Living History by Hillary Rodham Clinton - A Superb Book by garyp900


									     Living History by Hillary Rodham

                                 A Superb Book

As with most books written by politicians while in office (or at least aiming
for one), Living History is, first and foremost, safe. There are interesting
observations and anecdotes, the writing is engaging, and there is enough
inside scoop to appeal to those looking for a bit of gossip, but there are no
bombshells here and it is doubtful the book will change many minds about
this polarizing figure. This does not mean the work is without merit,
however, for Hillary Clinton has much to say about her experience as first
lady, which is the primary focus of the book. Those interested in these
experiences and her commentary on them will find the book worth reading;
those looking for revelations will be disappointed.         Beginning with a
brief outline of her childhood, college years, introduction to politi cs, and her
courtship with Bill Clinton, Clinton covers a wide variety of topics: life on
the campaign trail, her troubled tenure as leader of the Presidents Task
Force on National Health Care Reform, meeting with foreign leaders, and
her work on human rights, to name a few. By necessity, she also
addresses the various scandals that plagued the administration, from
Travelgate to Whitewater to impeachment, though she does not go into
great detail about each one; rather, she seems content to simply state her
case and move on without trying to settle too many old scores.             Along
the way, she offers many apologies, though perhaps not the kind some
would expect. She does not shy away from her vast right-wing conspiracy
comment, for instance, though she does wish that she had expressed
herself differently. Regarding the Monica Lewinsky scandal, she maintains
that her husband initially lied to her, as he did the rest of the country, and
did not come clean until two days prior to his grand jury testimony. Calli ng
his betrayal the most devastating, shocking and hurtful experience of my
life, she explains what the aftermath was like personally and why she has
elected to stand by her man. In all, Living History is an informative book
that goes a long way toward humanizing one of the most recognizable, and
controversial, women of our age. Shawn Carkonen
A fascinating and moving biography on one of the most interesting political
figures of our time. Hilary Clinton is a hero and inspiration to all Americans.

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