Monty Python and the Holy Grail starring Connie Booth Elspeth Cameron Graham Chapman John Cleese Carol Cleveland - Classic by garyp900


									    Monty Python and the Holy Grail
    starring Connie Booth, Elspeth
   Cameron, Graham Chapman, John
        Cleese, Carol Cleveland

                    My Second Favorite Monty Python Movie

You know, I wouldve loved to have been in the audience when Monty
Python and the Holy Grail was first shown. Im picturing a fair amount of
laughter, but also quite a bit of confusion and critics saying, What the hell
did I just see? That was certainly the case when Roger Ebert reviewed the
first Monty Python movie, And Now For Something Completely Different.
He seemed very interested in the audience reaction during his review, and
I imagine the audience reaction during the first screenings for this film
wouldve been similar.

Of course, by the time Monty Python and the Holy Grail came out in 1976,
the original series had been airing on PBS for a couple years, so people
were more familiar with the show. But still. Just imagine what reactions
mustve been like for those poor souls who went into this movie never
having seen the TV program.

I dont need to tell most of you about the plot to this film. King Arthur and
the knights of the Round Table go off to find the Holy Grail. Most of the
major knights from the stories are here, though Guinevere and Merlin are
strangely absent (though there is an enchanter named Tim). The film also
adds the rather cowardly Sir Robin and the aptly-named Sir Not Appearing
in this Film.

The movie itself is a fascinating hodge-podge of hilarity. You get to see
several film genres, including swashbucklers, fantasy, epics and musicals,
all get joyfully skewered. One cost-saving move, using coconuts banged
together to simulate the sound of horses, since they couldnt actually afford
horses, is an inspired notion. Despite that, much of the film shows the time
period in a more realistic fashion than most other movies. Theres lots of
dirt and lots of mud and people know the king is the king because He
hasnt got [...] all over him.

Everyone who has seen the movie has their favorite moments. For me its
probably a toss up between the Spamalot song, the Holy Hand Grenade,
and the Help, help! Im being repressed! scene. The events at Castle
Anthrax is a close follow-up, but really the whole movie works and works
well. Theres not a bad moment in the film, not a joke that falls flat.

This movie, like all great films, has left behind a huge legacy, though not in
the way some might think. Often times its a legacy that filmmakers try to
avoid. For example, in the the c ommentary on The Lord of the Rings films
you will frequently hear Peter Jackson somewhat humoursly lament how
hard they tried to avoid giving their movies a Holy Grail feeling. Of course
the movie also lead to the hit Broadway musical, Spamalot, which Ive
never seen, but heard great things about.

This movie isnt for everyone, of course. Theres always a few humourless
louts out there who wont enjoy it. Us normal folk know better, however,
and we can enjoy it for the wonderful, creative, hilarious film it i s!

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