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									Canadian Thoroughbred Horse Society (Manitoba Division)                                                832-1702  831-6735
Box 46152 Westdale P.O.                                                                                Email:
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3R 3S3                                                                             Website:

                                         CTHS ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING
     CTHS (Manitoba Division) members are welcome to attend the Annual General Meeting on
    Saturday, June 27 at 1:00 in the Terrace Dining Room. All members are encouraged to attend.
                                  Come and meet the new directors.
                                         Lunch will be served.

                               2009 - 2011 CTHS Manitoba Division BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                                                                Karen Harrisko
                                                               Regional Secretary
                                              Bill Bochinski                        Dr. Jaroslav Drexler
                                     Dr. Betty Hughes                                      Hedy Kling

                                    Dean Melnic                                                 Gary Strath

                                Dean Walkowski                                                  Harold Wiens

                                        Vice President                                    Vice President
                                      SANDY LEPARD                                        CAM ZIPRICK
                                                               GRANT WATSON

                                       2009 YEARLING SALE - Change of date
After all the years of holding the Yearling Sale on the Tuesday after the long weekend in September, we are
going to make a change! This year the annual CTHS yearling sale will be held on Sunday, September 6.
All thoroughbred yearlings can enter the sale, although only Canadian-bred yearlings that pass through the
sale ring can make the $200 nomination fee to be eligible for the CTHS Sale Stake for 2-year-olds. Entry
forms have been mailed out to all breeders. The deadline for nominating yearlings to the sale is May 30 at a
cost of 236.25 (gst of $11.25 included). The late nomination deadline is June 15 at a cost of $446.25 (gst of
$21.25 included). Entries must be dropped off at the CTHS office or postmarked by these dates.

                                          NEW RACES FOR MANITOBA-BREDS
The “new” Manitoba-bred allowance races will carry a purse of $10,500. A class 3 purse supplement ($1620 for 1st, $540
for 2nd, and $270 for 3rd) will be added to each of these races. Races will run on July 31 and September 4.
July 31, 2009 Allowance
- 2 divisions, a fillies division and a colt/geldings division
- for 3 and up Manitoba-breds
- non winners of $10,800 once in 2009
- purse $10,500 plus class 3 purse supplement
- 7 ½ furlongs
- a prep for the Distaff and Agassiz
September 4, 2009 Allowance
- 2 divisions, a fillies division and a colt/geldings division
- for 3 and 4 year old Manitoba-breds
- non winners of $10,800 once in 2009
- purse $10,500 plus class 3 purse supplement
- 6 furlongs
- takes the place of the Sales Special
                                  ◊◊◊◊◊◊ MANITOBA SIRE PROGRAM ◊◊◊◊◊◊
The following stallions have paid into the Manitoba Thoroughbred Sire Stakes and Stallion Award Program by January 31,
        ACT SMART                        BATTLE CAT                       BEST TO BE KING
        CRYSTAL GULCH                    FABULOUS CHAMP                   FAVORITE AFFAIR
        GOING COMMANDO                   JOVE STONE                       MAGOO’S MAGIC
        RAN SOUTH                        SLEEK JAKAL                      SLIPPERY GATOR
        SMOOTH GOLD                                                       WHISKEY WISDOM
Any stallion owner not making the payment of $300 by January 31 can be eligible to the program with the late payment of
$500 anytime after January 31 to December 1, 2009.
Payment to the 2009 Manitoba Sire Program allows all of the stallion’s offspring born in 2010 eligibility into the $30,000
Frank Arnason Sire Stake for 3 year old colts and geldings and the $30,000 Hazel Wright Sire Stake for 3 year old
Only foals born in Manitoba sired by stallions registered to the program and out of mares that stay in the province year
round are eligible to either division of the $20,000 Gold Strike Mile.
Payment also qualifies the stallion owner to earn stallion points in the resulting foals two, three, four and five year old
race seasons. Beginning in 2009 stallion points and breeder points will be awarded to the breeder and stallion owner
of a horse finishing first, second and third in all stake races regardless of age.
Non-Manitoba resident breeders who breed to Manitoba registered stallions and foal their mares in Manitoba are
eligible to earn breeder points.
In order for the CTHS office to be informed of non resident mare owners who breed to Manitoba registered stallions
in 2009, and first time breeders, please call or fax the CTHS office with the name of the mare owner and their address.
New breeders don’t appear on the CTHS membership until they register their foal, therefore causing some of them to
miss making the in utero stake nominations.
The 25th Annual Manitoba Thoroughbred Awards Evening was held at Assiniboia Downs March 14, 2009. Guests
                were entertained by comedian Big Daddy Taz.

