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					   Welcome to the Programs

Magnificent Alumni Team to Revitalize and
            Initiate eXcellence
National Alumni Programming
• NATIONAL Alumni Programs Zone
  – National Alumni Programs Chair
     • Dr. Robert Howard
  – National Alumni Professional Development
     • Dakeesha Paden
  – National Alumni Entrepreneurship Chair
     • Bruce Taylor
 National Alumni Programming
        Team (cont’d)
• ALUMNI Programs Zone
  – National Alumni Pre-College Initiative Chair
     • Shantuan Coleman
  – National Alumni Special Projects Chair
     • Ani Ifon

  – Open Positions
     • National Alumni College Initiative Chair
     • National Alumni Technical Excellence Chair
             Regional Alumni
            Programming Team
• REGION ONE Alumni Programs Zone
  – Region 1 Alumni Programs Chair
     • Kimberly White
  – Region 1 Alumni PCI/ TMAL Chair
     • Dayo Joseph
  – Region 1 Alumni Chapter Programs Chairs
     • Alumni Chapters: Accra, Central Jersey, Lockheed Martin, New
       England, New York XL
                Shifting Our Focus
                                 Membership Zone

Board of Corporate
                                                                 Finance Zone

                                  Programs Zone

           Administrative Zone                     Communications Zone
   Alumni Core Programming

• Contribute to the NSBE Mission:
    To increase the number of culturally responsible Black engineers
    who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively
    impact the community.
• Regional & National Programs encompasses two
  major areas:
• Chapters programs in Core Areas & BEYOND
 Alumni Core Programming
• Technical Excellence
    – Programs that increase or utilize the technical expertise of
      AE members
• Professional Development
    – Programs that provide technical, managerial, or
      professional leadership training for AE members
• Entrepreneurship
    – Programs that develop businesses in science and
      engineering fields owned by AE members

(Be on par with technical activity/ training of other engineering
     Alumni Core Programming
       Areas - OUTREACH
• Pre-College Initiative
   – Programs targeted towards K-12 /Pre-K
   – Intertwined with collegiate efforts for NSBE Jr. and PCI
   – Focus on NSBE Jr.
• College Initiative
   – Programs targeted towards university community
   – Focus on nearby collegiate NSBE chapters/students
• Community Impact
   – Programs using AE knowledge/capability to improve the community
   – Includes community service, but can go beyond
   – Focus on programs “only NSBE-AE can do”
           Funding Disclaimer
• 2005-2006 is a major effort to raise the bar in all arenas
  of NSBE
   – The 2004-2005 Alumni Programs national budget was $75,000
   – The Alumni Programs Zone requested $400,000 in national
     programs funding for 2005-2006
   – The National Executive Board has approved approximately
     $110,000 in Alumni programs funding

• Execution of Alumni programs contingent upon
  receiving sufficient sponsorship
   – It is the intent of the Alumni Programs Zone to unearth new
     corporate funding and achieve the entire $400,000
     Developmental & Outreach
• SIGNATURE Programs
  – National !
  – Long Range Plan
      • Social consciousness, Leadership, Academic Excellence, & Technical
      • Focus on FEWER Programs To Create GREATER IMPACTS!
• STAPLE Programs
  – National & Regional
  – Foundation of NSBE
  – Focus on PCI, Collegiate & Alumni
  – Regional
  – Focus on Alumni Only!
    SIGNATURE Programs

• A Walk For Education (AWFE)
  – Social Consciousness
• National Leadership Institute (NLI)
  – Leadership
• Achivers Plus (A+)
  – Academic Excellence
• Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
  – Technical Excellence
     NSBE Signature Programs
                  What they mean to NSBE-AE

 – How can Alumni best contribute?
    • Serve on NSBE leadership teams for walk (AE or students can hold
      any position)
    • Company literature to add to walk packets
    • Provide city/community leaders contact in walk areas
    • Attend the walk and participate!!
 – If there is no walk nearby?
    • Work with local collegiate chapters to host a smaller walk or
      information booth
NSBE Signature Programs
              What they mean to NSBE-AE

 – Professional Certifications is our primary component of
   NLI, though other components also open to AE
 – Certifications encompasses all professional training (PE,
   PMP, Six Sigma, etc.)
 – Your input is vital to ensure the proper selection of courses
   at regional/national conferences
 – Local study groups, etc. should be established to support
   training provided at conferences
NSBE Signature Programs
           What they mean to NSBE-AE

 – Theme is “PCI to PhD”
 – AE members in grad school should utilize A+
   graduate resources
 – College Initiative Chairs and Alumni PCI Chairs
   should work with collegiate Academic
   Excellence and PCI Chairs to improve quality
   and relevance of A+ content at all levels
 – Alumni PhDs should work with College
   Initiative Chairs to include post-doc content in
  NSBE Signature Programs
               What they mean to NSBE-AE

  – Bioengineering, Environmental Engineering,
    Information Technology, and Space
  – Primary Alumni venue for technical activity
  – Goal is to create an African American technological
    infrastructure – something that does not exist anywhere
    in the world
  NSBE Signature Programs
               What they mean to NSBE-AE

