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									      Tim McGraw and The Dancehall
         Doctors by Tim Mcgraw

                        Just What The Doctor Ordered...

Just as his wife, Faith Hill, gets slicker and more hermetically sealed on
each album, Tim McGraw reaches back on this record to a time-honored, if
now rare, country music tradition--recording with his road band. Like
Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, and Merle Haggard before him, McGraw
craved the artistic freedom and rawer sound he enjoyed with his road
boys, and he was correct in thinking the Dancehall Doctors would leave
their own honest stamp on the music, as well as a 70s rock & roll feel.
Retreating to a studio in upstate New York, they recorded 15 keepers.
Only one, a cover of Elton Johns Tiny Dancer, lands with a thud, as
McGraw tries to duplicate Johns vocal nuances and never takes control of
the song. But elsewhere, he and the band are surprisingly emotional,
soulful, and vulnerable. Together, they turn Red Ragtop, a song about teen
lovers who abort their child, into a universal lyric about choices and
regrets, and fashion the two songs about revisiting the people and places
that shape who you are (Sing Me Home, Home) into something profound.
The album sags in spots, and McGraw and his coproducers misstep in
adding faux R&B vocal washes here and there. But this is a good, solid
effort to make music and not just the radio charts. --Alanna Nash

The Dancehall Doctors are here!
If you've ever seen Tim in concert, you know how great this band is.
Darren Smith is one of my favorite guitar players of all time. He and Tim
have a chemestry on stage that carries over very well in studio... Along
with the rest of this band.
Here's a small review of a great CD.

The Songs:

Comfort Me is an upper-mid tempo song that was recorded in the wake of
the September 11th attacks on our home land. Very patriotic song, but
unlike any others that came out around this time. Tells the listener about
the the great things that are a part of our country, no war, no negativity at

Tickin' Away is a little slower, tempo-wise, that the first track, but is no less
powerful. Tim talks here about this figurative and literal staring at a clock
on the wall as the hands keep moving and life ticks away. The stuborn
man sits and waits for miss perfect to walk back into his life, but is realizing
slowly, that its not going to happen.

Home. What about this one? Its just like the title says. Its a southern style
country song about coming back to visit your family. The descriptions are
priceless. This song paints one beautiful picture after another. Mostly
acoustic, very country.

Red Ragtop starts off with Bob Minner pluckin' the banjo, as another of the
more country sounding songs on this record slowly works its way to go. A
mid-tempo song about a love that happened when the 2 were young, and
didnt know everything yet. The memories of the good things and the bad
things that come with the mistakes that most of us made when we were
late-teenageers. Even though the love is long gone, every time that car
drives by, she in it... If only for a moment.

That's Why God Made Mexico is a country ballad that ties in a couple
different stories of love gone wrong and hard times that are cured only by a
simple trip accross the border. A trip to the place with the white sands and
the tiki huts that make you forget all about your problems and hardships, to
only have to live for the moment. Lighthearted lyrics are rarely turned into
such a heartfelt song as this one.

Watch the Wind Blow By is a great slow love song about just letting the
world go by as the 2 just stare into each-others eyes and think about
nothing but being in love. This song is the perfect example of the love that
you can see Tim and Faith sharing. It's also a great song to slow-dance to.

Illegal. Turn it up! A country rocker with a simple lyric about the girl that
you cant keep your eye off of. The addition of Don Henley and Timmy
Schmidt on harmony vocals make this song sound very much like
something you heard on a late 70's Eagles' record, but with that
unmistakable Tim McGraw rock n country sound.

Sleep Tonight is another mid-tempo song about making the night at hand
last and last. Tim belts out his love for his current situation, and how badly
he doesnt want to call it a night. It's a fun lyric, not slow by any means, but
you might still get away with singing this one to you best girl.

I Know How to Love You Well. This one is another one of those slow
country ballads. The man in this song continually proffesses his undying
love to the girl. The song is musically tight... Something you might have
come to expect out of the typical nashville studio band.
Sing Me Home. A pause, and a moment of relection is needed after this
song... OKay, now back to the review. This song is a slow, mellow,
southren rock style ballad about getting back to your roots. The carachter
in the song talks about hearing his song after being gone for so long.
Weather figurative, or literal, it is unknown, but he openly asks the listener
to let that song sing him back to where he's from... Back to simpler times.
Back to the life he's always loved.

She's My Kind of Rain is a loud country ballad full of figurative statements
that help to tell the world how the singer feels about the woman he loves.
The lyrics may be hard for the casual listener to follow, but each verse,
each line in fact, paints a great picture. Very colorful song.

Who Are They Is an up-tempo country rock song that asks one simple
question... Who are these people who make up all these rules that society
is supposed to abide by. Everyone always says "They say your not
supposed to lalalalala..." Whatever. Tim's mad here, and rightly so. This
song is about breaking out, getting away from the mold that society as a
whole has conformed to. Great song pick here.

Real Good Man is a rocker. In the style of Renegade from Tim's early
days, this is the most guitar-driven song on the album. The singer tells the
girl that even though he's a gentleman, that he still knows how to party. Or,
as Tim says in the song, he may be a real bad boy, but he's deffinatly a
real good man.

All We Ever Find is a mid-tempo ballad that seems to touch lightly on not
knowing what the world hold for the future. And as such, the man is telling
the girl to lay it all on the line, to be completely honest and open about
everything, so the relationship can keep moving forward on its way to
forever. In case forever doesnt come. That way, no time is wasted on
things that dont mean a thing. Another really tight song musically, as are
the lot on this album it seems.

Tiny Dancer is a great rock n roll remake of a classic by Elton John. This
song, even tought from a country band, rock harder and louder than Elton's
original ever did. This song was even used as the opener on the tour to
support Tim's previous stufio effort.

All in all, this album is by far, the best that Tim has done up to this point.
The fact that this album is the effort of an entire band shows in the way it
sounds. These men are obviously a close knit group of musicians that
have benn around each other for a while. They have a chemistry that is not
unlike that of some of the great classic rock bands in hi story. Think Boston,
Journey, Bad Company and others in that style, and then put that fiddle
and steel guitar in there where they're supposed to be, and you've got the
Dancehall Doctors. A great album, a great singer, a great band. Great Job
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