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                                     January 11/12, 2012
                                    08:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

                                        WECC Offices
                                       Salt Lake City, UT

 I.    Welcome
       Lauri Jones, Committee Chair, called the meeting to order at 08:00 a.m. on January
       11, 2012. A quorum was present for the conducting of business. A list of attendees
       is attached as Exhibit A.

       Attendees were asked to introduce themselves and reviewed WECC Policy
       statement discussed during the welcome.

 II.   Approve Agenda
       The agenda was approved as submitted.

III.   Approve Minutes of the July 25, 2011 meeting —                   Brian Reich
       Meeting minutes are posted on the WECC OTS Restricted site and committee
       members are encouraged to update their WECC website “actions” to receive
       notifications to minutes posted or changed.
       Minutes were approved.
IV.    Review Action List                                               Bob Tomsky
       The OTS Action list was reviewed and updated.
V.     New members – retiring/resigning members/review charter Lauri Jones
       Daryl Haynes will be attending for AESO (backup for Sunil), and Robert Fitzgerald
       (WAPA) will replace Stephanie Conn. This will be George Noller’s last meeting; John
       Page is expected to take George’s spot in April. Pete Gibson (WECC RC) has gone
       to BPA; Linda Perez is attending since Karl Fittinger (WECC RC) is not able to attend

        this meeting. Kristie Cocco has accepted a different position and Tim Barton (SRP) is
        expected to replace her.

 VI.    Review 2011 OTS Goals, Form 2012 Goals
        The OTS goals for 2011 consisted of:
               o Establish SAT categories on the WECC trainer’s website with a listing of
                 Instructor Certification programs. This goal was completed.
               o Westwide model - DTS integration into a WECC course- WECC RC
                 Restoration was used to meet this goal.
               o Provide updates to the membership concerning Training requirements
                 from the NERC standards. This goal was completed.
               o Provide training metrics to the membership during the Trainers workshop.
                 This goal was not completed due to time limitations at the Trainers
                 Workshop, we will include it in the 2012 goals.
               o Provide the Train the Trainers and Overview workshops to the WECC
                 membership. This goal was completed
               o Provide updates to the membership concerning Training requirements
                 from the NERC standards. This goal was completed

         The OTS goals for 2012 consist of:
              o Maintain and enhance the knowledge and skills of trainers.
              o Direct and assist the WECC Trainer to implement and maintain the WECC
                operations training program
              o Provide updates on requirements from the NERC/WECC standards.
              o Provide support and guidance to the OTS-HPWG.
              o Collaborate with WECC RC Trainers to develop and make available to the
                WECC membership the WECC Simulator.
              o Provide WECC Trainers metrics options to evaluate the implementation
                and effectiveness of their training programs
              o Provide WECC and registered entities a Subject Matter Expert (SME)
                resource on training matters.
VII.    Report of the Chiefs Meeting                                       Brett Hallborg
        Brett updated committee on the Chief’s meeting in which BC Hydro presented their
        Error Management Program for analyzing near miss events.

VIII.   NERC Standards update                                            Lauri Jones/all
        Group discussion of the status of NERC standards including PER-003-1 (Operating
        Personnel Credentials) will be effective 10/1/2012. The RSAW is expected to be
        drafted to describe how to comply with this standard. PER-005-1 (System Personell
        Training) update – 32 hours of EOP for requirement 3 was effective 3/1/2011. The
        standard was drafted to allow the company to define the “term every 12 months.”
        The NERC Personal Subcommittee is asking for a clarification on this definition.

      EOP-005-2 (System Restoration from Blackstart Resources), EOP-006-2 (System
      Restoration Coordination), & EOP-008-1 (Loss of Control Center Functionality) will
      be effective 7/1/2013. Group discussion varied about requirement 14 requiring two
      hours of training to field personnel and “what are Unique tasks” for EOP-005-2.
      Many are considering using Computer Based Training for companies with large
      groups of people. BAL-002- WECC-1 Contingency Reserves status which FERC has
      remanded back to WECC is being revised by WECC.

IX.   NERC PS and PCGC Activities                               Brett Hallborg/Lauri Jones
      PCGC – Brett updated subcommittee on the new exams that will be effective Feb 1.
      This will require one week blackout to allow the vendor to update the exam bank at
      all locations. The passing scores for Balancing Interchange Transmission Operator
      (BT), Balancing and Interchange Operator (BI), and Transmission Operator (TO) are
      going to be to reduced. The new passing grades will be three of the exams will be:
      (BITO, 94 out of 125)
      (BI & TO are 75 out of 100).
      The Reliability Coordinator (RC) is not changed (RC is 96 out of 125).

