestown colony as a result of
     B. England                  E. France                                 A. the introduction of tobacco farming
     C. The Netherlands                                                    B. the establishment of the House of Burgesses to
                                                                               govern the Virginia colony
2.   At the time of Spanish exploration in the Americas,                   C. assistance received from the Native Americans living
     the most significant cause of destruction of the native                   in the region
     peoples in the New World was the                                      D. movement of the colony to a different area in the
     A. assimilation of European cultures that lead to a loss                  Virginia region
         of indigenous identity                                            E. the creation of the indentured system
     B. lack of man power to adequately combat the massive
         Spanish armies                                               7.   In the 1600s, which religious group came to America
     C. introduction of contagious diseases like measles and               in pursuit of creating a colony where they could freely
         small pox                                                         practice their form of religion?
     D. fluctuating weather conditions which led to famines                A. Quakers                 D. Anglicans
         and crop shortages                                                B. Separatists             E. Huguenots
     E. changing pattern in childbirth                                     C. Shakers

3.   All of the following are effects of the Spanish empire’s         8.   The purpose of the Mayflower Compact was
     arrival in the Americas EXCEPT                                        A. the creation a of central religion
     A. the introduction of Christianity to the native cultures            B. the establishment of a self-government that would
     B. the devastation of indigenous population caused by                    abide by the will of the majority
          diseases brought over from Europe                                C. to determine what the form of the economy would be
     C. European importation of the white potato, tobacco,                    for the new colony
          numerous vegetables, vanilla, and chocolate                      D. to settle any issues of land ownership
     D. the sharing of European technology which would                     E. to elect the first leader of the new colony
          help the natives to prosper
     E. formation of a rigid social hierarchy that enslaved           9.   Which two colonies became known for practicing
          natives and those people of mixed blood                          religious toleration?
                                                                           A. Maryland and Rhode Island
4.   One way that the earliest French settlements in North                 B. New York and New Jersey
     America differed from the colonies that England had                   C. Virginia and Maryland
     founded was that                                                      D. Massachusetts and Connecticut
     A. early French colonies were only temporary,                         E. Connecticut and Pennsylvania
         established by cod fishermen around Newfoundland
     B. the French settlers in North America created                  10. Until it came under English control, the New
         plantations and farms                                            Netherlands colony practiced the patroon system
     C. the first French settlers were primarily interested in            which was a
         trading with Indians                                             A. mixed social structure consisting of peoples from all
     D. the French often had skirmishes with the Native                       over Europe
         Americans over land ownership                                    B. method of farming that employed indentured servants
     E. many of the French colonies were created as religious             C. form of government that gave all people living in the
         havens                                                               colony equal rights
                                                                          D. a system of granting large landed estates to those
5.   Following the discovery and exploration of North                         wealthy men who brought at least 50 families to the
     America, England’s initial attempts to colonize were                     colony
     motivated by which of the following?                                 E. a form of religion intruded by Dutch settlers
     I. The promise of money to be made from trade
     II. The need to accommodate a growing population                 11. Around 1650 this economic philosophy boasted of a
     III. The desire to spread Christianity around the                    limit to the world’s wealth and inspired England’s
          world                                                           policy of trade regulation in the colonies
                                                                          A. Capitalism             D. Socialism
     A.   I only                                                          B. Mercantilism           E. Feudalism
     B.   II only                                                         C. Colonialism
     C.   II and III only
     D.   I and II only
     E.   I, II and III

AP US Midterm Review                                                                          Colonialism - Reconstruction

12. Although the colony of Georgia eventually became                17. As news of the improved way of life in America spread
    another haven for persecuted Protestants, it was of                 throughout Europe, which ethnic group formed a
    great importance to the British Empire because                      significant settlement in the colony of Pennsylvania in
    A. the arable farmland and warm climate made it an                  the early 1700s?
        ideal area for agriculture                                      A. Dutch                       D. Russians
    B. the settlers who James Oglethorpe recruited from                 B. Scots-Irish                 E. French
        English debtor prisons were eager to start a new life           C. Germans
    C. it served as a buffer between the prosperous colony
        of South Carolina and Spanish Florida                       18. During the eighteenth century, the Scots-Irish settlers
    D. it was rich in raw materials and natural resources               in the colonies played an important role in colonial
    E. of the elaborate laws devised to govern the colony               expansion because
                                                                        A. their rugged lifestyle and dislike for city life led
13. As the seventeenth century came to a close, the                          many of them to settle on the frontier
    Puritans of New England established the Half-Way                    B. they became merchants often exploring the Western
    Covenant as a way of                                                     regions in pursuit of resources and other raw
    A. making the religious practices of the period even                     materials
        more rigid                                                      C. their conflicts with British settlers led many of them
    B. establishing additional churches in the New England                   to settle further out west
        colonies                                                        D. they managed to maintain friendly relations with the
    C. improving relations with the Native Americans                         Indians inhabiting some of the more distant regions
        present in the region                                           E. they were seeking religious refuge in areas that were
    D. maintaining church membership and influence in a                      still not colonized
        increasingly secular America
    E. claiming authority from the British Empire                   19. As the eighteenth century passed, later generations of
                                                                        Germans came to America primarily for which
14. The main difference between an indentured servant                   reason?
    and a slave was                                                     A. Religious freedom
    A. indentured servants were rarely treated as poorly as             B. Greater opportunities to accumulate wealth
        slaves                                                          C. Refuge from warfare and political instability in
    B. indentured servants had to work for a certain period                 Germany
        of time as payment for transportation to America                D. The pursuit of political authority
    C. indentured servant received payment for their labor              E. The right to cultivate their own farmland
    D. indentured servants were recruited by the local
        military                                                    20. During the eighteenth century, rigid class structure of
    E. the voyage to America for the indentured servant was             rich planters, farmers, indentured servants and slaves
        safer and more accommodating                                    emerged in which of the following regions?
                                                                        A. Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island
15. One difference between the Fundamental Orders of                    B. New York and New Jersey
    Connecticut and the governing system instituted by                  C. Delaware and New Jersey
    the Massachusetts Bay Colony was                                    D. Virginia and Pennsylvania
    A. the government of the Massachusetts Bay Colony                   E. North Carolina and Georgia
        gave colonists the right to elect the governor and
        representatives of the legislative houses                   21. One of the general differences between wealthy
    B. the fundamental Orders of Connecticut limited voting             leaders of the South and those of the North was that
        rights to just men who owned property                           A. the Southern aristocrats had gained their wealth
    C. the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut gave the right                 through land speculation and trade
        to vote to all citizens and was not limited to just             B. education was generally emphasized more among the
        church members                                                      wealthy living in the North
    D. the Massachusetts Bay Colony gave full authority to              C. the plantations which the Southern aristocrats lived
        the British Crown                                                   on were decorated with many expensive objects from
    E. the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut required                       England
        church membership to become a colonial leaders                  D. leaders in the South were more active in colonial
16. The trial of John Peter Zenger became a significant                 E. Southern leaders had inherited their wealth
    step in the development of which right?
    A. Freedom of religion       D. Free Press
    B. Citizenship               E. Freedom to assemble
    C. Protection from search and seizure

AP US Midterm Review                                                                         Colonialism - Reconstruction

22. The Northern colonies’ focus on small-farm                     28. The writings of the English philosopher, John Locke,
    agriculture and the manufacturing of goods as                      which argued for the existence of natural laws, gained
    opposed to the large Southern plantation system led to             immense popularity in the American colonies as
    A. less accumulated wealth                                         evidenced by
    B. changes in population patterns                                  A. Revivalist sermons
    C. less social stratification                                      B. Thomas Paine’s Common Sense
    D. the formation of more towns and villages                        C. The Declaration of Independence
    E. increased land expansion                                        D. The Federalist Party
                                                                       E. The Articles of Confederation
23. From the late 1730s to the 1760s, the great wave of
    religious enthusiasm that swept over large parts of the        29. The Great Awakening in the American Colonies led to
    America colonies led to which effect?                              all of the following EXCEPT
    A. Church leaders became increasingly more concerned               A. the founding of several new colleges including
         with economic matters                                              Princeton, Brown, Rutgers, and Dartmouth
    B. The preachers gained power and authority as a result            B. divisions between different church denominations
         of their wealth adherents                                          like the old guard and new guard Puritans
    C. Public schools in many areas throughout the colonies            C. a new spirit of toleration and secularism in colonial
         were established where the new religious                           politics
         philosophies were taught                                      D. rebellions in response to all of the changes that were
    D. Schisms between Congregationalists and other                         going on in the religious landscape
         denominations developed which reinforced the                  E. the loosening of ties between church and state
         divisions in American society
    E. The American colonies became know worldwide as a            30. One of the causes of the Seven Years War between
         place of scholarship and culture                              France and England was
                                                                       A. France’s expansion into the Ohio River Valley in the
24. The Great Awakening of the early to mid-eighteenth                    early 1750’s
    century appealed mostly to which group of people?                  B. unpaid debts that France owed to England
    A. Southern plantation owners                                      C. conflicts between the royal families of both countries
    B. Immigrants living in Northern cities like Boston and            D. increasing French authority and merchant power in
        New York                                                          British colonial cities like New York, Boston and
    C. Native Americans                                                   Philadelphia
    D. British Americans                                               E. English invasion into French-Canadian colonies
    E. Slaves, the poor, and people of newly settled regions
                                                                   31. During the war effort, Benjamin Franklin proposed
25. The core of revivalism was belief in which of the                  the Albany Plan to colonial leaders which, despite not
    following?                                                         being approved of by the colonial leaders, served as an
    A. Predestination                                                  important precedent for which concept?
    B. Sinfulness and the helplessness of human kind                   A. Creation of a national flag
    C. The impossibility of redemption                                 B. Adoption of a flag which represented the unified
    D. A questioning of the Bible                                          colonies
    E. The acceptance of all religions                                 C. Adoption of a inter-colonial government, thereby
                                                                           uniting the colonies
26. The colonist who was probably most influenced by the               D. Practice of recruiting people from other countries to
    teaching so of the Enlightenment was                                   serve d as soldiers in the English army
    A. Alexander Hamilton        D. George Whitefield                  E. Establishment of a capital city in New York
    B. Samuel Adams              E. Paul Revere
    C. Benjamin Franklin                                           32. Despite receiving assistance from Spain toward the
                                                                       end of the war, France ended up losing the French and
27. Whose imprecatory sermon, Sinners in the Hands of                  Indian War following
    an Angry God, became extremely famous during the                   A. a freezing cold winter, causing drastic losses in the
    Great Awakening for encouraging evangelical                            army
    Christianity against a rise tide of liberalism in                  B. unexpected Indian rebellions
    theology and rationalism in philosophy?                            C. lack of funding to provide the necessary resources to
    A. Theodore Frelinghuysen D. Gilbert Tennent                           continue to fight
    B. John Wesley                 E. Jonathan Edwards                 D. the defeat of the French army at Quebec and
    C. George Whitefield                                                   Montreal, the last French footholds in Canada
                                                                       E. England’s use of superior weapons

AP US Midterm Review                                                                          Colonialism - Reconstruction

33. What effect did the Peace of Paris in 1763 have on the          37. Of all the acts instituted by England to generate funds
    French colonial endeavors in America?                               from the colonies, the Stamp Act became the most
    A. France managed to keep a couple of colonies in                   noteworthy because
        America                                                         A. it was a direct tax on the colonies which forced
    B. French colonial endeavors were significantly reduced                 colonists to be taxed on a variety of goods ranging
        because it had to give up all of its Canadian holding               from newspapers to legal documents
        to Britain                                                      B. some American colonist actually approved of the act
    C. As a result of losing Canada, France became very                 C. it went against the principle that only the colonies
        active establishing colonies in the South                           had a right to vote about instituting such taxation
    D. France focused more on its colonies in the Western               D. the tax could be paid voluntarily
        United States                                                   E. opposition to the Stamp Act varied across the
    E. France shared colonial rights with Spain over other                  colonies with particularly strong feelings in New
        regions in the Americas                                             York

