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Corporate Services Officer - Corporate Services


									Position Description
Job Title                        Corporate Services Officer
Division                         Corporate Services Division
Classification Level             Band 5
Supervisor/s                     National Director Corporate Services
                                 National Accountant
                                 National Manager, Human Resources
                                 Office Manager
Status of Position               Full Time

Our Values
Integration of our five core values into our employment practices and frameworks allows the
Guild to recognise and respect individual staff members for their personal contributions to their
roles, their colleagues, the Guild and ultimately to the community pharmacy sector.

Our five values are:

      Integrity               Reliability                  Respect   Fairness & Equity   Compassion

Through our focus on our core values and the related behaviours that align to them, we strive to
provide a flexible, supportive and rewarding work environment for all staff allowing the potential
for professional and personal growth.

Corporate Services Division
The Corporate Services Division manages the Guild’s accounting function, as well as covering
the areas of administration and Human Resources. Its principal functions are:

   preparation of financial statements for the National Secretariat and Divisions, the
    consolidated financial accounts for the economic group of The Pharmacy Guild of Australia,
    which includes all wholly-owned entities;
   maintenance of the account systems;
   generation of financial information reports for review by the Directors in assessment of
    Divisional performance;
   monitoring interest rates to ensure Guild funds set aside for investment are receiving the best
    rates available;
   preparation of budgetary statistics for review and the reporting of significant variations from
    budgetary targets;
   the monitoring of building maintenance requirements, major equipment and purchase
    recommendations in the National Secretariat office;
   liaising with auditors over financial matters relating to the Guild and with solicitors regarding
    mortgage documents for lease and lending services;

Corporate Services Officer – Corporate Services – Band 5                                        Page 1
   provision of administrative support for the Constitution Committee;
   ensuring that the financial reporting obligations of the National Secretariat are met;
   maintaining an oversight of the Government Grant reporting requirements;
   maintaining an overview of National Secretariat activities and ensure that adequate resources
    are available;
   assisting Branches with their internal financial and procedural concerns; and
   attending to all human resource requirements.

Role Responsibilities of Corporate Services Officer
The Corporate Services Officer provides support to the National Director Corporate Services, as
well as to the Division as a whole. The position supports the operation of the office of the
National Secretariat to ensure overall administration efficiency. Duties may include any or all of
the following:

1.     Executive Assistant
 Preparation of agendas and accurate meeting minutes for committee meetings
 Committee reports for National Council meetings
 Maintenance of efficient and effective administration systems for the Division including:
   – Travel and accommodation information
   – Diary management
   – Information management including incoming and outgoing mail
   – Coordination of meetings
   – Event/conference arrangements
   – Quality Improvement Program activities
 Reconciliation of monthly AMEX statements for Divisional staff members
 Provide secretarial support for the National Director Corporate Services
 Ensure follow-up of action items from meetings attended by Corporate Services Divisional
 Provide secretarial support to Divisional Committees, including compilation and distribution
   of agendas for meetings and follow up of action items

2.    Guild Administrative Support
 Perform a key support role in the preparation and administration of National Council
 Actively monitor and provide input to relevant administration policies and procedures
 Constant review of cost and supplier efficiencies in the administration area
 Work closely with the Office Manager to improve overall office efficiencies
 Provide HR administrative support
 Maintain the Political Invitations database
 Provide reception relief as the secondary backup
 Provide mail relief as the secondary backup
 Other related projects as required
3.    Facilities Management
 Maintain the Preventative Maintenance Register to ensure all maintenance is completed in a
   timely manner
 Primary liaison with external contractors and suppliers

4.   Finance Support
 Provide data entry support to the Finance area as required

Records Management
The Guild is committed to best practice recordkeeping through systems that support the
creation, maintenance and protection of accurate and reliable records. All practices concerning
recordkeeping within the Guild are to be in accordance with the Guild Records Management
policy and its supporting procedures.

Each employee is responsible for creating and maintaining accurate and reliable records to meet
legal requirements, provide evidence of prior business decisions and support current and future
business activity.

Work Safety
The Guild strives to provide a safe and healthy work environment for all employees, clients,
contractors and visitors. Its aim is to eliminate any hazard that could constitute personal injury or
illness and it will do all that is reasonably practicable to ensure safe work practices are adopted
and adhered to.

Each employee is asked to take reasonable care to protect their own health and safety at work
and also the health and safety of others in the workplace.

Behavioural responsibilities for this Band 5 Position

1. Teamwork – The Guild works across many functions, divisions and locations. Within the
   Guild, staff must work cooperatively sharing best practice, breaking down divisional and
   branch barriers and communicating fully on new initiatives and priorities. An environment
   that works cohesively as a team will have a far greater chance of understanding and meeting
   the needs of its internal and external clients.
2. Personal Accountability – Taking personal accountability is critical for the organisation to
   deliver its strategic objectives and also critical for personal satisfaction of all employees who
   continually develop in their roles both now and in the future.
3. Community – Community can be demonstrated by our overall actions, attitudes and
   mindset in the workplace and in the broader community. It will be different for everyone
   and the degrees of involvement and engagement will vary. It is important to recognise the
   contributions and interactions of individuals as unique and specific to their personal level of
   interest and comfort. What is important is that there is some degree of engagement with the
   overall goals and values of the organisation.
Role Specific Capabilities
This position requires knowledge about the following areas:
 Microsoft Office suite including Word, Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook
 Sound understanding of office administration procedures
 General knowledge of corporate governance requirements

This position requires experience in:
   Previous administrative experience
   Proven experience in organising meetings including agenda preparation, distribution, the
    recording and distribution of accurate minutes
   Effective liaison with all levels of people
   Ability to work independently, and as part of a team

This position requires skills in the following areas:
 Effective business writing skills e.g. minutes, agendas, non confidential employment
 High attention to detail
 Ability to allocate work priorities effectively
 Diary management skills
 Tact, discretion and confidentiality
 Appropriate use of judgment and initiative

The following qualifications are desirable for this position:
 Business or administrative qualifications

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