      The PCGC is recommending changing the exam cycle time from 18 month to three
      year cycle times. In support of this, PCGC along with the EWG is looking for
      opportunities to make the exams more dynamic, allowing for questions directly
      related to standards to be replaced mid exam cycle when the standard becomes
      effective. This is not expected in the 3 year period of exams starting in February.

      PS- Lauri –updated the subcommittee about the five year plan to lead industry for
      standards and RSAW’s through a series of white papers on history and future
      expectations. Simple SAT document (Layman’s version of SAT) for help industry
      develop Systematic Approach to Training. Discussions about future vision of a
      Program Accreditation vs. ILA accreditation. Other changes to Continuing Education
      (CE) manual to include better organization of information by reformatting to include
      three sections Student, Provider, and Reviewer. SOCCED changes for ILA approval
      options of reviewers is changing to allow approval or no recommendations which is
      forwarded to John Taylor to complete. RSAW for PER-005 is being debated, PS is
      receiving many questions about PER-005 with a paper expected to be drafted to
      answer these questions. WEBEX presentations are going to be available to cover
      these questions as well. Industry education about raising the bar for ILA content is
      planned. This will start with informing the reviewers of ILA’s first and then informing
      the ILA Providers. Topics will include: Learning Objectives Guide, matching trainees
      to training need, and a Reviewer Guide.
X.    Event Lessons learned                                 Phillip Savage/ Mike Scott
      Phillip discussed some of the events that occurred during the February 14, 2008
      event. FERC considers the NERC Standard requirements for compliance only.
      FERC does not consider measures in determining compliance with the standards, so
      even if an event greater than the Most Severe Single Contingency (MSSC) occurs,
      Balancing Authorities should anticipate taking actions to meet the 15 minute DCS

        requirement. To comply with DCS standard the WECC RC will call at five minutes
        after an event to verify the entity has a plan of action to comply. The WECC RC will
        follow call again 10 after initiating event to issue a Directive to comply with DCS.

        Mike Scott described the sequence of events that occurred causing the 525 kV line
        trip that was part of the Pacific Southwest outage. The root cause was human error
        related to a switching error that occurred during the isolation of the series capacitor
 XI.    Training Sessions discussions                                      Bob Tomsky
    Bob updated the subcommittee on class attendance for 2011. See exhibit B “Training
    Session Reports” for details.There were 23 classes offered in 2011 with 436 students
    attending. Two classes were canceled in 2011 during the first part of the year. These
    numbers do not include the Overview Workshop or the Trainers workshop. Class
    locations and cancelations appear to have affected the attendance, so no classes will
    be cancelled this year. The WECC classes will be taught as scheduled for 2012 to
    ensure WECC members have the ability to schedule and attend the classes.
        After discussion over the class evaluations, the OTS decided to provide assistance
        for Bob with the classes for the first half of 2012 WECC courses. Members will let
        Lauri know who is available to attend these classes (action item). The OTS
        Subcommittee was informed that WECC management decided to have the Overview
        Workshops taught by Bob Tomsky. Overview Workshops are currently scheduled for
        Alberta Electric (AESO) in January in Canada with 75 registered for the class.
        Onother class is scheduled for July in Salt lake City and the October site needs to be
        Two of the NERC ILA courses were audited last year and passed.
        Discussion of synchrophasor class proposal to add one day course taught by Mike
        Terbrueggen. This new course would be added to one of the other Terbrueggen
        classes. Discussion questioned that use of Phasor information that would be used
        real-time operations. To date how this information is going to be used by the
        operators is not known, so until this information has a real-time application, the class
        will not be added. Bob will see if Mike Terbrueggen can incorporate this advanced
        theory information in the current classes Dynamics of Disturbances (DOD) class.
XII.    Human Performance Work Group (HPWG)                                       Lauri Jones
        HPWG members updated the subcommittee with the HPWG status. The purpose of
        the HPWG includes creating tools, materials, techniques, technologies, and metrics
        to measure and reduce human errors. Some of the goals are to create Causal code
        for events, a tracking methodology, and establishing a learning repository for
        lessons learned, and develop Human Performance training for the industry to utilize.

