Are E-books Growing in Popularity or Not? by tristenmorrisstm


									                         Are E-books Growing in Popularity or Not?

 Should you think that eBooks are getting to be more popular than printed books then you would
be mistaken as around 90 per cent of every hundred books sold in Britain continue to be made of
paper and glue. The future is not quite here yet although it will be sooner or later.

Suffice to say it is nearer today than it was last week and because of the largest bookshops in the
UK surrendering to the digital age by providing ebook readers it seems clear that the electronic
age is here to stay. With a number of stores providing free access to Wi-Fi then anybody who
wants to could browse its electronic book titles just the same as you would with real books.

Should you think this means an end to real books then you could not be more wrong, after all
there’s real pleasure still to be gotten from leafing through numerous hardbacks before putting
them on bookshelves, in the knowledge that in the years to come they will assume that familiar,
comforting aroma that is typical of ‘vintage books’.

The printed book lover need not fear the e-book as it's simply another way to read a physical
book. It wasn’t the invention of the e-book which has triggered the closure of lots of high street
bookstores over the last few years, the future was set for many traditional book shops once the
web came along. Looking for eBooks and eReaders has become faster and easier than ever
before with access to bookshops online. As you can buy books in all formats, I believe it’s easy to
say that the ‘on-the-shelf book’ industry is still alive and kicking and most likely to be for a long
while yet.

You could buy eBooks online without any fear or doubt as with books you don’t need to be
concerned about getting the wrong colour or the wrong size. In fact books in all their formats make
perfect commodities to sell or buy on the internet so purchasers can purchase with total

It's doubtful the new electronic trend referred to as eBooks and eReaders will ever go away, but
does it really matter? Printed books have been a major part of our lives and civilization as a whole
for hundreds of years so the e-book and all its technological devices have plenty to live up to.

It can be said that eBooks necessitate some type of gismo to be able to download and read them,
whereas with in-print books you have all you require to hand straightaway. An ebook reader needs
to be attached to a power source and/or be fully charged at all times, a in-print book merely needs
light to read by.

E-books, eReaders and accessories, books, audio books and every other written material wouldn’t
even exist if it was not for the technology of the alphabet, vocabulary and language itself. It's our
hunger for information and wisdom that'll keep us purchasing books in all their formats. It is great
to know that there’s something out there which are in a position to work alongside each other

In the end our favourite book format comes down to personal partiality - and age of course!

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