Reduce, Reuse, Recycle by YX68eX9


									Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Reduce the Spread of Colds & Flu
• Frequently Wash Hands - 20 Seconds
  – Before Eating, After Handling Body Secretions, &
    Before Rubbing Eyes or Touching the Face
• Cough or Sneeze into Your Sleeve, at the
  Bend of Your Elbow
  – Place Left Hand on Right Shoulder - Sneeze into
    Your Sleeve
• Carry Disposable Tissues to Wipe/Blow Nose
  – Place Facial Tissues in Pocket/Purse Daily
  – Become a Regular Health Habit
          Wash Hands
 Reduce the Spread of Colds & Flu
• More Illnesses Transmitted by Viruses on the
  Hands Than by Airborne Droplets.
• Respiratory Viruses on Desks, Computers,
  Tables, Telephones & Surfaces
  – A Cough: Viruses Released into Air, Settle on
    Surfaces, & Some Can Survive Up to Several Days
  – Get on Hands First, Then into Your Body When
    You Touch Your Eyes, Nose, or Mouth
• Cough/Sneeze into Hands – Contaminate
  Objects You Touch & Viruses Transmitted to
Computers, Monitors, & Televisions
• Contain Heavy Metals
  – Lead, Cadmium, Copper, Nickel, Tin, Cobalt
• Improper Disposal – Contaminate Landfill and
• Classified as Universal Hazardous Waste
  – Cannot Be Thrown into Regular Trash
• UCOP Computers
  – UC Berkeley Overstock/Surplus Weekly Pick-Ups
  Electronic Waste Collection and
           Recycling Act

• Electronic Waste Collection & Recycling
  Act (2003)
  – Fees Charged at Initial Purchase to Fund
  – Recyclers Paid By State of California for
    Items Received
     UCOP E-Waste Collection
Employees’ Personal Computers & TVs
• January 24, 2007: 10 AM to 2 PM
• 11th Street Side of 1111 Franklin Street
• Items Accepted:
  – Computers & Laptops
  – Monitors
  – Keyboards & Mice
  – Television
• Free Software to Clean Hard Drive
     Other Types of E-Waste
• Location of E-Waste Recyclers
  – May Charge a Fee
Recycling and Compost Collection
• UC Franklin Building Goal
  – Increase amount of waste we divert from landfill from
    50% to 75% of total waste, while working to reduce
    the total amount of waste we generate

• City of Oakland Goal
                                             Compost Collection
  – Zero Waste goal by 2020 and
  – 75% waste reduction by 2010

• Over half the waste created in
  Oakland is from business. Trash
Bin Location
   – Blue bin at your desk, kitchen or in the copy rooms

What Can I Recycle?
                              Paper Items
Paper     Cardboard     Envelopes    Phone Books Post-it Notes Magazine

                           Bottles and Cans
Cans    Plastic Bottles Glass Bottles Aluminum Foil Yogurt and Cottage
                                                      Cheese containers
Bin Location
   – White bins in the kitchens
What can I compost?
                    Food or Water Soiled Paper
Paper Towels Paper Napkins Paper Cups/Plates   Paper Food Wrappers

                          Food Items
                  LANDFILL (TRASH)
Bin Location
   – Grey bins in the kitchen or black bins at your
     desk and in the copy rooms

What Must go to the Landfill?
Plastic Bags   Plastic Cups   Plastic Utensils   Plastic Food Wrappers

    Styrofoam      Plastic Coffee Cups Plastic Straws      Saran Wrap

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