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					Oracle EBS - ERP Solutions for SMBs

What is Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS)?

Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) is used to efficiently track transactions within an
organization. Tracking and documentation help companies make smarter decisions.
Oracle EBS is the second largest enterprise resource planning (ERP) product in the
world, and SAP is its fiercest competitor. Oracle EBS consists of over 200 modules or
business applications. Modules are divided or grouped into families or suites. Some of
the most popular suites include Oracle Financials, Oracle Manufacturing, Oracle Human
Resources and Oracle Supply Chain. Each of these four suites will be discussed in brief
to inform business owners of the flexibility small and medium businesses have with
Oracle E-Business Suite.

Oracle Financials
Oracle Financials applications ensure the company remains financially secure.
Common applications found in this suite include: Cash Management, Payables,
Receivables, Fixed Assets, Property Management, General Ledger and Treasury.
These applications help corporations with risk management and also increase
profitability. Business valuation is easier with Oracle’s Financials suite. Companies that
employ Oracle Financials reduce unnecessary business losses by keeping track of all
business transactions and implementing safeguards.

Oracle Manufacturing (Discrete and Process)

Oracle’s Manufacturing suite manages all aspects of the manufacturing process
including: quality control, engineering, work orders, bill of materials, scheduling, product
life cycle management and manufacturing flow. The warehouse management system
coordinates and tracks the movement of goods through the entire process. Through
monitoring, business processes become more efficient, and employees become more
productive. The advantages of this system includes the acceleration of product flow,
reduced lead times and real-time inventory management. Release of working capital is
also another benefit of this system.
Oracle Supply Chain

Supply chain applications allow business owners to predict market requirements. In
volatile market conditions, predictive tools are important to prevent financial losses that
may lead to a company’s demise. Operations are aligned with company goals across
global networks. Product development, supply management, demand management,
transportation management and sales and operations management are all a part of
Oracle’s information-driven supply chain solutions.

Oracle Human Resources Management System (HRMS)
HRMS applications help businesses manage every stage of the employee life-cycle
from recruitment to retirement. Users can view all HR activities in real-time and make
informed decisions based upon the information. Time management, compensation,
training, benefits and payroll are all included in this suite of applications. Since the
HRMS is fully integrable with other EBS applications, users can extract data and
manipulate it with ease.

Why Oracle’s E-Business Suite?
Improves the Quality and Efficiency of a Business - The company’s internal
business processes will run smoothly with Oracle EBS. With better information and
processes, businesses can yield better outcomes.

Upper Level Management Support - Oracle EBS helps upper management with
critical decision making skills by providing real-time information. Managerial decisions
are easier with Oracle Applications.

Improves Business Flexibilities - Businesses that adapt to changes quickly are more
apt to survive in today’s business world. Oracle EBS helps to create a company that is
agile with cohesive business units that can work together.

A Viable Solution for Small to Midsize Businesses (SMB)
The solution makes companies more efficient and productive. Businesses around the
world have invested in an Oracle solution and have realized the benefits of the solution
first-hand. The businesses that have benefited from an Oracle solution are in almost
every major industry. Each solution, provided by Oracle, is industry-specific and
customized to the company’s unique business situation. Oracle’s solutions are designed
to reduce time and resources required for adequate implementation. Businesses can
benefit from its solutions. Companies should consider how Oracle’s EBS can help to
improve productivity and efficiency.
Oracle EBS Consultancy

Genesis Solutions Group 4S (GSG 4S) is a consultancy company located in Toronto,
Ontario Canada that specializes in systems integration. Their focus is to assist small to
midsize enterprises (SME) with services and solutions in Oracle E-Business Suite
(EBS). Whether you are looking for an implementation or a full/partial Oracle R12
Upgrade let their team of professional and knowledgeable Oracle EBS consultants
guide your business in the right direction. Learn what makes GSG4S different from its
competitors by visiting their website.

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