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ANNCR: “When they came home, America            FACT: GI Bill Helped 7.8 Million Troops With Education Or Vocational Training.
gave them more than a parade.”
                                                The GI Bill Helped 7.8 Million Troops With Education Or Vocational Training. “The GI Bill
“We gave them opportunity, a chance to go       was created in June 1944, when President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed into law the Servicemen's
to college. The GI Bill.”                       Readjustment Act of 1944. It was designed to help educate and train military veterans returning
                                                from WWII. According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, 7.8 million of 16 million troops
“Iraq and Afghanistan veterans have earned      who served in WWII received educational or vocational training from the GI Bill.” [CNN,
the same chance.”                               4/29/08]

“But after all their rhetoric, Michele          FACT: Current GI Bill Only Covers About Half Of National Average College Costs.
Bachmann and George Bush oppose the new
GI Bill. Bush say’s he’ll veto it – Bachmann    The Current GI Bill Only Covers About Half Of The National Average College Costs.
voted against it.”                              “Today, the benefits from the GI Bill cover about half of the national average cost of college
                                                including tuition, board and room. As of October 1, 2007, under the current GI Bill, the maximum
“Supporting our troops isn’t about politics –   for active-duty servicemen who were honorably discharged is $1,101 a month for 36 months to
it’s about patriotism.”                         help cover tuition, room and board, and books. For reservists and National Guard members, the
                                                average is lower: typically $440 a month.” [CNN, 4/29/08]
“Tell Michele Bachmann to put the needs of
our veterans first.”                            FACT: Bachmann Said We Have To Support Our Veterans.

                                                Bachmann Said We Owe It To Veterans To Honor Them. “We owe a debt of honor and
                                                respect to all our veterans and military retirees who served so nobly to defend our land and protect
                                                our freedoms. This debt includes the obligation to fulfill all our promises to them as we never
                                                forget their sacrifice and service for us.” [Bachmann Congressional Campaign Website]

                                                FACT: Bush Stood Behind Military Families.

                                                Bush Stood Behind Military Families. During a recent ceremony, “Bush thanked military
                                                spouses who stand behind their loved ones serving the country during wartime. ‘Whether you
                                                signed up for military life at the recruiting station or at the altar rail, each person - each person's a
                                                volunteer,’ he said. ‘And when you married your soldier, sailor, airman, Marine or Coast
                                                Guardsman, you became more than just part of a family. You became part of our nation's military
                                                family.’” [U.S. Army Press Release, 5/7/08]
CG Bachmann half: “The American soldier
is the embodiment of hard work, patriotism   Bush Said Troops Would Come Home With Honor They Have Earned. The Hartford Currant
and service.”                                quoted a speech Bush made at Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage. According to the Currant,
                                             Bush said, “As the Iraqis stand up, we will stand down. And when our commanders on the ground
CG Bush half: “Our troops will come home     tell me that the Iraqi forces can defend their freedom, our troops will come home with the honor
with the honor they have earned”             they have earned.” [Hartford Currant, 11/29/05]

CG Bachman half: Bachmann voted “No”         FACT: Bachmann Voted Against The GI Bill.

CG Bush half: Bush says he’ll veto           Bachmann Vote Against Providing Iraq And Afghanistan Veterans GI Bill Benefits At The
                                             Level Available To WWII Veterans. Congresswoman Bachmann voted against legislation that
CG: Call Michele Bachmann                    would provide Iraq and Afghanistan veterans GI Bill benefits at the level available to WWII
                                             veterans. According to Speaker Pelosi's office, “Under the new GI bill, service members returning
                                             from Iraq or Afghanistan, who have served 3 years on active duty, would receive benefits to cover
Tell her to support the GI Bill              the costs of a four-year education up to the level of the most expensive in-state public school.” The
PresidentBushLegacy.org/Veterans             legislation was broadly supported by the major veterans’ organization. [HR 2642, Vote #330,
                                             5/15/08; Speaker Pelosi Press Release, 5/15/08]
FOR CHANGE                                   FACT: Bush Threatened To Veto The GI Bill.

                                             Bush Has Threatened To Veto An Expansion Of The GI Bill. President Bush has threatened to
                                             veto the Emergency Supplemental legislation which would expand the GI Bill. Bush has said the
                                             GI Bill expansion would be too expensive. [White House Press Release, 5/21/08; Roll Call,

                                             FACT: Bachman Said The American Soldier is the Embodiment of Hard Work, Patriotism
                                             and Service.

                                             Bachman Said The American Soldier is the Embodiment of Hard Work, Patriotism and
                                             Service. “America’s greatness lies in her people, and the American soldier is the embodiment of
                                             hard work, patriotism and service, the finest of America’s principles.”
                                             [Bachman Congressional Press Release, Accessed 5/22/08]

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