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									                        Car Guy News
Volume 4, Issue 5                                                May, 2012

                                                                     Presidents Message
                                                      The car show season is upon us and in a big way
  Official Publication of the                         each and every weekend there is a car show or
Top Dead Center Motor Club                            cruise night event to attend. You can go to 2, 3, 4
     PO BOX 173 Lionville PA 19353                    or even 5 shows a weekend, which makes it hard
                                                      to enjoy yourself. Stay sane and not run around
    Monthly General Meetings are held the First       crazy. The best thing to do is pick the ones that
    Tuesday of the month 7:00pm at Tom Oates          you enjoy, go to the ones with your fellow club
       Automotive in Chester Springs, PA              members and have a good time.

Officers:                                             I would like to remind everyone that we have our
    President:                Joe O’Fria              annual Drive Out Hunger Show coming on July
    Vice President:           Dan Bourdon             21, 2012 9am - 1pm at Downingtown East High
    Secretary:                Frank Shimer            School. I believe this one will be our most
    Treasurer:                Joseph O’Fria III       successful show yet! We have some great
                                                      exhibitors lined up! We will of course need
                                                      volunteers and man and women power to run
                                                      smoothly. If you would like to help please let us
    Membership:              Denise Stoltzfus
                                                      know. We can use the most help prior to the
    Activities:              Connie Robinson
    Calendar:                Harry Panson
    Webmaster:               Jason O’Fria
                                                      We have again been invited to the 4th of July
     Editor:                 Carolyn Hibbs            Parade in Philadelphia, which is always a great
                                                      experience. Please sign up with Carolyn Hibbs by
                                                      May 25th if you plan on attending. We have
                                                      reserved 25 spots for vehicles.

TDC MOTORCLUB NEW WEB PAGE                            After the parade, Gerry and I have invited
                                                      everyone back to our home for a Fourth of July
     Visit our new web page @        "Car-B-Que" at 3pm, see email for details. If your
     Danielle would like to have a picture of each    not able to attend the parade, but would like to
     members car(s) with a blurb about you.           come to the barbecue, you are always welcome.
                                                      The more, the merrier!!

     If you have any pictures you have and would      Our website has undergone some great changes,
     like to share with other members, please         check it out.
     email them to
                                                      I hope to see everyone at one of the events very
     And don't forget to visit the web site to find   soon. Just to talk, chat or even bench race and
     up-to-date news of present and future events.    generally have a good time!

                                                      Thanks for listening
                                                      Joe O"Fria, President
                                                            Those members who still need windshield
                                                           card(s) for their vehicles, please reply to the
                                                           email sent on May 4th by May 18th with the
    THE FOLLOW-UP/THE HAPPENINGS                                              following:

Treasury Report:                                                        1. owner of each vehicle
Watch your email for a copy of the Treasurer’s
Report – coming soon! ~Joseph O’Fria, Treasurer             2. year and make of each vehicle for which a
                                                                          card is needed.

                   **HAPPENINGS**                            These are put in the windshield on display to
                                                            identify our club when we go to cruise events.
               Drive Out Hunger
                                                                        Support The Troops
It is official!! Downingtown East High School
administration has given TDC authorization to use the      TDC MONTHLY CRUISE NIGHTS- SECOND WEDNESDAY OF
school grounds for the “Drive Out Hunger” show for
                                                           THE MONTH APRIL THRU SEPTEMBER AT THE VFW ON
2012. The show is scheduled for July 21st with a rain
date of July 28th. In 2011 TDC raised over 2000 lbs. of    BUSINESS ROUTE 30 JUST OUSTSIDE OF DOWNINGTOWN.
food for the Chester County Food Bank and over             WE WILL HAVE AMPLE ROOM TO DISPLAY CARS ON THE
$500.00 in cash donations.                                 LARGE LAWN AND SPECTATOR PARKING IN THE REAR.
                                                           (FLYER ATTACHED)
                ***PRE-REGISTERING***                      50/50 AND DOOR PRIZES
                                                           WE WILL BE HAVING CRUISE NIGHT RAIN DATES IN 2012.
You can now pre-register on the web page for this          THE RAIN DATE WILL BE THE FOLLOWING WEDNESDAY AFTER
event, but will still need to send payments or bring       THE ORIGINAL DATE.

with you the day of the show. We will email                 VOLUNTEERS NEEDED FOR PARKING AND DONATION
confirmation letters/emails to everyone that pre-          COLLECTION.

