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									                                     MCI Planning Committee

                                        November 16, 2010


Bill Murdock, EMT-P                                        Medstar
Cameron Shuckerow                                          Vital EMS
Tom Heuer, EMT-P                                           Medstar
Alex Belisle Jr.                                           Holden Fire
Dave Piantedosi, EMT-P                                     Events EMS
Russ Hall, EMT-P                                           Holden Fire
Edward McNamara, EMT-P                                     Central Mass. EMS Corp.
Christopher Montiverdi, EMT-P                              Worcester MMRS
Steve Haynes, EMT-P                                        WEMS
Rich Nydam, EMT-P                                          WEMS
David Hurlbut, Chief                                       Sterling Fire
Mark Miller                                                St. Vincent Hospital
Gina Smith, RN                                             UMMHC
Seth Peters                                                Worcester DPH

    I.      Call to Order
            Meeting opened at 9:15AM by Chairman Montiverdi. Motion and 2nd to approve the last
            meeting minutes with changes. APPROVED

    II.     MCI Plan
            A. Need to update plan from 1988
            B. Hired J. Benincasa from Commonwealth Management Services to write Region II MCI
            C. Need to insure that our plan is in compliance with the state MCI plan

    III.    MCI Planning Consultant
            A. This was the initial meeting with the consultant, Jeanne Benincasa who will
                attend future meetings during the drafting of the plan
            B. Need to send out resource survey that was presented to the committee by the
                consultant. Several changes were recommended. The committee was asked to
                send in additional comments no later than this Friday.
            C. In order for this to work we will need the support of all communities and EMS
            D. The first step in the process is the development of the Table of Contents.

    IV.     Jeanne Benincasa (Consultant)
            A. We hope to complete MCI Plan by 5/1/11
            B. Need all committee members to contribute
            C. All members asked to comment back on EMS resource survey by 11/19/10 to J.

    V.      Resource Survey
            A. Committee members provided input to J. Benincasa on modification/additions to the
                survey. Additional comments should be sent to J. Benincasa’s email no later than
    VI.     Table of Contents
            A. J. Benincasa reviewed the table of contents with the committee members
            B. The communication section will relate specifically to MCI communications and refer to
               the regional communications plan.
            C. Under operations add
                      A. Roles and responsibilities
            D. Refer to other plans and resources such as
                      A. Long term care
                      B. State MCI and State Communications
                      C. Regional Communications
                      D. State EMS and Fire Mob
                      E. RMCC
                      F. HAZMAT/MDU
                      G. Fatality management/ Medical examiner/MEMA/Chempack
            E. Individuals were asked to forward additional comments on the table of
                comments to J. Benincasa prior to our next meeting.

     VII.    Recommendation –that committee Chair and consultant meet with district fire
             boards to discuss the planning effort.

    VIII.   EMTrack SOP Send out to co-chair to review.

Respectfully Submitted,

Chris Montiverdi

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