XIII.   WECC RC update                                                             Linda Perez
        Linda informed the subcommittee of the Restoration Training for 2012. See exhibit C
        “WECC Reliability Coordination Training Opportunity” for details. The Pacific

       Northwest Restoration Training will start in March - April for five weeks, and the fall
       session will be in September - October for six weeks. The California / Mexico
       Restoration Training will start in May – June for six weeks and the fall session will be
       in November- December for 6 weeks. A one day Proctor Training class must be
       attended prior to scheduling the entities for the regions. Last year 635 operators
       attended the restoration training with the WECC RC.

       Personnel changes include the RC Training Manager, and two WECC RC Trainer
       positions are posted. Dick Schwartz and Jeff Sundvick are filling the training roles for
       now. WECC Reliability Coordinators are planning on attending various regional
       training, including DSTAC Training, CETAC Training, and RMTAC Training.

XIV.   Trainers Workshop                                                  Lauri Jones/OTS
                Topics for Workshop include Suggested topics
                 o Add NERC standard numbering explanation to workshop “a” is a notice
                     for interpretation. NERC Standards (General & Specifics)
                 o Platform skills – Toastmasters or OTS members – (Present advanced
                     topics for Experienced instructors)
                 o Trainers tools and activities activities (Can be part of Platform Skills for
                     Experienced instructors)
                 o New instructor & Experienced instructor techniques - Advertise with
                     two known tracks available for participants to attend.
                 o Intro to Systematic Approach to Training (SAT) create a three series
                     course and include (phase 1) at workshop. (This would be part of the
                     New instructor series mentioned above)
                 o Human Performance improvements
                 o Industry Lessons learned covering recent events (Pacific- Southwest)
                 o NERC update from John Taylor or NERC
                 o WECC Compliance expectations
                 o Audit results – Robert Fitzgerald (WAPA) / Brian Reich (IPCO)
                 o Metrics how to use…
       Create a survey from membership for input from WECC training contacts using
       “Survey Monkey” for to get data from membership prior to April meeting. Lauri and
       Bob (action Item).

XV.    Future Meetings                                                           Lauri Jones
       Next Meeting will be two full days of discussion in Salt Lake City, on April 25 and 26.

                                              DATES              LOCATIONS
          WECC OTS                           April 25-26          SLC UTAH
                                             July 23-24           San Diego, CA

Trainers Workshop   July 24-27

Conference Calls     as needed

Exhibit A: Attendance List                                         Operation Training Subcommittee
                                                                            January 11-12, 2011

Date: Committee Name Meeting

Members in Attendance
Name                                 Affiliation    Name                                  Affiliation
Bob Tomsky ……..………………WECC                           Lauri Jones ............................. PG & E
Richard Krajewski ....................... PNM       Brian Reich ................................ IPCO
Kyle Conroy ............................... TSGT    C.J. McKeral ............................. USBR
Tamara (Tami) Elliott ............... CAISO         George Noller .............................. SCE
Bill Simmons ............................ SMUD      Sunil Prahalad .......................... AESO
Richard Brock ............................ PSCo     Philip Savage ..................... PacifiCorp
Brett Hallborg ...................... BC Hydro      Michael Scott ............................... APS
Warren Maxvill ............................ AVA     Robert Fitzgerald……………..…WAPA

Members not in Attendance
Name                                  Affiliation   Name                               Affiliation
Robert Staton ............................ PSCo     Bernie OConnell .......................... BPA
Karl Fittinger ...................... WECC-RC       Stephanie Conn ....................... WAPA
Lonnie Chapman…………………TEP                            Hank LuBean ............................ DOPD
                                                    Steve Owen …..…………………..PSCo

Others in Attendance
Name                                Affiliation     Name                               Affiliation

Daryl Haynes ............................ AESO      Linda Perez .................. ….. WECC-RC

Exhibit B: Training Session Reports                      Operation Training Subcommittee
                                                                     January 11-12, 2011

                                                                                      Bob Tomsky
                                                                                  Training Manager
                                                                  Western Electricity Coordinating Council
                                                                                       Ph: (801) 582-0353
                                                                                       Cell: 801-300-0445
                                                                                       Fx: (801) 582-3918


Session Reports:

   23 total classes taught in 2011

    First half of 2011
             11 WECC classes taught including SAT (NOT including Ovrvw Workshop).
                     Total participants = 218
                     Max capacity= 345 63% Full.
             2 classes cancelled in first half of year due to lack of interest
                     Generation Balance
                     Situational Awareness (Brand NEW class designed by Robert)

    Second Half of 2011
           12 WECC classes taught including SAT (NOT including Ovrvw or Trainers
                  Total participants = 218
                  Capacity = 338 59% Full
             Cancellations recently being received 4 in the last week due to “budget
             Class attendance numbers dropping last quarter.
                  Schedulers – October 24-28th = 11 attended
                  Switching – October 31 – Nov 4th = 12 attended
                  Generation Balancing Nov 7-11th = 10 attended
                  EOPS (Emergency Ops) Nov14-18th = 12 attended