34. How did the Peace of Paris impact Spain’s colonial              38. The Tea Act of 1773 was primarily an attempt by
    holdings in North America?                                          England to
    A. Spain was forced to give England its colony of                   A. lower the price of tea by decreasing demand for it in
        Florida, however, it did receive Louisiana from                     the American colonies
        France                                                          B. bail out the bankrupt British East India Company, by
    B. Spain gained the rights to the land west of the Ohio                 granting them a monopoly on tea in America
        River Valley                                                    C. reconcile any disputes with the colonies by offering
    C. The region of Florida was divided in half between                    cheap tea even with a tea tax
        Spain and England                                               D. encourage moderation of tea use in the colonies
    D. Spain’s colonial holdings remained unchanged                     E. create a shift in wealth from Britain’s North
        according to the Peace of Paris despite allying with                American colonies to its colonies in Asia
        France during the war
    E. Spain gained ownership of land previously held by            39. Which is true about the Letters from a Farmer in
        France in Canada                                                Pennsylvania?
                                                                        A. It was written by a Pennsylvania farmer
35. On a demographic level, what was unique about the                   B. It argued for the practice of smuggling as a way of
    land gains that England made in the treaty of Paris in                 protesting the British law
    1763?                                                               C. It warned Americans that the Townshend Duties were
    A. The populations of these regions were predominantly                 every bit as much a revenue measure as the Stamp
        white Protestants                                                  Act
    B. The majority of the Native Americans were forced to              D. It proposed the idea of writing a letter to the English
        leave these regions                                                King, identifying the numerous grievances the
    C. Many of the newly acquired lands were populated by                  colonies had
        French-speaking Catholics from Quebec and large                 E. It advocated for a complete boycott of all British
        number of Native Americans who had begun to                        goods
        convert to Christianity
    D. Due to various climatic changes, the newly acquired          40. Which group of people below became known for being
        regions were relatively unpopulated                             colonial agitators, arousing public opinion, and
    E. Many settlers in the original thirteen colonies were             propagandizing any new law that Parliament had
        eager to explore the new regions                                approved of?
                                                                        A. George Washington, Thomas Payne, and Alexander
36. Parliament passed the Proclamation of 1763 in hopes                     Hamilton
    of accomplishing what?                                              B. James Otis, John Hancock, and Benjamin Franklin
    A. Requiring American colonists to provide housing to               C. John Jay, John Dickinson, and Thomas Paine
        British troops still stationed in the colonies                  D. James Otis, Patrick Henry, and Samuel Adams
    B. Raised revenue by placing a direct tax on goods                  E. Patrick Henry, Paul Revere and Charles Townshend
        imported into the Americas
    C. Establishing general search warrants issued to help          41. The Intolerable Acts of 1774 were fundamental in the
        officers stop evasion of England’s trade restriction            development of the
    D. Forcing Native Americas to inhabit the British held              A. Declaration of Independence D. Boston Massacre
        lands west of the Mississippi River                             B. First Continental Congress    E. Boston Tea Party
    E. Forbidding colonial intervention west of the                     C. Articles of Confederation
        Appalachians in order to maintain peaceful relations
        with the Indians in that region

AP US Midterm Review                                                                          Colonialism - Reconstruction

42. When war began in April of 1775, what was Britain’s             46. The final battle of the American Revolution took place
    initial military strategy?                                          at
    A. To completely destroy all of the cities where British            A. Saratoga               D. Yorktown
         resistance had become prevalent                                B. Trenton                E. Brandywine Creek
    B. It isolate and punish the rebels at Boston through a             C. Long Island
         show of enormous force without having to enter
         conflicts in the other colonies                            47. Which of the following is true about the Revolutionary
    C. Avoid land combat, and defeat the inexperienced                  spirit within the American colonies during the War for
         American militia with the mighty British navy                  Independence?
    D. Because of their superior weapons, the British                   I. As the war dragged on, Americans were reluctant
         wanted to use only the necessary minimum to defeat                  to enlist in the army
         the colonial army                                              II. The financial drain of the Revolution frustrated
    E. Gain as many allies as possible from Loyalists and                    many colonists
         slaves by offering freedom for military service                III. The ill-trained, poorly supplied militia companies
                                                                             were greatly determined to claim victory
43. What was an advantage the America militia had over
    the British army?                                                   A. I only                 D. I and II only
    A. Since their weapons were made out of cheaper metal,              B. II only                E. I, II, and III
        it was lighter to carry into battle                             C. II and III only
    B. They were fighting on their own home-soil, so they
        were more familiar with the terrain                         48. The Continental Congress was able to finance the
    C. The Americans predominantly occupied the major                   American Revolution by
        port cities while the British were stationed in the             A. obtaining loans and grants from foreign nations like
        countryside                                                         France, Spain, and the Netherlands
    D. The Americans received aid from countries like                   B. imposing exorbitant taxes on the American colonists
        Prussia and Spain during the war                                C. trading goods with nations around the world in an
    E. The American militia men were more experienced                       attempt to spark its economy
                                                                        D. constructing factories that manufacture weapons and
44. The reasons why the American colonies won the                           other resources
    Revolutionary war include all of the following                      E. printing paper money
    A. the British army was worn out by the small guerilla          49. How were Marquis de Lafayette, Thaddeus Koscuisko
        army techniques of the colonial militia                         and Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben connected to the
    B. the British financial drain of having to re-supply its           American Revolution?
        troops from thousands of miles away                             A. They were eighteenth century philosophers whose
    C. support for the war at home often was divided among                  writings on the independence of nations motivated
        British citizens                                                    the Continental army
    D. the large amount of resources the American colonies              B. All three of these men were foreign military officers
        received from France                                                who helped provide military expertise to the poorly
    E. the British defeat at the Battle of Long Island turned               trained Continental army
        the tide in favor of the Americans                              C. They were intelligent officers who provided the
                                                                            American generals with important insight on British
45. The Battle of Saratoga in October of 1777 significantly                 military strategy
    impacted the outcome of the war because                             D. Along with Paul Revere, these three men warned
    A. the British army lost nearly half its numbers in the                 Massachusetts villages about the coming of the
        defeat                                                              British army
    B. the British defeat motivated France to recognize                 E. They were scientists who invented new weapons that
        American independence and provide necessary aid                     gave American colonists the upper hand in battle
    C. the unexpected assassination of several important
        American generals added to the American fury                50. Thomas Paine’s Common Sense was instrumental in
    D. it provided the American army with an opportunity to             the development of what?
        witness the supreme military prowess of the British             A. Treaty of Paris       D. Articles of Confederation
        navy                                                            B. Constitution          E. Bill of Rights
    E. the British General Howe was unable to finally                   C. Declaration of Independence
        eliminate General Washington

AP US Midterm Review                                                                           Colonialism - Reconstruction

51. Benjamin Franklin served in all of the following roles           56. Which of the following groups of people would most
    EXCEPT                                                               likely have approved of the Articles of Confederation?
    A. Newspaper publisher      D. Politician                            A. Citizens who desired strong centralized governments
    B. Scientist                E. Minister                              B. People who were fervent supporters of states’ rights
    C. Diplomat                                                          C. Southern aristocrats and plantation owners
                                                                         D. Northern merchants, factory owners, and bankers
52. What did the Treaty of Paris stipulate about the                     E. Representatives of the Continental Congress
    A. The states were urged to compensate the Loyalists for         57. Which best explains the dissatisfaction of the
       seized property                                                   merchant class with the Articles of Confederation?
    B. All of the loyalists were forced to support the newly-            A. Congress’ power to tax was unlimited
       independent colonies or else they would be sent back              B. Individual states lacked the power to regulate
       to England                                                           commerce
    C. Any loyalist was prevented from ever holding a                    C. The president’s treaty-making power was unchecked
       government position in America                                    D. There was no provision for a uniform currency
    D. The burden of financing the war was placed on the                 E. Congress did not have the right to borrow money
       affluent loyalists                                                   from other nations
    E. The Loyalist should be treated like any other colonist
       living in America                                             58. The man most influential in the development of the
                                                                         Articles of Confederation was
53. Many of the terms established by the Treaty of Paris                 A. John Adams                D. Alexander Hamilton
    in 1783 were frequently disregarded by both England                  B. Patrick Henry             E. John Dickinson
    and Spain because the                                                C. James Madison
    A. American Colonies were too militarily depleted to
        enforce the land rights that they had gained                 59. Why did the creators of the Articles of Confederation
    B. lack of a centralized government to enforce the                   make state sovereignty a fundamental theme of the
        Treaty left the colonies vulnerable to foreign                   government?
        intervention                                                     A. They wanted to create a conglomerate of states in
    C. foreign nations were jealous that a loose,                            which each could last on its own
        unconsolidated group of colonies was given right to a            B. They strived to prevent the abuses of power that had
        vast land area rich in natural resources                             existed under British rule
    D. severe financial crisis that the colonies experienced             C. It was a concept embraced by many of the
        forced them to become subordinate once again to                      Enlightenment’s philosophers whom the American
        foreign countries                                                    colonial leaders emulated
    E. American diplomats had made secret arrangements to                D. It was an attempt to re-strengthen the colonial
        transfer land back to England and Spain                              economies which had emerged prior to the American
54. American colonists gained all of the following from the              E. State sovereignty provided an opportunity to assist
    Treaty of Paris EXCEPT                                                   the southern states in their efforts to gain a
    A. recognition of the American Colonies’ independence                    manufacturing base
    B. all of the land east of the Mississippi river and north
        of the Florida Peninsula                                     60. What was Shays’ Rebellion?
    C. forts that were occupied by British troops had to be              A. A violent mob reaction by Western Massachusetts
        evacuated                                                           farmers in response to strict foreclosure laws and
    D. $15 million in wartime reparations from England                      increased state taxes
    E. fishing rights off British Newfoundland and Nova                  B. An outburst by Irish immigrant to the horrible factory
        Scotia                                                              conditions in the north
                                                                         C. A slave rebellion on board one of the incoming slave
55. The Articles of Confederation was given permission to                   ship from Africa
    do all of the following EXCEPT                                       D. A rebellion in North Carolina where the protesters
    A. control foreign policy                                               committed many violent acts in response to
    B. settled disputes between states                                      legislative mistreatments
    C. control interstate commerce                                       E. A protest against a tax imposed on whiskey by
    D. borrow money from other nations                                      congress
    E. admit new states to the Union

AP US Midterm Review                                                                            Colonialism - Reconstruction

61. One of the lasting impacts of the Shays’ Rebellion was            66. One of the differences between the Articles of
    that                                                                  Confederation and the Constitution was that
    A. it identified the persistent mistreatment and inhumane             A. the Constitution increased the power of state
         acts that Native Americans were being subjected to                  governments
         by the colonists                                                 B. in response to the Federalists, the Constitution
    B. it demonstrated the inherent flaws of the institution of              banned slavery throughout America
         slavery                                                          C. the Constitution gave the national government the
    C. it provided evidence that a more centralized                          power to collect taxes
         government was necessary to prevent future                       D. the Constitution granted universal suffrage
         rebellions                                                       E. the Constitution established a policy for the
    D. it demonstrated the need for a stronger American                      admission of new states
         naval fleet
    E. it put a limit on the number of immigrants that could          67. On a demographic level, the adoption of the
         enter America over the following century                         Constitution did not significantly change from the
                                                                          Articles of Confederation because
62. At the constitutional Convention in the summer of                     A. the Constitution appointed an Electoral College to
    1787, James Madison and Edmund Randolph devised                           elect the President
    a plan of national government known as the “Virginia                  B. women, slaves, Native Americans, and free blacks
    Plan” which called for                                                    were completely disenfranchised
    A. the establishment of an executive branch and a                     C. only one representative from each colony was given
        bicameral congress each with representatives elected                  the right to vote
        by population                                                     D. only white men of the wealthiest class had any
    B. the creation of three-branch form of government with                   political power in the newly-established government
        an executive, legislative and judicial branch each                E. voting rights were based on inheritance
        with headquarters in Richmond, Virginia
    C. a form of government with a unicameral legislature             68. The roots of the Bill of Rights lie in which document
        with equal representation for the states                          from Anglo-American history?
    D. a bicameral system with one house based on                         A. The Mayflower Compact             D. Magna Carta
        population and the other with an equal number of                  B. Declaration of Independence E. Treaty of Paris
        representatives                                                   C. Declaration of the Rights of Man
    E. a highly centralized government where the President
        would have complete control over foreign policy and           69. The Bill of Rights that was adopted by the
        the power to veto Congress’ legislation                           Constitutional Delegates was filled with the philosophy
                                                                          of which philosopher who wrote extensively about the
63. The agreement about the issue of slavery made by the                  natural rights of mankind against injustice?
    Constitution delegates was known as the                               A. John Locke                      D. Aristotle
    A. New Jersey Plan       D. Great Compromise                          B. Thomas Hobbes                   E. Plato
    B. Virginia Plan         E. Bill of Rights                            C. Jean-Jacques Rousseau
    C. Three-Fifths Compromise
                                                                      70. The main reason why the Federalists originally
64. All of the following were strong advocates of the                     rejected the idea of creating a Bill of Rights was that
    Federalist Party EXCEPT                                               A. they feared that the Anti-Federalists could use such a
    A. John Adams             D. John Jay                                     document as a means of gaining power
    B. Alexander Hamilton E. James Madison                                B. they didn't see the necessity of it since the
    C. George Mason                                                           Constitution already enumerated all of the rights of
                                                                              the national government
65. Initially-reluctant states like Virginia and                          C. it would require more time before a national
    Massachusetts finally agreed to ratify the Constitution                   government could be implemented and thus continue
    with the promise of                                                       to leave the nation vulnerable
    A. the creation of a Supreme Court                                    D. they didn't want to give in to the demands of the
    B. establishment of the nation’s capital city in                          Anti-Federalists
         Washington DC                                                    E. they felt that the Bill of Rights went against their
    C. adoption of a Bill of Rights                                           philosophy of a centralized national government
    D. George Washington would be appointed President
    E. Alexander Hamilton had to resign from the political

AP US Midterm Review                                                                         Colonialism - Reconstruction

