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									                         The ACA News-Link for October 9, 2009

                            HAPPY THANKSGIVING
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                            Student Awards and Opportunities
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Please send any announcements regarding aging-related research and education to so that we can pass that information on to colleagues across campus.


1. CIHR Scientific Council Plenary Session, U of A Campus, October 15, 11:30-12:30: In
   this session, Dr. Alain Beaudet, President, CIHR will discuss CIHR’s Strategic Plan. A
   Question and Answer session will follow. The session is open to all Health researchers,
   postdoctoral fellows and students. No registration is required. It will be held in the Clinical
   Sciences Building, Room 2-117.

2. Student Tickets Available: The ACA has two student tickets for the upcoming AAG
   Edmonton Chapter Networking dinner, October 21, 5:30 p.m. at the Faculty Club. Dr. Lili
   Lui, Professor and Chair, Department of Occupation Therapy, Faculty of Rehabilitation
   Medicine, will be discussing Aging and the Smart Condo. Students who have received
   tickets in the past year are not eligible. Contact the ACA at; tickets are
   available on a first come, first served basis.

3. New Directions for Facility-based Long Term Care: This report prepared by the
   Canadian Healthcare Association is available here.

4. Law Commission of Ontario (LCO): In late 2008, the LCO issued a Call for Papers on
   issues relevant to its project on the Law as it Affects Older Adults. Two research papers (1)
   The Advocacy Centre for the Elderly (ACE): Design of Effective Mechanisms for Enforcing
   the Rights of Persons Living in Institutional Settings and (2) Margaret Hall: Legal Responses
   To Elder Abuse And Legal Decision-Making Frameworks are now available here.

5. 2009 World Alzheimer’s Report, Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI): This report
   provides prevalence estimates of dementia worldwide, highlights the financial and societal
   costs of caring for individuals with dementia, and outlines eight recommendations intended
   to provide a global framework for action on dementia. It is available at

6. Alberta Centre on Aging Research Development Grant: Application forms for the ACA
   Research Development Grants available to University of Alberta faculty members are on the
   ACA website. The deadline to submit applications is November 20, 2009. For more
   information regarding eligibility or submission details, please visit the ACA website, (under Research).

New Resources

1. Crane Library Web Pick of the Week for September 30: The International Council on
   Active Aging has brought together a number of downloadable publications that may be
   useful for encouraging activity participation in the elderly (and people of all ages), click here
   to access. If you wish to subscribe to the Web Pick of the Week, go to:

2. Crane Library Web Pick of the Week for October 7: My Home Life DVD
   ( is a series of online films designed to showcase the new
   phase of the My Home Life initiative in the UK. Each film is split into two parts: a case study
   and a question about the film answered by a series of experts. My Home Life is supported
   by the recently merged Age Concern and Help the Aged, City University London and the
   Joseph Rowntree Foundation and aims at improving the quality of life of those who are
   living, dying, visiting and working in care homes for older people. The eight films are based
   on the themes of the program: managing transitions; maintaining identity; creating
   community; sharing decision-making; improving health & healthcare; supporting good end-
   of-life; keeping workforce fit for purpose; and promoting a positive culture.

3. Understanding Pain & Dementia: An Online Workshop and Toolkit: This educational
   website,, was developed by Cary Brown,
   Occupational Therapy, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine, University of Alberta, and Agnes
   Mitchell, School of Nursing, Grant MacEwan College. It contains a narrative presentation
   about pain and dementia; a downloadable resource pack for family members; a
   downloadable pain-log and the PAINAD assessment tool; and a facilitator’s toolkit of
   background material, a planning guide, promotional material, and supplemental information
   for organizations who wish to put on a workshop using the materials. For more information,
   contact Cary Brown at

4. Alberta Centre on Aging – Continuing Care Research Inventory: This inventory contains
   information about continuing care research projects in the Edmonton region. Projects were
   conducted from 2005 to the present or involved the analysis of data collected since 2000. To
   view the inventory, click here .

