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          Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting held on Sunday, 7 December 2003 at
                 The Bridge House Hotel, Acock’s Green, Birmingham


    Brian Edwards    Chairman, Wiltshire OS
    Sue Lane         Vice-Chairman, Devon OS/Somerset OS
    Steve Manning    Hon. Sec., Pleurothallid Alliance
    Walter Howey*    Treasurer, South East O.S.
    Bill Allwood     Minutes Secretary, Scottish OS

Pat Allwood     Scottish OS                             Chris Bulpitt OSGB
Zigis Urdzins   Solihull & District                     Anne Rutter OSGB
Bill Bond       Solihull & District                     Peter White BOGA
Hazel Edwards Wiltshire OS                              Colin Evans     Worcestershire OS
John Spires     Central OS                              Ross Taylor Worcestershire OS
Gillian Howey South East OS                             Joy Eng     Bournemouth OS
Lydia Cobb      Chiltern OS                             Graham Smith Bournemouth OS
Max Hopkinson     East Midlands OS                      Neville Dunn Lea Valley OS
Celia Hopkinson East Midlands OS                        Michael Potter Lea Valley OS
Eric Hodgkins Birmingham & Midland O.S.                 Ian Parsons Communications sub-committee Ch.
Johan Hermans* Judging sub Committee                    Bristol & West of England OS & South West OS
Clare Hermans * Judging sub Committee                   Denys Morten CANWOS
Nigel Wood     NE of England OS                         Janet Newsome Cotswold OS
Tom Houghton NE of England OS                           Alastair Wilson North of England OS

                                                        * Members of the judging sub-committee

The names recorded as present have been taken from
the attendance list circulated during the meeting.

                                                        Iain Wright   Cheshire and N Wales OS
Allan Rowntree Cumbria OS                               Betty Barber Chiltern OS
Tony Britten Cumbria OS                                 Don Smallman Pleurothallid Alliance
Iain Wright CANWOS
Ian Plested BOGA
Christine Cook Hardy Orchid Society
Barry Cook Thames Valley OS & Hardy OS
Cedric Maunder* Sheffield / Harrogate OS

Silvia Maunder* Sheffield OS

2. Chairman's Opening Remarks / Agenda
The Chairman opened the meeting and welcomed the new delegates from North East of
England OS whilst thanking Alec and Mary Burt for their past participation.
He announced with regret that Nev Brown of Sheffield OS had died describing him as a
‘Big-Man’ in every respect. His contribution will be missed as a well-respected judge.
Also Terry Cook of Ivens Orchids had passed away and these two deaths were indeed a
blow to the orchid world.

The Agenda was approved without change.

3. Minutes of the previous Ordinary Meeting held 7 September 2003
These were accepted correcting the missed apology from Denys Morten CANWOS.

4. Matters Arising
Max Hopkinson wished to inform members about developments in the bark supply
situation. As the Scottish venture had come to nothing he had found that Melcourt were
now producing three grades. These were fine, medium and large at about £10 per 70
litre bag plus carriage. He showed samples to members. Ian Parsons noted that
Avoncrop were also selling the same bark, as were several orchid traders.

The Chairman then spoke about the possibility of a future Congress and asked Ian
Parsons to present his proposal. This preliminary version is attached as an annex
without illustrations provided at the meeting.

The proposal attracted several questions/comments as follows:
Walter Howey noticed that the Congress was planned from the Wednesday to the
Sunday and that this was perhaps too long and Friday to Sunday would be cheaper
saving £4000. Peter White confirmed that the Trade could set up on a Friday without
problems. Walter added that the £4000 saving could act as a cushion as the budget
appeared to be ‘tight’. The cost of the buffet had not been included in the registration
fee as in the past and this should be reviewed. He recognised that the dinner and buffet
would be self-financing. Finally he noted that as no single society was staging the
event, public liability insurance would be provided through BOC.