71. The Bill of Rights included all of the following               75. What was unusual about the national bank of the
    EXCEPT                                                             United States proposed by Alexander Hamilton?
    A. the first twelve amendments made to the Constitution            A. It was a privately owned institution where all
    B. a means of limiting the power of the federal                        government funds would be deposited.
        government to those specified in the Constitution              B. The Board of Directors of the Bank would include
    C. a way of securing the rights of individual citizens                 one person from each of the states.
    D. a promise by Federalists to meet some of the desires            C. As Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton
        of the Anti-Federalists as long as they ratified the               would be given sole authority over the actions and
        Constitution                                                       decisions of the bank.
    E. ideas mainly developed by George Mason and James                D. The concept of a national bank was considered
        Madison                                                            unconstitutional by many Federalists because the
                                                                           government did not have the power to make such
72. The tenth amendment of the Bill of Rights was                          decisions.
    significant in particular, because it                              E. At the time of its proposal, it was accepted almost
    A. defined the rule of the construction of the                         unanimously by both political parties.
    B. guaranteed trial by jury                                    76. Following his appointment as Secretary of the
    C. provided for laws concerning prosecution, including             Treasury, Alexander Hamilton proposed the
        the requirement of a grand-jury indictment and the             implementation of a tariff for what reason?
        protection from testifying against oneself                     A. To end the export of natural resources to Great
    D. guaranteed that any powers not specifically delegated               Britain
        to the federal government or denied to the states in           B. To foster commercial and industrial development in
        the Constitution rest with the states or the people                the new nation
    E. gave the right to bear arms                                     C. To encourage the development of the American labor
73. When George Washington became President of the                     D. To support the creation of an American merchant
    United States, he appointed who as his Secretary of the                marine
    Treasury?                                                          E. To punish the Loyalists who remained in America
    A. Thomas Jefferson          D. John Adams
    B. Henry Knox                E. John Marshall                  77. What was the cause of the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794?
    C. Alexander Hamilton                                              A. Congress' illegal importation of whiskey and price
74. Incorporating his Federalist beliefs, Secretary of the             B. The Congressional order to eliminate all of the
    Treasury Alexander Hamilton proposed which of the                     whiskey distilling factories in Massachusetts due to
    following?                                                            slumping production.
    A. A series of bank that would manage the economic                 C. The tax imposed on whiskey by Congress that led
         affairs of each individual state                                 many Pennsylvania grain farmers to violently protest.
    B. Establishment of a national bank                                D. When wealthy aristocrats claimed farmland and
    C. Economic stimulation of industry and manufacturing                 ordered the construction of whiskey distillation
         through tax incentives and subsidies authorized by               factories.
         state banks                                                   E. The cruel treatment of slaves on grain farms in South
    D. Prohibition of goods coming in from countries other                Carolina.
         than England
    E. The tenure of Presidential cabinet is lifetime              78. When the French Revolution broke out in the early
                                                                       1790s, what was President Washington's reaction to
                                                                       the international conflict?
                                                                       A. He established a policy of lending weapons to the
                                                                            French monarchy.
                                                                       B. He proposed a Proclamation of Neutrality
                                                                       C. Being committed to their cause, Washington agreed
                                                                            to provide soldiers to assist the French revolution
                                                                       D. He ordered the removal of all people of French
                                                                            descent living in the United States.
                                                                       E. Washington ordered one of his top diplomats, John
                                                                            Jay, to work out a peace treaty in France.

AP US Midterm Review                                                                           Colonialism - Reconstruction

79. The newly-created Republican Party under the                     83. At the end of the 18th century, sectionalism became
    guidance of Thomas Jefferson and James Madison                       increasingly common in the United States as evidenced
    supported all of the following EXCEPT                                by all of the following EXCEPT
    A. A strict interpretation of the Constitution                       A. the growth of manufacturing and factories in the
    B. Opposition to the establishment of Alexander                          Northeast
        Hamilton's national bank                                         B. the various hardships and prevalence of alcoholism
    C. Admiration for the revolutionary spirit of the French                 experienced while settling the frontier out West
        people                                                           C. the formation of universities and colleges in the
    D. A domestic, agrarian society in which individual                      Midwest
        freedoms were elevated over centralized government               D. the continuing influx of slaves for work on the
    E. Diplomatic leniency toward the British over land                      plantation's in the South
        disputes in the Western United States                            E. the support of the French revolution by the Northeast

80. The Jay Treaty of 1794 was an attempt by the United              84. One main factor that led to the formation of the first
    States to do which of the following?                                 two political parties in the United States in the 1790s
    A. Limit English agitation of their Native American                  was the conflict over the
        allies on the western borders of the United States               A. the spread of slavery into the western territories
    B. Open the Spanish-occupied Mississippi River to                    B. support for the French Revolution
        American merchants                                               C. the decision to move the capital of the United States
    C. Pay off the Revolutionary war debts it had incurred                   to Washington D.C.
        from France and the Netherlands                                  D. strict versus loose interpretation of the Constitution
    D. Provide weapons and troops to the French                          E. the acceptance of the Pinckney Treaty
        Revolutionary leaders
    E. Expand its land claims within the North American              85. According to historians, which of the following would
        continent by admitting new states to the Union                   most likely have advocated for decentralized
81. How did the Pinckney Treaty benefit the United                       A. John Adams
    States?                                                              B. George Washington
    A. It gave the United States a new military and wartime              C. John Marshall
        ally in Russia.                                                  D. Alexander Hamilton
    B. The $25 million the United States received from                   E. Roger B. Taney
        Great Britain for war debt helped rejuvenate the
        suffering U.S. economy.                                      86. There was a large amount of American protest for the
    C. It relieved many of the tensions between settlers arid            Jay Treaty of 1794 because
        Native Americans on the frontier.                                A. it forced Americans to reimburse Great Britain for
    D. It opened the Mississippi River to American traffic                   extensive debts that the U.S. had incurred during its
        and included the right of deposit in the port city of                economic slump
        New Orleans.                                                     B. it arranged compensation for slaves freed by the
    E. It gave the United States access to all of the land                   British during the Revolution
        south of the Spanish-held 31st parallel.                         C. it failed to address the issue of British impressments
                                                                             of American ships into the British navy.
82. Why was the capital of the United States moved to                    D. it forced the United States to grant all of the land
    Washington D.C.?                                                         south of Florida to the Netherlands for failing to
    A. President Washington preferred the warmer climate                     repay all of the money they had borrowed
       of the area near the Potomac River.                               E. it forbade trade with any lands in the West Indies
    B. Southern states threatened to secede from the Union
       if the capital was not moved to an area nearer to the         87. All of the following events took place under George
       South.                                                            Washington's presidency EXCEPT
    C. A compromise created by James Madison and                         A. XYZ Affair
       Thomas Jefferson that would establish the site for a              B. creation of the Jay's Treaty with Great Britain
       new federal city in the South in exchange for                     C. adoption of the Pinckney Treaty with Spain
       supporting their opposition to the Federalists.                   D. suppression of the farmers in Western Pennsylvania
    D. The disturbingly high crime rate of Philadelphia                       who instigated the Whiskey Rebellion
       concerned many government leaders.                                E. defeat of the rebellious Native Americans of Ohio
    E. It was an agreement made during the Revolutionary                      under the military leadership of Gen. Anthony
       War that a capital city would be established in the                    Wayne
       South for all of the military support the Union

AP US Midterm Review                                                                            Colonialism - Reconstruction

"It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliances         92. What was the goal of the three-man delegation sent to
with any portion of the foreign world; so far, I mean, as we             France in 1798?
are now at liberty to do it; for let me not be understood as             A. The United States tried to persuade the French to stop
capable of patronizing infidelity to existing engagements. I                harassing American shipping.
hold the maxim no less applicable to public than to private              B. The U.S. attempted to form an economic alliance
affairs, that honesty is always the best policy. I repeat it,               with the new French government following the
therefore, let those engagements be observed in their                       Revolution.
genuine sense. But, in my opinion, it is unnecessary and                 C. The delegates tried to come to some agreement over
would be unwise to extend them."                                            land disputes in the Western U.S.
                    --George Washington's Farewell Address               D. The U.S. was providing financial aid to the newly-
                                                                            formed French government.
88. What does the quotation above suggest about George                   E. America was attempting to purchase some of the
    Washington?                                                             French colonies in the West Indies.
    A. He advocated a foreign policy of imperialism.
    B. He believed strongly in maintaining neutrality and            93. How did the XYZ Affair affect public sentiment
       isolationism.                                                     toward the French?
    C. He was a firm believer in the economic system of                  A. Americans took pride in providing aid to their new
       mercantilism.                                                        revolutionary ally.
    D. He suggested that the United States should accept the             B. Americans welcomed French immigrants to the
       role as the master diplomat.                                         United States.
    E. He believed that only during wartime should the                   C. Public feeling against France ran high as a result of
       United States adopt a policy of neutrality.                          its deceptive form of diplomacy.
                                                                         D. Believing strongly in Washington's suggestion of
89. During the Election of 1796, the Federalist Party was                   neutrality and isolationism, Americans were
    running which man for President?                                        indifferent about U.S. negotiations with France.
    A. John Marshall              D. John Adams                          E. Americans became sympathetic toward the defeated
    B. Thomas Jefferson           E. Aaron Burr                             French crown and desired a return to the monarchy.
    C. James Madison
                                                                     94. The Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798 accomplished
90. Which of the following describes the general qualities               which of the following?
    of the Republicans at the time of the election in 1796?
    A. They supported Hamilton's national bank and a                     I. They lengthened the period of naturalization
         strong centralized government.                                  II. They allowed easy deportation of aliens
    B. They opposed the creation of the Electoral College.               III. They made it illegal to publish criticism of the U.S.
    C. They tended to be a party of farmers and supported                     government
         more democratic values.
    D. They advocated a policy of neutrality during the                  A. I only                       D. II and III only
         French Revolution.                                              B. II only                      E. I, II, and III
    E. They favored Great Britain and the Jay's Treaty.                  C. I and II only

91. When John Adams first began his Presidency, what                 95. How did the Alien and Sedition Acts affect the
    was a growing concern of his?                                        relations between the two political parties?
    A. Aaron Burr's conspiracy to create a nation in the                 A. Both the Federalists and the Republicans supported
        West                                                                 the enactment of the Alien and Sedition Acts.
    B. The assassination of Alexander Hamilton                           B. The Alien and Sedition Acts cause a split in the
    C. The Indian rebellion in the Midwest which resulted in                 Republican Party, leading some members to join the
        the deaths of hundreds of settlers                                   Federalists.
    D. Foreign relations with France as French soldiers                  C. The Federalist-dominated Congress enacted the Alien
        reacted to Jay's Treaty by seizing American ships                    and Sedition Acts as a way of increasing the power of
    E. The failure of Hamilton's national bank                               the Adams presidency and the further centralizing the
                                                                         D. A split resulted in the Federalist Party leading many
                                                                             members to join Thomas Jefferson and the
                                                                         E. Some Federalists who were frustrated by the Acts,
                                                                             formed the new Democratic Party.

AP US Midterm Review                                                                           Colonialism - Reconstruction

96. How did the Kentucky and Virginia Resolves serve as              100. Which appointee of John Adams oversaw the
    a predecessor for the nullification controversy of the               development of the Supreme Court's power to judge
    1830s?                                                               the constitutionality of acts of Congress?
    A. They empowered the states by attempting to decide                 A. John Jay                     D. John Marshall
        the constitutionality of a federal law via state                 B. Roger B. Taney               E. Henry Knox
        legislatures.                                                    C. Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.
    B. They dealt with the issue of slavery.
    C. They left the decision of which political party would         101. One of the results of Alexander Hamilton's support
        become predominant in each state up to the state                 for Thomas Jefferson in the Election of 1800 was the
        legislatures.                                                    creation of the 12th Amendment which
    D. They granted each state its own treasury system that              A. limited the presidential term to two terms
        was a replica of the First Bank of the United States.            B. extended voting rights to eighteen-year olds
    E. They were early attempts by John Calhoun to claim                 C. let electors vote separately for president and vice-
        political power.                                                     president
                                                                         D. provided for the direct election of senators
97. What was unusual about the election of 1800?                         E. prohibited poll taxes
    A. More than five candidates ran for President
    B. A tie resulted between the two Republican                     102. The majority of the votes for Thomas Jefferson came
       candidates, Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr                       from which region of the United States?
    C. The Senate had to ultimately make the decision of                 A. Northeast              D. West
       who would become the next President.                              B. Midwest                E. Mid-Atlantic
    D. The new Whig Party ran a candidate for President.                 C. South
    E. The election took place in January as opposed to
       November.                                                     103. Historians generally agree that the presidency of John
                                                                         Adams was
98. How did Thomas Jefferson end up winning the                          A. successful because the United States further
    election of 1800?                                                        stabilized its foreign relations
    A. Thomas Jefferson secretly paid off Aaron Burr to                  B. successful because the United States was able to
         accept the position as vice-President.                              expand its size by admitting eight new states into the
    B. Aaron Burr forfeited when he was injured in his                       Union
         famous duel with Alexander Hamilton.                            C. successful because the United States was able to
    C. Officials from the Electoral College under the                        recover from its economic crisis
         leadership of Alexander Hamilton threw their support            D. unsuccessful because of the constant conflicts with
         to Thomas Jefferson.                                                Great Britain and Spain
    D. John Adams appointed Thomas Jefferson as                          E. unsuccessful because it was marred by the threat of
         President                                                           war with France and the adoption of the Alien and
    E. In a second popular election between only Thomas                      Sedition Acts
         Jefferson and Aaron Burr, the majority of the
         American people elected Jefferson.                          104. How did Alexander Hamilton's role in the Election of
                                                                         1800 forecast his later involvement with Aaron Burr?
99. Before leaving his presidency, John Adams did which                  A. Hamilton's support for Thomas Jefferson influenced
    of the following?                                                        the Electoral College to grant Jefferson victory.
    A. He created a new anti-slavery act which banned                    B. Hamilton attempted to invalidate Burr accusing him
         slavery in the Northeast.                                           of treason.
    B. He invalidated the infamous Alien and Sedition Acts.              C. Alexander Hamilton agreed to give Aaron Burr
    C. He signed a new law that authorized the construction                  governorship of New York if he forfeited the
         of a presidential mansion on the banks of the                       Election of 1800.
         Potomac River.                                                  D. Thomas Jefferson was going to forfeit the election;
    D. He appointed many Federalist judges to fill newly-                    until Alexander Hamilton offered him a large sum of
         created positions in the judicial branch.                           money to stay in the running.
    E. He ordered the creation of a new position of the                  E. Hamilton was denied a position in the New York
         Cabinet, Secretary of Labor.                                        State Assembly when Aaron Burr became the
                                                                             governor of New York.

