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									                                        Kenneth Charles Reed
                                         6621 Upham Drive
                                         Arvada, CO 80003
                                        Home: 303-940-7649
                                         Cell: 720-556-2259


To seek a full-time technical position in a Systems Administration role with exposure to new
technologies and be a part of a team working together to ensure stability and clear directions for
the future.

Skill highlights include experience with Solaris and Linux System Administration, Shell scripting,
Network Appliance administration, Windows 2000, XP and 2003 desktop support, LAMP, IIS
server administration, Nagios and Big Brother network monitoring, SNMP, WMI, Veritas Volume
Manager, Veritas NetBackup Enterprise Server, etc.


W3Schools HTML Certified:      May 2010
W3Schools PHP Certified:       May 2010
Associates Degree in Computer Science:                    Parks Junior College, 10/1993
Associates Degree in Business Administration:             Parks Junior College, 10/1993

Work History:, Denver, CO – July 2011 to Present

As a Senior Linux Systems Administrator in the Storage group, my primary role is to learn and
provide operational support for the new Storage as a Service project known as Nebula.
Secondary, my role includes day to day operational support of NetApp filers, 3Par and Oracle
storage solutions., Denver, CO – June 2010 to July 2011
As the 3 shift NOC Systems Administrator, I provide over-night support, troubleshooting and
systems administration to Photobucket servers, load balancers, networking, etc.

Most recent wins include developing a PHP based CLI and Web Application for the real-time
management of Crescendo and Alteon load balancers via SNMP.

Latisys, Englewood, CO – March 2010 to July 2011

The temporary, part-time Systems Engineer is tasked with providing whatever support the
Systems Engineering team may require including, but not limited to, hardware inventory
management, provision and decommission servers as needed, provide support where necessary.

Recent wins include updated and re-written network management tools that include RTG and
RANCID for managing network device images and bandwidth usage.

VMware, Inc., Broomfield, CO – January 2010 to Present

The VNOC Lead Analyst coordinates scheduled duties, manages communications between IT
and Operations and their customers during maintenance and outage situations. Manage
notifications to other service desks and managers as needed.
Assist in managing various NMS tools including Zenoss and CA Spectrum.

Manage VNOC resources ensuring any issue that requires attention is properly handled
accurately and in a timely manner.

Level 3 Communications, Broomfield, CO – August 2009 to January 2010
The position of 3 Shift, Media Network Operations Technician III includes responsibilities of
monitoring and managing all servers in the Content Delivery Network (CDN) system. This
includes building new clusters, managing hardware faults and replacement, carrying out
maintenance tasks at pre-determined times etc.

The CDN network is comprised mostly of Linux (CentOS 5) systems running proprietary CDN
software, Lustre NFS software as well as some Windows 2008 servers.

Additional responsibilities include escalation to Tier III and/or Development Engineers as needed,
acting as the single point of contact during outage situations, root cause analysis, core dump
analysis and product research., Denver, CO – August 2008 to June 2009
As the 3 Shift Network Operations Center administrator, my tasks include managing any issue
that should occur during after hours, perform scheduled maintenance of hardware or software as
needed, perform upgrades and most importantly, act as the single point of contact during an
outage situation.

This shift requires working unsupervised in a solitary fashion. Escalation paths are well defined
and executed if the need should arise.

My tasks encompass a large range of abilities from hardware troubleshooting Dell PowerEdge,
HP ProLiant 1u-4u servers, Force10 switches and Network Appliance Filers. Scripting is required
from time to time, from writing PHP, Perl or shell scripts to troubleshooting scripts already in
production. 99% of the over 2,000 servers deployed by Photobucket run CentOS Linux while all
shared file systems are implemented from Network Appliance filers (FAS960 and up).

Upgrades typically require taking part of a farm down, performing the upgrade, verifying that the
upgrade completed, then performing the same tasks on the remaining farm nodes and is usually
scheduled well in advance.

Xilinx, Longmont, CO ~ May 2007 to August 2008

As a Senior Systems Administrator, I work with team of administrators to plan, implement and
maintain Linux and Solaris servers and Network Appliance Filers running Data OnTap 7.x.

Responsibilities include managing site backup operations, systems maintenance, etc. Manage
Veritas NetBackup 6.5 servers on Solaris 9. Maintain Nagios and Big Brother network monitoring
tools. Monitor and manage tier 3 trouble tickets and provide assistance on tier 2 when needed.

Data393, Incorporated Englewood, CO ~ July 2006 to May 2007

The Provisioning Technician builds and deploys dedicated and Virtual Private servers per
customer specifications.
Additional responsibilities include managing the hardware lab and test variuos hardware
configurations with various operating systems. Manage the Acronis Snap Deploy image server
for deploying various operating systems to new servers over the network. Update master images
as necessary.

FirstLink Technology, Incorporated Denver, CO ~ October 2005 to June 2006

As the Systems Engineer, I would maintain servers running various flavors of Linux, including
FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Gentoo, Debian, RedHat ES 3 and 4, and Solaris 7, 8, 9 and 10 on both
Sparc and x86 platforms and Windows 2000 and 2003 servers.

