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Module One Quiz by FW4vj0b5


									Boston Reed College
Administrative Medical Assistant Program

Module 2 Quiz                         Name______________________ Date: ___________
Chapter 8

     Directions: Fill in the blank.

     1.      The code representing English characters as numbers in which each is given a number from 0 –
             127 is called __ASCII___ code.
     2.      A (an) ____URL____ specifies the global address of documents or information on the internet.

     3.      The pointer or flat bar appearing on the monitor that shows where the next character will appear is
             called the ___cursor_____.
     4.      ___MIDI_____ is the interface that allows computers to record and manipulate sound.

     5.      The word used to describe selling and buying goods over the internet is called ___ecommerce___.

     Directions: Circle the letter choice that best completes the statement or answers the question

     6. Which of the following is an output devise?
      a. printer
     b. scanner
      c. light pen
     d. keyboard

     7.    Microcomputers perform which of the following functions?
      a.   input
     b.    storage
      c.   processing
     d.    all of the above

     8.    A dialog box in Windows is:
      a.   a box used to turn on and off options
     b.    a window that appears requesting more information from the user
      c.   a standard value used by the software
     d.    a location on screen in which files are stored

     9.    Which of the following is NOT a part of the hardware of a computer system?
      a.   hard copy
     b.    monitor
      c.   disk drive
     d.    printer
10.   Clock speed is expressed as:
 a.   baud
b.    bytes
 c.   megabytes
d.    megahertz

11.   Which of the following domains is used by universities?
 a.   .com
b.    .gov
 c.   .org
d.    .edu

12. Which printer uses replaceable cartridges that must be factored in the planning of the long-range cost
    of the machine?
 a. dot matrix
b. ink jet
 c. plain
d. letter quality

13.   What special type of hardware would you need to file your insurance claims electronically?
 a.   network
b.    modem
 c.   scanner
d.    magnetic tape drive

14.   Which of the following is NOT one of the items that differentiate microprocessors?
 a.   instruction set
b.    bandwidth
 c.   clock speed
d.    memory

15.   Encrypted data are called:
 a.   flash
b.    cipher text
 c.   crackers
d.    firewalls
True or False: Circle the best Answer.

16.       T    F      Search engines are programs in which a topic, word, or group of words can be
                      entered and the engine searches the internet for matches.
17.       T    F      A HAN would be used in an educational facility.
18.       T    F      Zip drives can hold between 100 and 250 megabytes of data.
19.       T    F      A server manages shared network resources.
20.       T    F      The hard drive is used to burn a new CD from information on a computer.
21.       T    F      DVD stands for digital video disk.
22.       T    F      A gigabyte is about 5 million bytes of data.
23.       T    F      Advertisements found on a webpage that can be animated to attract the users
                      attention are called banners.
24.       T    F      Cyberspace is the physical space of the online world of computer networks in
                      which communication takes place.
25.       T    F      Magnetically creating tracks on a disk where information will be stored is called

Medical Terminology: Match the following prefixes to the appropriate definition

      d       26.     -ectomy            a. pain
      e       27.     -emesis            b. swelling
      b       28.     -edema             c. disease
      c       29.     -pathy             d. removal of
      a       30.     -algia             e. vomiting

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