AP US Midterm Review                                                                          Colonialism - Reconstruction

"What is government itself, but the greatest of all
reflections on human nature? If men were angels, no
government would be necessary. If angels were to govern
men, neither external nor internal controls on government
would be necessary. In framing a government which is to
be administered by men over men, the great difficulty lies
in this; you must first enable the government to control the
government; and in the next place oblige it to control
                                          - James Madison

105. James Madison wrote this statement in which of the             108. What is the meaning of this political cartoon?
    following documents?                                                A. All state legislatures should ratify the Constitution
    A. Federalist Papers            D. Constitution                        and join the newly formed American union.
    B. Declaration of Independence E. Common Sense                      B. The colonies should join together to fight the British.
    C. Articles of Confederation                                        C. The nation must remain united to avoid civil war.
                                                                        D. British colonies should join with French colonies to
Base your answers to the next two questions on the                         oppose the European colonial empires.
following information:                                                  E. The slaves in each of the American states should join
                                                                           together and rebel.
Speaker A: "It is our true policy to steer clear of
           permanent alliances with any portion of the              109. Who would have promoted the message advocated in
           foreign world; so far, I mean, as we are now                 this cartoon?
           at liberty to do it; for let me not be                       A. John Calhoun       D. Benjamin Franklin
           understood as capable of patronizing                         B. Aaron Burr         E. Nathaniel Bedford Forrest
           infidelity to existing engagements."                         C. Benedict Arnold

Speaker B: "Our policy in regard to Europe, which was               110. The message proclaimed by this cartoon was
           adopted at an early stage of the wars which                  embraced during which of the following events?
           have so long agitated that quarter of the                    A. Albany Congress      D. Geneva Convention
           globe, nevertheless remains the same, which                  B. Hartford Convention E. Niagara Falls Convention
           is, not to interfere in the internal concerns of             C. Seneca Falls Convention
           any of its powers; to consider the government
           de facto as the legitimate government for us;            111. The Louisiana Purchase accomplished all of the
           to cultivate friendly relations with it, and to              following EXCEPT
           preserve those relations by a frank, firm, and               A. doubling the size of the United States
           manly policy, meeting in all instances the just              B. causing many explorers and pioneers to set forth west
           claims of every power, submitting to injuries                C. giving the United States control of the important port
           from none."                                                       of New Orleans
                                                                        D. creating an alliance between the United States and
Speaker C: "Whether they will or no, Americans must                          Britain
           now begin to look outward"                                   E. becoming the largest federal action in the nation's
                                                                             history up to that point
106. Foreign policy during the presidency of George
    Washington is best reflected by which of the following          112. The United States was able to obtain the Louisiana
    speakers?                                                           Purchase from France for only $15 million because
    A. A only                D. A and B only                            A. France owed the United States for its help against
    B. B only                E. A, B, and C                                 Britain in the French and Indian War
    C. C only                                                           B. Napoleon was desperate for cash to fight a war in
107. The quotation from Speaker A was most likely made                  C. America was powerful enough to force the French to
    by which of the following speakers?                                     sell the land at threat of war
    A. Alexander Hamilton        D. Aaron Burr                          D. Jefferson's anti-federalist position made it imperative
    B. Abraham Lincoln           E. George Washington                       for the United States to expand
    C. William H. Taft                                                  E. the war in Europe prevented the French from
                                                                            retaining any control over their New World lands

AP US Midterm Review                                                                               Colonialism - Reconstruction

113. Which of the following was NOT a benefit of the                     119. One result of the War of 1812 was
    Lewis and Clark Expedition?                                              A. American dominance forced the British to make vast
    A. Increased geographic and scientific knowledge of the                     concessions
       West                                                                  B. an end to both the British-French conflict and British-
    B. American sight of the Pacific Ocean                                      American conflict.
    C. Stronger claims to the Oregon Territory                               C. Napoleon's domination in Europe forced the British
    D. Improved relations with Native American tribes                           to negotiate for peace
    E. American control of the Western seaboard                              D. the Battle of New Orleans dealt a decisive blow to
                                                                                the British
114. One of the problems faced by Thomas Jefferson with                      E. the United States gained the Oregon territory from
    the acquisition of the Louisiana Territory was                              the British
    A. the reluctance of the French to sell the territory at a
        reasonable price                                                 120. The Hartford Convention was an event at which
    B. upsetting Western settlers who were content under                     A. Federalists considered a massive overhaul of the
        French rule                                                              constitution or secession
    C. passing a constitutional amendment necessary to                       B. Democratic-Republicans attempted to impeach
        authorize the purchase                                                   Madison
    D. inciting war with England                                             C. the British hatched a plan to burn the White House
    E. contradicting his belief in a strict interpretation of the            D. Americans and British negotiated for peace
        constitution                                                         E. the Americans and the French worked on a plan to
                                                                                 destroy the British
115. The Louisiana Purchase had an important geographic
    impact because it                                                    121. One significant impact of the Hartford Convention
    A. Focused America on westward expansion                                 was that
    B. gave America control of San Francisco Bay                             A. The British were soon defeated in the War of 1812
    C. reduced British control of North America                              B. American manufacturing experienced a boom
    D. Smoothed out relations with Native Americans                          C. The Federalist Party soon disintegrated
    E. brought Texas into the Union                                          D. The Battle of New Orleans saved the fortunes of the
                                                                                 Americans in the war
116. The group that benefited most from the Louisiana                        E. James Madison was defeated in his bid for a second
    Purchase were                                                                term
    A. Northern fur trappers D. the anti-federalists
    B. Native Americans      E. Great Lakes’ fishermen                   122. A benefit for America which resulted from the War of
    C. the farmers in the Ohio River Valley                                  1812 was that
                                                                             A. The war demonstrated America's military might
117. The significance of the Native American leader                          B. the war helped reinvigorate the country's two party
    Tecumseh is that he                                                          system
    A. fought for the French against the British and                         C. American manufacturing grew and became more
        Americans in the French and Indian War                                   self-sufficient
    B. sold land to the Americans at extremely cheap prices,                 D. America won control of the Oregon territory from
        allowing America to expand into the West                                 Britain
    C. unified tribes to prevent American expansion during                   E. America captured the port of New Orleans
        the War of 1812
    D. fought Americans during Little Big Horn                           123. The Hartford Convention: was a result of which of
    E. assisted the Union Army in the West                                   the following factors?
                                                                             A. America's dominance in the War of 1812
118. John C. Calhoun and Henry Clay both agreed that                         B. New England dissatisfaction with the War of 1812
    A. High tariffs were necessary to build the economy                      C. Illegal trading and privateering by New Englanders
    B. Nullification was a legal right of the states                         D. Napoleon's dominance over the British in Europe
    C. America must fight the War of 1812                                    E. The burning down of the White House
    D. the National Bank was essential for America
    E. the U.S. should annex Texas immediately

AP US Midterm Review                                                                           Colonialism - Reconstruction

124. At the Battle of Tippecanoe                                      130. After dueling Alexander Hamilton and running from
    A. William Henry Harrison defeated the Shawnees                       his murder indictment, Aaron Burr's attempted
    B. the Shawnee, with the help of the British, propelled               conspiracy consisted of
         the Americans out of Indiana                                     A. killing Alexander Hamilton
    C. Tecumseh inflicted great damage on the Americans,                  B. assassinating the President
         defeating them and keep them back                                C. starting his own nation in the Southwest
    D. the French aligned with the Indians to attack the                  D. moving to Britain
         British and Americans                                            E. aligning with the French
    E. George Armstrong Custer defeated the Shawnees,
         leaving half dead or wounded                                 131. Marbury v. Madison established which legal principle?
                                                                          A. Federal supremacy
125. The man among these who would be characterized as                    B. Executive privilege
    a "war hawk" is                                                       C. Judicial review
    A. James Madison      D. Thomas Jefferson                             D. Lifetime judicial appointments
    B. John Quincy Adams E. Aaron Burr                                    E. Right of individual over states
    C. Henry Clay
                                                                      132. All of the following were established while John
126. The following are true of the Embargo Act EXCEPT                     Marshall was Chief Justice EXCEPT
    A. the British substituted South American goods for                   A. a broad interpretation of the constitution
        those of the United States                                        B. the expansion of states' rights
    B. the Act forced Britain to stop violating the rights of             C. judicial review
        neutral nations                                                   D. supremacy of the federal government
    C. the American economy was devastated                                E. strengthening of the national judiciary
    D. Jefferson called for a repeal of the act in 1809
    E. Jefferson hoped the act was an alternative to war              133. The case of McCulloch v. Maryland established which
                                                                          important legal precedent?
127. The following statements are true of the Battle of New               A. Federal supremacy
    Orleans EXCEPT                                                        B. Judicial review
    A. It represented a decisive and powerful victory for the             C. Absolute freedom of speech
        Americans                                                         D. Bill of Rights protections from state governments
    B. Andrew Jackson worked together with Native                         E. Nullification
        Americans, frontiersman, free African Americans,
        and Creoles                                                   134. The most important impact of the Supreme Court
    C. the battle was fought to stop the British effort to                under John Marshall was that it
        control the Mississippi River                                     A. strengthened the powers of the federal government
    D. the battle was essential to ending the conflict with an            B. gave rights to enslaved persons
        American victory                                                  C. expanded civil rights
    E. it was the last confrontation of the War of 1812                   D. took a strict interpretation of the constitution
                                                                          E. weakened the system of checks and balances
128. The most significant reason that the "war hawks"
    supported the war is that they                                    135. The impact of the decision in Marbury v. Madison
    A. wanted Madison impeached from office                               could be best characterized by which of the following
    B. saw opportunity to take land in the Southwest and                  statements?
        West                                                              A. The decision weakened the federal judiciary.
    C. wanted to increase Northeastern manufacturing                      B. The decision strengthened the powers of the states.
    D. wanted to deal a blow to the British                               C. The decision gave more rights to enslaved persons.
    E. wanted the French eliminated from America                          D. The decision strengthened the system of checks and
129. Thomas Jefferson, in the Aaron Burr conspiracy trial,                E. The decision added the right to impose an income
    set what legal precedent?                                                  tax.
    A. Executive privilege to prevent him from appearing in
         court with private papers
    B. Judicial review
    C. The right to force the President to appear in court
    D. Use of the Interstate Commerce provision to control
    E. Federal supremacy over states

AP US Midterm Review                                                                           Colonialism - Reconstruction

136. The Supreme Court decision in Fletcher v. Peck was             141. Which is the most important reason for the Era of
    important because                                                   Good Feelings?
    A. it was the first time a state law was declared                   A. The lack of foreign conflict during the Era
        unconstitutional                                                B. The Monroe Doctrine's impact on the world
    B. it was the first time an act was declared                        C. The dominance of the Republican Party
        unconstitutional                                                D. The lack of controversy over the issue of slavery
    C. it affirmed federal control of interstate commerce               E. The agreement by many politicians over the issues of
    D. it affirmed the sanctity of a private corporation                   the day
    E. affirmed the importance of state governments over
        the federal government                                      142. Which did NOT occur during the Presidency of
                                                                        James Monroe?
137. The decision in Gibbons v. Ogden established which of              A. The acquisition of Florida
    the following principles?                                           B. The Monroe Doctrine
    A. Judicial review                                                  C. The start of the Second Bank of the US
    B. National supremacy in regulating interstate                      D. The Missouri Compromise
         commerce                                                       E. The Era of Good Feelings
    C. The right to impeach the president
    D. The right of an individual contract not to be                143. What event ended the Era of Good Feelings?
         interfered with by the legislature                             A. The Panic of 1819
    E. Separate but equal rights                                        B. The Missouri Compromise
                                                                        C. The Election of 1820
138. The chief significance of the Supreme Court's decision             D. The Tallmadge Amendment
    in Dartmouth v. Woodward was that                                   E. The Transcontinental Treaty
    A. the decision established the principle of judicial
        review                                                      144. Why was the Monroe Doctrine issued?
    B. the decision established national supremacy in                   A. To ward off Europe from re-taking the American
        regulating interstate commerce                                     West
    C. the decision established the right of protection of a            B. To ward off Britain from impressing American
        private contract from a state legislature                          sailors
    D. the decision established the right of a presidential             C. To preserve American neutrality at sea
        veto                                                            D. To prevent the French from attempting to re-take
    E. the decision established the supremacy of the                       New Orleans
        executive branch                                                E. To ward off any moves by Europe in South and Latin
139. The following were all causes of the War of 1812
    EXCEPT                                                          145. Which was NOT true about the Missouri
    A. British impressments of American sailors                         Compromise?
    B. the United States' embargo on trade with Britain                 A. It reflected the deep-seated controversy over slavery.
    C. Southern War Hawks eagerness to gain territory in                B. It instituted Missouri into the Union as a slave state.
        the West                                                        C. It instituted Maine into the Union as a free state.
    D. Aaron Burr's conspiracy to create a new nation in the            D. The compromise yielded one more free state than
        West                                                               slave state.
    E. British anger at American trade policies                         E. It established the southern border of Missouri as the
                                                                           northernmost point in which slavery would be
140. Which statement best characterizes the Era of Good                    allowed in the Western territories.
    A. The Federalists were the one dominant political              146. What was the direct result of the Missouri
        party.                                                          Compromise?
    B. The term Era of Good Feelings is an                              A. The states went to war over slavery.
        oversimplification of a time rife with controversy.             B. It temporarily forestalled the outbreak of a Civil War.
    C. The Era of Good Feelings was a time of nationalism,              C. The slave states had a tactical advantage after
        optimism and goodwill.                                             securing another slave state into the Union.
    D. Issues of slavery, internal improvements, and tariffs            D. Several states from the Louisiana Territory attempted
        subsided during the Era of Good Feelings.                          to enter the Union as slave states.
    E. The Era occurred during the presidency of James                  E. The free states had a tactical edge and tried to end
        Madison.                                                           slavery for good.

