A Separate Peace Scribner Classics by John Knowles - To Be Read Over And Over by garyp900


									A Separate Peace (Scribner Classics)
         by John Knowles

              Perfect Example Of The Setting Enhancing The Theme

One of a series of top-quality fiction for schools, this is the story of a
friendship between two 16-year-old boys in an American boarding school -
one a natural athlete and the other a scholar. Their different temperaments
cause tensions that lead to tragedy.

A Separate Peace and To Kill A Mockingbird are my two favorite books of
all time. I reread both of them every several years because I like them so
much. Each time I read them I tend to pick up new details I missed the first
few times I read them.
    I must confess that these were two of the few books I read during high
school. I am embarrassed to admit that I relied on CliffNotes to get me
through much of our assigned reading back then. The funny thing is that
the two books that I actually made the effort to read turned out to be my
two favorite books of all time. Even to this day, almost 20 years out of high
school, and nowadays I read on average a book a week and I have read
lots of wonderful books over the last several years, A Separate Peace and
To Kill A Mockingbird still stand strong.
    I truly cannot understand anyone bashing either of these two books. I
think it reflects sadly on our society and our societys values. I think it
reflects poorly on parents who have failed to cultivate a love of reading in
their children which then spills over in to the schools where the teachers
often are blamed for poor academic performance. Lets not forget academic
performance begins in the HOME. The parents are their childrens primary
    So for those who called A Separate Peace boring, awful, had no action,
wasnt believable, etc., how about trying to reread it a few years down the
road when you are more mature and can appreciate excellence? And to
the person who stated in his one-star critique of A Separate Peace what
kind of sixteen year-old knocks their best friend out of a tree because hes
jealous??? - are you kidding me? Knocking him out of a tree was mild
compared to the horrendous violence I have seen in the news over the last
several years - even just in the last week or two!-of what people do to their
friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, parents, siblings or complete strangers just
because of jealousy or they have been angered over something big or
small. In the news last week a 10 year old shot his 8-year-old brother in
the face with a shot gun because he said his brother took his seat when
they were watching a DVD. Huh?! So you kill him?
  I have been rambling on, so I will wrap it up now. As a parent to a 4-year-
old boy and a six-year-old girl, I will say that if there is only one thing I have
done right as a parent thus far, it has been instilling in my children an
extreme love of reading and appreciating books. My rule has been that
whenever my child asks me to read, I drop what I am doing and I read to
him and/or her. The two of them showed love for books before their first
birthdays. My daughter is now a phenomenal reader and is reading far
beyond her grade level. She loves reading to her little brother and seeing
them do this is providing me with some beautiful memories of their
childhood. I still have my copies of A Separate Peace and To Kill A
Mockingbird and have shown them to my kids and one day will pass them
along to them. I hope they enjoy these books as much as I have - I have a
feeling they will!

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