  – Only national SIGs are part of the Signature Programs,
    but members can participate in both national and
    regional SIGs
  – Join as many SIGs as you wish; if no SIG in your field,
    create one (as a regional SIG)
   SIG General Information
• How do SIGs benefit NSBE-AE?
  – Allow focus in specific fields
  – Center of NSBE technical activity
• Who can join SIGs?
  – Any Alumni, Alumni Affiliate, Lifetime, or
    Honorary Member
  – Some SIGs have dues and/or additional
    membership eligibility requirements
• Purpose: The development of Bioengineering and
  Biotechnology as major engineering disciplines in
• Goals for 2005-06
   – Publication of Technical and Industry papers.
   – Development of a Biotech track consisting of three (3) workshops
     at the National Convention.
   – Workshops at Regional Conferences and a possible PCI Project.
   – Connecting academia and industry professionals.
   – Encouraging entrepreneurial activity among members of the BSIG.
   – Increase of membership to at least 50 members.
• Contact: Ann Glasse,
      Environmental Engineering
• Mission: The Environmental Engineering Special Interest Group
  serves as a forum to increase the visibility of environmental
  professionals in the National Society of Black Engineers and to educate
  the members on various environmental issues.
• Goals for 2005-06
    – Develop technical programming to address the following issues:
        • Chlorinated Solvents Contamination and Remediation
        • Environmental Compliance and Air Quality
    – Technical Roundtables and Papers on:
        • Risk Based Corrective Actions
        • Natural Attenuation
    – Begin brainstorming on ways to provide technical support to address
      environmental issues in poor American communities and African and
      Caribbean nations

    – Contact: Thzaira Charles,
       Information Technology
• Purpose: The pursuit of creative answers to critical
  issues in IT.
• Goals for 2005-06:
   – Forging a productive partnership with Black Data Processors
     Association (BDPA), co-partners in the ITTT.
   – Submitting technical publications to NSBE, BDPA, and other
   – Delivering workshop content (at least 4 workshops) to NSBE and
     BDPA regional and national conventions.
   – Providing resources for relevant certifications.
   – Developing analysis for critical issues such as outsourcing,
     security, and the role of IT professionals in Corporate America.
   – Disseminating the above-mentioned analysis to members and the
• Contact: George Brooks,
                         NSBE Space
• Mission: To stimulate the active participation of the community, with
  focus on the Black community, both within and beyond the
  engineering profession, in space-related activity.
• Sampling of Projects for 2005-2006
    –   Project Arusha (lunar base conceptual design)
    –   Space Development Conference (National Space Society)
    –   Black Aerospace Company Directory
    –   Who’s Who Among African American Space Professionals
    –   NSBE Space Camp
    –   National Convention Space Workshops
    –   Career Development Workshops
    –   Student Research Stipend
• Eligibility - $10 dues, paid every 2 years, plus space industry
  employment or space graduate research
• Contact: Dr. Robert Howard,
            SIG Vision 2010
       Desired Status by July 31, 2010

• 24 active NSBE-AE SIGs (4 new per year)
• $1.2M in SIG program funding (~$50K per SIG)
• 42 major technical projects underway (1.75 per
• 168 technical papers in work (3 per project)
• 1,200 AE members active in SIGs
• 6 patents awarded (15% of projects resulting in a
• 1 NSBE telecommunications satellite under
       STAPLE Programs

• Alumni CDP
• Technical Paper Symposium
• Try-Math-A-Lon
• Alumni Awards
           STAPLE Programs
• Alumni CDP
  – Rebuilt from inside out; bears little resemblance to
    previous CDPs
  – Loosely incorporates Six Sigma principle of Define-
  – Collegiate CDP questions eliminated
  – Planning tool for effective chapter continuous
  – Submission deadlines in September, December, and
  – Submission becomes mandatory in 06-07
  NSBE-AE Staple Programs
• Technical Paper Symposium
  – Managed by National Programs Chair, but for
    Alumni and graduate students
  – Premiere venue for NSBE presentations of
    technical research
  – Held at National Convention
  – Competition: $1000 cash prize for first place
        STAPLE Programs
• Try-Math-A-Lon
  – Complete overhaul for 2005-2006
  – Prior TMAL two years behind SAT in math
  – Extensive changes to rules and questions
              STAPLE Programs
• Alumni Awards
  – Increased number of awards (cash values pending
     •   Alumni Chapter of the Year          $1000
     •   PCI Program of the Year             $500
     •   National Face Time Award            $500
     •   Technologist of the Year            $2000
     •   Alumni Member of the Year           $1000
     •   SIG Outstanding Member              $1000
     •   SIG Industry Technical Leadership   $1000
     •   SIG Technology Advancement          $1000
     •   SIG Technical Community Impact      $1000

• Regional Alumni Programs
  – Kid Zone
  – International Affairs SIG
  – Business Development

• Program Planning Beta Test
  – Alternate paperwork system
         Important Documents
• On Yahoo Group:
  –   Alumni CDP Guidelines
  –   AE Programs Toolkit
  –   SIG Guidelines
  –   Program Planning Sheet
  –   Program Evaluation Sheet
  –   Participant Evaluation Survey Form
  –   Program Planning Beta Test Toolkit (participating
               Alumni Summit
• Restored from the programs graveyard
• Combination AE program, membership social,
  recruiting and networking event
• Successful 2005 Summit at Las Vegas
  –   Proposition 209 Discussion
  –   Membership Recruitment & Retention Forum
  –   Special Interest Groups Presentation
  –   AE Informal Outlook
  –   Relationships Forum
  –   Vegas Entertainment Venues
 Summit 2006: Return to Vegas
• 2005 attendees have requested a return to
• Much, much more remains to experience
  on the Strip
• Many AE who could not go in 2005 would
  love to visit Vegas in 2006
• Several attendees are Vegas residents and
  have offered to help
• Look for more information at PDC
             CONTACT US
• Kimberly White, Alumni Programs Chair
  – 617-943-7873

• Dayo Joseph, Region 1 TMAL

• Join Yahoo Group
  – //

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