AP US Midterm Review                                                                           Colonialism - Reconstruction

147. Why did the Monroe Doctrine succeed in keeping                  153. What is true about John Quincy Adams' Presidency?
    Europe out of Latin America?                                         A. He fought for states' rights.
    A. Latin American revolutions scared Europe away.                    B. He successfully pushed for building highways and
    B. American might scared Europe from coming near.                       establishing schools.
    C. The British navy scared other nations from coming to              C. He displayed the brilliancy he had as Secretary of
       the Americas.                                                        State.
    D. The war on the European continent prevented                       D. He endorsed nullification.
       European powers from looking towards the                          E. The Tariff of Abominations was passed.
    E. Europeans has no interest in coming to the Americas           154. What states experienced great manufacturing growth
       regardless.                                                       in the first half of the early 19th century?
                                                                         I. Massachusetts
148. What was the main impact of the Tallmadge                           II. New York
    Amendment?                                                           III. Mississippi
    A. It eliminated slavery in the state of New York.
    B. It strove to prevent states from coming into the Union                A. II.                D. II and III
       as slave states                                                       B. III.               E. I, II, and III
    C. It infuriated Northern Senators who saw it as a bill,                 C. I and II.
       which would prolong slavery forever
    D. It infuriated Southern Senators who saw it as a first         155. Charles Goodyear's process of vulcanizing rubber
       step to ending slavery.                                           and Elias Howe's sewing machine both demonstrate
    E. It infuriated Western Senators who saw it as an                   A. the power of inventions to revolutionize industries
       attempt to take over their land.                                  B. new processes of the late 18th century
                                                                         C. developments which led the south to a foremost role
149. Which is NOT true about Henry Clay?                                     in manufacturing
    A. He opposed tariffs.                                               D. the power of corporations to come up with new ideas
    B. He was a key opponent to Andrew Jackson.                          E. how new ideas lead to social reform movements
    C. He was one of the founders of the Whig Party
    D. He supported internal improvements.                           156. The Lowell System was
    E. He supported the National Bank.                                   A. a system of labor inducement employed by textile
150. Which is true about the Cumberland Road?                            B. the system by which federal employees were hired in
    A. It linked together Kentucky and Tennessee.                            the early 19th century
    B. It raised transportation costs because of its poor                C. a system of planting and harvesting employed by
       upkeep.                                                               cotton plantations
    C. It kept agriculture from commercializing.                         A. a system of building roads employed in the west
    D. It did not open until after the Civil War.                        B. a system of voting which was used before white
    E. It was the first federally funded interstate road                     males were granted universal suffrage
                                                                     157. One factor which weakened Union members'
151. Which statement best characterizes the Tariff of 1816?              bargaining positions in the early 19th century was
     A. Southerners encouraged the tariff to help their                  A. the decision in Commonwealth v. Hunt
        middling manufacturing. "                                        B. the federal government's refusal to introduce a 10-
     B. New Englanders opposed the tariff because it hurt                    hour day for federal projects
        their manufacturing operations.                                  C. the influx of immigrants
     C. New England supported the tariff because it helped               D. the growth of the factory system
        their farming.                                                   E. the growing dominance of the railroad
     D. The tariff was intended to generate revenue.
     E. The South opposed the tariff because it hurt their           158. German immigrants generally achieved greater
        farming.                                                         success than other immigrants because they
                                                                         A. faced less prejudice against their Catholic faith
152. Which was NOT part of Henry Clay's American                         B. came to the south where it was easier to make money
    System?                                                              C. were rich in their native Germany
    A. Protective tariffs                                                D. were already familiar with much of the technology
    B. Shrinking the Federal Government                                  E. came to the United States with more money
    C. The Second Bank of the United States
    D. National Currency
    E. Internal Improvements

AP US Midterm Review                                                                           Colonialism - Reconstruction

159. The construction of the National Road and the Erie              166. The statement "Cotton is King" demonstrates that
    Canal facilitated which development?                                 A. most Southern farmers grew cotton
    A. Failure of steamships                                             B. the American South was the only place in which
    B. Traveling on North-South roads                                        cotton was conducive to growing
    C. Northeastern prosperity                                           C. the South was more well-off than the North due to
    D. The growth of railroads                                               cotton
    E. The development of southern manufacturing                         D. tobacco was no longer a crop of value in the south
                                                                         E. the majority of the value of U.S. exports came from
160. One obstacle to railroad development in the mid-19th                    cotton
    century was
    A. competition from the steamship                                167. One significance of inventions such as the steel plow
    B. the Federal Government attempted to impede railroad               and threshing machine was that
        progress                                                         A. specification in farming was reduced
    C. modern inventions were insufficient to run the                    B. large-scale farming gave way to small farms
        railroad                                                         C. the production of milk, fruit and berries shifted west
    D. different rail lines could not be connected because of            D. farmers were more in control of their economic
        track differences                                                    situation
    E. various interest groups fought the development of the             E. there was a rising demand for free government land
                                                                     168. All of the following were obstacles to Irish immigrants
161. Which state was most likely to feature tobacco                      in the first half of the 19th century EXCEPT
    farming in 1850?                                                     A. their Catholic faith D. the lack of need for labor
    A. Alabama          D. New Jersey                                    B. their lack of skills     E. their Irish heritage
    B. Kentucky         E. Maine                                         C. their lack of money from their homeland
    C. Virginia
                                                                     169. The opening of Oberlin College, Troy Female
162. Which crop is matched correctly with the area where                 Seminary, and the Perkins School for the Blind in the
    it would be planted in 1850?                                         1830s and 1840s demonstrated
    A. Mississippi and tobacco D. Michigan and grain                     A. new trends of discrimination in education
    B. Virginia and sugar cane E. Georgia and rice                       B. a new American movement for higher education for
    C. Massachusetts and cotton                                              new groups
                                                                         C. that higher education was only prevalent in the
163. In the gang system of Southern plantations in 1850,                     Northeast
    A. large groups of workers performed the same task                   D. that the only good higher education available was for
    B. workers performed specialized tasks                                   men
    C. house servants enjoyed the most physical labor                    E. that higher education could be used as a tool to fight
    D. indentured servants served more than slaves                           slavery
    E. cotton was inefficiently farmed
                                                                     170. The "cult of domesticity" in the first half of the 19th
164. The most important cause of the increased output in                 century could be best described as
    cotton by the south during the early 19th century was                A. more women working outside of the home
    A. a new infusion of slaves from Africa                              B. more men working outside the home
    B. a high birth rate among slaves                                    C. more men working as farmers
    C. Eli Whitney's invention of the cotton gin                         D. more men working as small craftsmen
    D. more land gained by America                                       E. more children being born into the home
    E. better weather conditions
                                                                     171. Most whites in the south were
165. The 1834 invention which allowed farmers to harvest                 A. owners of plantations
    at a significantly faster rate was                                   B. cotton farmers
    A. McCormick's mechanical reaper                                     C. holders of slaves
    B. Jerome Case's threshing machine                                   D. independent small farmers
    C. Eli Whitney's cotton gin                                          E. living in poverty
    D. John Deere's steel plow
    E. Charles Goodyear's vulcanization process

AP US Midterm Review                                                                         Colonialism - Reconstruction

172. One reason for the continuation of hierarchical               179. The spoils system was
    society in the South was                                           A. the method by which John Quincy Adams captured
    A. the profit accumulated by high cotton prices                        the election of 1824
    B. the continued success of slavery                                B. dispensing government jobs in return for loyalty
    C. the failure to develop beyond the plantation system             C. policies engaged in by the Second National Bank
    D. the failure of tobacco and indigo                                   under Nicolas Biddle
    E. the belief in nullification                                     D. the system of labor laws in place in the antebellum
173. The slave revolts by Denmark Vesey and Nat Turner                 E. a policy in slavery used in the South
    A. greater freedom for slaves throughout the south             180. Which is true about the caucus system?
    B. greater freedom for select slaves and areas close to            A. The majority of people chose who they thought was
        the north                                                         the best candidate.
    C. Southern plantation owners to tighten reigns on                 B. Congressional caucuses chose their party’s nominees,
        slaves                                                            who were unchallenged by electors.
    D. mass Northern activism on behalf of slaves                      C. The caucus system led to the Presidency of John
    E. slaves to stop fighting against the system                         Quincy Adams.
                                                                       D. The Presidency of John Quincy Adams led to the
174. Southern paternalism was that idea that                              downfall of the caucus system.
    A. Southern mothers should stay home and raise                     E. The caucus system led to the nomination of Andrew
        children                                                          Jackson for President in 1824.
    B. Southerners, unlike Northerners, took care of their
        families                                                   181. One electoral development that occurred during the
    C. Southerners watched out for one another                         age of Jackson was the
    D. slaves were childlike and could not take care of                A. birth of the modern party system
        themselves                                                     B. birth of the electoral college
    E. slaves should serve as fathers and become                       C. electoral votes given to Washington D.C.
        responsible family figures                                     D. beginning of complete universal suffrage
                                                                       E. election of third-party candidates
175. Which of the following is an accurate social trend
    from the early 19th century?                                   182. What was the Supreme Court's decision in Cherokee
    A. Population grew fastest in New England                          Nation v. Georgia?
    B. The number of men working outside the home shrunk               A. The Cherokees of Georgia had the right to sue in
    C. Immigration on the whole shrunk                                     federal court.
    D. The number of people living in cities grew                      B. The Cherokees must migrate to the West.
    E. The number of children born in the home grew                    C. The Cherokees had no right to sue a state in court.
                                                                       D. The Cherokees must remain on reservations in
176. The bulk of immigrants coming to America during                       Georgia.
    the first half of the 19th century came from                       E. Georgia can choose what to do with the Cherokees.
    A. Latin America                D. Britain and Spain
    B. Ireland and Germany          E. Italy and Russia            183. Cherokee Nation v. Georgia and the Trail of Tears
    C. Asia                                                            demonstrated that
                                                                       A. All branches of the American government were
177. All of the following were problems associated with the                working to remove Native Americans.
    growth of urbanization EXCEPT                                      B. The Americans constantly broke treaties they signed
    A. lack of police and fire protection                                  with Native Americans.
    B. epidemics of typhoid fever                                      C. The Supreme Court's decisions lack power if they are
    C. the consolidation of small farms                                    not to be enforced.
    D. poor sanitation                                                 D. Andrew Jackson attempted to prevent the Indians
    E. insufficient public transportation                                  from being moved.
                                                                       E. Native Americans moved voluntarily rather than
178. Andrew Jackson's "kitchen cabinet" referred to                        suffer annihilation.
    A. a group of Congressman backing Jackson
    B. a group of opposition Whigs who supported Jackson
    C. a group of supporters who advised Jackson
    D. a group of military advisors
    E. Jackson's appointments to the judiciary

AP US Midterm Review                                                                           Colonialism - Reconstruction

184. Andrew Jackson's policies towards Native Americans             191. The Supreme Court's decision in Charles River Bridge
    could best by characterized as                                      was that
    A. attempting to initiate them as citizens                          A. states could not begin their own banks; that power
    B. allowing them to retain their land                                   was solely held by the federal government
    C. allowing them to voluntarily move to reservations                B. states would end a grant of monopoly if the
    D. systematically killing them off                                      monopoly failed to be in the interest of the
    E. forcing them to move to reservations                                 community
                                                                        C. the federal government alone held the right to tax
185. A significant impact of Andrew Jackson's veto of the               D. the Supreme Court had the power of judicial review
    Maysville Road Bill was that                                        E. the sanctity of private contracts must be upheld
    A. interstate projects were delayed for years to come
    B. Democratic opposition to interstate road building            192. Andrew Jackson took a step in the evolution of the
         propelled the Whigs into office                                presidency by
    C. Jackson made it clear that there were definite limits            A. appointing midnight judges
         to federal funds                                               B. signing treaties without Senate consent
    D. pork barrel projects became common place                         C. exercising his veto power
    E. railroads became the leader in transporting goods                D. engaging in military action without Congressional
186. Which is NOT true about the election of 1824?                      E. passing high tariffs
    A. John Quincy Adams was elected President by
       Congress.                                                    193. John C. Calhoun was never a
    B. A majority of states allowed voters to choose their              A. South Carolina Senator
       Presidential electors directly.                                  B. Vice President
    C. John Quincy Adams won the most electoral votes.                  C. War Hawk Nationalist
    D. Andrew Jackson won the most popular votes.                       D. States' Rights Sectionalist
    E. Henry Clay became Secretary of State.                            E. War of 1812 protester

