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									                                                                                                                          —   Unit Price (the price per qty for what you are
What is Billing?                                            Page Series 2: Address Info                                       billing).
Billing is what UNSW uses to produce invoices to our        Check that the address details for the invoice are            You can press the Refresh button at the bottom of the
customers.                                                  correct and correct if necessary.                             screen before continuing to check the calculation of the
Intermediate users can enter their bills manually,          Press Next in the Page Series.                                line.
however using Page Series to create your bill is the                                                                      If your bill is to have more than one line you add
easiest method of doing so. When you are in the             Page Series 3: Header (Misc Info)                             additional lines on this page by pressing the add icon.
invoice you will see a Page Series button to the lower                                                                         If you do so you must remember that each line of
                                                            If the customer has Purchase Order details or contract
right of your screen (see below). By scrolling through                                                                    the bill will have its own individual corresponding
                                                            details complete them on this page. If you do not wish
the page series and completing the information it is not                                                                  Accounting, VAT and Note line (see Page Series 7, 8
                                                            to use this functionality you can continue to the next
necessary for you to remember what the minimum                                                                            and 9).
mandatory information is for creating an invoice.
                                                            Press Next in the Page Series.                                Press Next in the Page Series.

                                                            Page Series 4: Header Note                                    Page Series 7: Acctg Rev Dist
Create a New Bill                                           The use of this page is optional. If you wish to make         Here is where you need to enter your chartfield
                                                            comments please enter them here. By using the                 distribution accounting information.
Go to the Standard Billing Menu and select “Add a New       Internal Only Flag you can choose whether or not these        You must complete the GL Account code, Department,
Value”.                                                     comments print on the invoice. If you have no                 Fund, Program, Class and project id.
                                                            comments to make please continue to the next page.            Press Next in the Page Series.
                                                            Press Next in the Page Series.
                                                                                                                          Page Series 8: Line VAT Info
                                                            Page Series 5: Header Info 2                                  Check the VAT calculation, if you are unsure whether or
                                                            This is where you record an pre-payment information           not the VAT has calculated press the refresh button to
Enter the Business Unit for your invoice, select a Bill     pertaining to this invoice. If there are no pre-payments      initiate a calculation. If you wish to change the VAT
Type and a Customer and initiate creating your bill by      you can leave this page blank.                                code Press the Get VAT Details button, and expand the
pressing the Add button.                                                                                                  VAT Details section and change the Transaction Type
                                                            Press Next in the Page Series.
                                                                                                                          code. The most commonly used codes for Australian
Page Series 1: Bill Header                                  Page Series 6: Line Info 1                                    Customers are SALE (adds GST) and FREE (does not add
Once you have initiated bill creation the first page you                                                                  GST).
are taken to is the Bill Header. On this page you need      This is the first line of your invoice. If you are using an
                                                                                                                          Press Next in the Page Series.
to complete the following fields:                           identifier complete the ID and Identifier fields and the
                                                            rest of the pages information will compile based on the       Page Series 9: Line Note
—   Invoice Date (the date of this invoice);                identifier (press the Refresh button if it doesn’t
—   Sales (the sales person responsible for this invoice,   immediately do so).                                           The use of this page is optional. Similar to the Bill
    usually the invoice requestor);                                                                                       Header note here is where you would record any notes
—   Credit (the credit analyst responsible for this         If you are not using an identifier complete the following
                                                            fields:                                                       that are specific to the line. You can use the Internal
    invoice);                                                                                                             Only Flag to control whether or not this note will print
—   Collect (the person responsible for collection of       —   Description (this is a free text field which will print
                                                                                                                          on the invoice.
    this invoice);                                              on the invoice);
—                                                                                                                         Press Next in the Page Series.
    Biller (the person creating this invoice).              —   Qty (the quantity you are billing);
                                                                                                                          You have now been returned to the start of the page
Press Next in the Page Series.                              —   UOM (the unit of measure for the Qty, i.e., EA for
                                                                                                                          series. Please save your invoice.
                                                            Please refer UPK topic of this title under Billing
Check your GST Calculation                                  Fundamentals for assistance on generating an invoice
Before you finalise your bill it is important for you to    on the same day.
check the tax calculation.
From the Header Info 1 page click on the Summary            Bill Errors
hyperlink at the bottom of the page and then press the      If for any reason your Bill could not be created by the
Calculate Taxes button.                                     overnight process you will receive a workflow e-mail
                                                            letting you know and you need to check what the error
                                                            was so that you can take the necessary action to rectify
Check your tax calculation and make any adjustments if      it.
                                                            To identify and resolve your Bill Errors please refer to
If you are experiencing GST Rounding issues go to the       the documentation and/or UPK Topics available on that
Header Info 2 page and click on VAT Information             subject.
hyperlink. Expand the VAT Controls section and round
the tax either up or down. When you are happy with          Where to find Training
your GST Rounding recalculate the Taxes (see above).
                                                            ONLINE TRAINING
Finalising your invoice                                     Access to the Online Training Tool (UPK) from the

When you are ready for your bill to be invoiced set the
bill Status to RDY (ready).
                                                            finance website, select “Training and Personnel” then
                                                            “Online Training Tool”.                                                BILLING
                                                            CLASSROOM TRAINING                                              Express Entry (Page Series)
Every evening a process runs which picks up all bills and   Classroom training schedules are posted on the finance
creates invoices. Since the process runs in the evening     website, select “Training and Personnel” then “Training           Quick Reference Guide
you will need to wait until the next day before you can     Schedule and Enrolments”.
collect your bill.

      If you do not want your bill to be created you must   Where to get help
set the status to HLD (Hold).                               PROCESSING HELP – Contact Accounts Receivable Help at
                                                            TECHNICAL HELP - Contact your local IT support team, if it
Collecting your Bill                                        cannot be resolved; contact the IT Service Desk x51333.
The day after you have created your invoice you should
check your Report Manager (under the Reporting Tools                                                                          To access NSF and for all of the
menu) and look for a report called FUPBI002. Drill                                                                           University’s Financial Policies and
down into this report to the PDF containing all invoices                                                                 Guidelines, refer to the Finance Website:
generated from your business unit by the overnight                                                                                 www.fin.unsw.edu.au
process. You should extract your invoice(s) from this
file and distribute them accordingly.

Generating an invoice same day
It is possible to generate an invoice on the same day if
you have an urgent bill to send out. Please note that
this is not the preferred way of generating invoices and
should be used as an exception only.

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