Johan Hermans asked if judging breakfasts/rosettes had been included in the sundry
expenses. In the past this expense had been sponsored by BOGA but this could not be
relied upon. Ian replied that we might be able to get sponsorship from Garden Centre
chains such as Wyevale but he would not rely upon it either. Clare Hermans said that
we should now be actively looking for sponsorship; it was not too soon.
Ian agreed that the preliminary proposal needed to be reviewed and the Chairman,
Brian Edwards asked the members if they would accept the following proposals:

   1) BOC provisionally agrees that we proceed to plan a Congress for late
      September /early October 2006 at Weston Super Mare.
   2) The proposal is handed over to the Congress sub Committee who will co-opt
      members as required in due course.

These two proposals were accepted unanimously.

In addition the Chairman endorsed Johan’s congratulations to Ian Parsons and the
Group of Societies for proposing to stage the Congress.

5. Correspondence
The Secretary had received some correspondence asking about local societies. He had
received two copies of an illustrated booklet partly sponsored by BP in Azerbaijan
about the terrestrial orchids of Georgia from the father of one of the authors who
worked for BP. The father had asked that one copy be given to the OSGB. The Council
agreed and a proposal to send the other one to the Hardy OS was accepted.

Steve had received details of an Orchid Festival at Chester Zoo from 14 to 22 February
2004. The Zoo collection of orchids will be on show as will a display from CANWOS
with members in attendance to answer questions.

Steve had directed a student, who wanted Phalaenopsis pictures, to Charlie Kovac.

A book on Orchis had been published in Germany. Contact details were:
Dr L.c. Erich Nelson Foundation, c/o W.Haener, Dangleweg 3, CH-8038, Zurich.

The BOGA Summer Orchid Fayre will now not take place at Donnington Park in
August 2004. A new venue is being arranged so would Societies please amend their
Golden Guides.

6. Treasurer's Report - Walter Howey
BOC has £18500 in cash and the current cash flow is negative at -£120 so far this year.
There are a few small expenses to come in but as the interest on capital will come to
about £600 pounds at the end of the year we shall be in surplus.
Walter noted that a while ago there were questions about a trustee’s responsibilities (as
delegates we are all Trustees). Now all can be made clear by consulting the Charity
commission website

7. CITES – Max Hopkinson
Nothing to report, but Steve Manning said that after the request as detailed below he
had had two replies of doubtful value. It seems that members are not sufficiently
interested in the subject.
Therefore – please will every Society advise Steve or Max as soon as possible of
what LEGAL imports they are aware, how many people have banded together to
import in this way, how many plants, and the approximate value of the
importation. We do not need to know the names of the people involved, and in our
submission to DEFRA we will simply be using numbers. Individual Societies
and/or people will not be named. But it is important that as full a picture as
possible is obtained. Also any knowledge regarding numbers of ILLEGAL
imports – again we do not want to know names, just bare facts.”

8. WOC, Dijon 2005 and EOC, Padua 2006
The possibility of BOC staging either a display or maintaining a presence was
discussed. The Treasurer issued a word of caution stating that the cost of the EOC
display in Copenhagen was £3000. Padua would be similar. The Chairman had heard
that two UK Societies were planning a display at WOC and that a co-operative venture
might be possible. It is believed that BOGA will be there and so something might be

possible whether it is a simple BOC booth with photos and information or a small
display. Ian Parsons who organised the EOC display in Copenhagen said he would
provide a proposal to be discussed at the next Ordinary Meeting.

9. Sub-Committee Reports
a) Judging sub-committee - Clare & Johan Hermans
Dawlish Warren Symposium
A judging symposium was held at the Devon Orchid Weekend in Dawlish Warren. All
went very well with record numbers of judges and trainee judges attending. We would
like to record our gratitude to the Devon Orchid Society for their hospitality and hard
work which made this event such a success.

Two people qualified as BOC judges and we congratulate them on this achievement:

               John Valin of The Eric Young Orchid Foundation.
               Thelma Westmore of the Wessex Orchid Society.

Stephen Penzer a trainee of the Birmingham and Midland O.S. has resigned from the
scheme for personal reasons.
We were very sad to hear about the death of Nev Brown who had been a BOC judge for
over 10 years and was a very active contributor to the scheme.