187. Which of the following is true about the Whig Party?           194. Nullification is
    A. The party supported immigration.                                 A. The right of a person to disobey a law
    B. Support for the party was drawn from the South.                  B. The right of congress to ignore a veto by the
    C. The party was led by Martin Van Buren.                               President
    D. The party spoke out against social ills, such as                 C. The right of the Supreme Court to nullify a law
       immorality and vice.                                             D. The right of a state to disobey a federal law
    E. The party opposed the National Bank.                             E. The right of a state legislature to disobey a state law

188. Who of the following was-NOT a member of the Whig              195. What theory was espoused in the South Carolina
    party?                                                              Exposition and Protest?
    A. James K. Polk                                                    A. Separate but equal rights
    B. Henry Clay                                                       B. Nullification
    C. William Henry Harrison                                           C. Clear and present danger
    D. Daniel Webster                                                   D. Popular sovereignty
    E. Zachary Taylor                                                   E. Mutual noninterference

189. Which is true about the Jacksonian Democrats?                  196. Daniel Webster's statement "Liberty and Union, now
    A. They supported expanded federal government                       and forever, one and inseparable" demonstrates
       services.                                                        Webster's belief that
    B. They supported equal economic opportunities for                  A. the Union is sovereign over the states
       white males.                                                     B. the states retain the right to nullify certain laws
    C. Their base came from the South and Northeast.                    C. the executive is sovereign over the legislature
    D. They opposed free trade.                                         D. absolute freedom of speech is necessary
    E. They supported a National Bank.                                  E. the slaves must be freed

190. One group that would be likely to support Jacksonian
    Democrats would be
    A. bankers              D. manufacturers
    B. New Englanders       E. Westerners
    C. large farmers

AP US Midterm Review                                                                         Colonialism - Reconstruction

197. One difference between Andrew Jackson and John C.             203. What was the cause of the Panic of 1837?
    Calhoun's positions is that                                        A. A bad cotton crop
    A. Jackson fought against state rights, while Calhoun              B. High tariffs
        supported them                                                 C. Opposition to Martin Van Buren’s Presidency
    B. Calhoun's top priority was to secede from the Union             D. Nullification
    C. Jackson supported nullification, while Calhoun                  E. The failure to renew the charter of the National Bank
        opposed it
    D. Jackson believed in a dominant Union, Calhoun               204. Which New York reverend preached that conversion
        believed in dominant states                                    was up to the individual?
    E. Jackson opposed the Tariff of 1832, which Calhoun               A. Cotton Mather          D. Charles Finney
        supported                                                      B. George Fitzhugh        E. Joseph Smith
                                                                       C. Timothy Dwight
198. Which of the following states would be most likely to
    oppose tariffs in the antebellum period?                       205. Which belief system held faith in the innate goodness
    A. Pennsylvania           D. South Carolina                        of man and in emotions over rationality?
    B. Kentucky               E. Ohio                                  A. Empiricism            D. Romanticism
    C. Massachusetts                                                   B. Neo-classicism        E. Existentialism
                                                                       C. Realism
199. What was the reason for Andrew Jackson's
    opposition to the National Bank?                               206. Horace Mann pushed for reform in
    A. He opposed a place where money is pooled                        A. prostitution        D. slavery
    B. He opposed high tariffs                                         B. gambling            E. prison conditions
    C. He believed it was a monopoly created at the expense            C. education
       of the common people
    D. He opposed any bill Henry Clay proposed                     207. Brook Farm and New Harmony are examples of what
    E. He thought it was not secure                                    type of community?
                                                                       A. Utopian           D. Integrated
200. State banks used for new revenue deposits in an                   B. Mormon            E. Prison
    attempt to destroy the National Bank by Andrew                     C. Catholic
    Jackson were known as
    A. independent treasury D. federal reserves                    208. A central belief of the Transcendentalists was that
    B. pet banks             E. parts of the spoils system             A. people can rise above reason
    C. Specie circular                                                 B. morals are relative
                                                                       C. salvation can be found in good works
201. What is NOT true about the fight over the National                D. peoples' fates are predestined
    Bank in 1832?                                                      E. people can earn their way into heaven
    A. Congress overturned Andrew Jackson's veto and
       renewed the bank charter                                    209. All of the following social movements were prominent
    B. Henry Clay lost the 1832 election badly to Andrew               in the ante bellum era EXCEPT
       Jackson                                                         A. Eugenics                D. Higher education
    C. Congress passed a bill renewing the charter of the              B. Abolition               E. Feminism
       National Bank                                                   C. Temperance
    D. Andrew Jackson considered the Bank a private
       monopoly                                                    210. An important improvement Dorothea Dix worked
    E. Andrew Jackson vetoed the bill renewing the Bank                towards was
       charter                                                         A. women's right to vote
                                                                       B. reform for the mentally ill
202. Andrew Jackson's specie circular, his policy only                 C. higher education for women
    accepting hard currency for land, faced problems                   D. ending the sale of alcohol
    because                                                            E. the beginning of widespread public school education
    A. hard currency was controlled by the railroad owners
    B. without the National Bank, there was nowhere to put         211. The importance of the Seneca Falls Convention is that it
        hard currency                                                   A. forced the legalization of women's suffrage
    C. hard currency was hard to find and put farmers                   B. began the modern women’s rights movement
        looking to buy land at the mercy of speculators                 C. propelled female candidates into office
    D. the government controlled all of the hard currency               D. was a precursor to abolition
    E. there was very little open land and the government               E. began the use of birth control
        ran low on specie

AP US Midterm Review                                                                            Colonialism - Reconstruction

212. The following are all true of the temperance                     219. Alexis de Tocqueville published which philosophical
     movement EXCEPT                                                      treatise?
     A. the movement contained more than a million                        A. Looking Backward D. Fear and Trembling
         members by the 1840s                                             B. Walden                E. Progress and Prosperity
     B. it argued alcoholism was a disease                                C. Democracy and America
     C. members felt was alcohol was a social evil
     D. supporters tried to persuade drinkers to take a pledge        220. The statement which correctly describes the paintings
         of total abstinence                                               of the Hudson River School is
     E. it was composed primarily of Catholic immigrants                   A. scenes displaying the awe of the American frontier
                                                                           B. scenes of Revolutionary War locales
213. The publisher of The Liberator was                                    C. scenes displayed the gruesome and vicious nature of
    A. Harriet Beecher Stowe                                                    the Civil War
    B. William Lloyd Garrison                                              D. scenes of problems in America painted in efforts to
    C. Garrison Hearst                                                          reform
    D. Fredrick Douglas                                                    E. scenes of gunfights and cowboys in the American
    E. Elizabeth Cady Stanton                                                   West

214. The decision the Massachusetts Supreme Court                     221. One obstacle Sam Houston faced in trying to obtain
    reached in Commonwealth v. Hunt was that                              American annexation of Texas was
    A. forming a trade union was legal                                    A. Andrew Jackson's desire to go to war with Mexico
    B. employers must confine employees to an 8-hour day                  B. Mexico's threat to attack Texas
    C. child labor was illegal                                            C. Andrew Jackson's fear of a renewal of the slavery
    D. worker safety must be enforced                                        issue
    E. employers must supply health benefits to employees                 D. France and England's desire for trading agreements
                                                                             with Texas
215. In Walden, Henry David Thoreau stressed his belief                   E. Henry Clay's inability to be elected into office
    that people
    A. should live as one with nature                                 222. Texas had been under all of the following
    B. should let rationality rise above emotion                          governments EXCEPT
    C. should take advantage of new technology                            A. United States        D. Independent
    D. are fated to serve a certain role                                  B. Confederacy          E. French
    E. must join the church                                               C. Mexican

216. The Shakers believed that                                        223. Americans came south to Texas in the 1820s because
    A. sex was essential in gaining spiritual enlightenment               A. the weather enticed them
    B. women should be relegated to lesser duties than men                B. Texas offered them better opportunities for freedom
    C. other churches paid too much attention to the after                C. Texas experienced a gold rush
        life                                                              D. Mexico offered them land grants
    D. other churches were not interested enough in the                   E. they wanted to take over Mexico
        material world
    E. evil enters the world through sex                              224. One foreign policy success of John Tyler's presidency
217. The American author who wrote stories of ghosts and                  A. victory in the Mexican-American War
    terror in the ante bellum period was                                  B. the movement to annex Texas into the Union
    A. Edgar Allen Poe        D. James Russell Lowell                     C. the acquisition of the Oregon territory
    B. Nathaniel Hawthorne E. James Fennimore Cooper                      D. the annexation of California into the Union
    C. Herman Melville                                                    E. the acquisition of the Gadsden purchase

218. The American poet who wrote the epic Evangeline                  225. The Oregon Treaty
    and Hiawatha was                                                      A. caused violence to spark in the Northwest
    A. Emily Dickenson             D. Walt Whitman                        B. appeased all of Polk's supporters
    B. Robert Frost                E. Edgar Allen Poe                     C. ceded all territory below the 54'40" line to the United
    C. Henry Longfellow                                                       States
                                                                          D. established the current Canadian-American border
                                                                          E. incited Mexico to war

AP US Midterm Review                                                                           Colonialism - Reconstruction

226. The slogan "54"40' or Fight" represented the                   233. An impact of the Gold Rush of 1848 was that
    American desire to                                                  A. California attempted to enter the Union as a slave
    A. go to war with the British                                           state
    B. go to war with Mexico                                            B. California quickly established law and order
    C. annex California                                                 C. thousands of people got rich quickly
    D. control the Oregon territory                                     D. California applied to enter the Union as a free state
    E. reassess the 36"30' line decided upon in the Missouri            E. the west quickly caught up to the East
        Compromise                                                          technologically

227. A significant impact of the Mexican War was                    234. One party which benefited from the sectional conflict
    A. American acquisition of Mexico                                   about slavery were
    B. another attempt by Britain to retake the Southwest               A. the Know-Nothings         D. the Democrats
    C. the failure to re-elect James K. Polk                            B. Southern Fire-eaters      E. the Whigs
    D. the reemergence of the issue of slavery in the                   C. women
    E. widespread American opposition to the war                    235. The Know-Nothings
                                                                        A. believed the United States should continue to
228. The Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo did NOT                                encourage immigration
    A. end the Mexican War                                              B. believed that Protestants should not be allowed to
    B. increase America's territory by one third                            hold office
    C. cede the southwest to America                                    C. were formed in 1866
    D. send $15 million to Mexico in exchange for territory             D. were part of the Democratic Party
    E. force Mexico to pay an indemnity for the war                     E. included secret rituals like a fraternal order

229. The Wilmot Proviso was suggested to                            236. The American Colonization Society promoted a
    A. mandate slavery in territory obtained from Mexico                movement to
    B. allow for residents to vote for or against slavery in            A. free slaves
        territories                                                     B. send African-Americans to Africa
    C. allow slavery in the Southwest, but not in the Oregon            C. colonize Latin America
        territory                                                       D. restart the slave trade
    D. disallow slavery in any territory obtained from                  E. expand westward
    E. allow slavery in territory in Kansas and Nebraska            237. In response to the anti-slavery movement, the South
                                                                        did all of the following EXCEPT
230. Which policy did Stephen Douglas believe should be                 A. argued slaves were scientifically inferior
    implemented in the territories regarding slavery?                   B. justified slavery through the bible
    A. No slavery in the territories                                    C. refused to deliver mail antagonistic to the slave
    B. People in the territories vote on whether or not they                 system
        want slavery                                                    D. restart the slave trade
    C. Slavery in the territories                                       E. close off the society to much literature
    D. Slavery in territories below the 36'30" line
    E. No slavery anywhere                                          238. The "gag rule" passed by Southern members of the
                                                                        House of Representatives was an attempt to
231. All of the following represent attempts to avoid                   A. extend slavery into all of the territories
    striking controversy on the issue of slavery EXCEPT                 B. prevent abolitionists from being able to publish
    A. the Wilmot Proviso                                                   newspapers
    B. the Compromise of 1850                                           C. forbid free blacks from speaking
    C. the nomination of Zachary Taylor for President                   D. prevent discussion of slavery in the House of
    D. popular sovereignty                                                  Representatives
    E. the Kansas-Nebraska Act                                          E. quiet slaves

232. In 1848, which party took a platform of no slavery in
    the territories?
    A. Democrat              D. Free soil
    B. Whig                  E. Republican
    C. Know-nothing

AP US Midterm Review                                                                          Colonialism - Reconstruction

Base your answers to the next three questions on the                244. The Fugitive Slave Law as included in the
following information:                                              Compromise of 1850 served to
                                                                        A. satisfy Southerners who wanted slavery protected
Speaker A: "Liberty and Union, now and forever, one                     B. ensure runaway slaves were brought back to their
           and inseparable!"                                                owners
                                                                        C. give due process to escaped slaves
Speaker B: "The Union, next to our liberty most dear.                   D. incite Northerners otherwise unconcerned with
           May we all remember that it can be preserved                     slavery
           only by respecting the rights of the states."                E. allow states to disregard the law if they disagreed

Speaker C: "A Union that can only be maintained by                  245. The "Little Giant" referred to
           swords and bayonets, and in which strife and                 A. Henry Clay            D. Matthew Perry
           civil war are to take place of brotherly love                B. Stephen Douglas       E. Millard Fillmore
           and kindness, has no charm for me."                          C. William Seward

