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									                LAKE DOSTER
                                        CALENDAR OF EVENTS/WEBSITE

Next LDHA Board Meeting: Monday, July 7th, 7:30 pm, at the Clubhouse.
Annual Lake Doster Residents Fishing Contest: Saturday July 5th, 2003 (see notice below)
Forth of July Party: Friday, July 4th, see hand out for details. If you can help, we still need volunteers.
Pay Dues: Dues due on June 1st. Can’t get your new blueberry 2003-2004 phone directory until dues are paid. Send check to
Nancy Watson at 350 Lakeview Lane. If you have not paid your dues by July 15 th, 2003 you will not receive a July
newsletter. All association events are only open to members, pay your dues and enjoy the 4 th of July celebration and fishing
Recycling Schedule: Pick-up the 2nd Wednesday of each month.
Large Trash Pick-up: 2nd Tuesday of each month, April thru October except July.
Email/Website: ldha2003@cs.com; www.ldha.homestead.com; webmaster email: dfortune@chartermi.net.

                                        2002-2003 LDHA BOARD OF DIRECTORS

             Marlin Kleckner, Acting President (2004)                                 685-5929
             Kellie Cole, Treasurer (2004)                                            664-6414
             Michael Hills, Co-Secretary (2005)                                       664-3482
             Brian Mullally, Co-Secretary (2005)                                      685-1913
             Ray Dertz, Maintenance (2003)                                            685-2776
             Jerry Wittwer, Safety (2004)                                             685-6190
             Diane Burrows, Social (2005)                                             664-3593
             Tom Raich, Social (2005)                                                 685-0696
             Paige Meddock, Newcomers (2004)                                          664-5296
             Marilyn Brainerd, Newcomers (2004)                                       664-3388
             Nancy Watson, Membership (2003)                                          685-5768
             Kevin Koch, Water Quality (2003)                                         664-6096
             Casey Jones, Gun Plain Township                                          664-5362


        1. Annual meeting called to order by Marlin Kleckner at 7:30pm (Clubhouse).
        2. Casey Jones gave the association an update regarding the roads that will be re-surfaced this year in our
           county. There will be 18 ½ miles re-surfaced in the county, 2.6 miles in Gun Plain and 1 mile of Lake
           Doster will be re-surfaced. Casey also informed the association that Deer Run will be permanently
           closed at the Doster Road intersection. Casey also spoke of his efforts to link a severe weather alert to
           the national weather service.
        3. Carol Kellogg requested members at the meeting to sign out the new phone directories and pass them
           out to the people on their street. If you have paid your dues and do not have a new blueberry directory
           please contact Carol Kellogg 664 6420 or Nancy Watson 685-5768.
        4. Treasurer’s report approved.
        5. Social, Tom Raich and Diane Burrows: 4th of July is next party. Our social committee handed out a
           sign up sheet for volunteers for the Fourth of July party, but by the end of the evening there were very
           few who signed up to volunteer. The fourth party is always great fun but it takes community help to
           make it a success. Please call Tom Raich 685-0696 or Diane Burrows 664-3593 and offer to help.
        6. Maintenance, Ray Dertz: Rafts are in the water and ready for fun. Ray still has some fertilizer if
           anyone is still in need.
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        7. Water Quality report: Kevin Koch informed the association of the multiple benefits of having the
            “Lake Doster Management Plan Report” done regarding Lake Doster. Kevin passed out a handout he
            prepared, fielded questions and reminded people that one of the most important things lake front
            owners can do is to create a “buffer zone” between the yard and the lake. For more information or a
            copy of the “Lake Doster Management Plan Report” please contact Kevin at 664-6096.
        8. Future Lake Management: At a LDHOA meeting a several months ago The Lake Doster Development
            Company expressed an interest in relinquishing management of the lake. This fact spurred the Home
            Owners Association to conduct an initial investigation into the possibility of interested homeowners
            coming together to form an entity to manage the lake. Brian Mullally addressed the association with
            the progress so far and the direction that things need to go before there is a possibility of the
            homeowners managing the lake. Joe Langkamp was at the meeting and verified that he will be
            cooperative in turning over lake management to the homeowners if they can get an organization
            together that can in fact manage the lake.
        9. Homes: 395 homes, 9 for sale.
        10. New business:
                a. Boat numbers are required, please contact Larry Kunkle at 664-5310 for your boat number.
                b. Elected new members to the board: Jana Edwards & Everett Harpole.
        11. New neighbors: (children) Suzanne Runyon (Allissa & Nick) 343 Horseshoe Court; Mark & Susan
            Dittenbir (Jon & Lia) 343 Bayview; David & Lisa Murdock (Josh & Jordi) 341 Bayview; Ted &
            Jennifer Wittaker (Kelsey) 218 Deer Run; Janet Richards 275 A Fairway Court; Jesse & Amie Proctor
            (Marcy) 10 Heron Court; Shawn & Lisa Carriveau 9 Heron Court; Dan & Youn-mi-kim Jenkins 342
            Highland Court; Glen & Anna Butler 336 Lakeview; Joe & Karen Gentile 390 Midlakes; Bob & D.J.
            Feitl 436 Midlakes; Mark & Alissa Hofstee 14176 South Lake Doster; Christian & Jayna Jurgensen 326
            Highland Court; John & Michelle Stuart 14116 South Lake Doster Drive; David & Agathe Barr 283
            Doster Road.