Student Awards and Opportunities

1. Gyro Club of Edmonton Graduate and Undergraduate Scholarships in Aging:
   Application forms for the 2009/10 Gyro Club of Edmonton Scholarships in Aging for
   University of Alberta students are now on-line on the ACA website,
   (under Education). The deadline to submit applications is November 2, 2009. Please
   forward all inquiries to
2. W.W. & H.E. Trusdale Award in Gerontology: Application forms for the 2009/10 W.W. &
   H.E. Trusdale Award in Gerontology for University of Alberta students are now on-line on
   the ACA website, (under Education). The deadline to submit
   applications for this travel award is November 2, 2009. Please forward all inquiries to

3. Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation - Dr. Peter N. McCracken Legacy
   Scholarship: The Dr. Peter N. McCracken Legacy Scholarship recognizes Dr. McCracken's
   many contributions to geriatric medicine and to the mentorship of students of all disciplines.
   The Scholarship provides an annual grant to enable University of Alberta students
   registered in a graduate (Masters, PhD, MD) program with a focus on geriatrics, gerontology
   or aging to participate in research. Disciplines include, but are not limited to medicine,
   nursing, pharmacy, psychology and rehabilitation medicine. Application for the scholarship
   must be received by the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation office the latest by 4
   p.m. November 20, 2009. The application is available here.

Funding Opportunities

1. CIHR Partnerships for Health System Improvement: (PHSI) aims to strengthen Canada's
   healthcare system through collaborative, applied and policy-relevant research. PHSI is
   Canada's premier health services and policy research competition — and with its strong
   emphasis on partnerships and knowledge translation it is also a major resource for
   managers and policy makers who want relevant research to inform their decision-making.
   PHSI funds teams of decision makers and researchers to conduct applied health services
   and policy research. PHSI projects can last up to three years and receive up to a maximum
   of $400,000 from CIHR over the life of the project. Additional funding from external partners
   is required. Competition Application Deadline is November 2, 2009. For more information,
   please visit the CIHR website.

2. CIHR Emerging Teams for Alliances in Mobility in Aging Partnerships for Health
   System Improvement: The aim is to support the establishment of Teams in Mobility in
   Aging that cross disciplines, professions and sectors, so as to accelerate research to action,
   and provide research career development and research capacity building opportunities. The
   Team support is expected to build and strengthen research excellence and alliances across
   communities to meet a planned set of objectives and, where appropriate, to set out on
   future, larger endeavours. Letters of intent are due November 2, 2009. Further information
   is available here.


Tuesdays                         Geriatric Grand Rounds
12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.           Check the schedule at
Dr. Bill Black Auditorium,
Glenrose Rehabilitation          Available via video-link up at various sites
Hospital, Edmonton, AB

1. Neural Mechanisms of Episodic Memory in Young and Older Adults, Colloquium,
   October 19, 4:00 p.m.: Sponsored by Alberta Cognitive Neuroscience and the Department
   of Psychology, this presentation is being given by Dr. Roberto Cabeza, a prominent
   cognitive neuroscience of aging researcher from Duke University. Location: Biological
   Sciences Building, M149.
2. Aging and the Smart Condo, Alberta Association on Gerontology Edmonton Chapter
   Networking Dinner, October 21, 5:30 p.m.: Dr. Lili Lui, Professor and Chair, Department
   of Occupation Therapy, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine, will be the presenter at this
   upcoming event at the U of A Faculty Club. Registration is required; for more information,
   call 780-466-1424 or e-mail

3. Canadian Association on Gerontology (CAG) 38th Annual Scientific and Education
   Meeting, October 22-24, Winnipeg: This annual meeting helps to foster an environment in
   which information can be shared and networks developed. For more information or to
   register, please visit

4. Spotlight on Research Breakfast – Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital: This year’s
   Spotlight on Research Breakfast, held on November 6, 2009, focuses on heart disease, with
   Dr. William A. Dafoe and Kim MacEachran as guest speakers. For more information, click sit

5. Gerontological Society of America (GSA) – Creative Approaches to Healthy Aging,
   November 18-22, Atlanta, Georgia: Registration rates and information are available at

6. Australian Association of Gerontology Annual Meeting, November 25-27, 2009,
   Canberra: This year’s theme is Translation and Transformation: Connecting What We Know
   and What We Do. Further information is available at

7. Association for Gerontology in Higher Education Annual Meeting and Educational
   Leadership Conference, March 4-7, 2010, Reno, Nevada: This annual meeting focuses
   on ideas and issues in gerontological and geriatric education, and brings together
   educators, clinicians, administrators, researchers, and students to share their experiences,
   expertise, and innovations regarding teaching and learning about aging and older persons.
   Click here for further information.

8. 7th World Conference of the International Society of Gerotechnology, May 27-30, 2010,
   Vancouver, BC: Check for details. Abstract submission
   deadline is January 15, 2010.

9. 39th Annual Conference of the British Society of Gerontology, July 6-8, 2010,
   Uxbridge, UK: Abstract submission deadline is January 29, 2010. For further information,
   go to BSG website.

              Check our website for other upcoming events


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