239. The difference between Speaker A and Speaker B is              246. Stephen Douglas worked to pass the Kansas-Nebraska
    similar to which of the following?                                   Act because
    A. Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton                                 A. he believed strongly that the Missouri Compromise
    B. Theodore Roosevelt and William H. Taft                                was unconstitutional
    C. John Calhoun and Daniel Webster                                   B. he wanted a transcontinental railroad to pass through
    D. Andrew Johnson and Thaddeus Stevens                                   Illinois
    E. Stephen Douglas and Abraham Lincoln                               C. he believed slavery should be determined by the
                                                                             people's vote
240. Speaker B would have most likely agreed with                        D. he was certain Kansas and Nebraska would vote
    A. Compromise of 1820        E. Monroe Doctrine                          down slavery
    B. Tariff of Abomination     D. Seneca Falls                         E. he needed to keep his political support for his next
        Convention                                                           Senate bid
    C. South Carolina Exposition and Protest
                                                                    247. Who was most likely to support the Kansas-Nebraska
241. Who would have most likely rejected Speaker A?                      Act?
    A. Henry Clay               D. John Quincy Adams                     A. A Northern Democrat      D. A cotton farmer
    B. Daniel Webster           E. Alexander Stephens                    B. A Free Soiler            E. A gold prospector
    C. Andrew Jackson                                                    C. A textile worker

                                                                    248. One immediate result stemming from the Kansas-
                                                                       Nebraska Act was
242. Attempting to avoid the issue of slavery in the                   A. secession
    territories, Zachary Taylor proposed                               B. outrage from Southern senators
    A. to disallow territories from joining the union                  C. the formation of the Republican Party
    B. that California should seek admission directly as a             D. the building of the trans-continental railroad through
        state                                                              Illinois
    C. that slavery in the territories should be voted on by           E. Harriet Beecher Stowe writing Uncle Tom's Cabin
    D. that America should end its Westward expansion               249. One provision of the Kansas-Nebraska Act was that
    E. that slavery in the territories should continue below             A. a trans-continental railroad would be built through
        the 36'30" line                                                     Illinois
                                                                         B. the Missouri Compromise was upheld
243. After the Compromise of 1850, which occurred for                    C. Kansas and Nebraska would be introduced as states
    the first time since 1820?                                           D. slavery in the new territories would be determined by
    A. The North held more seats in the House of                            popular sovereignty
         Representatives.                                                E. slavery would be abolished above the border of the
    B. The North held more seats in the Senate.                             Kansas-Nebraska territory
    C. The slave trade between states was stopped
    D. Territory was admitted as a state.
    E. The South held more capital than the North.

AP US Midterm Review                                                                          Colonialism - Reconstruction

250. One advantage the North did NOT hold going into the            256. The terms of the Crittenden Compromise were that
    Civil War was                                                        A. slavery must be extended to the territories
    A. a superior transportation system                                  B. slavery would eventually be phased out
    B. more manpower                                                     C. slavery would be allowed in Kansas and Nebraska
    C. more qualified military leadership                                D. slavery would be allowed in all territory below the
    D. a powerful navy                                                       36'30" line
    E. more wealth                                                       E. slavery would only be allowed in the current slave
251. One reason the Know-Nothing party lost its political
    importance is because                                           257. The caning of Charles Sumner demonstrated
    A. people despised their secret proceedings                         A. the violent tendencies of Southerners
    B. prejudice against Catholics subsided                             B. the crazed abolition of Northerners
    C. the Irish grew in power                                          C. the fighting superiority of the South
    D. the slavery question grew in urgency                             D. the zealous belief in slavery of the South
    E. nativism became unpopular                                        E. the weakness of Northern leaders

252. Franklin Pierce easily won election in 1852 because            258. South Carolina's secession was a direct result of
    A. the Democrats were aligned on the issue of slavery               A. John Brown's raid
    B. he personally was essential in passing the                       B. the Kansas-Nebraska Act
        Compromise of 1850                                              C. the Freeport Doctrine
    C. he was a military hero                                           D. Lincoln's Election
    D. his main opposition party was splitting apart because            E. the dissolving of the Democratic party
        of slavery
    E. Northerners supported all of his views                       259. In response to Abraham Lincoln's claim that popular
                                                                        sovereignty was inadequate because no territory could
253. The effect of Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom’s                  prohibit slavery, Stephen Douglas issued the
    Cabin was that it                                                   "Freeport Doctrine," which claimed which of the
    A. insisted that Americans must free the slaves                     following?
    B. instructed Northerners to go to war for abolition                A. The decision of the court is wrong and territories can
    C. falsely depicted the plantation system                                vote down slavery.
    D. played on people's sympathies                                    B. Popular sovereignty only need apply once a territory
    E. ignited the South to admit the harshness of slavery                   becomes a state.
                                                                        C. Popular sovereignty still applied in that slaveholders
254. "Bleeding Kansas" described                                             would be ostracized by a majority which disagreed
     A. Civil War skirmishes which occurred on the Western                   with them.
         front in Kansas                                                D. Popular sovereignty applies because people could
     B. outlaw battles in Dodge City                                         exclude slavery by not passing special slave laws.
     C. violence between Americans and Native Americans                 E. Popular sovereignty was inadequate and slavery must
         on the fields of Kansas                                             now be banned in the territories.
     D. fighting between anti- and pro-slavery forces in
         Kansas                                                     260. Although Douglas was reelected for his Senate seat in
     E. a health epidemic which killed many in Kansas                   1858, his hopes for the presidency were hurt because
                                                                        A. the growing Republican Party was certain to win the
255. John Brown's raid directly touched on one of the                       presidency
    greatest fears of Southerners which was that                        B. the Know-Noting party posed a threat to siphon too
    A. slavery would be abolished                                           many votes from Douglas' candidacy
    B. Britain would end trading with the South                         C. his position on the Lecompton situation destroyed
    C. the North would attempt to send more abolitionists                   Douglas' hopes of reuniting the Democratic party
        down to the South                                               D. his position among Northern Democrats dropped,
    D. slaves would revolt                                                  hurting his chance to be nominated
    E. the North would end slavery in the District of                   E. his speaking skills were no longer adequate to debate
        Columbia                                                            with the other top tier candidates

AP US Midterm Review                                                                          Colonialism - Reconstruction

261. The Republican Party was generally a one issue party           267. A person from which of the following states would be
    formed around which issue?                                          most likely to vote for John Breckinridge?
    A. The abolition of slavery                                         A. New Hampshire           D. Wisconsin
    B. The prevention of slavery in the territories                     B. Missouri                E. North Carolina
    C. The removal of African-Americans to Africa                       C. Delaware
    D. The abolition of slavery in the District of Columbia
    E. The preservation of union                                    268. One important impact of the rise of the railroads in
                                                                        the 1840s and 1850s is that
262. The Republican Party became a major power in                       A. labor practices improved
    American politics despite the fact that                             B. the South became modernized
    A. a very small amount of people supported confining                C. the far West was linked the East
        slavery to the territories                                      D. they helped create a nationwide market
    B. the South controlled all major parties up until then             E. agriculture was diversified
    C. nearly all its power resided in the North
    D. former Whigs refused to join                                 269. The importance of the Gadsden Purchase was that it
    E. the Democrats were unified on the issue of slavery               A. gave America an important port
                                                                        B. put America in control of a river needed to ship crops
263. People from which states would be most likely to vote              C. was a likely route for a railroad
    for the Constitutional Union Party?                                 D. became an important battleground during the Civil
    A. Pennsylvania and New York                                            War
    B. Florida and Texas                                                E. remained a point of contention with Mexico
    C. California and Michigan
    D. Kentucky and Maryland                                        270. In order to combat the threat of secession in
    E. Louisiana and Ohio                                               Maryland, President Lincoln
                                                                        A. persuaded Maryland's leaders that it was in their
264. The Republicans nominated Abraham Lincoln                               interest to stay
    President in 1860 because                                           B. allowed Maryland residents to keep their slaves
    A. he was their most well-known candidate                           C. suspended the writ of habeas corpus
    B. they thought they had no chance to win, and did not              D. gave Maryland government bonds
        want to have a top candidate lose                               E. promised Maryland the end of the intercontinental
    C. he came from a large state                                            railroad
    D. they did not want to nominate someone too radical
        because they felt confident to win                          271. The Union's Conscription Act in 1863 aggravated
    E. the leading candidate resigned due to scandal                    many working class Northerners because
                                                                        A. they did not believe that blacks deserved any rights
265. The Democrats could not reach a consensus in either                B. they did not believe it was worth fighting against the
     their Baltimore or South Carolina conventions                          South
     because                                                            C. it allowed the rich to avoid the draft
     A. Stephen Douglas could not win a majority of the                 D. they believed the Union government was conspiring
         delegates                                                          against them
     B. the Buchanan faction supported Douglas, but the                 E. they believed the North could not win with Lincoln
         Southerners did not                                                as president
     C. they could not agree on a platform protecting the
         international slave trade                                  272. One advantage the North held over the South when
     D. they could not agree on a platform demanding federal            the Civil War began was
         protection of slavery in the territories                       A. a more politically experienced leader
     E. the leading candidate, Stephen Douglas was forced to            B. more talented military leadership
         resign due to scandal                                          C. the opportunity to fight on the defensive
                                                                        D. more capability to produce weapons
266. A "fire-eater" was                                                 E. familiarity with the terrain
    A. a fierce Northern abolitionist
    B. a free black                                                 273. Andrew Johnson was chosen to be Abraham Lincoln's
    C. a Western pioneer who fought Native Americans                    running mate in 1864 because
    D. an extreme pro-slavery Southerner                                A. he supported all of Lincoln's policies
    E. a poor Southern white                                            B. he was an abolitionist
                                                                        C. he was a loyal Democrat from the South
                                                                        D. he was from a state needed to win the election
                                                                        E. he had the most experience of any candidate

AP US Midterm Review                                                                         Colonialism - Reconstruction

274. "Copperheads" were                                            280. Poor Southerners were enraged over which act of the
   A. Northerners who moved South after the war                        Confederacy?
   B. Northern fanatical abolitionists                                 A. Hyperinflation which put them further in debt
   C. Bandits in the West                                              B. The decision to seek British help
   D. Native Americans who fought for the Union                        C. Allowing homes with over 20 slaves an exemption
   E. Northerners who opposed the war                                      from the draft
                                                                       D. The decision to attack Pennsylvania
275. One difference between the Confederacy's                          E. The decision to allow slaves to fight
    Constitution and the United States Constitution is that
    A. The Confederacy's Constitution allows the President         281. The three parts of Winfield Scott's Anaconda Plan
       to serve unlimited six year terms, as opposed to the            were
       four year terms in the United States' Constitution.             A. naval blockade, Mississippi River campaign and
    B. The United States Constitution allows for judicial                  capturing Richmond
       branch, while the Confederacy's does not                        B. naval blockade, capture of Savannah, and the
    C. The Confederacy's Constitution calls for the slave                  elimination of Jefferson Davis
       trade to begin again                                            C. capture of Savannah, pro-Union sympathizers
    D. The Confederacy's Constitution specifically mentions                overthrowing the secessionists, and arming the slaves
       state sovereignty                                               D. arming the slaves, Mississippi River campaign, and a
    E. The U.S. Constitution forbids slavery in the North                  naval blockade
                                                                       E. capture of Savannah, pro-Union sympathizers
276. A problem the South faced after issuing paper                         overthrowing the secessionists, and the capture of
    currency is that                                                       Mobile
    A. Southern merchants were unsure which currency to
        accept                                                     282. The Confederacy believed that France and Britain
    B. Southern soldiers refused to accept Confederate                 would intervene on their behalf because
        currency                                                       A. they wanted to see a divided and thus weakened
    C. too much currency was issued                                        United States
    D. interest rates fell dramatically                                B. they needed cotton for their factories
    E. debtors could not pay their creditors                           C. they agreed with the pro-slavery position of the South
                                                                       D. they needed to unload products on the Southern
277. One reason the Confederate government was unable                      market
    to be as effective as possible was                                 E. they wanted revenge on the North
    A. inexperienced leadership
    B. poor military leadership                                    283. The first major engagement of the Civil War was at
    C. reluctance to give power to a strong central                    A. Fort Sumter              D. Chancellorsville
        government                                                     B. Bull Run                 E. Antietam
    D. reluctance to make drastic economic changes to                  C. Fredericksburg
        finance the South
    E. faithlessness in its army                                   284. The first Battle of Bull Run demonstrated that
                                                                       A. the Union had a far more effective army
278. By 1864, the situation of the South was so dire that              B. Jefferson Davis was an incompetent president
    President Jefferson Davis was forced to consider                   C. the war would be longer than previously thought
    A. using African-Americans in Confederate armies                   D. the Union's transportation advantage would tip the
    B. raising tariffs                                                     scales in the Union's favor
    C. fighting with Mexico                                            E. the South could easily hold back the Union army
    D. demoting General Lee
    E. forcing slave overseers into the army                       285. The battle between the Monitor and Merrimac
279. One important cause for desertion in the Army of the              A. a huge naval victory for the South
    Confederacy towards the end of the war was                         B. a demonstration of the extreme naval power of the
    A. the belief that they could not defeat the North                     Union
    B. lack of faith in their military leadership                      C. a show of a new technological innovation of the war
    C. distrust between the soldiers                                   D. an example of the advantage of the South on their
    D. the scarcity of food and consumer goods                             home terrain
    E. the widespread rebellion of slaves                              E. an example of why the South needed interference
                                                                           from the British

AP US Midterm Review                                                                            Colonialism - Reconstruction