Responsibilities include managing and implementing Apache web servers and Java Servers.
Maintain database servers running MySQL and MySQL Replication. Deploy and manage Nagios
on Solaris 9 server with Net-SNMP, PHP and MySQL support to allow for more proactive
monitoring and establish automated response procedures reducing overall man hours needed to
correct common and easily fixed issues. Maintain network equipment and security on Cisco
hardware including PIX firewalls. Add, remove, modify customer VLAN’s or ATM interfaces as
well as the access lists governing those connections. Modify PIX policies, including VPN
configurations, IP NAT, and port forwarding. Manage email servers running PostFix,
SpamAssassin, Amavis, ClamAV, with MySQL support.

Additionally, I was responsible for deploying and managing SWSoft Virtuozzo servers using
Virtuozzo Management Console software on RedHat Linux ES 4 to allow for server consolidation
and lower cost options to our hosting customers. Deploy and manage EMC Clariion SAN
connected to RedHat ES 4 NAS gateway via zoned Fiber Fabric. Used EMC PowerPath for fiber
channel redundancy, NaviSphere for Clariion management, and HBAnyware to manage Fabric
Security. Fiber switches deployed were EMC DS8 Fiber Switches in a redundant pair. This SAN
reduced overall annual maintenance costs and replaced an end of lifed device that was running
at near full capacity.

Data393 Incorporated Englewood, CO ~ September 2004 to October 2005

The NOC Support Technician provides technical support to customers during the weekend, 3rd
shift. Working independently to solve issues or provide a path of escalation as needed.

My responsibilities included supporting various web and database servers running MySQL,
PostgreSQL, or MS SQL Server. Web servers included IIS 5.x and 6.x (Windows) and Apache
1.x or 2.x (Linux/Solaris).

I provided troubleshooting and resolution support for DNS, SMTP, HTTP/HTTPS, POP/IMAP,
user disk space quotas, and control panels such as Webmin, cPanel or Plesk enabled servers.

Additionally, I would provide troubleshooting for network related issues including potential threats
and possible firewall problems. Maintain trouble ticket queue to the best of my ability. Prioritize
and respond to tickets in a timely manner. Coordinate and manage facility issues as they are
discovered and serve as a single point of contact in an emergency should they occur during after

Perform daily shift turnover to keep the following shift apprised of any need to know information
regarding unresolved issues, scheduled customer visits, etc.

Finali Corporation Broomfield, CO ~ April 2004 to September 2004

As the Systems Administrator, I was responsible for managing hosting environment including
Netscreen firewalls, RadWare Load Balancers and SSL Aceelerators, and RedHat Linux 8, 9, and
Enterprise WS/ES.
Likewise, I was tasked with Implementing and managing Apache/Tomcat services on all
development, QA, and production Linux servers. Managing new releases for production IIS 5.x
server for company s public facing web site. Assisting in providing road map for enterprise
backup strategy. Managing qMail mail servers and DNS services. Manage Anti-Spam and anti-
virus sub-systems using OpenSource solutions. Assisting in providing road map for replacement
with Enterprise Spam/AV Appliance.

I also managed the Nagios monitoring system including creating and deploying customized
plugins using various scripting technologies.

Global Crossing Conferencing Westminster, CO ~ March 2000 to April 2004

For the role of Senior UNIX Administrator, I was responsible for day to day UNIX operations,
Backup and Restore operations, Web Server operations, HA Cluster operations, Windows/UNIX
Interoperability issues, root cause analysis, all aspects of UNIX Security, DNS and NIS
Maintenance, SSL Administration, Mail operations.

I would also provide backup support for Windows Desktop support and assist in Windows 2000
server builds. Work closely with Informix DBA’s and Software Developers to plan for production
releases of new or upgraded product software.

Successfully planned and migrated over 100 servers from Westminster, CO to Southfield, MI with
minimal production impact. This migration included moving over 1 Terabyte of data managed by
the Informix/Solaris database servers.

Sun Microsystems Broomfield, CO ~ June 1997 to March 2000

As a Lab Manager, I managed day to day hardware and software maintenance, UNIX security,
asset tracking, resource scheduling, setup of new hardware, assist in technical documentation
projects regarding new products, keep training center workstations in working order.

The IR Technologist 2 position is responsible for monitoring and responding to Sun Server and
Workstation alerts received through Sun's internal monitoring system which used a combination
of SyMON and BMC Patrol Suite.

Finally, as a Technical Support Engineer 2, I provided Customer Troubleshooting and Support for
Sun's networking products, including Sendmail, NFS, NIS, DNS, TCP/IP, etc. Manage call
queues and respond to escalations as outlined by our escalation procedures.

Merrill Lynch Lakewood, CO ~ August 1994 to June 1997

The SNAPS Administrator would provide application support for SNAPS application running on
SunOS system. Manage work-flow operations. Manage backup and restore operations.
Provide technical support backup for Senior UNIX Administrator.

As a member of the internal Help Desk, I provided user support for diskless terminal networking
and hardware replacement.

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