New Trainee Judges
Kelvin Bush of the Wiltshire Orchid Society, mentored by Brian Edwards.
Ken Chippendale of the Southern Counties Orchid Society, mentored by David

Proposed Honorary Judge
Very occasionally the Judging sub-committee invites eminent members of the orchid
community to become honorary judges of the scheme. To us they are not just
figureheads but people that we hope will contribute to the training scheme in various
ways. In the past we have all benefited from this arrangement. To strengthen this small
core of supporters the sub-committee have agreed unanimously to invite Mrs. Liz
Johnson to become an Honorary Judge of the BOC Judging scheme. Liz is a member of
the RHS Orchid Committee and owner of McBean’s Orchids and we hope that the
Council will endorse our decision.

Future judging events
A circular, detailing future Judging events will be sent out shortly to all judges and
trainee judges.
Eric Young Orchid Foundation, Jersey: 28 – 29 February 2004
Last Drop Village, 1st –3rd October 2004, in conjunction with the North of England
Society Show.

The request to make Liz Johnson an Honorary Judge was approved unanimously.

b) Congress sub-committee – Sue Lane
Sue mentioned that they had met at the Weston Super Mare venue and were impressed
by the facilities. The Sub Committee would now proceed with the 2006 Congress

work-up. Any comments or suggestions on Annexe A should be sent to Sue Lane and
Ian Parsons.

c) Speakers List – Anne Rutter
I have updated the records as you agreed at the last meeting by e-mailing or writing to
all those on the list, asking them to check their entry and suggest any alterations they
would like made. We continue to add a few names each quarter. We now have a total of
55 to choose from but we always need more. Alan Benson has been kind enough to
agree to be a centre point for any one asking for speakers in Scotland. Because of the
distances involved I was having a problem in getting any one to commit to the list but
he will persuade if persuasion is needed.
If you have had a good speaker at your club please let me know. If you think they are
good let other people enjoy them too. Perhaps you would also let me know if you have
good ideas as alternatives. Do you know someone who runs a good quiz or some similar
event that can be ‘orchidised’?

d) Slide Collection – Tina Stagg (not present)

A few slides have been added to the collection.

The slide lecture package is proving to be popular and has been borrowed several times.
A request has been booked for April 2004, also one for January 2005.

As digital cameras are now the norm, I appreciate that slide film is not as widely used as
formerly. I would like to consider the practicalities of the library requesting digital
images for use in PowerPoint presentations. It would, of course, be extremely difficult,
if not impossible, to safeguard copyright so there may be a reluctance to donate images.
Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated.

In the meantime, there are many genera that are under-represented in the library and
once again I ask for donations. Most people have an old 35mm camera somewhere, so
please find it, buy just one slide film and take some pictures of the orchids in your
greenhouses. Then ask your society members to do the same!

e) Communication sub- committee - Ian Parsons
BOGA and the Golden Guide
A suggestion has been made for an increase in the space available in the Golden Guide.
This is to be considered by BOGA in the New Year, and depends upon increasing the
number of adverts published in the guide.
Web Pages
        BOC - The new Web Page has been released, and has met with much approval.
Thanks to Graham for his hard work.
        Orchid Specialist Group (OSG) - Graham has continued with the ongoing work
of keeping the OSG web site updated. The web page can be found at
        EOC - The EOC web page is still being reviewed by the EOC committee, and
should be released for general use shortly.

Organisation of Information
Time has not been available for the planned detailed report on the input of information
for the Golden Guide. It is intended to have a mechanism that allows member societies
to put their own information in to a database, for subsequent use in the publication. This
requires the development of an on-line database, with an element of security.
Hopefully, this will be described more fully in the near future, with the aim of
introducing the system ready for use for the next issue of the Golden Guide.

9. Any other business
Johan Hermans remarked that the EOC 2003 proceedings were now at the proof stage
and members who had registered will soon be getting the c.300 page book through the
post at no extra charge. He also said that a CD containing photographs of the awarding
winning plants would be available for purchase.

The meeting ended at 3.10pm

Minutes Secretary
Bill Allwood, 17 John Gresty Drive, Willaston, Nantwich, Cheshire, CW5 6RH
Tel/Fax 01270 560 585        E-Mail


PROPOSAL for a BOC Congress in 2006

A.1 Summary
It is proposed to hold a British Orchid Council Congress at Weston-Super-Mare
(WSM) from Thursday 28th September to Sunday 1st October 2006.