286. General McClellan was unable to defeat Lee soundly               293. The term "total war" describes
    at Antietam because                                                   A. Sherman's policy of destroying everything in order to
    A. he had fewer men                                                       show civilians the impact of the war
    B. his supply line was weak                                           B. The envelopment of the Civil War from the Eastern
    C. he was unable to predict Lee's plans                                   front in Northern Virginia to the Western fronts in
    D. he was too cautious                                                    Tennessee and Louisiana and skirmishes in the far
    E. he was unable to predict the amount of men Lee had                     West
                                                                          C. General Winfield Scott's original plan to destroy the
287. The Battle of Antietam was                                               Confederacy
    A. a sound victory for the Union                                      D. Lincoln's strategy as listed in the Gettysburg Address
    B. where George McClellan proved himself as a General                 E. the extreme number of casualties in the Civil War on
    C. a strategic mishap for Lee                                             both sides
    D. a missed opportunity for the North
    E. where Stonewall Jackson made a name for himself                294. One reason for issuing the Emancipation
                                                                          Proclamation was that Lincoln wanted to
288. An important result of Gettysburg is that                            A. get the support of Northern abolitionists
    A. Lee would never again attack the North                             B. get the support of Northern Democrats
    B. the Union army would not sustain any more losses                   C. get support from Northern public opinion
    C. the Union army would now dominate the war in the                   D. get support from foreign public opinion
        West                                                              E. enrage the South further
    D. the Confederate Army lost faith in Lee as a
        commander                                                     295. In order to ease the adjustment for freed slaves,
    E. Stonewall Jackson was fatally wounded                              Congress created
                                                                          A. the Freedman's Bureau       D. the 13th amendment
289. The Battle of Gettysburg is notable because                          B. the NAACP                   E. the 10 percent plan
    A. it is widely regarded as the turning point for the                 C. the Office of Black Affairs
    B. it was the bloodiest battle of the war                         296. The 13th amendment
    C. it featured the last time J.E.B. Stuart would fight                A. prohibited slavery
    D. it showcased the first time a Union general who                    B. gave blacks the right to vote
        would be able to attack the South aggressively                    C. defined citizenship rights
    E. it was the battle that forced Jefferson Davis to resign            D. was passed without the support of any Southern
        his office                                                            states
                                                                          E. was passed without the support of President Johnson
290. The campaign at Vicksburg was important because it
    A. gave the Union complete control of the Mississippi             297. Abraham Lincoln's policies towards rebuilding the
        River                                                             South
    B. gave the Union control of New Orleans                              A. were very lenient towards the South
    C. began the philosophy of ' 'total war"                              B. were very stringent regarded blacks' rights in the
    D. was the bloodiest battle of the war                                    South
    E. demonstrated why the South had fought better in the                C. made it difficult for states to rejoin the union
        war                                                               D. were agreed upon by Congress
                                                                          E. were endorsed by Jefferson Davis
291. William Sherman's goal in destroying everything he
    found in the South was to                                         298. Lincoln's Ten Percent Plan stipulated that
    A. destroy revenue producing items for the South                      A. ten percent of Southerners must declare their loyalty
    B. show Southerners that continued war would mean                         to the Union in order to regain statehood
        ruin for them                                                     B. ten percent of Southerners would be allowed to vote
    C. crush the Southern economy                                         C. ten percent of slaves would be colonized in Africa
    D. destroy the post-war lives of Southerners as                       D. ten percent of Confederate money would be
        punishment                                                            converted to American dollars
    E. assist his men in boosting their morale                            E. ten percent of the Southern army join the American
292. One party which pushed Abraham Lincoln to make
    the Emancipation Proclamation was
    A. working class whites D. Radical Republicans
    B. Copperheads          E. poor Southerners
    C. Democrats

AP US Midterm Review                                                                           Colonialism - Reconstruction

299. Radical Republicans such as Thaddeus Stevens                    305. Immediately after the Civil War, the South used
    objected to Lincoln's policies because                               which practice to keep restrictions on African-
    A. they did not promise slaves freedom                               Americans?
    B. they gave the South back their electoral votes                    A. Jim Crow laws              D. Blue laws
    C. they did not end the South's cotton empire                        B. Yellow dog laws            E. Black lists
    D. they counted slaves as 3/5 citizens                               C. Black codes
    E. they did not sufficiently restructure Southern society
                                                                     306. During Reconstruction, Congress divided the South
300. The Radical Republicans' reconstruction plan was                    into five regions, each with a governor granted near-
    justified by                                                         dictatorial powers, through the
    A. the refusal of Southerners to cooperate with Andrew               A. Homestead Act                   D. Army Act
         Johnson's reconstruction plan                                   B. Military Reconstruction Act E. 15th amendment
    B. the economic woes in the South resulting from the                 C. Extension of powers of the Freedman's Bureau
         loss of the cotton market to places like Egypt and
         India                                                       307. "Scalawags" were
    C. the economic problems in the North due to lack of                 A. recently freed blacks who supported Reconstruction
         new markets in which to sell goods                                  policies
    D. pressure on the United States by Great Britain and                B. Northern democrats who thought radical
         France to deal with the South                                       Reconstruction policies were too harsh
    E. the urgent situation in Mexico                                    C. Northerners who moved down South to participate in
                                                                             Reconstruction governments
301. The Congressional Reconstruction plan, passed over                  D. Southerners who supported the Reconstruction
    the veto of President Johnson, included all of the                       regime
    following EXCEPT                                                     E. Southerners who moved West after their property
    A. Military Reconstruction Act                                           was destroyed in the Civil War
    B. Civil Rights Act
    C. Extension of the powers of the Freedman's Bureau              308. Reconstruction ended primarily because
    D. 16th amendment                                                    A. the Radical Republicans lost power
    E. 13th amendment                                                    B. the Southern radicals were too powerful to overcome
                                                                         C. the Radical Republicans accomplished everything
302. Andrew Johnson was impeached by the House of                            they wanted to accomplish
    Representatives for                                                  D. Southern blacks were powerful enough to stand on
    A. violating the Tenure of Office Act                                    their own
    B. violating the Military Reconstruction Act                         E. the North lost interest due to other events
    C. refusing to pass the 14th amendment
    D. refusing to allow Salmon P. Chase to become Chief             309. By 1876, the process of Reconstruction could be
        Justice                                                          considered
    E. refusing to sign the Army Act                                     A. an unqualified success
                                                                         B. generally a success, with a few failures caused by
303. After barely surviving an impeachment trial by the                      Southern aggression and refusal to modernize
    Senate, Andrew Johnson                                               C. generally a failure, with a few important
    A. became a stronger and more powerful President                         developments such as the 14th amendment
    B. acquiesced to the desires of the Radical Republicans              D. an ongoing process which would continue until the
    C. pushed for a new Supreme Court justice                                end of the century
    D. campaigned for a second term as president as a                    E. a process that had approximately an equal number of
        Republican                                                           successes and failures
    E. became even more lenient on the South
                                                                     310. "Waving the bloody shirt" was
304. Radical Republicans were aggravated with President                  A. a Ku Klux Klan tactic to scare black voters
    Andrew Johnson because he                                            B. a Union army tactic to garner support and raise
    A. was a Southern sympathizer                                           morale
    B. was incapable of getting things done                              C. a Republican tactic to equate Democrats with the
    C. supported a reconstruction plan similar to that of                   Confederacy
        Lincoln                                                          D. a Confederate tactic to incite supporters to join the
    D. did not want blacks to vote                                          army
    E. believed abolition was unnecessary                                E. a Copperhead tactic to draw the North out of the war

AP US Midterm Review                                                                          Colonialism - Reconstruction

311. The Compromise of 1877 contained all of the                   "The brave men, living and dead who struggled here have
    following EXCEPT                                               consecrated it far above our poor power to add or detract.
    A. the end of Reconstruction                                   The world will little note nor long remember what we say
    B. Democrats concede the election                              here, but it can never forget what they did here. It is for us
    C. Rutherford B. Hayes becomes president                       the living rather to be dedicated here to the unfinished
    D. the remaining federal troops were withdrawn from            work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly
         the South                                                 advanced. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the
    E. the silver standard would be reinstated                     great task remaining before us—that from these honored
                                                                   dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which
312. Although Democratic candidate Samuel Tilden won               they gave the last full measure of devotion--that we here
    the popular vote in 1876, he did not win the electoral         highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain,
    vote because                                                   that this nation under God shall have a new birth of
    A. He won by large majorities in states which he won           freedom, and that government of the people, by the people,
    B. twenty electoral votes were disputed in Southern            for the people shall not perish from the earth."
    C. the Republican tactic of waving the bloody flag was         315. The quotation above is from which document?
        successful                                                      A. Abraham Lincoln's Inauguration Speech
    D. he did not take a single state outside of the former             B. Emancipation Proclamation
        Confederacy                                                     C. Declaration of Independence
    E. blacks voted heavily against him                                 D. Daniel Webster's response in the Webster-Hayne
Speaker A: If we are going to readmit the Southern states,              E. Gettysburg Address
they should be punished and forced to respect the
citizenship of former slaves.                                      316. Which of the following American politicians would
                                                                       have agreed with the last lines of this quotation?
Speaker B: The South should be forgiven instead of                     A. Alexander Hamilton          D. Herbert Hoover
punished. If ten percent of a Southern state's voters                  B. Thomas Jefferson            E. Ronald Reagan
proclaimed their loyalty to the Union, then that state                 C. John Marshall
should be admitted.
                                                                   "With malice toward none, with charity for all, with
313. What is an example of Reconstruction legislation that         firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right, let us
    advocated the point of view of Speaker A?                      strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the
    A. Tenure of Office Act                                        nation's wounds, to care for him who shall have borne the
    B. Morrill Land Grant Act                                      battle and for his widow and his orphan, to do all which
    C. Ten Percent Plan                                            may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among
    D. Homestead Act                                               ourselves and with all nations."
    E. Wade-Davis Bill
                                                                   317. This quotation expresses the views of which
314. What politician supported the point of view of                    prominent politician towards the end of the Civil War?
    Speaker B?                                                         A. Robert E. Lee              D. Thaddeus Stevens
    A. Thaddeus Stevens          D. Edwin Stanton                      B. Jefferson Davis       E. Andrew Johnson
    B. Charles Sumner            E. Andrew Johnson                     C. Abraham Lincoln
    C. William Seward
                                                                   318. At the end of the Civil War, what was the speaker's
                                                                   opinions about how to resolve the conflict between the
                                                                   states as this quotation suggests?

                                                                       A. Southern states should never reconcile and should
                                                                          maintain its independence.
                                                                       B. If Southern states wanted to reenter the Union, they
                                                                          would be welcome.
                                                                       C. Southern states should pay war reparations if it anted
                                                                          to be readmitted into the Union.
                                                                       D. The Northern and Southern states should become one
                                                                          again so that the United States could pursue
                                                                          imperialistic interests.
                                                                       E. The South would only join the North if the union
                                                                          permitted slavery

AP US Midterm Review                          Colonialism - Reconstruction

Answer Key
   1.             56.    111.        166.   221.              276.
   2.             57.    112.        167.   222.              277.
   3.             58.    113.        168.   223.              278.
   4.             59.    114.        169.   224.              279.
   5.             60.    115.        170.   225.              280.
   6.             61.    116.        171.   226.              281.
   7.             62.    117.        172.   227.              282.
   8.             63.    118.        173.   228.              283.
   9.             64.    119.        174.   229.              284.
   10.            65.    120.        175.   230.              285.
   11.            66.    121.        176.   231.              286.
   12.            67.    122.        177.   232.              287.
   13.            68.    123.        178.   233.              288.
   14.            69.    124.        179.   234.              289.
   15.            70.    125.        180.   235.              290.
   16.            71.    126.        181.   236.              291.
   17.            72.    127.        182.   237.              292.
   18.            73.    128.        183.   238.              293.
   19.            74.    129.        184.   239.              294.
   20.            75.    130.        185.   240.              295.
   21.            76.    131.        186.   241.              296.
   22.            77.    132.        187.   242.              297.
   23.            78.    133.        188.   243.              298.
   24.            79.    134.        189.   244.              299.
   25.            80.    135.        190.   245.              300.
   26.            81.    136.        191.   246.              301.
   27.            82.    137.        192.   247.              302.
   28.            83.    138.        193.   248.              303.
   29.            84.    139.        194.   249.              304.
   30.            85.    140.        195.   250.              305.
   31.            86.    141.        196.   251.              306.
   32.            87.    142.        197.   252.              307.
   33.            88.    143.        198.   253.              308.
   34.            89.    144.        199.   254.              309.
   35.            90.    145.        200.   255.              310.
   36.            91.    146.        201.   256.              311.
   37.            92.    147.        202.   257.              312.
   38.            93.    148.        203.   258.              313.
   39.            94.    149.        204.   259.              314.
   40.            95.    150.        205.   260.              315.
   41.            96.    151.        206.   261.              316.
   42.            97.    152.        207.   262.              317.
   43.            98.    153.        208.   263.              318.
   44.            99.    154.        209.   264.
   45.            100.   155.        210.   265.
   46.            101.   156.        211.   266.
   47.            102.   157.        212.   267.
   48.            103.   158.        213.   268.
   49.            104.   159.        214.   269.
   50.            105.   160.        215.   270.
   51.            106.   161.        216.   271.
   52.            107.   162.        217.   272.
   53.            108.   163.        218.   273.
   54.            109.   164.        219.   274.
   55.            110.   165.        220.   275.
AP US Midterm Review        Colonialism - Reconstruction


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