Bill of Sale by De8aF10


									                              Bill of Sale
                  Sleepy Hollow’s Miniature Schnauzers
                                   Cynthia A. Nowlan
                                     629 Colony Rd
                                   Chester, SC, 29706

_______________________              Sire:___________________
Puppy DOB

_______________________              Dam:___________________
Buyer’s Name

________________________             Sex of Puppy_____________

________________________             Color of Puppy____________
City State Zip


This puppy is sold as “Pet Quality”, not “Show Quality”, and there is no guarantee as to
size, shape of ear or color. This puppy is guaranteed against infectious-type diseases for
a period of 3 days from the date of purchase. To the best of my knowledge, this puppy is
in good health at the time of the sale, all shots are current, and the puppy has been
wormed. The buyer has a guarantee until 7:00 p.m. on ____________, in which to have
the puppy checked by a licensed vet. It is understood that there is not extended warranty
beyond the 3 days if the puppy is not checked by a vet within the given time. If he/she
finds a life-threatening, infectious disease, the buyer may exchange the puppy for one of
equal value or a full refund of the purchase price the buyer paid for the puppy, providing
a vet certificate is offered as evidence of the puppy’s condition. The seller will not be
responsible for illness or loss due to the buyer’s treatment or lack of proper care. The
seller assumes no responsibility for injury after the puppy leaves the seller’s premises.
Seller is not responsible for any vet expenses.

Purchase Price________________                      Sellers Signature____________

Date of Sale___________________                     Buyer’s Signature___________

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