A.2 Suggested Venue
Weston-Super-Mare is a seaside town some 20 miles west of Bristol, and is a venue for
conferences and shows. It has suitable hotel and guest house accommodation for
visitors situated close to the conference centre, with ample parking, and within easy
travel distance of the motorway network, railway and airport.

The Winter Gardens Conference Centre is situated on the sea front in easy walking
distance from the town’s main shopping area. The Winter Gardens is a pleasant suite of
halls, ballroom, lecture rooms and eating areas, with access for loading and unloading
at various points around the perimeter of the complex. There is adequate off-site
long-term parking.

Members of the BOC Congresses Sub-Committee and a representative of BOGA have
visited the Winter Gardens, where the group were made most welcome. The
Conference Centre is active all-year round, and has professional staff well versed in
conference organising.

The Winter Gardens Conference Centre floor plan and general layout are shown in the

A.3 Dates
The dates of 28th September to 1st October 2006 have been suggested as the most
suitable for the following reasons.

      This is the earliest opportunity to hold a Congress because of commitments to
       the Last Drop venue in Autumn 2004.
      Followed by the World Orchid Congress in Dijon, Spring 2005.
      The RHS orchid Show is therefore moved to September 2005.
      Spring 2006 is the European Orchid Congress in Padua.

A.4 Organisation
It is proposed that the WSM Congress be organised in a different way to that for
previous congresses. The proposal is that no one society is responsible for the
organisation, but rather that several societies in the South West of England band
together to provide the man power for this event, and that the main organising
committee comprises the body of the BOC Congress Sub-Committee, with BOGA and
representatives from the south west societies.

It is also proposed that funding of the event should be directly controlled by the BOC
via the organising committee.

A. 5 Budget
The basic cost of the Winter Gardens, using all facilities is £2000 per day at current
rates. For the duration of the congress, assuming that we us the facilities from
Wednesday to Sunday, will cost £10,000.

Other costs will have to be met from income, and these costs will include promotion of
the event, and sundry costs. The District Council has offered some assistance with
promotions and advertising, but there will be additional costs.

Income will be from Delegates fees, and it is suggested that we could expect 200
delegates at a charge of £25 each, giving an income of £5000. Further income can be
expected from trade stands, and it is thought that 20 trade stands could each be charged
£200, resulting in an income of £4000. Furthermore it is expected that some 1000 day
visitors will attend at a charge of £5 each, giving an income of £5000.

A Conference Dinner and Delegates Buffet should be self-financing.

A Budget Summary is given later in Table 1

A.6 Lectures and Delegates Privileges
There are three lecture rooms in the complex adjacent to the large Hall. It is proposed
that a program of lectures is arranged, and that Delegates can attend any of these at no
additional charge. Non-delegates shall be charged £3 per head per lecture, and it is
practical to levy the fee on the door of the lecture room.

It is hoped that lectures can be organised in such a way that allows for Lecturers Notes
to be available in electronic form before the conference! Delegates will have a copy of
these notes in printed form or on CD at no charge.

Delegates have free entry to the show at all times. Delegates also have entry to the show
on the Preview Evening. It is hoped that Show Judging can be organised in the usual
way, with Delegates contributing to the judging panel.

There is also enough space for a Plant Crèche for Delegates (and non-delegates for a
small fee).

A buffet and a Conference Dinner are proposed as part of the program, and these should
be self-financing.

Table 1 Budget Summary

This table shows a ‘first-look’ Budget for the Congress, with a comparison using
Llandudno 1999 Congress, as the nearest similar event.

                INCOME                                      EXPENDITURE

Item            Llandudno           WSM Item                    Llandudno         WSM

  Registrants        £4,685         £5,000            Venue        £9,939       £10,000
Admissions           £6,039         £5,000       Publicity &       £3,657        £2,000
       Trade         £3,678         £4,000       Registration        £753          £600
   Raffle &          £1,546         £1,600           Sundry        £3,176        £3,000
      Other                                        Expenses
                                  TOTAL                                         TOTAL
                                  £15,600                                       £15,600


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