Fishing Contest: Just show up at the main beach at 7:30 am on Saturday July 5th.

Categories and Fees:                                       Prizes: Per Age Category
Young’uns       ages 0 – 7 years $2.00                     1st Place 60% of entry money
Youths          ages 8 – 15 years $3.00                    2nd Place 20 % of entry money
Adult           ages 16 and up $5.00                       3rd Place 10% of entry money
                                                           Big Fish contest: 10% of entry money

Please note that all prizes to be split in the case of ties. If you have any questions call Larry Kunkle at 664-5310.

                                        PUBLIC SERVICE NOTICES

Kristen Sternbery (6/14/82) 664-6949 CPR certified
Katie Whited (5/10/90) 664-5500
Margo Kern (10/28/85) 685-6915 Red Cross certified, experienced, references
Kerrie Krahn (11/8/82) 685-6342 Red Cross certified
Tracy Prullage (11/12/84) or Laura Prullage (4/7/83) 685-0327
Jessica Kohler (1/12/85) 685-1725
Brad Bishop (11/10/85) 664-6562
Jimmy Wilson (2/23/85) 685-9243                               ODD JOBS:
Katie Houghton (12/29/82) 685-8461                            Katie Houghton (12/29/82) 685-8461
Paul Bunce (10/01/85) 685-4663                                Jimmy Wilson (2/23/85) 685-9243
Abby Murray (3/14/88) 664-6643                                Brad Bishop (11/10/85) 664-6562
Sarah Myles 664-3059                                          Aaron Richmond (10/27/84) 664-3277
Branden Stewart (10/11/88) 664-3613                           Paul Bunce (10/01/85) 685-4663
Erin Cool (1/21/88) 664-3613
Sarah Skocelas (5/15/89) 664-4181 Red Cross certified
Ariel Gray (10/27/89) 685-5195 Red Cross certified

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PET SITTING:                                             YARD WORK:
Aaron Richmond (10/27/84) 664-3277                       Jimmy Wilson (2/23/85) 685-9243
Sarah Skocelas (5/15/89) 664-4181                        Brad Bishop (11/10/85) 664-6562
Tracy Prullage (11/12/84) 685-0327                       Aaron Richmond (10/27/84) 664-3277
Jenna Sheets (5/10/90) 664-5810                          Paul Bunce (10/01/85) 685-4663
Paul Bunce (10/01/85) 685-4663
Abby Murray (3/14/88) 664-6643
Branden Stewart (10/11/88) 664-3613
Erin Cool (1/21/88) 664-3613
Ariel Gray (10/27/89) 685-5195

SAILBOAT FOR SALE: 16' Snipe. Wood hull with fiberglass coat. Wood mast, boom and tiller.
Aluminum dagger board with oak handle. White main and jib. Trailer.
$400 Or Best Offer. Please call Bill Amsbury @ 269-664-4949 Eve/Weekend or 269-685-5827 Weekday

Swimming Lessons: For youngsters 3-12 years old. The YMCA is coming to the lake to provide lessons July 7
–18. There are two separate weeklong classes. Classes are separated by age. Classes go Monday - Thursday
beginning at 12:30, 1:00 & 1:30. Must sign up by the end of June. Cost is $42 dollars. Call Sharon Schmidt to
register at 664-4883.

For Sale: Black lacquered coffee table, 36” round; two rectangle matching end tables, all with glass tops. $200.00
call 685-8892.

Summer House Rental Wanted: Former Lake Doster resident seeking house for summer rental. Timing flexible.
Please contact Dave Hurwitz at 602-923-3387 or davehurwitz@earthlink.net.

Wanted Trampoline: If anyone is interested in selling his or her trampoline (preferably with safety enclosure)
please contact Kristin Anderson at 664-5181.

GOLF BALLS FOR SALE: Elizabeth and Bryce Anderson are selling "like new" golf balls at 3 for $1.00 and
"very good" golf balls at 4 for $1.00. These balls have been washed and are ready to be used! Please call Elizabeth
or her Mom, Kristin at 664-5181, or stop by the house at 320 Blarney Ln.

Editor’s Note: Please contact by (preferred) email or phone Michael Hills mhills@ameritech.net (664-3482) or
Brian Mullally (685-1913) ldha2003@cs.com by the second Wednesday of the month to either add or remove a
name from the lists above. Please include your name, phone number, and birthday.

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