                   CTHS Awards of Excellence were presented to the following breeders:
                   Two Year Old Stake winners
                   Dr. Ross A. McKague - breeder of ADVENTCIA, winner of the Buffalo
                   William Larson - breeder of COPPER BADGES, winner of the North Dakota Futurity
                   Tri Venture Thoroughbreds - breeders of ONE ON ONE, winner of the Sales Stake

Three Year Old Stake winners
Larry Falloon - breeder of BELLA MARIELLA, winner of the Gold Strike Mile
Dr. Betty Hughes - breeder of BLUEBERRY BLONDE, winner of the Hazel Wright Sire Stake
Cam Ziprick - breeder of CUSTODY BATTLE, winner of the F. Arnason Sire Stake & SPYING EYES, winner of the Gold
Strike Mile and the Sifton Stake
Stonyfield Farm, Douglas Anderson, Alistair Roden, Rita Eskudt - breeders of LA WILDCAT,
winner of the Meafara Stake
Starfield Stable - breeder of QUEEN TINA, winner of the R.C. Anderson Stake and the Distaff Stake

Older Stake winner
Dr. Ross A. McKague - breeder of BRINELLO, winner of the Agassiz Stake

Broodmare Award of Excellence
HIGH GRADES owned by Cam Ziprick

Stallion of the Year
Battle Cat owned by Cam Ziprick

Breeder of the Year
Cam Ziprick

Manitoba-bred Horse of the Year
QUEEN TINA bred by Starfield Stable
                                  This year will be the 3rd running of the Richard Bonnycastle sponsored Gold Strike Mile.
Eligibility of the race as determined by Mr. Bonnycastle is the horse must be a 3-year-old Manitoba-bred, sired by a
Manitoba Stallion (registered to the Manitoba Sire Stake Program), and the mare must have been resident in Manitoba
throughout her pregnancy.
Colt/Gelding Division:
Spying Eyes, by Battle Cat o/o Bashful Dancer, bred by Cam Ziprick
Super Duper Me, by Transferred o/o Super Lucky Me, bred by Dr. Betty Hughes
Fillies Division:
Bella Mariella, by Battle Cat o/o Atholton, bred by Larry Falloon
Easters Lily, by His Excellence o/o Nasty Millie, bred by Brian Billeck and Wayne Elias
The purse is $20,000 for each division. It will run on Friday, August 7. The following is a list of eligible horses:

      Dam                           Sire                       2006 Foal                  Breeder
1     A FEU BUCKS                   TABIB                      TOO HOT CAT                HUGHES, DR. BETTY
2     ALLTHEWAYTOTHETOP             ACT SMART                  SMARTTOTHETOP              WILKINSON, GARY
3     ARVALANY                      CRYSTAL GULCH              ARVALANY'S MISTAKE         SELYEM, MR & MRS LOUIS
5     CHANCE ARREST                 SHRIKE                     CHANCE GIVEN               DODDS, TOM
6     CHEDRERSON                    DARGAI                     HERE'S HOLLY               MACKENZIE, R. GRAHAM
7     FIELD OF HONOUR               HIS EXCELLENCE             FIELD OF HONEY             CLAIRMONT FARM
8     GOING TWICE                   LUCKY NORTH                FIESTY BRITCHES            ZIPRICK, CAM
9     JESSIE'S SHADOW               ACT SMART                  SMART JESSIE               WILKINSON, GARY
10    JUSTA VACATION                AKADO                      SNOWBABE                   WATSON, LES
11    MARCY JO ANN                  LUCKY NORTH                ENDLESS WINTER             WATSON BAY STABLES
12    NEW RELEASE                   PREMIERSHIP                WIFFIN SPIT                ZIPRICK, CAM
13    OUR GIRL SHADE                BATTLE CAT                 PLAYIN' JANE               BENNETT, FRED
14    PRAIRIE STAR                  PREMIERSHIP                PREMIER STAR               ZIPRICK, CAM
15    RITZY RITA                    SMOOTH GOLD                GOLD RITZ                  TWIN CREEK RANCH
16    SAMPAGUETTE                   BIXBY KNOLLS               BIXETTE                    KLING, GUY
17    TYME STEP                     BATTLE CAT                 TYME TO BATTLE             NAHERNIAK, GARRY & BONNIE
18    WILD SPENDER                  HIS EXCELLENCE             SPLURGE A LOT              CLAIRMONT FARM

