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									REFLECTIONS New Teacher Center Magazine Excerpt Winter 2008

           High Quality
           Mentoring and
           Induction Practices
           A resource for education leaders seeking to create and/or improve induction programs
           with practices that support teacher retention, teacher development, and improved student

                           Moving Toward ...                                 Moving Away From ...
             Rigorous mentor selection based on qualities of      Choosing mentors without criteria or an explicit
             an effective mentor                                  process
             Qualities may include: evidence of outstanding       Without strong criteria and a rigorous selection
             teaching practice, strong intra- and inter-          process, there is a risk that mentors may be
             personal skills, experience with adult learners,     chosen based more on availability or seniority,
             respect of peers, current knowledge of               rather than their qualifications to engage in
             professional development.                            meaningful interactions with beginning teachers.

             Ongoing professional development and support         Insufficient professional development and
             for mentors                                          support for mentors
             Effective teachers don't always know what            Without initial, and ongoing, high quality
             it is about their teaching that is effective.        training to support their development, mentors
             Many mentors are also surprised to find that         miss out on the guidance and professional
             translating knowledge to students is not the         community they need regarding the complex
             same as translating knowledge to adults. High        practice of developing beginning teachers and
             quality and ongoing training, as well as a           strategizing for the challenges they face.
             professional learning community, are needed to
             help mentors develop the skills to identify and
             translate the elements of effective teaching to
             beginning teachers.

             Sanctioned time for mentor-teacher interactions      Meetings happen occasionally or 'whenever the
             Mentors need sanctioned time to focus on             mentor and teacher are available'
             beginning teacher development. Mentors               Often both parties are so busy that meeting
             and beginning teacher should have 1.25-2.5           time gets relegated down the list of priorities.
             hours per week to allow for the most rigorous        The short fragments of time that may be found
             mentoring activities. That time should be            are typically insufficient for fostering real
             protected by teachers and administrators.            relationships and growth.

             Intensive and specific guidance moving               Non-specific, emotional or logistical
             teaching practice forward                            support alone
             Focusing on professional teaching standards          Emotional support is important, but alone is
             and the appropriate content area standards           not sufficient to improve teacher practice.
             allows for instructional growth to help teachers     Without specific instructional feedback,
             know concretely how to improve. Example:             mentoring can not impact student learning.
             ''Let's look at your assessment data and talk        Example: "You're doing a great job, Jane. Keep
             about what strategies will help you address the      it up!"
             concern you had about reaching your struggling
             English Language Learner students."

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                                                        reflection, as wel

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                                                        stage for beginni
                                                        creating time for
                                                        a positive culture
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                                                        development for
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                                                        new teachers, an
                                                        ensures that they

                                                        supporting induc

                                                        Collaboration wit

                                                        Strong communic
                                                        among stakehold
                                                        school boards, u
                                                        and professional
                                                        commitment and


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