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									Get Your Life Back & Be Closer to Him with
Christian Drug Rehabs
 “Lead us not into temptation and deliver us from evil,” says one prayer. However, temptation
and evil comes in many forms and there are plenty of people who have been tempted by
marijuana, cocaine and heroin. However, it is also important to remember that while God hates
the sin, He loves the sinner. If you wish to get rid of your addiction and go back to Him, here is a
brief look at Christian drug rehabs.

Christian Drug Rehabs: God and the Addict

The people who run Christian drug rehabs believe that when a drug addict puts God first, he or
she can truly recover from his or her drug addiction. Their rehab programs not only treat drug
addiction but also reconnects the recovering addict with God. Being enticed by drugs and leading
a sinful life broke an addict’s relationship with God and once this is repaired, an addict has a
chance at a better life.

Christian Drug Rehabs: Facilities, Treatments and Therapies

Christian drug rehabs are ideal for drug addicts who want to get rid of their substance abuse
problems. These facilities provide a peaceful atmosphere which is essential in the recovery
process. Patients are removed from society and influences that can tempt them to use drugs
again. They have inpatient and outpatient treatment programs that not only treat the problems of
drug addiction but also address their physical, emotional and spiritual needs as well. They also
offer Christian-based therapy sessions, worship and prayer services, Bible study therapy groups
and pastoral counseling.

Benefits of Christian Drug Rehabs

Some people prefer to go to Christian drug rehabs because their treatments are focused on
healing the physical, emotional and spiritual afflictions that addicts encounter. Treatment
programs, such as the 12-step programs used by Alcoholics Anonymous, often rely on the
patient’s spirituality and faith as they go through the process of recovery and avoid relapses. It is
akin to hitting two birds in one stone: the patient gets rid of his or her drug addiction problems
and becomes closer to God in the process.

We know that getting clean and sober is difficult for drug addicts. However, this feat is not
impossible, especially when He is watching over you. You just need to have faith in Him and in
yourself. Let us help you and give us a call or send us an email to inquire about Christian drug
rehabs and treatment options. Remember, nothing is impossible with God but taking the first
step to recovery begins with you.

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