registers. Participants must bring their confirmations
                                                           **There was a great turnout at our first "Cruise for
with them the day of the event.
                                                           the Troops" despite the rain/sleet. Forty plus cars
                                                           were in attendance.
A list of the pre-registrants will be generated for the
"Welcome" and "Registration" tents.
                                                           The Community Courier will be doing an article
                                                            on TDC Motor Club and the "Cruise for the
           Father’s Day Car Show
The Father’s Day Cruise is all set. Sun., June 17th from
3pm to 6pm at West Brandywine Township Park. After             INDEPENDENCE DAY PARADE
the car show, starting at 6:30pm, “The Fabulous                        July 4, 2012
Greaseband” will perform. (Flyer Attached)

        **Proceeds from the show will go towards
                                                           If you plan on being in the parade please
               the scholarship program**                   email me at
                                                                         by May 25th.

                                                             There is information I need as soon as
                                                               possible that I have to send to the
                                                               City of Philadelphia by June 1st.

                                                                          Thanks, Carolyn
                                                                    TENTATIVE            2012       CALENDAR
As a club we would like to participate in other activities,   JUNE 5 TUES.      CLUB MEETING 7PM            TOM OATES
beside the normal show and cruise night schedule, we want     JUNE 13 WED.      CRUISE NIGHT       5PM      VFW DWTWN.
to be able to gather socially and get to know one another
and do something that doesn’t necessarily involve cars…but
can involve spouses/significant others and family!            JULY 3 TUES.      CLUB MEETING       7PM      TOM OATES
                                                              JULY 4 WED.       PARADE             8AM      PHILADELPHIA
TDC Tool Time: If anyone is in need of a few                  JULY 4 WED.        "CAR-B-QUE" AT THE O'FRIA'S      3PM
helpings hands, let Harry Panson know at                      JULY 11 WED.      CRUISE NIGHT       5PM      VFW DWTWN.                                        JULY 21 SAT.      DOH SHOW           7AM      DEHS
                                                              JULY 28 SAT.      DOH (RAIN DATE) DEHS

Rob DeGrandis has a large warehouse facility
                                                              AUG. 7 TUES.      CLUB MEETING       7PM      TOM OATES
located at 185 Lancaster Avenue in Malvern,
                                                              AUG. 8 WED.       CRUISE NIGHT       5PM      VFW DWTWN.
PA for rent. It is secure and accessible six (6)
days a week during business hours of
                                                              SEPT. 4 TUES.     CLUB CRUISE        7PM      TOM OATES
DeGrandis Auto. Cost is $100.00 a month for
                                                              SEPT 12 WED.      CRUISE NIGHT       5PM      VFW DWTWN.
members and $130.00 a month for non-
members. Contact Rob or Tiffany @ 610-644-
                                                              OCT. 2   TUES.    CLUB MEETING       7PM      TOM OATES
6990 or Four (4)
                                                              OCT. 7   SUN.     CLUB PICNIC        12PM     BOB & PATS
spots are still available.
                                                              OCT. 27 SAT.      HALLOWEEN EVENT             TOM OATES
                                                              OCT. 28 SUN.      RAINDATE                    TOM OATES

                   **ATTENTION**                              NOV. 6 TUES.      CLUB MEETING       7PM      TOM OATES

Please email with your                 DEC. 1   SAT.     HOLIDAY PARTY 7PM           TBA
favorite shows for the season to "Cruise To"                  DEC. 4   TUES.    CLUB MEETING       7PM      TOM OATES
as a group                                                    CHECK OUT WWW.TDCMOTORCLUB.COM FOR MORE SHOW
                                                              INFORMATION, CLICK ON EVENT CALENDAR.

                                                                              SCHOLARSHIP FUND
                 TRAILER UPDATE
                                                              The membership approved $500.00 for CAT Brandywine
                                                              for a student to further their education in automotive. There
One of our sponsors, Bull Dog Rod and Custom in               were two applicants and Matt Downs was chosen as the
West Chester, has offered to finish the trailer to our        recipient to receive the award. The members also decided
specifications and even inspect it for us, free of charge.    to award the runner-up, John Mattson with a gift certificate
                                                              of $100.00. Both students will be given a free membership
We have taken them up on their offer. The trailer has
                                                              to TDC and a tee shirt or cap.
been moved to their shop.
                                                              The award ceremony will be held May 24th at 1:00 pm at
THANK YOU TO THE GUYS AT BULLDOG                              the CAT Brandywine facility. If you are going, plan to
                                                              arrive between 12:30 pm and 12:45 pm. Due to the fact that
                                                              the ceremony would run too long, the awards will be read
                                                              by the Principal and given at a later time. Denise, thought it
                                                              might be a good idea for both students to come to our
                                                              monthly meeting to accept their awards.

