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No Angel - No Angel


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									                              No Angel

                                    No Angel

There's alot of reviews on Amazon that I think are just completely
pointless, I'm not saying that someone has to totally agree with what I think
over someone's album, even when someone gives an album a really good
review it can different because we all interpret music in different ways. I
wish Amazon would delete the pointless reviews that don't mention the
actual album in any way at all.

I think there are some brilliant albums that have been released but there
aren't alot of albums that are exceptionally brilliant, "No Angel" by Dido is
definitely an exceptionally brilliant album, she has completely got her own
style going on, first of all I'll talk about her voice, there are so many artists
with amazing voices, whether it's powerful or whether they have alot of
different ranges, without sounding too dramatic, the word to describe
Dido's voice would be pure, she hasn't got a really powerful voice but she
does have a pure sounding voice, the only other artist who's voice I would
say is pure would be Tina Arena, she has a very powerful voice too. On
songs like "My Lover's Gone" or "Take My Hand" I don't think anyone's
voice would actually work other than Dido's, on "My Lover's Gone" her
voice and the music makes you feel like you're kind of in the song, I always
picture she's singing by the sea on this song, "Take My Hand" shows the
electronic sounds that are the main part of Dido's music, then there's the
songs like "Here With Me," "Hunter," "All You Want" and "Thank You" that
were all obviously going to be singles, yet there not too mainstream, it's
good that Dido doesn't write music with the intention of being a hit in the
charts, "Don't Think Of Me" is a nice sing-a-long track that I thought would
have been a single, but it doesn't stand out as a song that would be a
single, none of her songs do, they're all of a similar sound and just simply
Dido's style. I think "Isobel" is quite a sad song, the lyrics seem sad to me,
I'm not sure what it's actually about, I'll try and find interviews with Dido to
see what she said about it, her voice makes it sad though aswell. You also
never get confused with what she's actually singing, there can be artis ts
who have the odd word that you need to check but because her voice is so
pure and clear, there isn't that problem with Dido. "Christmas Day" is a
great little story, and although it has a Christmas sound, it's not too
Christmasy, I don't think it would fit on a Christmas album either. "Honestly
OK" and "Slide" have a really good electronic sound, "I'm No Angel" has an
acoustic guitar on it which sounds good. "My Life" is a simple little song
where Dido is saying how everything isn't anyone's buisness bec ause it's
her life.

This really is an exceptionally brilliant album, I don't particularly like writing
reviews as such as I don't think I'm good at giving an accurate description
of what I'm reviewing, I guess it's because you have to actually hear the
album, so even the New York Times or whoever couldn't actually say what
an album is really like. If the reviews that got posted on Amazon which
don't mention anything about the album were deleted because they're
pointless, I wouldn't actually write reviews, I just think the ratings for
people's albums go lower than they actually should be due to this.

So, 10 out of 10 from me (or 5 out of 5 for Amazon) :)

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