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					                                METHOD STUDY

Method study is the systematic recording and critical examination of existing and proposed
ways of doing work, as a means of developing and applying easier and more effective
methods and reducing costs. It was originally designed for the analysis and improvement of
repetitive, manual work, but it can be used for all types of activity at all levels of an

Objectives of Method Study:

    Improvement of processes and procedures
    Improvement in the design of plant and equipment
    Improvement of layout
    Improvement in the use of men, materials and machines
    Economy in human effort and reduction of unnecessary fatigue
    Improvement in safety standards
    Development of better working environment
    Provide information for time studies, wage calculation and incentive schemes

Method Study Procedure:

   1. Select (the work to be studied)
   2. Record (all relevant information about that work)
   3. Examine (the recorded information)
   4. Develop (an improved way of doing things)
   5. Install (the new method as standard practice)
   6. Maintain (the new standard practice)

Inputs for a Method Study are:

    Information about the role of the job in the overall business process
    All the relevant information on the job to be studied
    The Type and number of operators involved & their skills
    The Facilities, Equipment and Tools to be used for the jobs
    The Materials to be processed or consumed
    The Activities undertaken to perform the job & their sequence
Outputs of a Method Study will be:

    Work Instructions
    Flow charts
    Systematic Method description involving, operators, equipment, materials and
    Recommendations for improvement

                                      TIME STUDY

Time study is a structured process of directly observing and measuring human work in order
to establish the work content of a task and the time required for completion of that task by a
qualified worker when working at a defined level of performance.

Time study is a tried and tested method of work measurement for setting basic times and
hence standard times for carrying out specified work. Also time study is a very flexible
technique, suitable for a wide range of work performed under a wide range of conditions,
although it is difficult to time jobs with very short cycle times.

Objectives of Time Study are:

    Establish Standard Times
    Rate Operator performance
    Gain information to calculate overall production capabilities and Data for capacity
    Establish the total Work content of finished goods.

Conditions for time study:

      The practitioner (observer) must be fully qualified to carry out Time Study
      The person performing the task must be fully trained and experienced in the work
      The work must be clearly defined and the method of doing the work must be effective
      The working conditions must be clearly defined
Time Study Procedure:

    Obtaining and recording all available information about the job, operator and the
      surrounding conditions likely to affect the execution of the work
    Recording the complete description of the method, breaking down the operation into
    Measuring with a stopwatch and recording the time taken by the operator to perform
      each 'element' of the operation
    Assessing the rating
    Extending observed time to 'basic times'
    Determining the allowances to be made over and above the basic time for the
    Determining the 'standard time' for the operation

Benefits from a Time Study will be:

    Knowledge about Standard Times to be expected
    Ability to estimate total Work content
    Operators can be appraised on factual grounds
    Some labour regulation might require Standard Times on the basis of solving Labour

Inputs required for a Time Study are:

    Documented results of a method study for the job to be measured
    Observations of the job to be studied
    Time readings for the job to be measured from the Stop Watch

Outputs from a Time Study will be:

     Standard times for the Job that has been measured
     Completed Time Study Sheet with ratings and times
     Knowledge about the work content for specific Products and processes

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