    Class       Instructor  5    4     3     2   1
Interchange            Robert               62%   38%
TransOps-V             Robert               60%   40%
TransOps-R             Robert               89%   11%
SAT                    OTS                  51%   43%         6%
Intro                  Robert               66%   34%
Restoration            Robert               60%   40%
EOPS                   Robert               60%   40%
Schedulers             Brian                16%   72%         5%         5%
SAT                    OTS                  57%   39%         4%
Restoration            Bob                  27%   77%         6%
EOPS                   Bob                  36%   54%         9%
TransOps-R             Bob                  30%   70%
Interchange*           Bob                   7%   56%     27%      10%
Schedulers             Bob                  44%   50%      5%
Switching              Bob                  22%   47%     21%      5%    5%
Gen Bal                Bob                  38%   62%
EOPS                   Bob                  29%   71%

Total Classes               17              44%   50%     10%      8%    5%
         Interchange class needs TOTAL revamp. Class saved by Gary

2012 Course Calendar Review & Survey Results
    Survey numbers for 2012 slightly lower than 2011.
DOD*              34       DOD*                     33
PSD*              46       PSD*                     41
PSP*              47       PSP*                     36
EOPS              54       EOPS                     79
Intro Sys Oper    18       Intro Sys Oper           30
Gen Bal           29       Gen Bal                  43
Interchange       32       Interchange              55
Restoration       43       Awareness                21
Switching         26       Restoration              43
TO-Relay          37       Switching                31
TO-Voltage        37       TO-Voltage               37
Schedulers        31       TO-Relay                 58
SAT               19       Schedulers               40
Overview WS       11       SAT                      7
                           Grand Total
Trainers WS       33       2011                   554
2012             497

    Updating WECC Training website with proper class descriptions & easier links to more
     detailed CEH & training links and information per suggestions.

    NEW 1 day (8hr) Synchrophasor course to be OFFERED as additional class & added to
     Terbrueggen’s DOD classes?? (Dynamics of Disturbances).

                    WECC Synchrophasor Course (8 CEH)
                                      Finalized Nov 2011
The 8 CEH course will normally be presented as an additional 1-day add on to the three
WECC courses Mike Terbrueggen already conducts. He will charge WECC $2,750 per
delivery of the 1-day course. His normal classes, PSP, DOD & PSD run Tuesday
through Friday so this class will be offered on the Monday before the other classes.
Class Synopsis
    1. Introduction to Synchrophasor Concept
           a. Description of a Phasor
           b. Synchronizing With Accurate Time Signals
    2. Synchrophasor Equipment
           a. Concept of a PMU
           b. Microprocessor Relays With PMU Functionality
           c. Telecommunications Requirements
           d. Required Substation Equipment
           e. Required Control Center Equipment
           f. Cyber Security Requirements
    3. Synchrophasor Locations in North America
           a. Review map of North American PMU Installations
           b. Describe Role of Data Aggregators
    4. Synchrophasor Applications for Engineering Analysis
           a. Event Analysis
           b. Performance Baselining
           c. Model Validation
    5. Synchrophasors Application for Situational Awareness
           a. Wide-Area Visualization
           b. Trend Displays
           c. Oscillation Detection and Mode Meter applications
           d. Phase Angle alarms
           e. Illustrate & Describe Examples
                   i. For Transmission Operators
                  ii. For Reliability Coordinators
    6. Synchrophasor Application for Protective Relaying
           a. Illustrate & Describe Examples
                   i. Usage in SPS / RAS
    7. Synchrophasor Application for Wide Area Control
           a. Illustrate & Describe Examples

2011 Workshop Recap:
           March 15 &16 in Las Vegas            = 38 attendees
           July 12 & 13 Alameda, CA         = 34 attendees
           October 25 & 26th in Phoenix, AZ
                    Moved to WECC-SLC = 47 attendees
                                           119 TOTAL

2010 workshops
           March 9 & 10th in SanDiego @ Catamaran Hotel , CA = 65 attendees
           March 24 & 25th in Riverside, CA                  = 30 attendees
           July 13-14 Seattle Washington                     = 46 attendees
           October 26-29th Albuquerque, New Mexico           = 60 attendees
                                                           201 TOTAL

2012 workshops
           Feb CANCELLED
           July 18 & 19 @ WECC-SLC
           October 23&24 @ TBD

January 25 & 26 in Calgary for AESO (Alberta Electric System Operator) –Philip Mayson
Approx 60 signed up!!