1     ALEXANDRINE                  BATTLE CAT                 ALEX DE CAT                 MCGEE, ROBERT J.
2     ALL THAT AND MORE            TRANSFERRED                TRANSFER CASE               FERGUSON, RICK & DUBOIS, ANDY
3     AWAKEN                       LUCKY NORTH                MAHOUT                      SHORT, LORNA B.
4     CINDY MERINDY                KHATEF                     CINDYS LAST TRICK           KOLOCHUK, LEN
5     COLOMBARD                    CIRCULATING                TEN TIMES COOL              PARK, KEN & PARK, JO-ANN
6     COOL DREAM                   CRYSTAL GULCH              TUNDRA GULCH                CLAIRMONT FARM
7     CRISO COMO                   BIXBY KNOLLS               BIX ORO                     KLING, GUY
8     DANCIN STORM                 CRAFTY DUDE                BAY DRUMMER                 CORBEL, AIME G.
9     HELENS MELODY                DARGAI                     SPARKLEY WATER              MACKENZIE, R. GRAHAM
10    INDY BUFF                    LUCKY NORTH                not named                   ZIPRICK, CAM
11    J. D.'S AFFAIR               LUCKY NORTH                LUCKY LAST NIGHT            ZIPRICK, CAM
12    LITTLE PIP                   TRANSFERRED                LITTLE BLACK WOLF           JACOBSON, PAUL
13    NELSON'S ANGEL               CIRCULATING                CIRCULATING'S LAST          WILKINSON, GARY
14    NO MIRRORS PLEASE            SMOOTH GOLD                CHARM N STEVE               TWIN CREEK RANCH
15    PIECES OF APRIL              CIRCULATING                PERCOLATING                 JOHNSON, FRANKLIN M.
16    SHE'S GETTIN BUSY            KHATEF                     FRANEK                      BALCAEN, JEAN A.
17    TIMELESS TALENT              CRAFTY DUDE                not named                   ZIPRICK, CAM
18    UNDERSTANDING LADY           ACT SMART                  RYE'N COKE PRESS            WATSON BAY STABLES
19    VILLA GIRL                   BATTLE CAT                 WHISKEY RYDER               BENNETT, FRED
                                                   FOALS OF 2009
The office would like to once again compile a list of Manitoba-bred foals born in 2009 for the next issue of
the Manitoba Thoroughbred. If you are interested in contributing please provide the following information.

Foaling Date(Month/Day)            Colt/Filly     Sire/Dam      Breeder’s Name           Mare re-bred to:

Send your information via e-mail to with “foal report in the subject line, or call the office at
832-1702. If you are calling in the evening, please leave the information on the answering machine. You can
also fax your information at 831-6735.

                                         SPORT HORSE OF THE YEAR
                                                NOMINATIONS REQUIRED!

       Each year the Canadian Thoroughbred Horse Society (Manitoba Division) advertises for nominations for a
                                            Manitoba-bred Thoroughbred as an
                                      “Outstanding Manitoba-bred Sport Horse Award”.
  This award is to reflect the importance of Manitoba-breds outside of racing and is presented to the current owner and
     breeder at the Annual Awards Evening which will be held at Assiniboia Downs in 2010. Date to be announced.

  To nominate a horse, send a resume of accomplishments and a copy of any relevant documentation of achievements
        together with the name and address of the current owner and a photocopy of the registration certificate.

                    If you have any questions regarding this award, call the CTHS office at 832-1702

                              Send your nominations, postmarked by January 30, 2009 to
                                             CTHS (Manitoba Division)
                                             Box 46152 Westdale P.O.
                                           Winnipeg, Manitoba R3R 3S3

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