04232012 Energy Bill Becomes Law

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Energy Bill Becomes Law
April 23, 2012

Host: I’m talking with Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam. This past legislative
session, Commissioner, your priority was to pass a bill that would pave the way for the future of
energy in our state. Are you pleased with the results?

Commissioner Putnam: I am, Frost. During the 2012 Legislative Session the House and Senate
passed Florida’s first comprehensive energy plan in four years. While it’s a modest step, we sent
a clear message that Florida is focused on its energy future.

We’re putting our energy policy back on the right track, positioning our state to secure a stable,
reliable, and diverse supply of energy. This plan will increase diversity in the state’s energy
portfolio, expand energy production, and create much-needed jobs for Floridians, and it does all
that without picking winners and losers, which distorts the market.

Thanks to Senate Majority Leader Andy Gardiner and Representative Scott Plakon and Seth
McKeel for their extraordinary leadership in making this happen.

Host: Thanks, Commissioner Putnam. For Commissioner’s Spotlight, I’m Frost Burke.

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