Exhibit C: WECC Reliability Coordinator Training Opportunity
                                                  Operation Training Subcommittee
                                                              January 11-12, 2011

                                 WECC Reliability Coordination Training Opportunity
                                     VPN Restoration Exercise for PNW/CA-MEX
WECC Reliability Coordination, Vancouver WA, will hold Restoration Training in the Spring (May/June), and in the
Fall (October/November), 2012 for Pacific Northwest/California-Mexico BA/TOPs. In order to register for and
participate in the two-day Restoration Training, please note that you must first attend the required pre-requisite
one-day proctor training in Vancouver, WA*. This one-day course, entitled ‘Restoration Training for Trainers’, is
the pre-requisite for BAs/TOPs to participate in the two-day WECC RC Restoration Training for the PNW/CA-MEX
Entities via Virtual Private Network (VPN).

The schedule for the required pre-requisite one-day proctor training and for the two-day Restoration Training is:

One-Day Proctor Training (held Tuesdays in Vancouver, WA):
       Spring: May 1; May 8; May 15; May 22
       Fall:    Oct 16; Oct 23; Oct 30; Nov 6

Two-Day Restoration Training (held Wednesday-Thursdays from your entity’s location, via VPN connection):
       Spring: May 2-3; May 9-10; May 16-17; May 23-24; June 6-7
       Fall:   Oct 17-18; Oct 24-25; Oct 31-Nov 1; Nov 7-8; Nov 14-15

The required one-day VPN Restoration Proctor Training (‘Restoration Training for Trainers’) will be held in the
WECC RC Vancouver WA Training Room* and will provide instruction in operating the DTS from your remote
location. You will become familiar with user screens that allow progress tracking; adjusting of load and generation;
overview screen viewing; perform synchronizing, AGC modes, etc. The course will also cover the RC Restoration
Plan as well as how the RC will coordinate with the various TOP restoration plans.

The one-day VPN Restoration Proctor Training (‘Restoration Training for Trainers’) course will award 7 CEHs for successful
completion (and 7 EOPs).

The two-day Restoration Drill (Restoration Training) will award 14 CEHs for successful completion (and 14 EOPs), and will
commence with a one-to-two hour webcast prior to the start of the Restoration Drill simulation. The Restoration Drill
(Restoration Training) will have generation off line and will necessitate clearing buses and lines prior to energizing.

The WECC RC Training Department would like to schedule all trainers for the one-day VPN Restoration Exercise in either the
Spring (May/June) or Fall (Oct/Nov), whichever works best for your organization. Those who attend and receive training will be
eligible to proctor students at their site participating in Restoration Training. Checklists will be issued to all proctors to assess
students. A learning contract will be provided for signature and return in order to proctor students at remote locations.

          NOTE: Proctors who successfully completed the one-day VPN Restoration Proctor Training in 2011 may notify
          the WECC RC Training Department if interested in receiving, signing, and returning to WECC RC the
          required learning contract for 2012. The process for proctoring the course remains unchanged. However, if
          you have not successfully completed the one-day VPN Restoration Proctor Training, you must complete that
          training prior to registering your entity to participate in the two-day Restoration Training.

     To register, send an email TO: WECC RC Training Department
     Enter “Restoration Training” in the SUBJECT line
     Indicate the dates for which you are registering (either May/June dates, or Oct/Nov dates):
            o For the one-day VPN Restoration Proctor Training (7 CEHs and 7 EOPs), and
            o For the two-day Restoration Training (14 CEHs and 14 EOPs)

In order to facilitate communications, we will build a list of phone numbers for training purposes from each entity participating
in the training. We will contact proctors for these phone numbers after proctors have completed the one-day VPN Restoration
Project Training, and prior to the two-day Restoration Training for which those proctors register their entities.

WECC Reliability Coordination
Training Room – Suite 155
7600 NE 41 Street
Vancouver, WA 98662
Registration Questions: Ruth Manning, 360-213-2339, rmanning@wecc.biz

For the VPN Restoration Proctor Training:
One-day class 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Pacific Time
30 minute lunch – lunch will be provided
(Note: Please arrive 10 minutes early for sign-in)

For the Restoration Training:
Participants, under the direction of their on-site proctor, will connect via VPN from their organization into WECC for this
Please be prepared at 7:30 a.m. for connectivity; class runs from 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Pacific Time


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