                                                              Our hats go off to Denise for all the hard work she has done
                                                              on this project.
                                                             Birthday Wishes

        May Birthdays:                               June Birthdays:

        Wendy Corbett - 5/3                          Caryn Abdill - 6/2
        Jack Wright - 5/10                           Barbara Donahue - 6/6
        George Corbett - 5/15                        Vincent Purpura - 6/14
        Rhonda Corrigan - 5/15                       Nancy Canfield - 6/15
        David Summer - 5/22                          Lori Bretch - 6/23
        Stephanie Sheller - 5/24                     Gary L Hervey - 6/25
        Ron (Pamela Roney) - 5/27

                                                     New Members

                                                     Chris Thomas
                                                     Curtis Allshouse

                                           FUTURE DATES TO KEEP IN MIND

                                     (All club sponsored dates are highlighted in bold print)

May 19th : 2012 ” Walk for the Wounded” will take place at Rose Tree Park, Media, PA. The purpose of this event is to recognize
        and raise funds for wounded soldiers. This is a family event with military displays, live music, ceremonies, great food,
        meeting some of our supported heros and the day culminates with a leisurely walk along the beautiful Rose Tree Park.
        It is important to be there by 11:00 am to witness entrance of veterans by helicopter.

May 27th - Memorial Day Car Show - 9:00 am to 3:00 pm at Kimberton Fairgrounds, PA

June 1st - West Chester Borough Car Show. Friday on Westown Road for K9 unit. The show starts at 7:00 pm at the Township
         Building across from Faulkner. (Flyer Attached)

June 30th - Car and Motorcycle Show at the Emmaus Road Cafe near Rockvale, PA outlets. It is a fundraiser for the Triple Trees
        Ministries for Summer Rumble.

June 16th - 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm. Block Party in Upper Uwchlan Township. This will be our 4th year attending the event. This
        event is always a good time. Plan on bringing your car, chairs and enjoy!!

June 17th - 3pm to 6pm, Father’s Day Cruise at the West Brandywine Township Park. At 6:30pm the “The Fabulous
Greaseband” will perform. (Flyer Attached)

July 4th - Philadelphia Independence Day Parade

July 15th - Media show sponsored by Delco Cruisers
July 21st - "Drive Out Hunger" show.

If you have an item that you would like to sell or a specific item you are looking for you can submit it for the newsletter and
we’ll advertise it here! E-mail Jason O’Fria at to add your item to the classified section.

YOUR AD HERE-Buy, Sell, Trade, Services, Want Ads –Please submit via club e-mail or PO BOX

Notary Public Service that comes to you: Joseph O’Fria 610-316-9349
Design your own custom made NEON wall sign! All signs are hand crafted, and mounted to a PVC backing,
which can be hung in your den or garage. This would make a great collectors piece for any Auto Enthusiast. Signs
varyinsize and price due to the colors and artwork. Prices start around $ 165.00. contact Bob Bodek at ( RBodekNEON or call 484-881-2000.

*Mark your calendar –Our next meeting is Tuesday, June 5, 2012 at Tom Oates Automotive in Chester
Springs, Pa. 7:00pm


Hudson Rod and Competition, Gilbertsville PA                             T.E. Fabricating, West Chester PA
Steve Giordanno                                Tom Snyder
610-705-9360                                                             610-429-0669

DeGrandis Automotive Center
Rob DeGrandis

Pennsylvania Promotions Inc, Lansdowne                                  Tom Oates Automotive, Chester Springs,
Joe O’Fria                                              Tom Oates
610-622-2800                                                            610-827-7400

Eagle Investment Advisors- Downingtown                                   YEP Graphix
Dave Summers-                                            Morgan Phillips-
610-269-0269                                        215-990-5014

Centurion Motor Car                                                      BullDog Rod & Custom
Dave Besselman                       
610-637-5763                                                             610-431-1970

WPAZ-Pottstown AM Radio                                                  Rob’s Rod Shop - Downingtown
Brian James                                                    

Think of our sponsors first when shopping for anything related to what they can provide. They support us, we
should support them!...If you have a prospective sponsor, give them an application!

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