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					NIT No. MBD/SITE/519/268
Date: 12.02.2011
Sub: Enquiry for supply of Hardware It ems for REW of PV VNL Proj ect for
     Moradabad and Bij nore district

                   Tender Enquiry No.: MBD/SITE/519/268
                   Delivery required by: 28.02.2011 at Bijnore (UP)

Engineering Projects (I) Ltd. Invites sealed tenders in two parts as follows for items as per
the attached specifications and Bill of Material from only those suppliers whose
Guaranteed Technical Parameters are approved by PVVNL Meerut (UP) for AREP/
RGGVY project. Offers of other bidders will not be considered.

2. Mode of submission
Envelope 1
    Technical Bid
    Technical specification with terms and conditions of supply, deviations sheet a nd unpriced
    copy of price bid in one sealed cover. EMD of Rs.14000/= (Rupees Fourteen Thousand Only)
    in the form of DD/FD drawn in favour of Engineering Projects (I) Ltd. Payable at Moradabad.
    Also enclosed copy of approved GTP. A non refundable tender fee of Rs. 500/= (Rupees Five
    Hundred only) in the form of DD drawn in favour of Engineering Projects (I) Ltd. payable at
    Moradabad is to be enclosed. Offers of parties approved by PVVNL Meerut for RGGVY
    project shall only be considered.

Envelope 2
     Price Bid
     Price alone in both figures and words, in the other sealed cover.
Each cover must be clearly marked with Title, number and date of the tender enquiry and last date
of receipt of tender. Tenderer shall clearly certify that the Stores quoted strictly conform to the
specifications; deviations if any, should be clearly indicated on a separate deviation sheet.
The offer should be valid for a minimum period of 3 Months.

3. Time Schedule of tender activities:
Date and time of sale of tender documents:             From 12.02.2011
Last date of submission of tender                      19.02.2011 1600 Hrs.
Date and time of opening of offers Envelope 1:         19.02.2011 1630Hrs
Date and time of opening of offers Envelope 2:         19.02.2011 1730Hrs
Material required by:                                  28.02.2011 (delivery required within 7days
after placing order)

Tender documents comprising of following are available on website of EPI:
a) Notice Inviting Tender
b) Instructions to Tenderer and General Conditions of Contract (Please see option Menu Tender
   of website)
c) Conditions of contract
d) Bill of Material and Price Format

EPI reserves the right to extend the date of submission of tender, or cancel the tender and
annul this process without assigning any reason whatsoever.
EPI also reserves the right to accept or reject any or all tenders and also the right to place
orders for full or part quantities or distribute amongst various bidders without assigning any
reasons whatsoever.
The information of extension / cancellation, if any shall be given on the EPI’s website The Tenderer are requested to visit the website regularly for this purpose.
The tender documents shall be issued and are to be submitted to:

The Sr. Manager
Engineering Projects (India) Limited
Site Office: REW Project of PVVNL
3A-111, Budhi Vihar
Moradabad (UP) -244001

Telefax No. 0591-2480895
Mobile: 09927025198

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