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					  Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion Collectors

         Excellent Exactly What I Was Looking For Under My Play Station 3

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is the most richly detailed and vibrant game-
world ever created. This new chapter uses next-generation technologies to
create a fully immersive gaming adventure. The Emperor of Tamriel has
been assassinated and the killer still runs loose; meanwhile, no heir sits on
the throne. With no Emperor upon the throne, the gates of Oblivion open
wide and demons invade. Your quest is to find the lost heir and p lace him
on the throne, before demons destroy the land. Special Collectors Edition
includes: Pocket Guide to the Empire, Making of Oblivion Documentary
and a Septim Gold Coin.       Next-generation graphics with pixel-shader
effects for high-definition TVs, creating lifelike towns & dungeons, and the
most realistic forests

* Live another life in a whole new world -- gamers can create and play any
character they can imagine, from the noble warrior to the sinister assassin
to the wizened sorcerer
* First-person melee and magic systems bring first person role-playing to a
new level of intensity
* The groundbreaking new Radiant AI system gives Oblivions characters
full 24/7 schedules and the ability to make their own choices based on the
world around them
* Features over 1,000 non-player characters who come to life like never
before -- facial animations, lip-synching, full speech, even unscripted
conversations with each other
* The enormous world of Oblivion is open, giving you short challenges and
open-ended gameplay -- everything from fighting bandits to mixing potions

To start with, yes I am a 40+ woman, who got into gaming when my sons
friends werent online and he wanted to know at least one person on his
Halo 3 team. I love FPS and reluctantly tried and really liked Fable II. It
was while I was looking over a Fable forum for some tips that I kept
running into mentions of Oblivion and how much better it was than Fable.

I found the low-price Game of the Year edition at my local Gamestop and
put it in into my xbox. Six months later I am still playing it. My first guy was
a warrior and just beat his way through everything with a blade (usually
with some wicked enchantment). It was so fun and I never tired of it. Most
of the time I found I picked up way more loot than I could carry and had to
make like 6 trips out of the dungeon/cave/ruin. I did the main quest right
away because I felt the urgency of it, but later wished I would have done it
as a higher level character.

I tried a battlemage next who would blast his way through with fire til he
ran out of magic, then hed beat down the last few enemies with whatever
weapon he had on hand. Even more fun than before! I became a vampire
once by accident and didnt realize that I could go back to an old save, so I
started again with a girl elf who made and sold potions and raided some of
the ruins.

I love the graphics, the overall feel of Cyrodiil and just how different the
different regions are. Sometimes it seems I am running around in rain for a
week, but then other times it is just a beautiful world and I find the highest
spots to just look over the whole thing. I feel like I have friends in some of
the NPCs that I encounter and a favorite (free!) house that I get to as soon
as I can and make my home.

The enemies are very different and I like being able to set my difficulty to
easy when Im in a quest where I have to get a NPC that can be killled in
the quest out alive, to extra hard where even the lowest level enemy could
kill me with a hit or two, but I level up quicker.

I have tried other RPGs but I just love this game, I will always be planning
my NEXT character and how I can do things differently next time.
Sometimes I wish I could marry like in Fable, but I never spend much time
at home, so probably its better that I cant.

Buy this game, make sure you get the Game of the Year because the
Shivering Isles is very interesting! But as everyone mentions, you will have
trouble NOT playing it.

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