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The New iPad also have some other
 important features that makes it a
 multifaceted device counting the 5Mp
 autofocus camera and its added features, a
 secondary VGA camera to enable video
 chatting, audio and video players with
 editing option, twitter integration, Google
 Maps, GPS receiver, Photo
            New ipad Features
●   5MP camera with 2592 x 1944 pixels
●   Internal storage capacity of 16/32/64 GB
●   Twitter integration, Photo viewer/editor
●   Audio&video player/editor
●   GPS with A-GPS support and Google Maps
●   Support for iCloud cloud service
●   iBooks PDF reader
●   High-Definition
    Retina Display
●   Design & Weight
●   iWorks & iLife Apps
●   New iPhoto App
●   iSight Camera
●   New Processor
●   4G LTE
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The New iPad has some shortcoming too
 about it which needs to be accepted and
 well-familiar with by the buyers before
 they decide to go for it. More information
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